Three naked brunette women engage in lesbian passion in front of fire and Christmas tree

Chantelle whimpered desperately as the stunning brunette lapped at her dripping sex. Her tongue was so hot, so powerful, and with one thumb pressed hard against Chantelle’s clit every stroke was intensified tenfold such that it felt as if her whole groin was on fire.

Part of Chantelle wanted to scream, to cry out for her boyfriend, or her neighbours, or just in the vain hope someone might be walking by outside who could come to her rescue. But she knew there would be no salvation: her boyfriend was visiting relatives, their neighbours were spending the holiday season abroad, and their street was quieter than a graveyard at midnight. Besides, tongues of arousal were already spreading, burning through her legs and up her torso to break a sweat over her heaving breasts; soon, she was far too horny to resist her captors.

To say Chantelle had always disliked staying home alone, the two busty beauties were far from the intruders she had expected. Of a naturally nervous disposition, she had imagined a couple of burglars looking for an easy score on the quiet street, perhaps a homeless vagrant stumbled from the nearby woods looking for food to steal. As such, opening her eyes after an earth-shattering masturbatory orgasm to find two beautiful, curvaceous women standing over her, entirely naked save their Christmassy stockings and giggling like a pair of giddy schoolgirls, she had merely stared like a schoolboy finding his older brother’s porn stash.

Before she had been able to react, the girls had pounced, dragging her to the floor and tearing off her clothes. They had left her stockings on though, purring over how sexy she’d look for her boyfriend in them later.

The brunette’s tongue had immediately found Chantelle’s pussy and her face had since been buried between her folds feasting eagerly. Her companion held Chantelle’s legs apart, though in truth there was little need to do so for they were swathed in a beguiling aura to which she was immediately a slave – she had no more ability to resist their charms than she had to deny the orgasm building within her.

Now, the woman looming over Chantelle explained their presence with a cunning smile. ‘Mmmh, I love this bit. Right now your heart’s beating fit to burst, isn’t it? But not out of fear – no, that’s evaporated by now. You’re horny, aren’t you? You want us. More than you’ve ever wanted anyone. I suppose that’s the benefit of being a fairy: no mortal can resist us.’

Leaning down, she stroked her companion’s hair. ‘I think you’re going to lose this one, Nice. She’s a dirty one inside – I can feel it.’ The woman ignored her, though Chantelle gasped as she increased her pace and began circling her clit with her thumb.  

The woman overhead giggled. ‘Oh, my apologies, I haven’t introduced us, have I? I’m Naughty, and this is Nice. We’re fairies. Christmas fairies to be precise. Only able to traverse the mortal world at Christmastime.

‘As you can imagine, we like to make the most of our time here. You’re part of our little game, you see. The rules are simple really – whichever one of us you cum for gets to change you however we please. Nice here, she’s won the last five girls we’ve visited. Crafted the perfect partner for them and sent them on their way to spend a passionate Christmas together: boring, wouldn’t you say? No imagination at all. And you know what I think? I think she’s peaked to soon. From here on out all the girls are going to be mine.

‘So let me tell you what I’m going to do to you after I make you cum. I’m going to tear out all that kindness and affection and replace it with a cold, bitchy heart. I’m going to make you into a ruthless, scheming whore, and I’m going to whip up a nice sugar daddy for you to play with. That pathetic little boyfriend of yours is going to come home to find you riding that rich cock and it’s going to break his little heart. But do you want to know the best bit, bitch? You’re going to love it. You’re going to laugh as you watch that boy run off crying, then you’re going to spend the rest of your life manipulating and fucking and humiliating. I’m going to make you a heartless, perverted little narcissist and there’s nothing you can do about it.’

Chantelle gave a pitiful whimper, half terror, half arousal. It felt as though the influence of the fairies was warring within her; Nice’s passionate pleasure bloomed through her sex and breasts while Naughty’s devious words corrupted her thoughts. She felt a pang of terror as she realised the horrible truth: Nice had her body, but Naughty had her mind.

That fear quickly dissolved as Nice pulled back with a huff. ‘No fair,’ she whined. ‘You always play dirty. She was close, I could feel it. Another few minutes and she’d have been mine.’

Naughty shrugged as they switched places. ‘Sorry, babe, you know the rules. Ten minutes each until the girl breaks. Something tells me you won’t get a second chance with this one though.’ She nodded at Chantelle, whose lips were already twisted with a cold smirk and was groping herself sensually. ‘I’d say her orgasm is just a formality at this point.’

‘Fine. But next time you stay quiet until I’ve finished.’

‘Cross my heart,’ Naughty said, crossing her fingers behind her back and trying not to smirk. To hide her face, she plunged it between Chantelle’s thighs. The girl came almost immediately, though Naughty did not pull away. Instead she poured her magic into Chantelle’s body, savouring the girl’s horny groans as the fairy’s lecherous influence roared through her system.

Unable to resist, Chantelle began to giggle coldly. Her mind swirled with flashes of what was to come; her boyfriend’s face when he found her riding another man, her sugar daddy grinning as he pounded her naughty holes, the icy break-up note she’d leave for her boyfriend to find on the kitchen counter beside all the laden condoms they’d used.

It felt so good to be bad. She wanted it. She wanted the power, and the money, and the sex. Her fate was sealed: she was going to be a goddess.

As her monstrous new personality took hold, her hand snaked down to tangle in Naughty’s hair. Pressing the fairy into her slick cunt as hard as she could, she screamed deliriously. ‘Yes! Give it to me! Give me the power! Make me a cold alpha bitch! Make me a slutty heartbreaker! Oh God, I’m going to cum again. I’m going to squirt all over your face. Yes, make me like this forever! Then make a sugar daddy for me and we’ll thank you together!’

As Chantelle’s orgasm splashed over her face, Naughty grinned into the her pussy: the girl had turned out more twisted than even she could have hoped. And she was just the first. Naughty had a feeling this was going to be a very slutty Christmas…

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The models in this scene are Abigail Mac, Jenna Sativa and Vanessa Veracruz. I have pretty limited experience with the work of these three beauties, but as always if you enjoyed this piece be sure to check out their content. I have stratospheric respect for any and all adult models and though I’ve seen little of their content all three are familiar names to me and I have no doubt are well worth your time. If you’re into lesbian action, these models definitely have you covered between them, but their content covers a wide range so whatever your preference they’ll likely have something for you to enjoy.

The following pieces from here on out are a fair bit longer than this week’s releases. Though it wasn’t really intentional they all kind of drew themselves out into longer pieces and I’m really happy with how they turned out. So make sure you don’t miss next week’s releases.

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