Metamorphose: Christmas Bonus

Tattooed man with short hair gives oral sex to hunky lover on bed

‘Oh fuck yes,’ Ricardo groaned, one huge hand cupping Brendan’s head firmly. ‘Choke on my fat dick you filthy fucking cunt. That’s it, take it deep. Throat it like the needy fag you are.’

Nestled between Ricardo’s legs, one hand around his master’s cock, the other toying with Ricardo’s ass, and his mouth fully occupied, Brendan couldn’t even make a gesture in response. All he could do was fix his eyes on Ricardo’s handsome face as he eagerly obliged.

The pale skin of his tattooed fingers was stark against the larger man’s tanned complexion as Brendan jerked him off feverishly, all the while lavishing his cock with hungry attention. His tongue circled Ricardo’s head in an endless cycle and his body hummed with the desperate need to obey, to satisfy the master he’d unintentionally pledged himself to.

The sudden surge of pleasure drew a depraved chuckle from Ricardo’s lips. ‘That’s it. See, I told you that you were going to enjoy this.’

He was right: Brendan was enjoying this. But then that was hardly a surprise, because the cock-hungry sub had already learned that his master was always right.

Even so, considering that only two days earlier Brendan hadn’t even been gay, he couldn’t deny there was still a part of him in shock over how deeply he was loving the chance to serve his hung lover.

For the last several years, Brendan had been something of a regular at Metamorphose Casino. First introduced to the casino’s cornucopia of transformative games by a university friend, he had come to know almost every single one as well as any professional gambler, snatching up every chance he could to visit and perfect his skills at the self-proclaimed ‘Home of Hedonism’.

By all accounts it was a lifestyle that suited Brendan very well. While some patrons came to Metamorphose to dip their toe into the world of erotic transformation, Brendan had plunged right into the casino’s sordid depths without a moment’s hesitation. From orgasmic nights in the arms of ebony goddesses wrapped in gleaming latex to weeks spent with hypnotised blonde bimbos following him around like lost sheep, their only attire the jewelled leashes he led them along by, he had sampled virtually every pleasure the casino offered and spent enough time striding the floors that he was on first-name terms with most of the staff.

Which was what made it so strange to find himself feasting on the cock of one of those same staff members he had come to know so well. Partly because – cautious that even his skills might not be a match for the men and women who earned their livelihoods operating the games – he had never fraternised with the staff, but mostly because until recently he had known his new lover as Richelle, a quiet, slim young waitress very different from the beefy stud Ricardo whose gruff groans now filled the room.

All at once, Brendan’s oral expertise seemed to break something in Ricardo. With a primal growl, he seized his slim twink by the throat and wrenched him away before rising to his feet. Taller than Brendan, Ricardo lifted him clean off his feet to hold him at eye level, his immense muscles barely even tensing as the slim twink dangled from his grasp.

‘Look at you,’ he spat, a wicked smirk twisting his handsome features. ‘How far you’ve fallen. You know, when I told my work friends I was going to have you as my Christmas bonus, they didn’t believe me. They said you were too good to beat. Yet here we are.’

A brief burst of pride washed through Brendan at his lover’s words. He had always known he was a skilled gambler, but hearing that some of Metamorphose’s own staff would have refused to play him on the grounds of his talent was a major ego boost.

Tattooed man with short hair given anal sex against doors by hunky lover

However, Ricardo soon dealt with that. Storming across the bedroom, he slammed Brendan up against the doors to the walk-in wardrobe, forcing his face into the wood while pulling his hips back, the motion parting Brendan’s pale ass cheeks.

The next second Ricardo was inside him. With the bull’s throbbing cock parting the sensitive ring of his anal muscles, Brendan let out an orgasmic groan – a groan which quickly devolved into desperate gasps of pleasure as his lover began to pound him hard and deep.

‘Fuck,’ he panted. ‘Oh fuck, use me sir, use my slutty ass. I need you. I need you ruining me.’

The words spilled from his lips almost on instinct, his need for his new master ingraining itself deeper with every passing second. For the past few days, Brendan had felt the man he had been before gradually ebb away like water seeping from a cracked glass. It had been a slow process, his new persona – the one Richelle had decided to give him – steadily taking root as things progressed, but it was only now that he realised the true extent of what he had become: he was Ricardo’s needy plaything.

There was nothing he wouldn’t do just to feel Ricardo’s thick cock in his holes. And as intoxicating orgasmia swamped his mind he felt the last shreds of his old self begin to crumble.

