A Lake Fantasy Story: Trick or Treat

Flopping down onto the sofa, Angela let out a frustrated sigh. The house seemed so empty without Trent around and though other women might have enjoyed the alone time, Angela was not one of them.

Then again, she supposed none of those women had a lover as passionate and darkly arousing as hers. They had never come home to find a gag, a butt plug and a latex catsuit on the bed with a note ordering them to be ready when their man arrived; they had never had their partner take them out for expensive meals in the finest restaurants while a remote control vibrator nestled in one of their holes, allowing their man to torment them all throughout the night; nor had they been on the arm of their master as they attended high society parties which began as distinguished social gatherings before the guests retired in small groups to private rooms, in which took place far less distinguished activities.

Everything was so hopelessly dull without her lover. Yet it wasn’t merely boredom that vexed her, but betrayal too.

How could he leave her alone, tonight of all nights? Halloween was practically purpose made for them. A celebration of the dark and the depraved, it was the perfect time to truly push their own boundaries. She had been looking forward to tonight for months in the hope of a little creepy, kinky roleplay, only for Trent to announce he would be spending the night with Grant, Chanel, Piper and Naomi, who were throwing a naughty fancy dress party at one of Grant’s strip clubs.

‘Don’t worry, gorgeous,’ he had said, ‘I’ll be back before you know it. Oh, and I have a little surprise for you tonight, too.’

For the past several hours Angela had spent her time trying to determine why he had seen fit to leave her behind on their first Halloween together. Despite her best efforts, however, she could not seem to pin down a viable reason. More frustrating still, when she had asked Trent directly he had repeatedly evaded the question.

At first she had wondered if he was punishing her for teasing him while he was dressing for work that morning, but he had already repaid that disobedience with an unforgiving riding crop and ample enthusiasm. As for yesterday’s mischief at dinner (she had excused herself to the bathroom, thrown her panties in the trash and guided Trent’s hands surreptitiously beneath her skirt while they ordered dessert, forcing him not to react in the face of the waiter) that too had been dealt with – she still had the lockjaw to remind her.

And so was this the way of things. Each time she recalled a new naughtiness that might have driven Trent to leave her behind she found it to have been punished already, going as far back as their passionate holiday at that sinful cabin.

The more she thought on things though, the more she became convinced she wasn’t being punished at all. Not only could she not think what her transgression might have been, but had she vexed him Trent would never have planned a surprise.

Satisfied she had not upset her lover then, Angela’s mind turned to what her surprise might be.

‘Maybe he plans on bringing back a few of Grant’s naughty girls for us to play with,’ she wondered out loud. ‘Piper and Naomi, maybe. Or perhaps some of the other girls. Grant did say he had some new hires – he might want them breaking in.’

Toying with her hair she wore a mischievous smirk as her mind wandered further. ‘Or what if he isn’t meeting Grant at all? Didn’t Kirk and Alexander say they had plans to film some amateur bondage scenes? Maybe they’re on their way here right now ready to give this bad girl a good time.’

Devilish laughter bubbled on her lips as she continued to ponder what manner of mischief her lover had in store for her. True, the wait to find out was agonising, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t make some preparations of her own while she was waiting.

A hefty trident lay over the coffee table, the head made out to imitate red serpentine dragon tails. Taking it up, Angela giggled.

‘Well, if it’s a bad girl they want, it’s a bad girl they’ll get. Those Foster boys won’t believe what a horny little devil I can be.’

Busty woman in black bodystocking and lingerie poses with Halloween-themed trident

Her anticipation brewing into lust she rolled back into the sofa and began to grind absently against the shaft. The trident was a sorry substitute for Trent’s juicy cock, but it sufficed to swell her arousal such that a patch of damp soon spread over her underwear. Further up, her nipples grew hard, plucking at the cords of her figure-flaunting bodystocking.

Angela’s attire only further convinced her she had not disappointed her lover. Though hardly a seasoned couple, Angela and Trent had packed more passion into their short time together than most partners experienced in a lifetime, and as such Trent knew full well how deeply Angela enjoyed showing off her body.

Punishment for Angela was being forced to wear a baggy tee and loose jeans, a look from which this outfit was a far cry. Trent had selected the alluring bodystocking expressly to showcase her voluptuous form, while the lace lingerie had been chosen for the sole purpose of amplifying the depth of her magnificent cleavage. It was an outfit tailored purely to objectify her, a pursuit she craved in every waking moment.

Before long, Angela was horny. Clamping her thighs tight about the trident’s shaft she ran her tongue along the cold metal forks, imagining the rugged design as the contours of Trent’s cock.

