Gaypril: The Holiday

Brunette man gives oral sex to blonde man on bed in foreground while two more men have anal sex in background

God this was so fucking hot. Not only was Sam laid out on the bed with his head between the legs of a fit, dominant man, but he was going down on his date to the soundtrack of Adam being fucked hard on the opposite side of the room. It was a situation he had only ever imagined in his fantasies, yet now here they were living it for real, the room full of their sensual moans and the rhythmic slap of skin against skin.

Sam had heard Adam’s moans many times before, and he did not even need to look across at his boyfriend to know just how much he was enjoying being rammed. The man defiling Adam’s tight ass did so with satisfied grunts and a vice-like grip around his skinny body, his superior strength no match for Adam’s slender physique. Sam had lost count of how many times he had watched Adam be used by a powerful top, and yet every time aroused him more than the last.

At the same time, he was certain that to Adam the sight of him gorging himself on a thick, throbbing cock was just as erotic.

Sam and Adam had been together for five years now, and they loved one another deeply. But that wasn’t to say they had any interest in staying exclusive. Ever since they got together they had loved nothing more than heading out to gay clubs and bars and each picking up a fit hunk to fuck them senseless deep into the night. Both slim, horny twinks, they found the sight of their other half being screwed rough and tossed around like a moaning ragdoll by an experienced man far more erotic than either of the two of them acting as a half-hearted top. With each night of kinky debauchery they fell ever more in love, and they often gushed over their perfectly naughty relationship.

The only problem with such an arrangement was that in their local area there was little in the way of a gay scene. They saw more eclipses than they saw gay bars in their hometown, and the nearest area with any kind of scene was over an hour away: not exactly an easy night out.

Their solution had been simple: kinky holidaying. Taking breaks little and often throughout the year, they would jet off somewhere with a far more expansive gay community and spend their days and nights deep in the bowels of steamy fetish bars and lawless sex clubs.

Tonight, they had picked up these two exceptionally hot guys in the club downstairs before retreating to a private room several floors up. Their lovers had encouraged them to rent out the deluxe private room which had cost a pretty penny but whatever the cost being used like pets was more than worth it. The throbbing music from the rave below was still audible, but both Sam and Adam were too occupied to pay it much attention. The groaning of Adam and his lover was sending Sam wild, while the thick meat he was feasting on was beginning to twitch in his mouth. The man was close to climax and Sam could barely wait to swallow his load.

Pushing him over the edge with a deft swirl of his tongue, Sam moaned as the man’s sticky seed blasted down his throat, filling his mouth until it leaked from the corners. Gulping it down giddily, Sam slowed his pace before pulling away with a wet slurping noise.

Almost at the same moment, he heard Adam cry out as the other man climaxed too. Looking over at him, he watched as Adam came over the edge of the marble sink he was being fucked against. For a few seconds the man fucking him held himself inside, clutching Adam’s hips with white-knuckled ferocity. Then the breathless bottom groaned all the louder as his lover began to thrust again.

Adam was lost to his own pleasures, but Sam was crouched in front of his date. Having just cum down Sam’s throat, the man was stroking to keep himself hard. With a grin he leaned in and whispered into Sam’s ear in an accent he couldn’t quite place.

‘You are lucky boy. This room is special. First time you take cum in this place it changes you. Your friend, he will be mindless bottom: he could not wait to take it in the ass, he not patient enough to be rewarded. But you, you wanted to taste me first. You have patience, you will be rewarded. You will be muscle-daddy top and use him as your faggot slut. And because I make you muscle-daddy you let me fuck him too.’

Sam’s spine thrilled with unease. He did not believe what the man was saying, but the thought of such intoxicating power filled him with uncertain lust. He was just about to ask what the man meant, but then he had been pushed onto his back and the man was lifting his legs and plunging into his waiting ass. In seconds Sam was lost in the bliss of submission and the man’s words slipped away…

Tattooed hunk gives anal sex to small twink

Growling as he did so, the heavily tattooed man hammered into the tight ass of his pet with increasing violence. The pathetic faggot whimpered and wailed desperately as he was stretched beyond his limits, and when he turned to glance out the window he could see people down on the street below pointing and staring.

