Fantasy Resort – Chapter 2: The Lovers’ Suite

Shot of person's legs on white bedsheets

Rolling over in her sleep, Sia turned into the sunlight shafting through the sheer curtains. Her dreams scattered by the sudden brightness she frowned briefly, made a murmur of sleepy discomfort, then let out a weary sigh as her eyelids fluttered open.

For a moment or two she pondered trying to get back to sleep, but already her drowsiness had been chased away by the nagging doubt she had gone to sleep to escape. After spending the previous night figuring out how much she needed to drink to distract herself from her concerns, now they were back they were louder than ever; with countless pessimistic voices hissing in her ears, there was no hope of drifting off again.

Dragging herself onto the edge of the bed she paused to gauge how badly her head was throbbing. Surprisingly, despite having thrown back half a distillery the previous night, she didn’t feel all that bad: there was a dull pulsing in her temples and her throat was dry. But given she had expected to wake up with the worst hangover of her life, she considered both mere trivialities.  

Still, aware that moving too quickly would likely end in disaster Sia took her time, ensuring her stomach was calm and tentatively testing the strength of her legs before making any attempt to stand. When she did reach her feet, she was unsteady, immediately taking hold of the headboard for support.

Slowly, she turned to face Ben; the doubt set in once more and she stared at his sleeping figure with sad eyes. As always, the same question took root again: What future do we have?

Their relationship was not yet long-term, but Sia could no longer fathom life without Benjamin by her side. Despite coming from entirely different social circles nobody could deny they were as made for one another as any two people could possibly be. Her devotion to him surprised even her at times. After all, logically their relationship made little sense. He was meek and introverted, she was bold and stubborn; he was the kind of guy willing to spend days sat in the same library chair revising for any upcoming test, no matter how unimportant, she was more partial to spending her nights at parties, her days sleeping them off, and stuffing in all her revision the night before the test.

Put simply, he was a nerd, she was a tomboy, and if anyone would have told her they would wind up dating when they first met she would have laughed herself breathless. Yet here they were: the unlikely couple.  

Unfortunately, even a match made in heaven can be broken by the sinners down below, and increasingly Sia found herself wondering how much more their bond could withstand.

The doubters didn’t bother Sia. She knew how stand her ground – having four older brothers had seen to that – and had spent the last year defending her relationship against anyone who would question it. As far as she was concerned, only she and Benjamin had any right to comment on their relationship, therefore the raised eyebrows and whispered gossip were no more than water from a duck’s back to her.

Rather it was Benjamin himself she was struggling to cope with. These days she sometimes felt like she was dating a ghost; distant and distracted, he locked his emotions away from even her, his demeanour silent and subdued. Any conversation was short and stunted as though he couldn’t figure out why anybody would even want to talk to him, while their intimacy was limited to cautious kisses to the cheek before bed. No sex, no making out – not even a cuddle.

If she was honest, it was the small things Sia missed with Benjamin, things she had taken for granted with other partners. Eye contact and holding hands. Compliments and little kind gestures. Even seeing them smile. A relationship without them was painfully cold.

But she didn’t blame Benjamin. How could she? As naturally shy as he was fiercely intelligent, he was the perfect target for any enterprising bully and had spent his entire life at the mercy of their abuse, his confidence and self-esteem stripped away one sliver at a time. Now there was nothing left.

These days his former bullies didn’t dare breathe a bad word about him for fear of incurring Sia’s wrath, but the damage was done. Even after a year of relative freedom, Benjamin had not improved. If anything his mental state had only declined. He was jumpy, perpetually pale with some unspoken fear, and constantly panicked, as though he expected the jocks to pounce at any moment to resume their torment.

Perhaps the worst thing though was that she knew he didn’t love her in return. At least not the same way she loved him. It was obvious he could not fathom how or why anybody could care for him in the way she did, and as such he could not reciprocate that emotion. On rare occasions he had made romantic gestures – surprise flowers, tickets to see her favourite band, an impromptu movie night watching her favourite films – allowing her to glimpse the doting, affectionate gentleman he was beneath, yet that only made watching him cut himself off all the more agonising.

By now Sia was lost for ideas of how to help him. She had tried everything she could think of and nothing had succeeded. Yet the strain his character was placing on their relationship only confirmed to Sia that he was the one for her; the harder things became, the more deeply she cared for him. She wanted so desperately to help him see himself how she saw him. She couldn’t explain what bound her to him so fiercely – he was hardly her usual type – all she knew was their souls were bound inextricably together by a design no mortal man could conceive of.