As she lounged back on the sofa her eyes fell on the television set. A naughty smile twisted her features and her loins quivered as she recalled the faces of her friends filling the screen while Trent fucked her senseless.

It had been a week or so after their summer break around that beautiful lake and Trent had surprised her by leading her blindfolded into the room. Upon restoring her vision he had introduced their friends, whom he had arranged to observe their passion and thus fulfil Angela’s exhibitionist desires. All night long he had used her body in carnal, degrading ways until her shrieks of ecstasy rattled the windows in their frames.

Even then, something in the expressions of her friends made Angela think they enjoyed the night somehow more than her: there was a dark satisfaction in their eyes, as though the sight of her humiliation meant more to them than mere voyeuristic pleasure. Not that Angela much cared, of course – she had spent the night providing live entertainment to which her friends masturbated feverishly, while the next morning Trent had relayed their messages of congratulation on their steamy show; as far as she was concerned, there was little more she could ask for.

Lost in her thoughts, her head lolled to one side where she caught sight of the hot tub through the patio windows. Fresh heat bloomed through her thighs: it was one of her favourite places to fuck. The warm waters bubbling up over her body; Trent’s thick cock plunging into her from beneath; the rising steam condensing on their flesh, rendering them hot and slippery.

Beyond the tub broad deckchairs were pulled up against the edge of the pool. If one were to inspect them more closely they might notice tell-tale tears in the covers where Angela’s nails had slit them open; a good poolside pounding often drove her to distraction. At the same time, she would have been lying if she said she hadn’t clawed at the chairs deliberately once or twice in the hope of earning somewhat rougher treatment later that night.

Once again her gaze drifted until it came to land on the dinner table. This time she moaned involuntarily: now that had been a night to remember.

Trent had refrained from mentioning his upcoming birthday to prevent Angela organising any kind of surprise for him, for he had no interest celebrating with friends or family: he’d had something much more intimate in mind.

Trussing her up like an animal he’d snared, he had spread her out naked upon the dining table facing his seat. Showing his skills as an impressive cook, he had patiently prepared them each a meal, which they had proceeded to enjoy together. Intermittently he had fed her, delivering delicious forkfuls as though they were romantic newlyweds sharing a meal on their honeymoon, dabbing her lips with a napkin when required and carefully assisting her in sampling the expensive wine he had purchased for the occasion, all amid amicable discussions that drifted wherever the mood took them.

Yet his true hand was shown when he announced it time for dessert. Clearing the plates away, he had returned empty-handed. Then, with a smug smirk, he had skirted around the table, eased his head between her parted legs and delivered the most mind-blowing oral sex Angela had ever experienced. She squirmed just thinking about it.

Conducting a sinful symphony Trent had built her moans to a crescendo of delirium, following which she had been little more than a shivering, dripping wreck. Never before, not even when held fast in the straightjacket Trent favoured using to punish her, had she felt so helpless and vulnerable than that night. It was as though he had devoured her soul, leaving her only a broken husk.

For a minute or two he had admired her breathless form, and she vaguely recalled him whispering thanks to the Lady of the Lake, whoever that was. Carefully, gently, he had unbound her, carrying her in his arms to bed where he had laid her down and comforted her to sleep with doting forehead kisses and soft, reassuring words.

The following morning she had awoken to find him still cradling her in his arms. Staring adoration at his sleeping features, she had known then there would never be another man to satisfy her…


The sudden rap at the door wrenched Angela from her daydreams with a start. She let out a little shriek: her baby was back.

Scampering down the hall she practically tore the door from its hinges. To her surprise, however, Trent was not on the other side. Instead she was presented with their next-door neighbour, Keiran.

‘Trick or tre…’ he began in a joking tone as she opened the door, only for his words to trail off at the sight of her scantily clad figure. His bulging eyes snapping to her abyssal cleavage, his jaw fell slack.

With most of her life spent around Trent or others like him – namely the kind of people who knew how to demonstrate their appreciation of her stunning body beyond simply gawking, and who, when it came to clothing, were of the opinion that less is more – Angela often forgot how amusing normal people were. Noting his enraptured look she pushed out her chest and lounged suggestively against the door.

When she spoke, her words dripped with lust, yet she maintained an expression of innocence as though she hadn’t the first idea what she was stirring within him. ‘Oh, Keiran, what can I do for you?’

Without tearing his eyes away from her tits, he stammered awkwardly. ‘I… I came to… give your – I mean give you this. Someone had groped – posted! Yes, posted it through my letterbox when I came…’

‘When you came?’ Angela cooed.

‘When I came home!’ Keiran cried, realising he had not finished his sentence.

Not trusting himself to say anything more he handed her an envelope before finally averting his gaze. Shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, he shielded his eyes and stared resolutely at the floor.

