Christmas Corruption

The room was dark as they staggered in. Cora startled as the room was suddenly illuminated, strings of multi-coloured fairy lights blinking on, and she vaguely assumed they must have been activated by their presence. She was far too focused on ensuring the contents of her stomach remained inside to pay them much attention though.

‘Woah, not so fast,’ she groaned, gripping onto the edge of a cabinet as the room span and a fresh wave of nausea washed through her. ‘I think those shots might have been a bad idea.’

Her companion laughed, stumbling across to a dresser upon which she dumped her handbag unceremoniously. ‘I tried to warn you,’ she said, turning to Cora. ‘You wouldn’t listen though, would you? I hate to say I told you so, but…’

Cora wore an exaggerated pout, like a child pulling a sad face. ‘You had them. Why aren’t you feeling all icky?’

The woman grinned. ‘Because I can handle my drink and you can’t. It’s simple really: you’re a lightweight.’

Missy…’ Cora whined. ‘Would you stop teasing and help me over to the bed? I need a lie down.’ Taking a step for herself, Cora scrunched up her eyes and clutched her stomach. She held out her hand for assistance.

Woman in Christmas jumper holds stomach while woman in black sequin top cares for her

Missy raised a sharp black eyebrow. Maybe she’s going to be a bit more work than I first thought. She shrugged; still, nothing I can’t deal with.

Sauntering over, she took Cora’s hand and looped one arm around her waist, planting the palm against the woman’s stomach. Barely needing to focus at all, she stilled Cora’s squirming insides as though she were smoothing out the folds of a ruffled carpet.

Inebriated as she was, Cora took a moment or two to notice the disappearance of her nausea. Stood beside the bed she felt her midriff tentatively, seemingly afraid that too much pressure might eject her insides. She frowned. ‘Weird. I don’t feel so bad now.’

Missy smirked, wondering if all mortals were so impressionable when they were drunk or just the cute ones. She snaked her hands around to pull Cora closer by the cheeks of her ass. ‘In that case how about we make the most of the night, beautiful?’

But Cora wriggled free of her embrace still massaging her stomach. ‘Not right now. I’m not in the mood anymore. Sorry if you were looking for a hook up, but I’ve been here before: the calm before the storm. I’d rather not have to deal with the embarrassment of hurling on you in bed because I thought I was in the clear. If you want I can just head back to my place and you can go find someone able to hold their drink a bit better to play with.’

Silly girl. I don’t want anyone else, I want you. And you’ll learn very soon that what I want, I get.

Missy concealed her frustration expertly. Donning a mask of concern, she drew back a stray lock dangling over Cora’s pretty face. ‘No, that’s okay, you can stay here tonight. We’ve all been there, and I wouldn’t want you on your own if you’re feeling ill.’ As Missy’s finger lingered at Cora’s temple, she reached inside and swirled lust into her thoughts – like stirring milk into tea. ‘Please, make yourself comfortable. I’ll get you some water.’

As she turned away, however, Cora caught her arm. Missy smiled. Mortals. So simple. How can anyone see them as anything more than the primitive apes they are? I mean they’d be positively boring if they weren’t capable of such delicious naughtiness.

Again, Missy’s expression betrayed none of her internal amusement. ‘Is everything okay?’ she asked, turning back to Cora.

The young woman looked briefly confused, as though she was trying to root out an elusive thought (or figure where an intrusive one came from, Missy thought). The next instant an impish smile plucked the corners of her lips. ‘On second thought, it would be rude of me not to thank you for your hospitality. And I think that drink has gone to my head a little – I want to have you right here, on this bed, like we were fucking animals.’

Missy pressed in a little closer, forcing Cora back against the foot of the bed. ‘Are you sure you’re ready for that?’

As though to prove her sincerity, Cora peeled off her Christmas jumper. Beneath it she wore only a skimpy bra, which she removed as she spoke, releasing her plump breasts and squeezing them together into deep cleavage. ‘You bought me here to fuck, so let’s stop wasting time. I’m ready.’

An inward chuckle rippled through Missy’s thoughts. Oh you poor thing, of course you’re not. Not even a little. But I’ve been waiting all year for this, so I really don’t care.

Without a word, Missy discarded her own top – a long-sleeved, black-sequined crop top which had been the envy of half the girls in the club, and the fascination of all the men. She had gone braless, and the moment her fat tits bounced free she caught the hunger in Cora’s eyes.

Then with a sudden violence she shoved Cora onto the bed, pounced onto her victim, and latched onto one soft breast, proceeding to savage her new toy without remorse.

