Breathing hard and scrunching up her eyes, Yui gripped hold of her bedside table in an attempt to ground herself in reality. She could feel it coursing through her, trying to take hold, to take control. She couldn’t hold it off much longer; every second it grew stronger, welling up inside her like a bubbling geyser. She knew she stood no chance against it once it went off.

Though her mind was focused almost entirely on fighting the rising tide of power within her, she could still recall the bizarre chunk of rock which had started all this. How it had tumbled from the sky and crashed beside the road she had been driving along; how it had pulsed with strange red light as she had pulled over to investigate; how the thick ooze had slipped from holes in the rock when she came close, like it was bleeding; and how the substance had suddenly turned on her, moving with a will of its own and leaping at her with blinding speed.

The force of the impact had knocked her to the ground, dazing her briefly. Instinctively she had tried to peel the stuff away. But the glossy fluid had refused to let go and to her horror she had watched it seep through her clothes and skin, absorbing into her body where it had slowly grown in power.

For two days she had held it off, fighting against the invading presence. Now, however, it was too much. She couldn’t hold on any longer. She couldn’t fight it anymore. Her strength was gone. Any moment now, it would –

(Cartoon image) Asian woman closes eyes and throws out hands

The surge of power was too much to handle. Blinking frantically, Yui tried desperately to hold onto herself, but all at once she was shattered from within and something else was in control. Something strong and delicious.

Her eyes closed and she threw back her head with a low moan. Throwing out her hands, it looked as though she was waiting to be blessed by the hand of a god looking down on her. Yet it was not a god of the heavens that touched her, but a dark power which claimed her as its vessel.

Arms out and head tilted back, she stood naked in her room. The outside world no longer mattered. It felt as though she was in a void, an endless white void in which the dark power ruled all, and it was in this void she succumbed to its will. In the past two days it had already changed her partially: clothes felt like sandpaper, preventing her wearing them. The slightest arousal felt like an explosive orgasm. Anything glossy and reflective was oddly comforting.

Now though the real transformation took place.

(Cartoon image) Viscous glossy fluid bursts from Asian woman's scalp and overwhelms her hair

It burst from her scalp first. The thick substance bubbled up through her hair, absorbing her dark locks as it shaped itself into a shifting imitation of the style she had been wearing. It was oddly iridescent in colour, at once black, blue and purple with a shimmering appearance.  Moving quickly, intelligently, it slid over her bun and fringe, mirroring them with ease as more tendrils of ooze arced out from her head and curved down to begin consuming her body.

(Cartoon image) Viscous glossy liquid overwhelms woman's body with latex outfit

As though it was wrapping her naked figure in a tar blanket, the goo swirled around her, binding to her body and forming a new second skin from which she would never escape. Coiling this way and that, it swallowed her large tits before sliding down her midriff to envelop it in a pillow of shimmering black. As it moved on it left behind a perfect, glossy skin, clinging to her figure to showcase her impressive curves, which had long been hidden beneath baggy shirts and heavy coats.

(Cartoon image) Viscous glossy liquid engulfs woman's arm in latex outfit

Winding down her outstretched arms it coated them, the light shining from the newly reflective skin she wore. Closing around her wrist and sliding between her slender fingers, it snapped into place with a sucking sound. Driven by the presence inside her, Yui clenched her fists and flexed her enclosed arms, the substance rendering her instantly stronger.

(Cartoon image) Viscous glossy liquid seals woman's ass in latex outfit

Flowing down her body the clinging goo wrapped around her waist with more wet slurping noises. As it had done with her face, it left part of Yui’s original skin visible, moving with intention and deliberately leaving the flesh of her outer hips untouched even as it moved its cloying embrace over her ass and groin. Her perky ass cheeks, now glossy and reflective, rippled at the sudden attack, and the sensation rose a soft murmur from her lips.