The result of her unyielding devotion, however, was to leave their relationship in limbo. Benjamin showed no signs of shedding his nerves nor reciprocating her affections, yet at the same time she knew she could not leave him. Not only would doing so devastate Benjamin, but Sia no longer wanted to live a life without him either. Some higher force had crafted them as soulmates and she had no desire to spend her life with anyone but him.

And it was from this limbo that the same question always arose: What future do we have?

She sighed again. She was so tired. This time though it was an exhaustion no amount of rest could hope to dispel. All she could do was hope for a lucky break.

She supposed there were certainly worse places to do so than this little island paradise. Who knew what the week would bring? Besides, the accommodation they had selected was called the Lovers’ Suite. By the sounds of things it was Fantasy Resort’s honeymooning villa. In the hope that a romantic atmosphere might stir Benjamin’s spirits and allow them to enjoy the week together, Sia had placed dibs on it before they had even arrived. Kaitlyn had been sour for a week or so – no doubt she’d been hoping to fuck Mister Smith in the amorous villa – but she’d been unwilling to risk making her intentions too blatant, so she had kept her protests to herself.

Dragging herself into the bathroom, Sia left Benjamin sleeping soundly under the thin sheets. Still groggy, it took her a moment or two to wriggle free of her nightclothes, which she dumped in a pile by the door.

She didn’t even wait for the shower to heat up before she entered – it had been almost two days since she last bathed, what with spending most of yesterday either on a plane or in a pub. The chill of the initial spray took her breath away: a far better stimulant than a cup of coffee, that was for sure. Mercifully, the water soon warmed and Sia closed her eyes to let the jets drum over her face.

Distracted by the soothing waters, Sia didn’t notice the tufts of dark hair that began to sprout along her forearms nor the latticework of prominent veins that worked over the back of her hands. With her eyes closed she also failed to spot the peculiar way her skin was growing darker, her naturally pale complexion tanning gradually until she had the golden glow of a woman who had spent most of her life bathing on sunny shores.

After a few moments she felt pleasant tingles begin to roll through her body, the sensation drawing a smile over her face. They felt like the last aftershocks of an orgasm – those gentle waves of pleasure one feels when moving for the first time afterwards and disturbing the little pockets of climax that did not quite go off.

Worried they would fade if she moved, Sia stood motionless, not so much as opening her eyes. As such she was spared the panic of watching her body transform.

The tingles in her legs were the result of the expanding muscles of her calves and thighs. Though she had always been fit and active, Sia’s legs were quickly engulfed by rippling musculature, which itself was then partially concealed by swathes of dark hair rising up to match those of her similarly growing arms.

The same hair was soon sprouting across her torso, the proportions of which were slowly shifting. Like rain carving stone over centuries, the water washed away the debris of what little stomach fat Sia had been unable to work off before cutting prominent abs from the remaining muscle, coursing in rivulets through the lines of her new six pack.

Higher up, her breasts were already a fraction of their former size. Sinking back into her chest as more hair encroached upon her upper torso, the bulk of their mass shifted to her shoulders, transitioning into dense muscle that gave her a broad, masculine frame, while the remainder spread out into the shallower bulge of male pectorals.

By now Sia’s consciousness had all but faded. Under the thrall of the shower all her worries had melted away leaving only the bliss of the running water. Running her hands through her pixie cut she shuddered as the tingles washed across her scalp, blind to the way her hair was vanishing beneath her hands.

Similarly, when she ran her hands down her face the delicate, aquiline features seemed to rub away, replaced by heavy brows, lightly moustachioed lips and a chiselled jaw veiled beneath a fastidiously trimmed stubble beard. Were anyone else in the room it would have looked as though Sia was peeling off a mask to reveal a handsome man beneath: Sean.

The orgasmic sensations culminated in a blossoming heat across Sean’s crotch. One hand sank instinctively between his thighs, the surprise of finding a pussy there barely registering: when he felt this good it didn’t seem to matter. Grinding his fingers against the clit for a moment or two he smiled absently as all at once it began to grow. Pushing up and out, the small nub engorged rapidly in his hand. After a few seconds it was already several inches long and as it came it tugged a pair of heavy balls from within the slit of his pussy, which then sealed up entirely. Together his cock and balls swelled further and further, encouraged by his feverish jerking. His meat was so hard it was almost painful and the only thought in his mind was setting free the burning pleasure trapped in his loins.