Although Brendan had spent a great deal of time enjoying Metamorphose’s many pleasurable amenities, until this year he had never visited the casino during the Christmas season. If he had, perhaps he might have managed to avoid being mercilessly fucked against Ricardo’s wardrobe doors.

From what he had heard, working for Metamorphose came with a slew of perks – free on-site accommodation, generous holidays, luxurious staff-only facilities ranging from nuru massages to live sex shows – all of which were tailored to attract the most deviant employees around. Loyalty and discretion was expected from all staff members, of course – what happened in Metamorphose stayed in Metamorphose – but in return the casino was more than willing to satisfy the lustful needs of the shameless hedonists staffing the premises.

And nowhere was that more obvious than in Metamorphose’s Christmas Bonus Initiative – an initiative Brendan definitely hadn’t heard about.

Unsurprisingly, Ricardo had taken great relish explaining the initiative to Brendan on their first night together.

As it turned out, although usually Metamorphose staff were barred from engaging in any games or transformations unless a patron specifically requested they join in, every year from Christmas Eve through until New Year’s Day all staff were permitted to enjoy the casino’s many erotic services without restriction. Everything from the vivid, powerful cocktails served at the Bimbo Bar and the flashing gambling machines with their rewards of hypnotic personality-changes, to the raunchy room service – the menu for which didn’t include a single food item – and the infamous poker tables where, in lieu of money, high stakes games were played with years of servitude to the winner.  

Tattooed man with short hair given anal sex by hunky lover on bed

By now, Ricardo had dragged Brendan back to the bed. Sprawled on the sheets staring up at his master, his hips jutted out over the edge of the mattress and his legs were raised so Ricardo could ruthlessly hammer his tight hole.

‘Holy shit, that feels so good,’ he cried, his face contorted with pleasure as he jerked his cock rapidly. ‘I never want to go a day without you in me. Your cock is fucking perfect, sir. I need to be your whore.’

‘Don’t worry, you will be,’ Ricardo barked, doubling his pace with an arrogant smirk. The sudden burst of speed immediately had Brendan wailing with ecstasy, his entire body trembling uncontrollably as he was sodomised roughly.

In hindsight, Brendan realised he should have known he was no match for Richelle when she offered they play a few hands of cards together: his gambling skills had earned him enough of a reputation that anyone willing to challenge him would not have done so unless they believed they had a fighting chance of beating him.

But it had been Christmas Eve, Brendan had been flying high on the thrills of a long day of winning – not to mention all the erotic pleasures those wins had come with – and Richelle had been dressed in a deeply arousing maid’s uniform which had accentuated her stunning figure. Add in the fact that he had been more than a little tipsy, and he hadn’t been able to resist.

The penalty for loss had been as simple as it was dramatic: total submission to the winner for as long as they pleased. Meanwhile, the victor would not only enjoy the servitude of the loser, but also the privilege of granting their new slave an entirely new persona, as well as transforming themselves into any body they so desired.

Brendan, of course, hadn’t cared about the stakes: he knew he was going to win, so the risks of defeat were not worth worrying about.

When he lost, Richelle didn’t even give him long enough to realise the gravity of his failure before she dragged him under her thrall.

The physical changes were only slight – his beefy figure shed a few pounds of muscle, contracting into a smaller frame as his suave quiff snipped off to leave his head almost completely shaved.

His mind, however, had been torn to shreds by Richelle’s new control.

All the ego and arrogance had evaporated in a heartbeat as a new man crammed himself into Brendan’s head. A man who craved the pleasures of submission. A man who wanted nothing more than to serve and satisfy, his only desire the pleasure of his lover. A man who wanted to be fucked in the ass by a hung bull.

Fortunately, Richelle’s transformation had turned her into just the bull for the job. Her plump breasts had shallowed and hardened into rigid pecs, her shoulders expanding into a broad frame thick with muscle. Her arms and legs and torso had filled out, the raw strength of her new masculine body visible in the biceps and thighs and abs that rippled under her tanned skin as if trying to burst free. Dark hair sprouted over her forearms and – as Brendan would later discover – down her legs and over her crotch too, while her silky golden locks retreated back into her scalp, midnight black overtaking the blonde as they settled into a gleaming oiled quiff. Even through her clothes the sudden growth of her new cock had been obvious, the bulge whipping Brendan’s new-born gay urges into a frenzy.

