Gaypril: Lot #43

Young man wearing only socks and jockstrap bring tray of drinks for men in suits

‘Gentlemen, allow me to show you lot forty-three of the night.’

A low murmur of admiration rippled around the room as the boy entered wearing only a mesh jockstrap and a black bowtie. He carried a tray of drinks with him, which he politely passed out to the gathered gentlemen who licked their lips hungrily as they ogled his tight ass and small figure.

The auctioneer stood beside the door on a small plinth. At the snap of his fingers, the boy placed the empty tray to one side then sank to all fours in the middle of the room. In their fine suits and glossy shoes, the men sipped their drinks.

The lustful stares and filthy whispers between one another were more than justified: this was the best lot they had seen all night. Of the forty-two other young men who had been auctioned off, a good thirty had not yet been conditioned and as such had struggled and whimpered frustratingly during the process. Most had been so active that the men had been unable to sample them, and though they were cheap and had sold easily, the remaining men who had not spent up and left were looking for a more refined product. True the remaining lots had been partially or fully conditioned, but none of them could hold a candle to this one.

For starters, he was the smallest of any lot so far. Most of the men were large and muscular, and the smaller the toy they could force their thick cocks into the hotter they found the sex, and there was no question this one would be mind-bendingly tight to fuck. Furthermore, his conditioning was clearly exemplary, with not so much as a second of hesitation in following orders nor a glimmer of embarrassment in his expression as he was shamelessly ogled. Finally, when not in use he was both silent and attentive. Nothing distracted him from the task he was fulfilling, and there was no uneasy shifting which so often indicated that the last vestiges of the person he had been were still there somewhere, telling him that kneeling for so long was uncomfortable or that he should be resisting his orders.

All in all, for the tastes of the men in the room, he was the perfect plaything.

Of course, the auctioneer knew this. This one was going to go for more than a pretty penny, but before that he would pique their interest, ideally starting a bidding war.

‘As you can see, gentlemen, this one is an excellent specimen. Not only is he fully conditioned, but we used memory depth-charge techniques to brainwash prior to training. Before we even began condition input the supports of his previous personality were fully destroyed. He was a blank canvas for us to repurpose, and I think you will agree with me that the results are quite exemplary. Even more so when you see what he used to be.’

With a remote he produced from his pocket, he activated a large plasma screen behind the men. Playing on the screen was a recording of the boy, only he was caged and crying. ‘Please, please let me out,’ he wailed, ‘I’ll do anything. Please, somebody help me, don’t hurt me, please God don’t hurt me.’ Desperate and snivelling, the boy in the clip was a stark contrast to his current state.

Still, his response was even more remarkable. Every man knew that exposing even a heavily conditioned individual to images or recordings of their former selves had a strong chance of stirring the memories from their slumber and shattering all the effort put into the mental changes. But the boy simply looked up at the screen with a smile. When the auctioneer turned it off, the boy turned to him, still smiling.

‘Who was that, sir?’

‘That was you, boy.’

The gathered men gasped: surely the auctioneer had gone too far? Not only showing the boy his former self but confirming it was him. There was no chance the conditioning would hold.

Yet it did. ‘Really, sir? I didn’t look very happy. But I’m much happier now.’

The hungry expressions of his bidders informed the auctioneer they were ready to fight tooth and claw for the boy, but he was not ready to open bidding just yet. No, he was hoping to tempt the wealthiest man in the room to part with eight digits of his fortune before the night was up, perhaps even nine.

‘Master Grant, if you would be so kind as to unzip yourself, I think it is best for you all to see what he can do for yourself. No cumming though, his first filling should come from his owner. Boy, you know what to do.’

Young man wearing jockstrap and socks riding man in suit

The boy crawled to the tall, dark-haired man. He was more physically imposing than any other man in the room, and the dick he pulled from his trousers was no exception. He was enormous, so large that even the boy’s expression flashed with a note of apprehension. Then it was gone, and he was up on his feet straddling Master Grant’s lap.

The Master was already rock hard having spent the night analysing dozens of naked and semi-naked pieces of ass as they paraded in and out of the room. Taking a handful of lube from a dispenser beside his chair, he oiled up his cock and the boy’s tight ass, then with a shiny hand guided the boy down onto his throbbing meat.

The Master and the boy moaned together. The boy’s ass was even tighter than the Master had imagined, clenching around his thick cock so hard it was all he could do not to cum right there, while the boy could barely fathom the intense pleasure of the Master’s fist-thick rod stretching him to his very limits. Without hesitation, the boy pulled his feet up to plant them on the man’s legs and started to rock on his magnificent cock, slowly filling them both with desire so powerful it threatened to suffocate them.