Topless tattooed woman in red trousers roughly sucks on breasts of brunette lover

Cora’s cry was at first startled, then pained, before finally tumbling into an orgasmic shriek. It felt as though Missy was going to tear her breast clean off, but the intense pleasure was too much to deny; Missy’s tongue ground over her nipple, her lips formed an agonising seal, and her teeth sank into Cora’s areola to maintain purchase. Practically fused to Cora’s chest, she ragged her head from side to side like a predator tearing off flesh, all the while groping and squeezing the girl with her tattooed hands.

She remained latched on for several minutes, sucking and slurping until Cora whimpered with equal pain and arousal. When she came up for breath a violent purple love bite had blossomed over Cora’s nipple, encircled by deep bitemarks.

‘Oh, I’ve been waiting all night to do that,’ she purred. She glanced down at Cora’s bruised breast. ‘Here, let’s clean that up for you.’

Missy’s brutality had sobered Cora enough to be alarmed when the woman waved a hand over her breast and dissolved the livid bruises. What was more, Missy’s savagery had even managed to crumble her own spell and Cora’s lust had faded too. ‘I… I don’t understand… how did you…? Why was I so horny? What are you…?’

Sitting back, Missy wore a chilling grin. ‘You humans really are adorable little things. Especially now you’ve left your huts and villages; I remember when you used to fear the night and all the creatures like me hiding in the dark. So superstitious. Now you even have festivals to celebrate the supernatural – it’s practically too easy to hunt these days.

‘Then again, you do get pretty jumpy around Halloween. Others of my kind, they throw parties and seduce their lovers with lust and drink. Me, I prefer the thrill of the hunt. And at Christmas everyone is so needy for attention you practically fall into my lap. That’s why I wait to treat myself until this time of year. I mean after all, for you humans this is the time of giving, so consider what I’m about to do to you a gift.’

Cora shook her head, struggling to wriggle out from beneath Missy. ‘No. Listen, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please, just let me go.’

Missy’s laugh was even more chilling than her grin. ‘Oh you poor, silly creature. You really don’t understand, do you? I’m a succubus, sweetie. Do you know what that means? It means you’re fucked. You’re mine now. I’m going to do whatever I please with this dirty little body of yours, and the best bit is you’re going to love every second of it.’

‘No…’ Cora shook her head.

Missy’s eyes flashed gleefully. ‘Oh yes,’ she hissed. Leaning in close, she walked her fingers slowly up Cora’s neck. Pressing them against the girl’s temple again, she once again injected lust into Cora’s thoughts – a more potent dose this time. Not enough to block out her fear entirely, but sufficient to make Cora desperate for her touch.

And Missy wasted no time in giving it.

Naked tattooed woman fingers brunette lover on bed

Snapping her fingers, the succubus reduced the rest of their clothes to dust leaving them both naked on the bed.

With a burst of speed Missy drove her plaything up against the pillow and folded her in half so her knees were parallel with her head. Though confusion whirled in Cora’s eyes a sensual gasp passed her lips.

‘What are you going to do to me?’ Her eyes swam with anxiety, yet her words dripped with sultry innocence.

Missy took Cora’s neck in a crushing grip while her spare hand descended to the girl’s glistening sex. ‘I’m going to show you what real power is,’ she whispered. With that she plunged her fingers into Cora’s pussy and laughed at her strangled gasp of pleasure.

Missy’s abundant tattoos, acquired over centuries of existence, seemed to writhe over her skin as she worked. The grins of skulls appeared to broaden as her fingers pumped; the eyes of winding serpents glowed as Cora’s pulse thumped against her hand. Each design was fashioned of enchanted ink that pushed Missy’s physical pleasures far beyond the limits of mortal comprehension: even among succubi, Missy was extreme in her pursuit of pleasure.

Compared to her many brothers and sisters, she was somewhat of a radical. While a few malevolent members of her kind hunted humans for sport, imprisoning them and feeding on their desire to escape, and the benevolent remainder offered an eternity of love, lust and passion to their mortal lovers, Missy toed the line between the two.

Unlike her siblings she had little interest in crafting her own world of pleasure. Instead she preferred to stalk the human world and feed on the desire that swirled thick in the clubs and strip joints and even more sordid places. Most nights she would take a new lover, perhaps even using her powers to fashion a dungeon or playroom for them to enjoy together. Yet she never revealed her true identity to any of them, allowing all her lovers instead to imagine her as just another casual affair.

All except one.