Both Sam and Adam had been on many, many nights out, which they had felt the effects of the next morning. But nothing could ever compare to the morning after that night.

Waking up in the messy beds of the deluxe room they had found their lovers gone, while a quick glance in the mirror had revealed they were no longer themselves.

Sam was three times the size he had been the night before, his astonishingly muscular body decorated abundantly with dense tattoos that dominated his tanned arms and torso. His dark hair was longer and swept back stylishly, he wore a dark beard cropped close to his chin, and his nipples were newly pierced. Gone was the small, nerdy bottom from the night before, and in his place was a god of a man at the peak of physical fitness and with a stare that could lure even a devoutly straight man into his grasp. Even better, he was now packing a colossal slab of meat between his thighs which looked as though it would struggle to fit in his underwear.

Adam, on the other hand, had gone in the other direction. Though his skin had also tanned to match his new Latino appearance, he had gained a handful of tattoos and he had acquired more muscle mass than he had known before, he had the figure and stance of a purebred bottom. In the presence of Sam he looked like the runt of the litter, and every part of his appearance was inferior to that of his boyfriend: his beard would not grow longer than a thin strap of stubble, his muscles were barely pronounced at all compared to Sam’s, his eyes had a frantic, childish innocence to them like he might burst into tears at any moment. The most stark comparison, however, was the limp dick he carried, a matchstick when compared to Sam’s huge log of meat.

Without knowing why, Adam had leaned on his boyfriend, and as they had stared into the mirror Sam and Adam had faded away. In their place came two new men: Santiago, the powerful top with the experience to seduce any man he wanted, and Cunt, his personal faggot slave.

It had not taken long before Santiago and Cunt had become the hottest power couple on the local gay scene. Their live sex shows around the city had been so lucrative they been able to buy their penthouse suite in a matter of weeks, and with the money Santiago was making from topping willing bitches while Cunt was being paid to serve his master’s rough-fucking friends, they were soon living a life of hedonistic luxury.

Now, months later, neither of them ever bothered to think back beyond that morning. Somehow life before that didn’t seem to matter. Santiago had read something the other day that stirred a kind of half-memory within him: an article about a local manhunt in search of two gay men who had gone missing while holidaying together in the area. According to the article, it was feared that with the stark lack of evidence or leads the two men would soon be added to the long list of unfortunates who had gone missing over the years while holidaying abroad. After all, it was easy to go missing so far away from home.

At the time he had been too busy forcing Cunt to gag on his cock to pay much attention, and the flicker of memory had soon slipped away for good, never to return.

Spinning Cunt around, Santiago pressed him whimpering against the glass. The movement caused Cunt to spurt his pathetic load up the windowpane and his master laughed gruffly. ‘No control,’ he chastised, ‘just wait until the guys at the new club see how easy you cum, bitch. They won’t be able to stop laughing. Damn right, too, you really are a useless slut. Maybe I should get you a chastity cage, eh? After all, it’s not like anybody has any use for that sorry nub of yours. I reckon I’ll ask the audience later. What do you think they’ll say, Cunt?’

Cunt only whimpered as he was fucked ever harder, already able to feel the cold bars against his swollen balls…

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I hope everybody is enjoying my content this month. I know it is different to what I usually do but personally I find that there just isn’t enough gay or trans content out there so I am hoping my work is able to remedy that in some small way. I have to say the views on my blog have been an absolute roller coaster just since the start of April with massive dips and peaks. Honestly I was expecting the views to just drop and stay low until April was over given I am aware this content is not for everyone and some of my regular readers may just be here for the cis content, so it is nice to see that the views overall are remaining steady, which I didn’t expect. I mean on Tuesday I saw the lowest views since the blog began, then on Friday I had a peak higher than I’ve had since February.

Unfortunately for this piece I can’t say who the models in the first gif are as I don’t know. In the second gif, however, the bottom is Beaux Banks whose PornHub profile is here: and the top is Boomer Banks whose profile you can find here: Personally I am more familiar with Boomer’s work, but both are awesome creators, hot as fuck and well worth checking out.

I would love to hear what you think about my work, especially this month given I am doing things a bit differently, so please leave me a comment!

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