Angela chuckled inwardly. God he was cute.

Keiran was a handsome man in his early forties. Greying at the temples he was nevertheless impressively athletic, with a physique Angela considered second only to that of her doting lover. He was a rugged man, rough features seemingly hewn from pure granite, yet for all his natural attraction Keiran was surprisingly single. Angela knew dozens of girls who would have grovelled at his feet for the chance to worship his body – but then perhaps that was the point.

Their neighbour was a sophisticated man with no desire to be leeched on by a whining bitch seeking a sugar daddy. As such the hot, young things who would have flocked to his side were of no interest to him whatsoever.

At the same time, however, the man was a hopeless cause when it came time to interact with a true woman. She and Trent had socialised with him on several occasions and each time the poor man had clearly had no idea what to do with himself. His eyes had frequently slipped from Angela’s face to admire more alluring features, while he had bumbled through his sentences whenever speaking with her.

For all his awkwardness, she and Trent found him amusing. He was in no way leering or vulgar, merely demonstrating a lack of experience in associating with a woman of Angela’s calibre. In truth, he reminded them very much of a young child meeting a beautiful woman for the first time, their innocent awe of her presence surpassed only by their inability to confidently traverse any interaction with her.

To be even more truthful, they had even toyed with the man once or twice: fucking by the pool while he was mowing his lawn, for example, or making love against a window in full view of his property. Upon spotting them he had worn the same encapsulated, slack-jawed expression she had opened the door to, only to snap himself out of it after a few moments, visibly chastise himself for watching and march off to occupy himself with something on the other side of the house.

His presence sparked fresh ideas of what her surprise might be. Perhaps an orgy with some paid hookers in full view of his house? The idea sent a shiver up her spine as she peered at the envelope.

It bore Angela’s name in a sleek hand. She frowned: that was Trent’s handwriting. Tearing it open, she removed a folded note from within:

            Happy Halloween, babe.

            I hope you enjoy your surprise.

            I’ll be back to join you both after midnight.

            Trent x

Angela blinked, shocked. Was Trent serious? Was he really giving her the chance to fuck Keiran? Sure, they’d both fucked other lovers before, but that was different. That had been at private parties with other kinksters, or in the sheets of their friends’ beds. Keiran was just their ordinary neighbour.

Once the initial shock wore off, however, an impish grin warped her lips. Exactly: Keiran was just their ordinary neighbour. This surprise wasn’t just her chance to fuck him, it was her chance to corrupt him to their way of life – an opportunity to teach him how to satisfy the needs of a real woman and bring him into their world of sex and sin.

Looking up, she found him still shielding his eyes. ‘Where are my manners? Please, come inside. You’ll die of cold standing there on the doorstep.’

‘Oh, that’s okay, thank you, I only came by to drop that off. I have lots of… erm… cleaning to do.’

Taking him by the hand, she dragged him inside. ‘Nonsense. I insist. There’s something I’ve been meaning to show you for a long time.’

Before he knew what was happening the door had slammed closed behind them and she had hauled him down the corridor. When she released his hand he found himself in their festively decorated lounge. Faux spider webs hung from the rafters, ethereal ghostly figures dangled from the walls, and tangled chains were strung like sadistic pennants about the room, so realistic he might have believed they were the real thing if he didn’t know any better.

‘Stay there,’ she said while his back was turned. ‘Don’t move.’

Springing onto the sofa Angela slid open a drawer set within the base. One hand busy rifling through the contents, the other fiddled with the straps of her bra.

‘So what’s this thing you wanted to show me?’

‘Take a look and see,’ Angela purred.

Busty woman exposes breasts and pussy in black bodystocking

While Keiran’s attention had been distracted, Angela had made herself even more irresistible. Discarding her lingerie, she had tugged her hefty breasts from the restrictive confines of her bodystocking before slathering them in a generous quantity of oil, a bottle of which now sat beside the pumpkin on the coffee table. Lower down, meanwhile, her tight pink pussy lips peeked out through her crotchless attire. Her entire body had a mesmerising sheen through the black mesh, as though she had been perfectly carved from glossy marble by some horny sculptor.

With her arms thrown behind her head to push them out further, her glistening tits now astounded her guest. Even as he started in shock she could see him salivating.

‘See something you like?’ she said.

Exercising a gargantuan effort, Keiran somehow tore his gaze from her chest to meet her eyes. He immediately wished he hadn’t; they swirled with slutty desire and her entire expression was one of a predator stalking wounded prey. Part of him knew he was already hers, yet he tried to excuse himself all the same.

‘I really must be going…’ he tried.