Once a year she would prowl through the clubs and bars in search of a very particular lover. She liked them cute, innocent in appearance and unassuming in character – the kind of girl who was the infatuation of any man who laid eyes on her yet was far too fragile in confidence to make use of her beguiling aura: girls like Cora. As far as she was concerned there was nothing hotter than corrupting the innocent ones.

As Cora writhed beneath her whimpering for more, Missy wondered how any of her siblings could deny the thrill of degrading the mortals as she did. She thought of Layla, one of the few succubi willing to associate with her, strutting through her vast world of sex and desire surrounded by countless human lovers. Missy had been there several times, and while her friend’s creation was undeniably impressive she considered it astoundingly dull; the last Missy had heard, Layla had taken to her newest pets, Aiden and Erika, so intensely that she hadn’t even left them to throw her ordinarily extravagant Halloween party this year, preferring instead to spend the time making love to them.

Missy retched inwardly. Making love. What a fucking waste of time. I can understand these fragile humans considering it some kind of substitute for real passion, but my own kind? Don’t they realise the only pleasure worth pursuing comes from fucking? Still, she thought, a malicious smile twisting her lips, soon I’ll have someone else who understands.

The thought seemed to spark a sudden hunger in her. Ordinarily, she liked to take her time, toying with her victim, infecting them with lust drop by drop until they were practically begging her to strip them of their humanity. Tonight however, her patience was far too thin; it had been a long year, after all.

By now, Cora’s wriggling had pulled them away from the pillows so her dark hair was cascading over the side of the bed. As Missy slid her fingers free the girl shook her head, a frown of torment creasing her brow. ‘No, I want more,’ she whimpered.

Missy wore a knowing smile. ‘Oh, my dear girl, I’m about to give you more than you could ever imagine.’ Then, with one hand pinning Cora to the bed and the other coiled around the girl’s neck, Missy leaned in to deliver the most passionate kiss of Cora’s life.

Naked tattooed woman gropes breasts of brunette lover while kissing her

The first thing that hit Cora was the heat of Missy’s lips. Warmth blossomed over her face, but her lips were like the door to a furnace, within which lurked a tongue hot as molten steel.

She had never experienced a kiss like it: Missy’s tongue probed her open mouth, coiling around her own as though trying to latch onto a moan and swallow it down, while her lips seemed to be searching for the perfect purchase, pushing open Cora’s mouth until they could form the perfect seal. It was only once they did so that Cora realised this was no ordinary kiss.

There was no pain, but the alarm was immediate. Everything in Cora’s being told her there was something dreadfully wrong – something terrifyingly unnatural. She felt suddenly drained, as though she was the victim of some merciless vampire who had leeched out all her blood. And in some ways she was, only Missy was feasting on something far more vital than blood.

Cora’s soul was delicious. It poured out through the girl’s lips as though it actively wanted to be devoured, but then Missy had been feeding on humans for long enough to have perfected her technique, so it was hardly surprising that it came easily. Sucking out every thread of soul from the darkest depths of the girl’s being, Missy made sure nothing went to waste.

Understandably, though the girl could not fathom why, Cora’s instincts told her to resist and she thrashed desperately in Missy’s grasp. Against the supernatural strength of the succubus, however, she was powerless, and soon her struggles faltered as the energy left her.

Eventually Cora fell still, her body limp and her eyelids fluttering as she danced on the edge of consciousness. She felt hollow, eviscerated. She wondered if this was what death felt like.

Missy had no intention of killing her though. The feast of Cora’s soul was an intoxicating rush, yet it was only a precursor to her true motivation; now Cora’s body was an empty vessel, Missy began to pour her own power into the girl.

The effect was immediate. As Missy’s energy infected Cora’s system the girl began to groan sensually, her body starting to tense and arch as though she were at the peak of orgasm. An insatiable lust seeped into her core, twisting her thoughts with desire and supercharging her arousal until she felt as if she might tear apart at the seams.

With every second she became stronger, hornier, and soon her hands came up to take Missy’s cheeks, pulling her in harder and kissing her in return, needy for more of the addictive power; she never wanted this to stop. All the fear had evaporated – at the first taste of Missy’s power Cora had forgotten everything but the need for more.

The succubus fed the girl like a doting mother. Locked in one another’s embrace it felt like an eternity passed – but then since they were both immortal, it wouldn’t much have mattered if it had.

The culmination of the exchange came as Missy’s strength dwindled. Forcing one final burst of energy into Cora’s body, they moaned together as they rode a high far beyond any physical climax. After that, Missy broke the seal of their lips and pulled back to admire her creation.

