Blonde woman restrained on upright table wearing fetish attire and ballgag with vibrator pressed against pussy

Growing more breathless by the second Agent S struggled against her restraints, though she knew escape was impossible. Quite apart from the fact she was held down by enough straps to keep an vexed rhinoceros in place, every second she remained in the grip of the machine it sapped her energy. What was more, even if by some miracle she managed to break free of the straps, tear away the vibrator and was still strong enough to stand, there was no escaping the latex attire she had been forced into: the corset was locked at the back with tiny padlocks to which she did not have the key, her boots would take longer to unlace than she had time to escape the compound, and her gloves were held on at the wrist by thick black straps she could not undo without setting off the small but powerful bombs studding the leather.

And without removing her unwanted outfit, she stood no chance of escape. She had studied this process, stolen the blueprints for the machine, even analysed them until she knew every inch of every component and how each contributed to the overall functionality. The latex, to her dismay, was perhaps the most invasive element – a living compound, bio-engineered to manipulate the wearer, flooding their system with irresistible hormones and targeted proteins designed for many different purposes, from breaking down memory paths to raising sensitivity and libido levels.

She could feel them working already. Recalling even recent memories was becoming harder, as though a forest fire was raging in her mind, beginning with her childhood and rapidly burning through to her present. Meanwhile her body was tingling with sensitivity and her mind wandered into distracting sexual thoughts. 

The vibrator pressed against her clit sent shudders through her system, yet every time she approached a climax the nodes on her inner thighs would activate, zapping her with a sharp charge to ruin the orgasm. After the nodes activated there would be a few brief moments of respite, the vibrator falling still to allow her body to settle. Then it would stir again and begin the process over.

The clips on her nipples were also designed with sinister intent. If her analysis of the blueprints was correct, these were built to monitor her vitals while simultaneously activating the sensory enhancement proteins infused into the body by the latex outfit. Periodically they would tighten, the sharp teeth digging into her flesh, the sudden burst of sensation catalysing the proteins. The intention was to ensure that, in combination with the vibrator and the electrical nodes, the proteins kept her entire body on the cusp of ultimate pleasure teetering on the razor’s edge of delirious insanity. At the same time, her vital signs were monitored in order to establish when she was close to orgasm and ensure the nodes kicked in at just the right time to keep her just barely sane.

Finally, there was the ball-gag stuffed between her teeth. Every minute or so she would feel it emit a puff of gas into her mouth, delivered through tubing inlaid within the gag itself. Genetic remodelling gases, that’s what the blueprints had said: a cocktail of gases which when inhaled would seep into the bloodstream and get to work reshaping the body at a genetic level then stimulating the changes into immediate effect. To her horror, she could see they were working: the strands of hair falling across her sweaty face were bleach blonde rather than black, while her figure was notably curvier, her breasts a few sizes larger already and continuing to swell.

Huffing with despair, she cursed herself for being caught. But then, it was hardly as though she had acted brashly. For months her branch of MI6 had been hunting down the members of this terrible organisation, so when they had located the base of operations it had been their chance to cut off the head of the snake. A full-frontal attack was too risky, thus as the best asset of the force she had been sent in on a reconnaissance mission.

But the enemy had been waiting for her, expecting her, and now she was going to end up just like all the other women: mindless, horny, obedient.

She couldn’t remember how long she had been here. Three minutes? Three days? Her mind was breaking down too quickly to think. Groaning, she felt another orgasm rise only for the nodes to activate and the shock to ruin it.

Just then, a grinning figure stepped from the shadows. He was roguishly handsome despite his right eye swirling with blood and he wore a sharply-pressed suit with spotless dress shoes. Crimson Eye. The leader of operations. The man behind the entire terrible organisation.

With what little energy she had left she tugged at her bonds, desperate to cave in his skull. He merely laughed and regarded her with something close to pity. ‘Save your energy, my dear,’ he said, his voice cool, ‘there is no escaping those straps I’m afraid. You will have to forgive me, I simply wanted to be here to see your final downfall. You have been a thorn in my side for some time. I am sure you can understand then why seeing you like this brings me great joy.

‘I know what your people think I am doing, I have had their communications hacked for months now. You think I want to rule the world with this, use it to reduce every woman on the planet into mindless slaves and bring mankind under my power.’ He chuckled. ‘An amusing concept, certainly, but it all sounds a bit comic-book, does it not?

‘Ruling the world isn’t all it has cracked up to be. Paperwork, laws, trade deals; it’s all so dull. Real power isn’t world-domination, it’s controlling those who consider themselves powerful without them realising. Humanity is driven by base instincts and these days it’s survival of the sexiest.

‘Vegas, Amsterdam, Monte Carlo, did you never stop to think why all the bases I’ve set up have been at the very heart of the most lustful places on the planet? Supply and demand, my dear. I simply manipulated my subjects into a more erotic lifestyle, catered to the needs of the horny human populace and the profits of their exploits feed back directly to me.

‘You are the next stage, Agent. You won’t just be a whore, you will be the most dangerous whore on the planet. With this technology I will capture and manipulate agents from every undercover organisation on the planet and use them to take control from within. With them under my control, I can set up shop anywhere I please to build an army of horny sluts ready to follow my every command: seduce a senator, fuck a judge, spark a scandal with royalty. All I will have to do is give them the order and off they’ll go.

‘I know, you could never have seen it coming. The machine you stole the blueprints for didn’t have the power to do that. It only reduced the subjects to basic sluts, not turn them into intelligent embodiments of desire capable of following complex orders. Oh, my dear Agent S, I’m afraid you fell for my trap. Those blueprints were incomplete, missing one very important element. This one, to be precise.’

On cue, a wide screen descended from the shadows overhead and flickered into life. It played a bright, fluctuating series of patterns in a cornucopia of colours which she could not help but stare at. Thought she no longer had the strength to avert her eyes, she found she did not want to – the patterns were so pretty, so mesmerising…

‘Welcome, Agent S, to your new life. Once the machine has finished with you, you will be the ultimate weapon in my arsenal. Loyal only to me and ready to seduce your way through the organisation you once worked for ready to destroy those you vowed to protect. No man will be able to resist you and I alone will be able to control you. Agent S is dead, my dear. From now on, agents across the world will fear your name: Seductress.’

Finally, the machine allowed her orgasm to tear through her body. Making one final stand the fragments of Agent S that were left fought desperately to stay in control and she screamed around her gag. But she was in the grip of the machine, the hypnotic patterns burning through her mind and her body altered into Crimson Eye’s perfect vision. In the cold, dark room as the woman became something new, the only sound louder than her screams was the man’s terrible sinister laughter…

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Nothing really to say here besides the fact that yes, since this is inspired by cheesy spy movies I do lean hard into some of the corny tropes, but that was a deliberate decision.

Also, the model pictured here is Emily Addison, whose PornHub profile you can find here: She is an absolute bombshell and easily one of my favourite models by a long shot. Addison simply oozes sexuality in everything she does and if you recognise her that is because I did a full three-part story focused on her last Christmas. As of yet I don’t think her character will be making a reappearance this festive season, but anything is possible. Either way, Addison will definitely turn up on my blog in future so keep your eyes peeled for more of her amazing content.

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