(Cartoon image) Viscous glossy liquid engulfs woman's legs in latex outfit

Surging further down, the goo quickly engulfed her thighs. Following this it split apart into heavy dark tendrils that flopped down around her feet, oozing through her toes and around her ankles before doubling back and swirling up her calves. Once it had snapped into place, sealing her firmly within its grasp, it boosted her higher on heels formed of the same substance she was now possessed by.

(Cartoon image) Asian woman succumbs to power of viscous glossy liquid

Throughout the transformation, Yui had desperately tried to keep the fragments of herself together, hoping she could somehow reverse the process. But now the strange presence raged through her mind, corrupting her brain, consuming her thoughts until she was only a source of festering darkness and sensual evil. She trembled slightly as the last of her will was destroyed, and when she opened her eyes she was no longer Yui.

The substance had devoured them, making it appear as though the inside of her head had been completely filled by the alien goo. She smiled a cold yet seductive smile, taking a moment to savour her new form.

Then the creature held up one arm, elongating the fingers on it which waved in the air like charmed serpents. An emotion that might have been innocent joy, might have been sadomasochistic glee rose in the creature: it had perfected the host. Enhanced her. The host’s body was no longer bound to the shape it had once known, and thoughts swirled through the creature’s dark mind of what seductive and monstrous forms it could take to feed on the desires and fears of man…

(Cartoon image) Asian woman overwhelmed by power of glossy latex symbiote

Thanks for reading!

So yes, this is a bit different to my usual style. To be quite honest, I don’t know how I haven’t done an alien possession story before now because when I was a little younger I went through a whole phase of being absolutely addicted to alien possession/transformation clips, even in non-erotic scenes. Something about the internal struggle against some sinister entity from another world is so hot to me even though I can’t quite pin down why, and the physical invasion of a symbiote or parasite that then goes on to use the host’s body in ways they never would is deliciously erotic to me. I think it’s to do with how so many of the hosts start out shy and restrained only for the possession to give them an arousing confidence boost and a carefree, naughty attitude they didn’t have before.

As for using a cartoon image, that’s another thing I’ve wanted to do for a good while now. I have a couple of ideas for using other cartoon images, however I haven’t explored these thus far since a) I’m not sure if my readers would be interested in them and b) I’m cautious of the ownership minefield they inhabit.

Of course, I always try and link to the content of the models included within my work whenever possible and I never claim ownership for the images that support my work, however when it comes to animated erotica I feel this becomes more complex. Whereas most of the images I use come from the scenes of big studious the likes of whom I could never feasibly contact every time I wanted to use their work and who are also well known enough that they don’t realistically need any further advertisement, animations like this are often created by niche creators such as myself who could really benefit from the advertisement and who also put a great deal of effort into content a significantly smaller audience are going to see. That’s not to say the studios don’t put in the effort, of course, as they absolutely do, but I feel particularly strongly that small-time creators should absolutely know how their content is being used and have the final approval on how. That probably made no sense how I explained it, but I hope it’s not too confusing.

Thankfully, I was able to get in touch with the animator of this piece and he was kind enough to agree to me using his work in this story. The animator in question is Chris Armin of Casch Animations and you can find much of his work as well as links to his other platforms on his NewGrounds page, here:

I cannot recommend Armin’s work highly enough. The quality of his work speaks for itself through this animation and he has plenty more awesome content where that came from. Better still, as luck would have it he has recently set up a Patreon upon which the first major project will be ‘The Goo’, which is based on this very sample animation as well as a very hot comic you can find links to through his NewGrounds page. If you want you can head over to his Patreon and support him to gain access to that:

I also want to thank Armin for allowing me to use his work. I can’t remember where I found this animation initially but it really fired up my drive to create a symbiote possession piece and I’m very happy to be able to showcase his work.

Now I’ve broken the seal on animated content, I’m curious what people think. Would you like to see more stories supported by animated content on this blog, whether that be CG scenes or 2D animations like this? And what do you think of alien possession stories? I know this isn’t the most complex piece as I wanted to make a show of Armin’s awesome work, but would you be interested in longer alien possession stories? Comment to let me know what you think!

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