Tattooed man screws sweaty woman with black hair while she gives oral sex to tattooed woman

These days, it’s hardly difficult to find someone a little freaky so long as you know where to look. And as it happened, Luna and Grey were experts in picking out the naughty from the normal. They had always had tastes for the more niche categories of sexual desire, and when rough-fucking threesomes and hardcore bondage were your areas of interest, it paid to be able to identify those of similar tastes with relative ease.

This one was particularly kinky. They had picked her up in an underground gothic bar, which in truth was closer to a brothel than a strip club. Despite her mesmerising beauty, she had seemed a little nervous and it wasn’t hard to tell this was her first time treading the darker path.

Fortunately, Luna and Grey were more than happy to help her find her way, their comforting words and enticing sexual offers quickly soothing the young woman’s nerves. Now it was obvious she was made for the life of heathens.

Sweaty with passion, Luna threw back her head with a strident moan, her breath coming in staccato gasps as the woman’s tongue delved deep between her pussy lips.

‘Shit, oh shit, she’s so fucking good, babe. You’re so fucking good you little slut.’

‘You’re telling me,’ Grey replied, his top lip curling as he pounded into the woman’s glistening cunt, ‘she’s tight as anything and damn does she feel good. We found a good one here.’

Still, there was that niggling thought at the back of Luna’s mind. Grey clearly didn’t care anymore, but Luna could not shake the question from her head: Would it work?

Forcing herself to give up the mind-blowing pleasure of the girl’s oral skills, she lifted up and sank back onto the arm of the sofa. As she caught her breath, Luna stared at the woman’s stunning body. Her long legs clutched at the ankles by Grey as he continued to fuck her; her toned, flat stomach, above which rose the mounds of her sumptuous tits; her beautiful face, hair plastered across her forehead with sweat. But nowhere could she see…

Wait, there!

Watching with astounded admiration, Luna saw the blossom of black ink bloom from one of Grey’s many tattoos, slide down his cock before cresting the mound of the woman’s pussy and slithering up her body like an inky serpent. After a few seconds it brushed up against the single tattoo the woman already had – a line of motivational text down her right side. In a sudden burst of motion and colour, the small thread of ink explode outwards, decorating the woman’s entire right side in a cornucopia of detailed tattoos, from snakes to skull-shaped constellations.

Luna grinned as the girl moaned – she knew just how good it felt.

In an effort to enhance their sex life beyond what even they had experienced, Luna and Grey had delved into a little light witchcraft. The spell had been simple enough – a few chanted words, a basic potion rubbed into the skin – and once complete they had been the proud owners of lust-enchanted tattoos. The enchantment had painted tattoos over their entire bodies, leaving only patches of untouched skin behind. With their new ink had come a sky-high libido, mind-blowing stamina and orgasms that rocked their world.

But these benefits were not the only reason they had dabbled with sorcery. If they cast the spell just so, anyone they made love to together would undertake the same erotic transformation. And now it was really happening.

‘Look, Grey!’ she gasped. ‘It’s working!’

Admiring the new tattoos dominating the girl’s right flank, Grey grinned. Slowing down, he held himself inside her as another bloom of ink slithered down his cock, settling as a string of flowers just over her groin. ‘You’re in for a treat now, gorgeous.’

Looking down, the woman noticed her tattoos for the first time and shivered.

‘Pretty soon you’re going to be super horny and super inked, just like us,’ Luna cooed, stroking the girl’s hair fondly. ‘We’re going to have so much fun together. You’re going to love it.’

A cunning spark glittered in the girl’s eyes. ‘I already am,’ she said.

Then she was moving. Holding herself on Grey’s cock, she rose up before spinning onto all fours. Crying out in ecstasy as his cock shifted within her, she grabbed Luna by the hips to pull her down from the arm before burying her face in her pussy enthusiastically.

Fresh pleasure scorched through Luna’s torso and her face was contorted by a wail of pleasure as the girl they had corrupted gorged on her sex. Though she preferred not to think of it as a corruption: no, they had released her. Freed her. Liberated her.

Just then, a third tendril of ink weaved up the woman’s back and expanded into a world map across her shoulders. She moaned as it settled, rocking her hips to entice Grey back into motion. Her meaning was clear: she wanted more. Grey was only too happy to oblige, and leaning over her he revived his pace, sending new tendrils of ink swirling across her skin with every passionate thrust…

Tattooed man screws sweaty woman with black hair from behind while she gives oral sex to tattooed woman

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