Naked tattooed woman smiles at brunette lover after a kiss

Cora lay breathless, her lids heavy and an expression of bliss over her features. Missy had seen this countless times before – the young girl was slowly coming to terms with her new power. The insatiable lust swirling around inside her would take a few moments to grasp.

Eventually, Cora opened her eyes. She stared at Missy for a second, analysing her sultry smile and abyssal eyes. The woman looked like an angel and a demon all rolled into one. Then a sly smile weaved over her lips. ‘Thank you,’ she said.

Sitting back, Missy allowed Cora up. ‘It’s my pleasure.’

The new succubus scampered giddily over to the mirror, babbling away like a hyperactive child. ‘Oh god, how do you even do anything when just existing feels this good? God, I’m weak at the knees just walking around, let alone getting naughty. And how do you pick just one body when you can have any you like? I mean, I could be a supermodel-’ she snapped her fingers, transforming into a tall, blonde beauty with natural curves ‘-or a bitchy bimbo-’ another snap and she donned plastic tits and lips, along with bleached hair and an ass that would have struggled to pass through the door ‘-or a celebrity,’ she said, shifting into the body of a famous actress, then an equally famous songstress. ‘Hell, I could even be a dude if I wanted to.’ Another snap and her feminine figure was abandoned for a huge, masculine frame. She grinned wickedly at her reflection, stroking her thick cock. ‘Oh yes, I could get used to this look.’

Behind her, exhaustion hit Missy like a runaway freight train. Crumpling back into the pillows, she was reminded why she only did this once a year: corrupting humans into succubi may be deliciously arousing, but even for a creature as powerful as her it was a devastatingly arduous task. Severely depleted, it would be several weeks before she was back to her full strength.

Occupied by her own experimentation, Cora only noticed Missy’s fatigue when she turned to show off one of her transformed bodies – a tall black woman with magnificent tits, sumptuous curves and eyes capable of burning a hole through lead. Finding Missy lying limp amongst the pillows she shifted back to her original body and scurried over eyes wide with concern.

‘Are you okay?’

Missy nodded. ‘I’m fine. The process just takes it out of me a bit is all,’ she said, somewhat breathless.

A sinful grin slowly worked over Cora’s lips. ‘I don’t suppose a little personal attention might help, would it?’

‘It most certainly would, my dear.’ Missy spread her legs to reveal her twinkling pussy. ‘You know what I enjoy most about turning new sisters? How gratefully they eat me out afterwards.’

‘Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint,’ Cora smiled. Without another word, she sank down between Missy’s thighs to profess her gratitude – gratitude she soon found even more passionate ways to express…

Tattooed woman and brunette lover have lesbian sex

Thanks for reading!

This is one of those stories I really didn’t have in mind until I started writing. Some galleries I find immediately spark an idea – my upcoming release on Thursday, for example – however this one was more vague and I only added it to my list of potential Christmas pieces due to the vaguely Christmassy setting.

When I started writing though, I thought it would be really fun to mix up the theme of Christmas with another holiday and make it slightly Halloween-themed by including a succubus. As always, I love referencing other stories, and since I already wrote a succubus piece last Halloween it made sense to me that this piece would take place in the same universe.

I also used this piece to explore a kind of visual fantasy I’ve had for a long time. As I’m sure many of my readers can relate to, I was always fascinated by scenes in film and TV that focused on possession, mental corruption, hypnosis and things like that – scenes that drastically reworked the mental functions of a character to make them darker. And for some reason the struggle and subsequent submission to those changes was something I found really hot, so I tried to convey that through this piece.

I must say though, this piece surely wouldn’t have nearly as much punch without the fantastic models. After all, if there is any model who could portray a real-life succubus, it’s Joanna Angel, and Jade Baker is the perfect innocent mirror of Angel’s gothic sultriness.

I am pretty unfamiliar with Baker’s work, however as you can see from her PornHub profile she has worked with some exceptional models and I recommend anyone interested in lesbian action definitely checks her out because she does a lot of that kind of content.

As for Angel, I am more familiar with her portfolio. To put it bluntly, if you’re into alt porn and you haven’t heard of her, you’re not into alt porn. Angel is pretty much the queen of the niche and is not just the model but the creator of her own studio, Burning Angel, which produces some of the hottest alt content around. If you love tattooed bitches, latex, fishnets and all things gothic, Burning Angel is the place to find it, and Angel herself is the ruling queen of it all. Definitely check her out if you enjoyed Missy in this piece.

Finally, just a note to say there will be two more releases this week: one on Thursday, then one on Friday as a Christmas treat.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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