Naturally, Ricardo had been keen to satisfy those urges.

Indifferent to the fact he looked like a particularly macho sissy, the skimpy maid’s uniform stretched to its limit but still in place, Ricardo had dragged Brendan from the casino floor and up to his room.

Once inside, the uniform had finally given up once Ricardo threw Brendan down onto the bed, the violent motion tearing it at the seams. As it fell to the floor in tatters the bull’s body was left on naked display, the sight filling Brendan with equal parts desire and apprehension: Ricardo was big in every sense of the word. Big enough to fill even the sluttiest sub with justified nerves.

But now, as Brendan lay on his side with Ricardo slamming his tight hole from behind, their lips locked in a groaning kiss, those nerves were a distant memory. They had hardly stopped fucking for the last two days, every powerful thrust of his bull’s cock driving Brendan deeper into submission, and by now his new persona was permanently sealed in place. Only a few vestiges of the man he had been remained and once Ricardo’s cock began to twitch in his ass again he realised they were about to be obliterated completely.

‘Fill me sir, fill me until I leak,’ he begged breathlessly. ‘Make me yours forever. You wanted me to be your cumdump, so dump all that sticky cum in me. Please, sir, fuck my brains out.’

A second later, Ricardo obliged, howling as he unloaded in his slave’s insatiable ass.

The eruption of cum was so immense it instantly spurted out around Ricardo’s cock, ribbons of glistening ejaculate soon decorating Brendan’s cheeks and trickling down his thighs. The slutty scream he gave as Ricardo’s hot seed swirled through his insides was even louder than his lover’s. Then, once his bull’s cock had been milked of every last drop, he collapsed into the bedsheets groaning softly.

But Ricardo did not stop. His transformation had not only bestowed him with a new body but also an almost supernatural stamina, so even as Brendan lay limp and moaning, the huge bull simply continued to pound him, another cumshot already beginning to build in his heavy balls.

‘I’m so glad you made me your bitch,’ Brendan breathed, delirium in his voice.

Ricardo laughed gruffly. ‘Me too, faggot. I can’t wait to finish work every night knowing I have you waiting here ready for me to take out all my frustrations on. You know, I think I might even get you a chastity cage. That way the only way you’ll know release is when I permit it.’ He seized Brendan’s chain necklace roughly and pulled him close. ‘But right now we’ve got until the New Year to spend all day, every day together. Let’s see if I can break you into a mindless cockslut before then, shall we?’

Then he had dragged Brendan into a kiss and the desperate shriek the twink gave as Ricardo pummelled his tight ass was lost, reduced to a muffled cry that went swirling down the bull’s throat as they melted into one another’s embrace…

Tattooed man with short hair given anal sex by hunky lover on bed

Thanks for reading!

So I kind of consider this story a bit of a gift to myself if I’m honest. Some of my readers might remember that a while back I did a series of Twitter captions revolving around Metamorphose Casino, in which patrons gambled on very different kinds of games. I made a whole slew of captions based on the concept and some other creators contributed as well, and all round it was one of my favourite ideas I’ve ever come up with; Metamorphose even made a small cameo in my first Little Shop of Hedonism story.

When I was searching for galleries to inspire Christmas content I knew I wanted to write at least one gay story, and this gallery really sparked my imagination. In the end, I decided I wanted to explore Metamorphose on my blog for the first time, and I am really happy I did.

In truth, I think the story itself is a bit clunky in places – it shifts back and forth between past and present a bit too much for my liking – but overall I’m pleased with the result and I’m hoping to write more Metamorphose stories for my blog in the future. With that in mind, I have added Metamorphose to my list of serials, although I will say I don’t know exactly how often I’ll be adding to it, only that I’ve broken the seal now and will definitely be returning to this world both on my blog and via new Twitter captions too.

The models in this scene are Reese Rideout and Theo Brady. I have sourced the BoyfriendTV profiles for both models since they seem to contain more scenes than most of their other online profiles, however both models are reasonably prolific so they do have plenty of other places you can find their work.

Both Rideout and Brady are pretty unfamiliar to me. When I watch gay content I generally watch amateur scenes so professional models aren’t usually my area of expertise. However, what I’ve seen of both of their work is really hot, and I would advise any readers who are into gay content to check them both out without delay. I definitely wouldn’t turn down the chance to showcase their work again, that’s for sure.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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