All at once, with one final burst of growth that left Sean enviably well-endowed, he let out a triumphant roar and fired his load across the shower walls. Thick strings of pearlescent cum arced over the tiles, glittering briefly before they were washed away.

Sean’s climax broke him from his strange stupor. Breathless, he cut off the water and stepped from the shower. For a moment or two he felt confused, like he had just entered a room only to forget entirely what he had come in there for. Then he caught sight of the two toothbrushes laid beside the sink. That’s what he had come in here for – he was washing himself up for a very special occasion. After all, it didn’t do to wake up your fiancé smelling of booze and sweat now did it?

Towelling himself dry and ensuring he looked presentable, Sean strode over the satin pyjamas on the floor, eased open the door and slipped quietly into the bedroom…

While the persistent thrum of running water and the occasional gruff moan permeated through the bathroom door, in the bedroom outside a quieter transformation was taking place.

Sound asleep beneath the thin white bedsheets, Benjamin looked perfectly content. If Sia had been in the room she might have taken the chance to appreciate his attractive features untainted by the anxiety that plagued his every waking moment.

Once the changes started to overcome him, a satisfied smile slowly rose as he let out soft, sleepy moans.

At first the movement under the sheets was almost imperceptible. Though they obscured much of the transformation, the sheets were thin enough that an attentive viewer might have noticed the subtle changes beneath: the fading of his pyjamas, the withering of his body hair, the tanning of his flesh to a healthy golden glow. Or the sharp bursts of darkness as a handful of tattoos worked their way across his skin.

However, it was only when his physical frame began to alter that the transformation became truly noticeable.

Under the covers Benjamin’s figure was angular and bony thanks to his meagre appetite, another gift courtesy of crippling anxiety. Yet now he began to fill out, expanding into a lithe, toned physique quite unlike his own, though he maintained his short, slender stature, acquiring only enough muscle to appear athletic rather than jacked. Despite being masked by the bedsheets his new frame was visibly enviable – compact musculature in a petite frame – but the eye was really drawn to his swelling ass. Very soon his rump was perky and plush, complementing his attractive figure. Even in his sleep, Benjamin seemed to feel the bulging of his ass, for he let out a sensual groan and began idly rocking his hips as if grinding against someone behind him.

As his body shifted it was sometimes difficult to tell if the bedsheets were moving of their own accord. Distorted as they were by the transformation, every now and then they seemed to pinch in here or swell out there as though moulding him.

Eventually the only clue to his true identity was his face. Once the changes took hold though, that too transformed, undergoing perhaps the most drastic shift of all.

Benjamin’s anxiousness manifested in many ways – dark, sagging pouches beneath his eyes, unenviable bouts of acne no cream could clear, a sallow complexion and unkempt, tangled hair. Now the imperfections simply faded away. The shadows under his eyes melted like snow on skin, as did the patches of acne staining his features. With his complexion now clear and tanned, his cheeks became flushed and rosy. His greasy locks writhed like oily snakes, squirming frantically before settling into a sleek style shaved close around the sides and worn thick on the top, complete with a wavy fringe hanging low over his forehead. All the while his features were also shifting, transfiguring into a more innocent visage with large eyes, soft lines and the ghost of facial hair dusting his lips, jaw and chin.

As the bedsheets fell still the young man frowned in his sleep. Apparently hot, he eased back the covers to lie naked atop them. He was still gently rocking his hips when the bathroom door eased open.

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Sinking onto the bed, Sean moved slowly so as not to wake his fiancé, which was more difficult than it sounded. The young man’s peachy ass set Sean’s mouth watering and it took all his strength not to pin his lover down and drive his cock in deep.

Sean had played around with plenty of lovers, but every last one paled in comparison to Ben. His body was so delicious, his sexual devotion so intoxicating, and he had an air about him simultaneously innocent and devilish. God, he wanted that ass. Ben wasn’t even awake and he was pushing Sean to distraction: nobody could drive Sean wild like Ben.

Fortunately, they had all week to explore their passion. For now Sean was able to keep his lust in check just well enough to wake Ben gently.