The other men watched in envy, but from his position behind them, the auctioneer grinned. This was just what he had wanted; the boy’s eyes rolling with ecstasy proving himself the perfect specimen were driving the men wild with hunger for him, while Master Grant was both lost in pleasure and also able to see the jealousy of the other men. If Master Grant loved anything, it was having things to make others jealous, and those things were all the more appealing when they were far too expensive for even the super-rich patrons of the auction.

At length, the auctioneer ordered the boy off and opened the bidding.

The fight for the boy was intense yet predictably short. Sure, the other men threw around trifling sums in the one to two million range, rising slowly to sums in the middle twenties. For the most part the auctioneer was paying them little attention, however, as he was watching Master Grant keenly. The man was easier to read than a children’s picture book: he sat back with vague amusement, allowing the men to squabble and stroking his cock slowly. Just as the auctioneer had planned, he had got a taste for the boy, and there was no payment too high for him to get what he craved.

As the fight reached a crescendo around forty million, he finally spoke up. ‘One-hundred and fifty million dollars.’ The men turned to him, eyes bulging with shock, before falling back defeated. A handful of them could have easily boosted the price, but the look in Master Grant’s eyes told them there was no number they could offer he would not grind into the dirt.

‘Sold. Lot number forty-three to Master Grant for a hundred fifty million. Now then, gentlemen, let us move on to the last few lots, shall we?’

Young man in jockstrap gives deep oral sex to man in suit

The following afternoon, with sun shafting through the windows of his luxury mansion, Master Grant lay back on the bed and reflected on how better he could have spent one-hundred and fifty million dollars.

A garage full of supercars would have set him back significantly less, but they could not suck a cock like his boy could. Another few mansions would have cost him about the same, but there was no room in any of them that could turn him on like the thought of fucking his boy’s ass. Hell, he could have had an unfortunate man abducted, conditioned and trained for considerably less than he had paid, but his boy was such a perfect specimen they could never have matched up to him.

Overall, he could not settle on a single thing he deemed a better way to spend all that money. Glancing down at his boy, he stroked his head affectionately. Other pets would have pulled away by now, too choked by Master Grant’s enormous meat to go on. But not his boy. The small thing was positively worshipping him, and even when he gagged and coughed, desperate to breathe, he went on, his back arcing up sharply as he fought off a retch.

He truly was an extraordinary cocksucker, but if there was one thing Master Grant had already learned in his short time owning the boy it was that he was more partial to his ass than his lips.

Snapping his fingers, he wordlessly commanded the boy up. Raising his knees, Master Grant allowed the boy to straddle him and rest his feet on his knees, lying back to open his ass as wide as possible for his owner to fill. Guiding the boy down onto his cock just as he had done the night before, once again they moaned together, the boy’s high and whining, the Master’s low and gruff. He already knew his boy could not hope to take him, but he also knew that he would not complain even if he split him in half. As such, he gripped him firmly by the waist and began to slam his ass with ruthless energy.

‘You know what,’ he growled as he hammered his toy, ‘I’ve just thought of something that is worth spending millions on. The brainwashing and conditioning system those sick fuckers used to create you. Just imagine what it would be like if I could abduct any piece of ass I wanted and have them turned into a toy as obedient as you. Ha, my dick would never see daylight.’ Resolving that he would call up the auction house before the night was out, Master Grant used the boy even more roughly. ‘But for now, how about we see how many cumshots it takes to fill this tight ass up, shall we?’

Well-hung man gives anal pounding to small young slave

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I hope people are enjoying this month’s content, I know I certainly am. As you can see from the watermarks, the supporting images I used for this piece are from the ‘Boy For Sale’ series. The whole series is almost impossibly hot, and I cannot recommend it highly enough if this story pushed your buttons. You can find all of the PornHub content for the series on the channel here: This whole concept is one of my ultimate fantasies, so it is a real thrill to have a piece released focused on the theme.

Also, for those who are interested, the models in these pieces are Austin Young and, according to the videos Master Legrand. Austin Young is basically the dictionary definition of ‘twink’, and if you enjoyed this piece basically all of his content is going to be up your alley, much of which you can find here: Master Legrand is just as enjoyable to watch, however unfortunately I am unable to find a profile of his work, so you’ll have to do your own research if you want to explore his other content.

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