‘And leave me here all alone when I’m so horny?’ Angela said, her eyes big and innocent. ‘Please, baby, I need someone to look after me. It’s Halloween after all – who knows what kind of scary men might come up to my door tonight? I’d feel so much safer with you here. And obviously I could compensate you for your trouble.’ With a wink she eased back to present her pussy, parting the folds with manicured fingers to reveal the tender, twinkling flesh within.

‘But… but… Trent… he wouldn’t want this…’

‘Actually, he would. In fact, he’s the one who sent you over here in the first place. My guess is he posted that note through your letterbox knowing you’d bring it over once you came home from work. He knew you wouldn’t be able to resist a chance to see me. He’s suggested something like this before – I never thought he’d actually do it though. You’re my Halloween surprise, baby.’

For a few seconds his mouth hinged open and closed uselessly. Then he scrunched up his eyes as though he hoped he might open them to find he was dreaming. In actuality he only found Angela’s piercing stare fixed on him.

‘I… I can’t…’

‘Oh, sweetie, of course you can. What are you afraid of? You’re not cheating on anyone, you’re not taking advantage of me, you’re not betraying Trent’s trust. We’re all adults, so what’s wrong about indulging in a little adult fun? Besides, I’ve seen the way you look at me. You want to know what a real woman is capable of – you want to know what my body feels like against yours, don’t you?’

Keiran said nothing. His eyes merely fell guiltily to her chest once more and Angela donned a satisfied smile.

‘I thought so. You don’t have to worry, stud. I’m here to show you what you’ve been missing. Think of it this way – Trent was the one who tricked you over here, right? Well then let me be your treat.’

The final blow to Keiran’s resistance was Angela’s sultry expression as she rolled onto her back. Showcasing a flexibility born of countless hours in bondage, she folded herself such that her knees nestled alongside her breasts and her feet hovered over her head.

Sinking her fingers into her exposed pussy, she rose them to her lips to lick them clean. ‘Mmmh, that’s good. Come here and have a taste, babe.’

His will to deny her shattered, Keiran stormed over and plunged his face into her pussy.

Busty woman folds herself in half to allow muscular man to provide oral sex

The heat of his lips forced out a little gasp. She hadn’t expected him to be so aggressive, but now he had broken he dove headfirst into his desire and parted her folds with an eager tongue.

At first he went at her raw and undisciplined. His teeth grated carelessly against her pink veil and his tongue lapped great broad strokes over her sex that provided little stimulation.

After a minute or two, however, he began to put his lust to better use. Before long the grind of his teeth had been stemmed and his probing strokes wound sensual ribbons of pleasure over her folds, demonstrating a precision she had not expected from one so inexperienced.

Angela had spent enough time with enough lovers to have learned some men simply possessed an innate talent for passion, and with every fresh stroke she became more and more convinced the man between her thighs had just such a gift. Whether it was his long-chained lust for her driving him to impress, or the unexpected chance to pleasure a real woman fuelling his enthusiasm, Angela didn’t care. His doting skills were pumping orgasmic bliss through her system, and if his oral abilities were any indication she couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night would bring.  

Without warning, he pulled back. His chin glistened with a solution of his own saliva and Angela’s juices. Fixing her with a hungry stare, he tore off his shirt before dropping back in.

This time Angela let out an orgasmic shriek.

Keiran had invaded her ass. His probing tongue sank as deep as he could force it, his searing lips clamped over her hole as a leech of pleasure. For all the times Trent had relished in pounding her every hole, her ass remained tight as a vice and she shivered as her anal muscles sensed every minute undulation of his swirling tongue.

It took a few seconds for her to gather her senses. ‘An ass man, are you?’ she grinned.

Pulling away once more, Keiran wiped his mouth on his arm. ‘Not usually. But I’ve seen you strut away enough times for you to have me hooked. And I want to make sure all your holes are ready – I don’t know where I want to go first.’

‘Funny. Because I know exactly where I want you.’

Taking his chin in her fingers she dragged him up into a passionate kiss. As her breasts and pussy crushed up against his chest, smearing across it oil and sexual juices alike, her hands fell to his waist. With agile fingers she quickly did away with his jeans and boxers before aligning his cock with her dripping cunt.

‘Take me,’ she whispered.

He did.

Busty woman in black bodystocking spreads legs high so muscular man can use her holes

Until now, Keiran had never truly realised how desperate he’d been to fuck her. Sure, he had lost himself in vivid daydreams of what it might be like to make love to her, had guiltily jerked off after watching her pounded against a window wishing he could have been the one using her. But daydreams and masturbatory visions were safe, uninspired things – nothing compared to the real thing.