Easing up behind him, Sean slipped an arm around Ben’s chest and leaned in close to his ear. ‘What’s a cute bit of ass like you doing in bed all on your own? You look like you need some company.’

A smile painted Ben’s features as Sean’s words dashed his dreams. For the briefest instant, in that moment between dreaming and consciousness, Ben expected to find a beautiful woman with a pixie cut smiling down at him, but once Sean’s bearded features filled his vision the image of the woman faded into obscurity.

‘Now I’m just thinking of the first time I woke up in bed with you. That’s what you said to me then.’

‘I know,’ Sean grinned, leaning in so close their lips brushed together. ‘You looked less innocent then though. As I recall you still had cum in your hair from the night before and half a dozen love bites to match.’

‘And as I recall those were all your doing.’

Sean’s grin grew wider. ‘Guilty as charged.’ He remembered the sight from that morning vividly – Ben half-asleep on the bedsheets, his soft ass enticing, the line of his naked body impossibly erotic. They had met the night before in a local gay bar where they had hit it off. One thing had led to another and the following morning they had awoken in one another’s arms. From there, things had swiftly escalated.

At first their relationship had been an arrangement of lust. More midnight clubbing had led to more sensual mornings, and they had spent many long hours exploring one another’s bodies down to the most intimate details. Their passion had often involved other willing participants, too; Ben had lost count of how many times they had wound up at some stranger’s place, his twink ass handed around from one man to the next until they all passed out in a heap.

Yet the longer they spent together, the closer they had become. The building romance had reached a head just over a year ago when Sean had proposed. The rest, as they say, was history.  

Their connection was not one most people would have considered logical but for whatever reason it worked. Their bond was so strong, in fact, that even now they were engaged they still regularly went out hunting for hot, willing studs to join their fun.

This was their first holiday together, and truthfully Ben had been hoping their results would arrive before they left. Once things had become serious, they had both been eager to get tested so they could do away with protection while together; Ben had always fantasised about being bred and Sean craved the chance to unload in his twink’s tight ass. Unfortunately, something had always seemed to get in the way. They had only managed to get tested a short while before they were set to fly and their results had not arrived in time.

It would have been so romantic to spend their vacation making raw, passionate love, but in the end Ben knew it didn’t much matter: he was with the man he loved and that was all he needed.

Glancing down, Sean spotted Ben’s morning wood flush to his stomach and raised an eyebrow. ‘It looks like you were trying to get started without me. I hope you were dreaming of me to get this hard.’ With a mischievous smirk, he grasped Ben’s cock and began to jerk.

Still half-asleep, Ben let out a shrill gasp. Sean’s grip was tight, sending bolts of pleasure through his crotch that took him off guard. The shock soon melted into desire and Ben began to tremble, letting out a shuddering moan of ecstasy as his lover fell into a rhythm.

Sean chuckled. He loved waking Ben like this: vulnerable and disoriented, he had no retort, no defence against Sean’s advances. It almost felt cruel, as though Ben was a hostage rather than a lover, though based on the fervour with which Ben usually thanked him once he was fully awake Sean knew they loved it in equal measure.

Right now, however, Ben was still drowsy, so Sean could do whatever he pleased. Again he thought about skipping the foreplay and fucking Ben’s brains out, but that seemed rash. The kinky and the rough could wait – their first day was a time for passion.

And Sean knew just how to get things started.

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With Ben’s cock still clutched tight Sean pulled the boy’s hips up until he lay on his front with his ass in the air. Before he could react, Sean had his face buried between Ben’s cheeks and the sleepy twink let out a delirious shriek.

The bearded bull was immediately intoxicated by the thrill of Ben’s ass: he loved rimming his boy. The heat of Ben’s cheeks bloomed across his face and his soft, hairless skin was velvet to the touch, though the most potent sensation was how the muscles of Ben’s hole yielded to his probing tongue. Sean had eaten a lot of ass, yet the ecstasy of the act was no less dull now than his first time. There was something more addictive about it than even fucking: he suspected it was the control. You could do so much more with a tongue than a cock and even if it couldn’t sink as deep there was nothing quite like driving a man wild with a properly applied ass-licking.

Encapsulated by Ben’s hole, Sean’s hands moved on instinct. The hand around Ben’s cock continued to jerk in an almost robotic fashion, the persistent pleasure making the twink shudder in his grasp, while his spare hand began groping Ben’s ass.

