‘Fuck, oh god,’ Sally moaned, rolling her hips as her anonymous lover went deeper, ‘oh fuck, right there.’ This was too good, too intense. She was working his dick as though she was a professional hooker and god did it feel good being so dirty. She could feel him beginning to twitch as the inevitable orgasm approached, a thrill of dirty delight tearing through her in anticipation of his hot

Abi was a little scared how good she was getting at this. To say she had only achieved second base a handful of times before this and nothing further, riding Troy’s big dick came with surprising ease. It was like she had been doing this for years, not days. To be fair, Charity and the rest of the sorority had given her a helpful shove. The swirling purple drink had

Tasha was having a better time than she had had for a long time. The alcohol was good, the music was fun and the guys that littered the club’s dance floor all looked tasty. She couldn’t remember what drink she was on but in truth she didn’t much care: she hadn’t been able to enjoy herself like this for months. Work was exhausting and relentless, and after Duke had cheated

Shadowing Mr. Ridge as he marched through the corridors, Jaimie did not bother to conceal her smirk knowing it would only irritate him to see her so indifferent to her punishment. Her suspicions were confirmed on the rare occasions he chose to peer back at her, clenching his fists and turning away with a furious huff when he caught sight of her amused lips. He looked so tense it was

I made this with the intention of it being a Twitter caption, but initially the file size was too big to add to a tweet since the it was all compiled into one image caption, so I released it as a surprise caption. In moving to my new domain, however, I decided to update it and break it down into three smaller segments. The main reason for this was that

As she busied herself with sorting through her great-aunt’s belongings, Mary sighed. She had only met the woman a handful of times, but she had always had an aura of excitement and mischief about her. They had always got along well whenever they spent time together, and the understanding that she was no longer around was still a blow to the gut even if they hadn’t been that close. Their

When the agent entered the room, he found the woman fingering herself and moaning sensually. One hand groped her naked, engorged breasts while the other hammered latex-clad fingers into her slick wet pussy. She was sat towards the back of the padded room, her eyes closed. For all that she appeared oblivious to his presence he ensured that the taser remained levelled upon her person: she had the capability of

‘Hey there, Anton,’ said the blonde in a singsong voice, ‘long time no see.’ The brooding guy she leaned upon, in his ripped jeans and thickly gelled hair, sneered at him mockingly. ‘Fuck me, he’s just as pathetic as he was when we last saw him.’ If he was honest, Anton could not deny he probably looked pathetic in front of the queen and king of his old college. His

Sam had always admired his stepmother, Mia. Far more than his dad that was for sure. She had first arrived in his life in his early teens shortly after his mum and dad had divorced, and ever since then she had been something of an idol to him. After much deliberation, he had come to believe the thing he admired most about her was the power she could wield. With

Stepping into the office, Kent was shocked to see the woman lounging in the large red chair. She was astoundingly beautiful and with her in front of him it was like he could not look at anything else. Her thick black glasses only seemed to enhance how attractive she was, and she eyed with him with a stare that was bright with intelligence. Though she was dressed in a professional