Brunette woman holds legs of woman wearing bandana apart so third blonde woman can give oral sex and use sex toy on her

‘No,’ Helen pleaded, even as a fresh moan rose in her throat, ‘no, please, you have to stop. Nicole, Bev, this isn’t you. You’re ill. Please, I’m your friend, we can get through this together, we –’ The rising moan tore from Helen’s lips as Nicole leaned in to lick her pussy.

Combined with Nicole’s relentless pumping of a bulbous dildo into her vulnerable pussy, the sensual cunnilingus sent Helen’s system into overdrive. Her eyes rolling back in her skull, her neck weakened until her head lolled to one side. Almost subconsciously trying to root herself in reality she gripped hold of the blanket thrown over the couch, but the soft fur only reminded her of Nicole’s silky hair brushing against her thighs and she moaned again.

Holding Helen’s high allowing Nicole access, Bev smiled down at the groaning woman. ‘We know you’re our friend, silly. That’s why we’re doing this. It’s for your own good. You’ll feel so much better once you’re like us. Don’t fight it, sweetie, it will only make things take longer.’

‘No,’ Helen begged, ‘no please…’ Then her words were lost as Nicole increased the frequency of the vibrating dildo and she collapsed with pleasure.

The three of them had been close friends since school, but they had never had quite the same aspirations as their classmates. While some girls had wanted to be astrophysicists, and on the other end of the spectrum there had been those craving a life in fashion, Helen, Bev and Nicole had only ever wanted to be one thing: trophy wives. It sounded like the perfect life – no job and no responsibilities yet practically unlimited money to shop with and all the sex they could ask for from a doting husband.

As it had turned out, however, that last part had been more miss than hit. Though they had spent years lounging around the houses of their rich husbands doing little at all besides spending their wealth, their husbands’ skills under the covers had left a lot to be desired. Despite this, all three had never been the cheating types and they had settled for their almost perfect lives.

Then Bev and Nicole had caught the slut virus. Thankfully they had been diagnosed early, before they could do themselves any permanent damage – isolated in their homes and cared for by their husbands, Helen had been assured that, since they wouldn’t be having any sex until the doctors were sure the virus had run its course, they should be back to their normal selves in a week or two.

It felt like a scene from a horror movie then when earlier that evening, only two days into their isolation and with a ferocious storm raging outside she had opened her door to find them on her doorstep, grinning at her. She had cried out, but her husband was away on business and there was nobody outside in such ghastly weather to hear her scream as her two friends surged through the doorway and dragged her into the lounge.

Her clothes now lay in tatters on the floor beside the couch and she was at their mercy. Her will was faltering as she felt the virus course through her system: twisting, manipulating, corrupting. Nobody was coming to save her from the women who had once been her friends, but even if there had been anybody to hear her they could not have helped – any woman would have been infected by the virus, and any man would have immediately been dragged to the floor and fucked half to death by the slutty women using her.

‘Just give in,’ Bev was saying, caressing Helen’s thighs, ‘we’re going to have so much fun together. Me and Nicole, we have so many things planned, and we want our bestie to join us! We have been selling ourselves short for too long. We’ve put up with the tiny dicks of our husbands just to keep their money all these years, but we could have done so much better. We’re hot bitches, Helen, so we’re going to cuck those pathetic whiners and use their money to go out and find some real dick.’

‘Yeah,’ Nicole agreed, coming up from Helen’s pussy with glistening lips but continuing to pump the vibrating dildo into her slick sex, ‘it’s the least they can do. We’ve got years of disappointing sex to make up for. Nicole and me, we’ve already locked up those tiny dicks and threatened to throw away the key if they don’t do everything we say. We even bought a cage for your husband, because we’re such nice friends. You can put it on him once he gets back from his business trip!’

‘I… I…’ Helen tried, mustering the last of her willpower to try and fight the spreading horniness. But she could not escape the inexorable sluttiness, and a second later it had overwhelmed her. ‘I can’t fucking wait to see him locked up and whimpering. Wouldn’t it be, like, so hot if I made him watch me flush the key away?’

‘Sooooo hot,’ chorused her friends.

As Nicole toyed with her clit, Helen groaned. Desperately horny and giddy with excitement to see the look on her husband’s face when she locked his cage, she accepted the perky tit Bev presented to her. Taking Bev’s nipple into her lips with a smile, Helen began to imagine what it would be like to worship a bull with her pathetic, humiliated husband watching…

Woman in bandana receives oral sex from blonde woman while sucking breasts of lover

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