Having Angela spread out beneath him urging on his sinful desire, it was clear how much more spontaneous real life was – how much more delicious. No daydream had ever envisioned Angela in such whorish attire, nor as so eagerly naughty. Even after seeing her riding Trent by the pool or gagging on his cock in the window he had never imagined how desperately kinky she truly was. Moreover, just as he could not have predicted how the night would lead him to her, neither could he predict what sordid move she might make next. The uncertainty combined with the insatiable hunger in her eyes ran a shiver up his spine: despite her vulnerable position, he was the one at her mercy and he loved every second of it.

Only now as her scorching pussy slid like a sleeve over his throbbing shaft did he finally realise all his fantasies paled in comparison. In his eyes, Angela was no mere woman. She was the woman. The definition of the term. The epitome of everything a woman could be. And tonight, she was all his.

The realisation sparked a ravenous lust within him and he rapidly began to pick up his pace.

Angela grinned as his thrusts bounced her tits upon her chest. ‘That’s right, big boy, fuck my tight cunt hard. Use me like I’m your hooker whore for the night – use me like you’re fucking paying for it.’

Happy to oblige, Keiran leaned down to clutch her nape before taking up a frantic rhythm that knocked the air from her lungs.

A slutty giggle passed her lips as perfect pleasure crashed through her. ‘Fuck yes, that’s what I want. Pound your bitch.’

His cock, though impressive, was no match for Trent’s when it came to length, however in girth Keiran had her lover entirely outdone; it felt as though he were ramming a fist into her cunt with every stroke. Stretched to her limit, her pussy burned under his relentless assault, the shockwaves of every devastating thrust churning her insides until she felt like a snow globe nailed to the top of a jackhammer.

Even as he slammed her hard enough to make her temples throb, however, she sensed something missing.

If there was anything life had taught her, it was that the best way to judge a man’s desire was through his cock. Passionate fucking was all well and good, yet there was an even more intense experience for those skilled women who knew how to properly work their lovers. A stage at which the man’s cock was so hard it was almost agony, where their senses grew blurred by primal urges and their body was at such a crescendo of pleasure it could not conceive how to come down. At this point not even orgasm could dispel the lustful red mist, and the woman who had dared release the beast would be at the mercy of nature’s most devastating creation: horny man.

Angela wanted that tonight, and fortunately she knew just how to get it.

Busty woman in black bodystocking gives oral sex

In a burst of speed she bucked her hips, unsheathing his cock, before dragging him down onto the sofa. He hit the cushions hard, momentarily confused by the sudden attack. When he regained his bearings, however, he looked down to find Angela crawling up to take his cock in her grasp.

Her fingers were sensational on his shaft but it was the mischievous glimmer in her eyes that sent a shudder through him.

‘You’ve really never been with a woman, have you? If you had you’d know we deserve nothing but the best. And you’re holding out on me, baby – I know you can be harder. Besides, you’ve already had a meal of my pussy, so I think it’s only fair I return the favour, don’t you?’

Keiran said nothing. Instead he donned a chilling smirk, tangled his fingers in her hair, then dragged her supple lips all the way down to his balls.

Their united moan rang through the house like a chiming grandfather clock.

The man’s eyes rolled back in his skull and despite his best efforts to maintain eye contact his head lolled against the cushions. He didn’t think he’d ever known such pleasure. In some ways Angela’s mouth was better than her cunt; her tongue was so agile and dexterous, swirling around his head like a coiling serpent, while the seal of her lips and the practiced suction she applied combined to create an orgasmic pressure he could barely stand.

It felt as though she was trying to suck his very soul out through his cock.

Angela, meanwhile, soon lost herself to her own pleasure. Keiran’s throbbing dick was so deliciously thick and juicy, the cocktail of sweat, precum and her own juices swirling over her tastebuds to drive her wild. Better still, his impressive girth stretched her throat further than even Trent was capable; she couldn’t get enough.

God, she loved sucking cock.

She didn’t think there was a filthier sensation than taking a meaty dick balls deep – deep enough that your temples throbbed, no air could reach your lungs, the size of it made it feel like your eyes were about to pop from their sockets. Sex and anal were passionate, of course, but there was a sense of being defiled in delivering a blowjob and she loved every fucking second of it.

Despite her ravenous state, she remained alert to the rigidity of Keiran’s cock. Careful not to drive him over the edge, she worked patiently until she was satisfied. Only once his cock was so hard it would no longer bend to the curve of her throat did she pull away.

Her chin was slathered in precum as she grinned down at him. ‘See, I told you you could be harder.’ To prove her point she slapped his pole, which barely even trembled.

Below her, Keiran was grunting breathlessly. His features were anguished as he struggled to cope with the intensity of his hardon. It was clear he was in no state to reply, so rather than tease him she claimed the reward for all her hard work.