And while Sean feasted, Ben lost himself to the pleasure. Unsurprisingly, having Sean’s head buried in his ass had banished Ben’s grogginess and he was fully awake now, alive to the ecstasy his lover poured through his body.

Sean’s tongue was a scalpel of pleasure: precise, surgical, keen. They had spent enough passionate nights together for Sean to know exactly what drove his fiancé wild. There was dirty intent behind every stroke – now ringing his ass, now pressing in deep, now running up and down from balls to ass and back again – and Sean listened intently to Ben’s moans to inform his technique.

Meanwhile, underneath the white-hot pleasure there were subtler thrills. The tickle of Sean’s beard against his thighs; the grinding of his nose above Ben’s ass; the tingle of the saliva beginning to dribble down Ben’s balls and cock. Then, on the rare occasion Sean pulled away for a breath, the air brushed cool over Ben’s spit-slick ass eliciting a shiver of delight.

After a short while Sean decided to abandon his jerking of Ben’s cock for something more invasive. Taking hold of both cheeks so hard the flesh around his fingers turned white, Sean spread Ben’s ass as far as possible. He smirked as the hairless hole winked in an almost nervous fashion. Then he dropped his head, sealed his lips around Ben’s entrance and plunged his tongue as deep as physically possible.

When Ben threw back his head both men expected an earth-shattering scream, but the pleasure was so intense no sound would come. Instead he let out a hoarse, strangled gasp, which eventually devolved into a shuddering groan as his eyes rolled back in delirium. Reaching back, he planted one hand on Sean’s nape to hold him in place and ground his ass desperately against his face. The sensation was so intense tears sprang to his eyes. Sean was a leech of lust, his lips clamped down hard, his tongue forcing in so deep fireworks popped in Ben’s vision.

It feels like a cock! It feels like a cock! Ben wasn’t sure if he had screamed the words out loud or just in his mind, but either way they sparked a voracious hunger in him: he wanted Sean’s cock. And he wanted it now.

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In a burst of motion, Ben swung around and drove Sean onto his back. The initial shock on Sean’s face swiftly morphed into a mischievous grin. ‘I’ve seen that look before.’

‘Then you know what I want,’ Ben replied, biting his lip as he eyed Sean’s swaying erection.

‘In that case what are you waiting for?’

Ben’s eyes rose to meet Sean’s. There was a devious lust in them which set Sean’s cock twitching: it was like looking into the eyes of a corrupted angel. Outside Ben looked innocent and pure, but inside a sinful hunger roiled.

‘Permission,’ he purred. Leaning in close he smiled seductively. ‘A good boy always asks permission. And you like playing with your good boy, don’t you daddy?’

Sean’s stomach flipped. Fuck, Ben was hot when he feigned innocence. They both knew he could take a rough fucking for hours on end, yet when he wore that face of youthful naivety Sean felt as though he were corrupting him for the very first time.

Hotter still, Ben knew how aroused his faux innocence made Sean. And Sean knew he knew. And Ben knew Sean knew he knew. In any other context the cycle would have been comical, yet when they were together the mutual understanding that they could each trap the other in such a sordid cycle was the hottest thing of all.

Reaching up, Sean coiled his fingers tight around Ben’s neck until his temples flushed red. ‘Suck my fucking cock, boy,’ he growled.

‘Yes daddy,’ Ben said and bowed to his master.

Even after fucking Ben’s throat every which way – from blindfolded to swathed in rubber – Sean still groaned as the boy’s lips rolled down his shaft. His maw was a flooded furnace: dripping wet yet somehow still alight.

Immediately Ben fell into a practiced rhythm and proceeded to extract every ounce of pleasure from his fiancé’s cock. Sean’s hand guided him down, although it was a redundant gesture – once Ben latched onto his cock there was little capable of breaking his devotion to the task at hand.

Despite the pleasure coursing through his system, Sean’s focus was soon distracted by Ben’s ass, which jiggled enticingly as he bobbed his head. Frustratingly it was too far for him to finger Ben’s hole without moving, though he could still plant a hand easily on one cheek.

The first crack rang through the bedroom like a gunshot and Ben yelped as pain seared across his ass. The cry was shock only, for even as his skin burned as soon as he realised what Sean was doing he looked up with a wicked grin.