Straddling his waist she sank onto his lance and let out a tremulous whimper.

Busty woman in black bodystocking rides muscular man on white sofa

‘Oh f-u-u-u-ck,’ she groaned, ‘it feels like you’re going to split my hips.’

The heat of Angela’s slick pussy snapped Keiran from his haze and a startling clarity sparked in his eyes. Her brows knitted together in ecstasy, Angela met his stare and smiled: there he was. The animal – the beast. Her bumbling uncertain neighbour was gone for good. Once the seal was broken no man could come back from it unchanged and she knew whenever he eventually came down from this high Keiran would be irreversibly corrupted.

Right now though he was a force of nature and Angela allowed him to prey upon her.

With a fearsome growl he took her hips in a white-knuckled grasp and promptly began to bounce her roughly up and down. Simultaneously he timed his thrusts to match, using the spring of the cushions to fire himself up as her body came down hard. The net result was a pounding as deep as Trent’s yet twice as savage.

‘Oh my fucking god – YES!’

Angela’s entire body shook with every ruthless thrust: tits tugging hard on her chest, hips creaking under the strain, torso shuddering almost painfully. She felt as though she were made of porcelain and might shatter at any moment, yet there was no power on earth capable of tearing her away – it all felt far too good for that.

The slap of their thighs ricocheted off the walls. The breathless shrieks of ecstasy danced through the air.

In little time at all the oil Angela had smeared into her breasts was eclipsed by the glistening sweat that saturated them both. Keiran’s hair plastered across his scalp as his rippling muscles shone in the low light, while his plaything soon felt trickles of exertion course down her cleavage.

After some time – Angela wasn’t sure how long, for time seemed unimportant so long as he was using her – Keiran managed to regain his speech. When he did they exchanged volleys of dirty talk thick and fast.

‘You’re such a fucking filthy skank.’

‘Why, because I like riding hot men?’

‘No, because you need it rough and dirty.’

‘Don’t try and tell me you don’t love fucking a bad bitch.’

‘Of course. And I’m going to pound your brains out to prove it.’

‘Maybe that’s what I want, baby. Maybe I want your cock driving me mental.’

‘I know you do. You did this to me. You wanted me to destroy you. I think you should be careful what you wish for.’

‘You talk a big game, stud, but you’re still just a novice. Lucky I’m here to remedy that.’

‘To say I’m a novice you’re moaning an awful lot.’ As if to prove his point he reached up and crushed her fat tits in his fist, drawing out a shocked screech. ‘That’s right, bitch, you like me groping your big tits, don’t you?’

‘Not as much as you do. I’ve seen you dribbling at my cleavage before – you like mommy’s tits.’

‘They’re fucking amazing,’ he admitted.

‘Well then, let me show you what they can really do,’ she replied.

Busty woman gives titjob to muscular lover

The moment Angela wrapped her tits around his cock Keiran’s jaw hung limp and his eyes glazed over. The heat of her flesh blooming through his shaft was intense enough, but once she began gliding her lusty cushions up and down he struggled to control his pleasure.

Twitching and squirming, Keiran threw out one hand to grab hold of something – anything – to ground himself. Finding the edge of the coffee table he poured all his strength into clutching it as Angela giggled impishly.

‘What is it, baby? Can’t handle my tits as well as you thought you could?’

Mouth lolling open uselessly, Keiran grunted and groaned in delirium, occasionally controlling himself enough to babble incoherently. ‘Oh, fuck… shit, so hot… hot and soft and… fuck yes, so good… fat tits, so good…’

Chuckling to herself as she reduced Keiran to a quivering mess, she wondered if this was the satisfaction Trent received from teasing her.

Just as she was pondering how Trent might react if he came home to find she had decided to emulate him even further by tying Keiran up and using Trent’s flogger on his ass, the man before her began to convulse yet more violently. The erratic twitch of his cock made clear the reason: he was close.

But Angela had no interest taking his load over her tits – at least not yet. No, she had more intimate plans.

Sitting back on her haunches, Angela watched Keiran’s hips buck as his orgasm threatened to break. But she had retreated before he could breach the dam and after minute or so he slumped down in defeat, orgasm ruined.

‘You know, you really should have more self-control –’ she began, but Keiran was already on the move.

Dragging her up by her hair, he growled in her ear. ‘Shut the fuck up, you filthy bitch. You’ve ruined me. You’ve messed with my mind, screwed with my body and now you’ve ruined my chance to nut. Well now it’s my turn to return the favour and ruin you.’

With that he dragged her in close and drove his cock deep inside her vulnerable ass.

Busty woman in black bodystocking taken from behind by muscular lover

The unexpected invasion drew a horny shriek from Angela’s lips. Burning pleasure exploded through her hips, lashing up her spine as though she was being flayed by a white-hot whip and flaring down through her thighs until she was squirming in his grasp.

To prevent her wriggling free, he locked her arms in a powerful grip. ‘Oh no, you’re not going anywhere. You wanted to break me, now you have to deal with what you’ve let out.’

Buried in the tight tunnel of her ass, the intensity of Keiran’s girth was amplified ten times over compared to her pussy – it felt like he was tearing her apart. Unable to articulate her ecstasy, her expression froze for a moment or two – eyes closed, lips parted in a silent moan, brow furrowed: bliss.

Then Keiran was thrusting. Hard. Slamming her deep from behind he used his unbreakable grip to thrash her body about to his satisfaction, throwing her forward and yanking her back in an endless cycle of mind-blowing ecstasy. With every thrust her mind shattered anew, burning pleasure blasting through her so hard she thought she might crumble entirely.

‘Holy shit,’ she gasped, ‘you’re so fucking big, baby. I want you to fill my ass with all your perfect cum.’

‘Like I said, be careful what you wish for,’ he growled. ‘I’m going to fuck the lights out of your eyes bitch – when I’m done you’ll be pumped so full you’ll be leaking my load for a month.’

His filthy promises sent a shudder through her. ‘Please, baby, use me. I’m a bad girl, and I’m all yours.’

Multiple images of busty woman in black bodystocking making love to muscular lover

Slaves to their own desire, Angela and Keiran devolved into a wild, sweaty tangle of limbs. Both lovers entirely lost track of where they were as time and reality slipped into insignificance. Their sole focus was the carnal pleasure of fucking and, as is inevitable when a shameless whore attends the company of a ruthless bull, that fucking soon abandoned all semblance of decorum for a rough, merciless pace.

Were it not for the fact their features occasionally contorted with pleasure and their dirty words urged one another to go harder, faster, deeper, one might have assumed the two were brawling. Certainly the deafening crack of their striking flesh sounded more like they were throwing punches than making love, while the desperate shrieks and howls ringing through the house sounded like they belonged in a particularly sadistic horror movie.

Moreover, had their house not been at the end of a sweeping, secluded drive, and had her the man himself not been balls deep in her holes, Angela might have even been concerned their screams would alarm the neighbours. As it was, however, the only thing she was concerned about was how much of Keiran’s primal rage she could take before blacking out.

For all her sexual experience, Angela could not deny Keiran was unlike any man she had ever fucked. Her advances had unearthed an unexpected brutality and the merciless means by which he put it to use drove her to the edge of sanity.

As her body shivered gleefully under his onslaught, a broad grin gradually decorated her features. A grin born of a surprising emotion: pity. Pity for all the poor, stupid bitches who had written Keiran off as an unassuming beta unworthy of their attention.

Holy shit had they been wrong. Angela, on the other hand, was not so small-minded. She had awoken the beast within and now she was reaping the reward of her efforts.

Keiran’s devastating assault was worlds away from the deft, calculating treatment she had grown used to under Trent’s ownership. Every move Trent made was calm, composed, executed with a clinical precision and guided by a clear goal of either punishment, pleasure or a mixture of the two. Her neighbour, meanwhile, was Trent’s antithesis. Possessed by a savage lechery, he cared not for etiquette nor decency. Instead he was a barbarian, tossing her around on a whim and abandoning all interest in her needs: he’d have suffocated her against the cushions if it permitted him a better angle.

Angela loved it.

Trent had never used her like this before. The sensation of being no more than a set of holes was a buzz she had not experienced, and she never wanted it to end. Fortunately, Keiran’s stamina was as formidable as his savagery.

From time to time she had pondered how all those men and women she had intimately encountered since the summer had been bestowed with an impressive sexual prowess and shocking stamina. She had even mentioned as much to Trent, though he had only donned a knowing smile and muttered something about their holiday at the lake.

Right now though she didn’t care how he was so relentless. So long as he continued firing load after load deep in her holes it didn’t matter one bit to her where he summoned the energy from.

‘You know I always enjoyed teasing you,’ Angela panted on one of the rare occasions they paused to catch their breath. ‘It made me feel so hot watching you drool over my body. Tell me, am I as good as you hoped I’d be?’

‘No. You’re an even filthier bitch than I imagined.’

She giggled girlishly. ‘Well, I aim to please.’

Surging to his feet he wrenched her up by the hair before hoisting her into his arms. Her legs looped around his back and her dainty fingers clawing at his back, he grinned at her whimpering torment as he slotted her over his head. ‘In that case, I won’t hold back,’ he hissed.