‘Spank me, daddy. Spank me as I suck your fat cock.’

Naturally Sean was happy to oblige.

Both men grunted with each blow: Ben’s born of pleasure, Sean’s born of power. He loved the horny, naughty noises his boy made when he spanked him, and quite apart from that he could never get enough of Ben’s soft, sumptuous ass. It bulged like marshmallows between his fingers when he groped it, but more arousing was the idea of branding the lithe twink as his own. If anyone decided to go prying, the bright red handprint on Ben’s ass would assure them he was already owned by another.

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Each spank was a catalyst for Ben’s arousal, fuelling his desire until his head moved in a blur of frenzied motion.

Overwhelmed, Sean’s hand fell back to clutch at his pillow – fortunately by now Ben needed no further encouragement. Wide awake and ravenous, he swallowed Sean’s huge cock without so much as gagging. As he felt his cock burrow down Ben’s throat Sean huffed breathlessly. This was why he loved waking Ben this way. Not only was he initially little more than a puppet to be manipulated, but once he regained his senses his libido hit hard. Once it did, as now, Ben was a slave to his own horniness and in such a state he could please Sean with a passion no other man could match.

Most erotic of all to Sean was Ben’s ability to take his cock to the base while still retaining his innocence. Sean had spent many kinky nights with many kinky men, and in that time he had seen lovers twice Ben’s size struggle to take even half of his cock; they gagged and choked and coughed all as tears streamed down their cheeks. Not one of them had managed to swallow his entire length balls deep.

Ben, on the other hand, could inhale his full meat and spend several minutes licking his swollen balls without so much as a splutter. He simply peered up with those large, innocent eyes as though he were a child suckling on a lollipop. It pushed Sean to the brink – it was all he could do not to grab Ben’s head and skull fuck his innocence away.

Even as he devoted himself to his master’s cock Ben made sure to apply softer pleasures underneath. His fingers played tenderly over Sean’s thighs stroking tingly patterns across the flesh, while on occasion they would migrate to his balls, massaging the soft skin of his sack or easing down further to tickle the rim of his ass playfully.

The combination of sensations soon had Sean rising to the peak, every second a struggle not to nut too soon. It wasn’t long before he broke entirely. Taking Ben’s head in his huge hands, he slammed the boy down and bucked up hard before letting out a gruff roar and blasting his load straight down Ben’s throat. This orgasm made his jerk off session in the shower look positively tame. Hefty blasts of cum fired in volleys and the sight of his meat bulging Ben’s throat only made Sean cum harder. With each blast he bucked up again, driving in so deep his balls were eventually sucked into Ben’s cheeks.

After what felt like an eternity he finished with one final thrust, his back arcing such that Ben looked almost as though he had been beheaded and his skull mounted on a particularly meaty stake, before dropping back and allowing his boy to breathe once more. Glutted with cum, Ben fell away limply and crumpled into the pillows. He had a delirious faraway look in his eye as strings of pearly semen dribbled from his dumb grin and he giggled like a drunk.

Ordinarily Sean would have flopped down alongside Ben to catch his breath, weary from the climax, but to his own surprise he found he was far from subdued. On the contrary, his body burned with lust and the post-orgasm fatigue he had expected had not taken hold.

Once again, Ben was at his mercy, and this time Sean wanted a different taste of his boy.

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Ben flinched as Sean’s lips wrapped around his exposed cock. Despite his hefty frame and gruff appearance, Sean wielded the delicate skill of a professional cocksucker. His velvet lips were extensively experienced in delivering the perfect blowjob, providing him control over every minute detail of the act, from fluctuating the suction pressure to weaving his tongue just so, ensuring he had Ben in the palm of his hand within a matter of moments.

Flopping about like a suffocating fish, Ben scrabbled frantically for something to hold onto. He closed trembling fingers over the bedsheets and kicked the covers into a bunch, but neither did any good. Only when he lay his hand on Sean’s muscular shoulder did he gain some control over his convulsions of pleasure, though even then his muscles clenched and softened and his back arced and fell in a cycle of bliss.

Truthfully, Sean was practically oblivious to his fiancé’s erotic torment. Dominant though he was, there was no substitute for the taste of a firm, meaty cock.

The salty tang of precum burst across his tastebuds and not for the first time he thanked whatever stars had crossed to bring him and Ben together: for a twink he was exceptionally well-endowed. Though Ben was barely half Sean’s size his cock was more than big enough to provide a tasty meal, and right now he slobbered hungrily over his plaything’s plaything.

Nevertheless, both men were now powerless against their lust and inevitably their thoughts soon turned the most intimate act of all.

‘Stop daddy, stop,’ Ben panted, struggling to form the words. It took all his strength, but with a shuddering hand he pushed Sean back onto his haunches.

The red mist had descended and Sean growled like a predator denied his prey. ‘There better be a good reason you’re cutting my meal short.’

Ben rolled over to lie prostrate. ‘I need you in me, daddy. My ass feels so empty it hurts without you inside. Please, daddy, fuck your little bitch boy. I need you to use my boi cunt.’

The grin of a hyena twisted Sean’s features. ‘That is a good reason.’

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Wrenching open the drawer of the bedside table, Sean pulled out a strip of golden foil and a bottle of lube. A moment later one square was torn open and discarded, lubricant glistened on both the bull’s cock and the twink’s ass, and Sean held himself above Ben on sinewy arms.

‘You ready for this, boy?’ he hissed.

‘I’m needy for your cock, daddy. Fuck me.’ Easing his ass up, Ben teased Sean’s throbbing head with his hole, moaning as the tip teased him in return.

‘If you insist,’ Sean laughed. Then he was driving down hard.

Pinned against the bed and with his master’s cock already perfectly aligned, Ben had no place to go as his tight ass was invaded. His ring of muscles parted easily to embrace Sean’s cock and an ecstatic howl tore from his lips as pleasure overwhelmed him.

For several moments Ben was paralysed. The intensity of Sean’s pulsing cock and the vulnerability of being at his fiancé’s mercy combined to set his entire body tingling. It felt as though he was a porcelain doll seized by a tempest in human form: Sean could shatter him at any moment and all Ben could do was pray his master was in a forgiving mood.

Despite his sense of fragility, Ben was far from powerless. He knew Sean inside out, and as such he knew just how to tease him to draw out the animal within.

As Sean began to thrust Ben’s paralysis faded and a mischievous smirk crept over his features. Slowly twerking his ass he giggled at Sean’s deep groaned. ‘Mmmh, you like my perky little ass, don’t you daddy?’

A dangerous snarl bubbled in Sean’s throat. ‘You know I do. But we’ve been over this, boy – it isn’t yours. This is my ass. I own it.’

Knowing Sean would be unable to refuse the challenge, Ben’s smirk grew. ‘Prove it.’

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The snarl melted into a gruff laugh and rising onto his knees Sean took Ben by the shoulder. ‘You asked for it,’ he said. And with that he slammed in so hard Ben’s vision blurred at the edges.

The remorseless pace Sean took up robbed Ben’s breath. When he caught it once more his moans were shrill, his expression uncertain. He always craved the chance to be Sean’s willing cock sleeve, yet every time he was reminded how effortlessly his master could push him beyond his limits. After over a year together he had expected he should have grown accustomed to his lover, yet somehow every time they fucked was more intense than the last and Ben always found himself wondering if he would come out the other side in one piece.

While Ben’s brows knitted with doubt, however, Sean wore an expression of victory. Teaching his teasing pet where he belonged always made him painfully horny. Fortunately there was no better way to make use of all that sexual energy than fucking the little twink senseless. Grunting and groaning as he hammered Ben into the sheets, Sean savoured the desperate wails each thrust forced from his bitch. ‘Is this a little much for you, cunt?’ he laughed.

Ben had no answer. His eyes simply rolled back and his body went limp as he collapsed into the bed.

If Sean’s tongue was a scalpel of pleasure, then his cock was a jackhammer. The finesse and dexterity was sacrificed for devastating power that reduced Ben’s mind to rubble. As his ass was demolished and his insides battered all he could do was babble deliriously.

From that point on Ben lost all track of what was happening. Unable to comprehend the pleasure, his mental functions shut down one by one until he was little more than a mannequin for Sean to position how he pleased.

At some point he sank back onto the bed and dragged Ben up to straddle him. The boy responded on instinct, riding his master feverishly and filling the room with desperate, breathless moans, which rose into shrieks once Sean reached up and began tweaking his nipples. From there each new position passed in a blur: bent over the bed with master slamming him from behind; folded in half with ass high in the air, hammered from above; on his knees with his face crushed into the pillows by master’s foot; lifted clean from his feet and held in the bull’s arms to be dropped down over and over onto his waiting spear.