With that he dropped her hard. Angela’s shrieks rang through the house, rising to a deafening pitch surely able to wake the dead as he pushed her closer and closer to orgasm.

‘Oh god. Oh fuck. Yes, yes, yes, YES!’

Hanging up his coat, Trent found himself in a silent house. Striding down the hall he wondered if perhaps Angela and Keiran had taken things over to his house.

Despite his composed exterior, he buzzed with excited anticipation within. Even before leaving Lake Fantasy he had been plotting some way to bring a playmate into his and Angela’s sordid, twisted relationship. The fetish galas and private parties were thrilling, of course, but the concept of a more personal playmate to use Angela’s perfect body alongside had been too attractive an opportunity to pass up.

As always, the lake had provided even before he had realised how. The new reality it had carved out for them both had located them beside the perfect man to join their fun – it had merely taken Trent a little time to figure it out. Once he had he’d known there could be no better Halloween surprise for his kinky lover to enjoy.

Even after spending all night at the hands of Grant’s delightfully enthusiastic girls, he had been itching to return home and join their fun.

Only once he entered the lounge did he hear it: a soft, wet sucking sound. Coming around the sofa, he found Angela slurping thick strings of cum from her tits. Keiran’s load was splattered all over her rack and face. When she caught sight of him she beamed and he noted the pearly ribbons decorating her teeth.

‘Hey baby,’ she purred, ‘glad you could finally join us.’

‘I trust you enjoyed your surprise?’ he said, nodding to her spread legs and the cum oozing from her holes.

She nodded giddily. ‘Soooooo much. He’s so fucking hot, you won’t believe it. He used me so good.’

‘I can see that. Something tells me he’s going to fit right in here. I look forward to seeing what he can do. So where is our new accomplice?’

‘Fetching supplies.’ Keiran’s gruff voice drew their attention to the door, where he stood naked. ‘The bitch told me you had quite the toybox in your room, so I decided to raid it. She wasn’t kidding either. What do you say we put these to good use on her?’ With a wicked grin he held up a ten-inch dildo, a spider gag and a latex eyeless hood.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Trent beckoned Keiran over. ‘I say we get to it immediately. Let’s make this whore howl together…’

Busty woman in black bodystocking licks cum from her huge breasts

Thanks for reading!

Happy Halloween! And also – surprise! I admit as soon as I started coming up with ideas for Halloween-themed stories I was interested in doing a piece following one of the Lake Fantasy characters, and while I found a few good image galleries this one really stood out to me. I mean, it’s Angela White in a bodystocking – what more could you ask for?

It was really fun to return to these characters, especially because this story allowed me to explore Angela as a character a little more than I was able to in her original debut. I love the idea of Lake Fantasy’s impact shaping her into a completely slutty exhibitionist whore, and I let my imagination run with that idea until it formed into this naughty piece.

I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about this piece, primarily because it was written in such a short timespan. Work and life has been really mad lately and I’ve basically been snatching time where I can to get this finished ready for Halloween, so I feel like it might not be my best work. I think the sex scene drew on perhaps a little too much, and although I loved coming up with ideas of what Trent and Angela had been up to since we last checked in with them, I feel like that accompanied by Keiran’s backstory and the seduction were big chunks of text without much imagery to support them. But then again some of the original Lake Fantasy stories were slow burns too, so maybe I’m just overthinking it all. Either way, I’d love to hear what you thought about this piece in the comments below.

As mentioned, the model in this piece is the unmistakable bombshell that is Angela White. There really isn’t much I can say about her that I haven’t already said: she is an absolute tour de force, and if you’ve somehow missed her work up until now you need, need, need to check her out. She’s one of the few models whose scenes I feel become better with each repeat viewing, but then I suppose I am a little biased since she has played a big part in some of my favourite stories on this blog, as well as upcoming pieces I am yet to release.

Her companion in this scene is Keiran Lee. I have seen a lot of Lee’s work purely due to the fact he has worked alongside many of the most amazing female models in the industry, and he always impresses. I imagine most porn viewers are drawn to a given scene by the female models, who are generally the focus of said scenes, however sufficient credit is not always given to their male counterparts. Lee is capable of performing in very varied scenes, from rough to passionate, and his talent should not be underestimated. If you enjoy watching handsome men pounding beautiful women, Lee deserves your attention and his PornHub profile even includes some ‘amateur’ videos of himself and some of the best ladies in the business having fun away from the studio cameras – though calling their performances amateur would be doing them a serious discredit.

Finally, it’ll be back to a normal release schedule for November, but in December I’ll have some bonus Christmas stories for you so stay tuned for those.

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