And all the while Sean growled sordid words and filthy promises into Ben’s ear, driving him to the brink of insanity.

‘I’m going to fuck you so hard you split in half, you little cunt. Just you wait – by the time I’m finished with you you’ll be leaking cum for the rest of the week. Lucky for you I’ve bought plenty of plugs to keep it all inside. Mmmh, I can’t wait to show you the vibrating ones. They even have remotes.’

At great length Sean’s stamina finally ran its course and he came so hard Ben felt the condom balloon fit to burst. Pulling out, he carefully removed the protection making sure not to spill any of his valuable load.

Physically Ben was a trembling wreck, but he stared up at Sean with adoring eyes.

‘You know there’s something I should probably tell you, boy.’

‘What is it, daddy?’ Ben purred.

‘Our results came back. We’re all clear.’

The post-sex fatigue evaporated instantly and Ben leapt up. ‘Are you serious?’

Sean nodded, laughing. ‘Absolutely. I wanted to wait to tell you until we came away together. This can be our first week going raw, babe.’

Shrieking with delight Ben pitched forwards, threw his arms around Sean’s neck and kissed him passionately.

After a few minutes of sparring tongues Sean gestured to the bulging condom. ‘Of course, I had to pretend this time. But I didn’t think you’d mind another meal. Was I right?’

In response, Ben sank back like an obedient cat and opened his mouth. His eyes glittered hungrily and Sean chuckled. ‘I thought so.’

Muscular naked bald man has anal sex with skinny naked brunette man on bed

Upending the glistening condom, Sean deposited the contents onto his waiting tongue. Only once every last droplet was squeezed out did Ben swallow, gulping down the thick, pearly load with a giddy smile. When he looked up at his master gooey strings decorated his teeth like garlands. Sean didn’t care, leaning in for another passionate kiss.

Sweaty and flushed, they stared at one another for several long moments. A strange weight seemed to lift from both their shoulders then, as though they had been relieved of a burden they had not known they were carrying. Worries that didn’t seem entirely theirs melted away and for a fraction of a second there was a far deeper connection behind their eyes – the look of two uncertain souls finding their meaning in one another.

Then Ben was crawling down to the foot of the bed to rest his arms on the leather sofa there. He swayed his ass like an angler fish luring in their prey. ‘Well then? You’re not going to leave me waiting are you? Breed my ass, sir. I think I’ve waited long enough.’

Coming up behind him, Sean leaned over so his lips were against Ben’s ear. ‘I think you’re right.’ Then, after a pause. ‘I love you, gorgeous.’

‘I love you too.’

Gently Sean pushed inside and held himself there savouring the heat of Ben’s insides. A contented smile spread across the young man’s face.

‘Let’s make a mess of these sheets, shall we?’ the bull asked.

‘Yes, daddy,’ came the twink’s eager reply…

Meanwhile, in Miss Kennedy’s villa…

Close-up shot of showerhead in steamy bathroom

Thanks for reading!

This chapter marks a first for a story set in this universe in that it portrays gay characters, and it isn’t the only first that will be showing up during this run of stories. I know gay content isn’t something all of my readers are interested in, however it is something I really enjoy writing and it’s a niche I’ll be expanding into more and more as time goes on.

In particular, this chapter showcases the work of Sean Zevran and Ben Masters.

Zevran is one of the first gay models I ever came across and it was his work I specifically wanted to use for this story. He doesn’t have a great deal of romantic scenes like this since most of his work veers closer to the hardcore end of the spectrum, but whatever he is in he always puts on a great show and there’s little wonder he’s so popular with a cock like his. One of my favourite things about him is his versatility since he’s as just as willing to top as he is to bottom. For fans of gay content, he is a model you don’t want to miss.

Masters found his way into this chapter as a result of starring in this scene with Zevran, but that’s not to say his work isn’t worth checking out. I hadn’t heard of him myself before writing this, but he’s now on my list of favourite twinks and though he’s not as prolific as his co-star (I’ve had to provide a link to his xHamster profile since his PornHub account is practically empty) he’s still an awesome creator and deserves a lot more recognition than he currently has. Check him out of you enjoyed this piece for sure.

Come back on Friday for chapter three!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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