Gaypril: Deviant Dreams

Models: Troye Jacobs and Austin Wolf

Skinny twink gives oral sex to tattooed bull in front of mirror

As far as couples’ therapy went, Harriet had to admit having her twinkified boyfriend sucking thirstily on her new cock was doing wonders for their relationship. Not only was it keeping him quiet for once, but she finally had the chance to let out all the tension she had been bottling up – more accurately, she was using that restrained energy to drive forcefully down Jakey’s tight throat.

Her boyfriend didn’t mind. The gleam of adoration in his eye as he stared up at Harriet made that obvious enough, as did the devoted swirling of his tongue around her thick shaft.

Then again his IQ had clearly plummeted since his transformation and Harriet doubted he could have strung together enough words to complain even if he’d wanted to.

‘You know, if I’d realised this was going to be the result, I’d have cast that spell months ago,’ Harriet smiled, cupping Jakey’s delicate new features in a huge hand. ‘You’re such a good little cocksucker, baby. I could definitely get used to this kind of service, that’s for sure.’

Pulling away briefly, Jakey smiled back, more in an effort to mirror his master than anything else. ‘You taste good, daddy,’ he said dumbly. ‘I love your cock.’

‘In that case, have some more,’ Harriet grinned before promptly dragging Jakey back down onto her meat. Thrusting in long, slow strokes, she drove down Jakey’s throat and groaned, her eyelids fluttering as white-hot pleasure engulfed her groin. The pleasure spread inexorably through her bullish body until a sweat had broken over her brow.

Harriet had never imagined being a man would feel this good. However, her arousal had gone through the roof the instant she cast the spell – that had been over an hour ago, and it still showed no signs of coming down. If anything, it was still rising.

The spell had been Harriet’s answer to their ongoing relationship woes. Jakey was by no means a bad boyfriend but his communication skills left a lot to be desired and the past year had seen their connection suffer as a result. Over time he had gradually become the kind of man who could monologue incessantly for hours on end while saying nothing at all worth listening to. Worse still, romance seemed to have become a foreign concept for him.

Although she had tried to seal the cracks in their relationship with patience and loving gestures, Harriet had eventually realised they were beyond simple fixes. More serious action would need to be taken.

The spell quite simply made dreams come true. At first, Harriet had considered using it to bring her own dreams to life: nights of affectionate cuddles, heartfelt discussions in bed and romantic evenings spent making slow, passionate love.

Now though, she was so glad she had chosen to make Jakey’s dreams a reality instead. Having convinced herself to do the loving thing and help him express the feelings he clearly wasn’t able to convey himself, she had chosen to let herself be moulded by his desires.

In hindsight, Harriet suspected Jakey’s changing character was a result of him coming to terms with his bisexuality. Clearly he had developed an intense attraction to men if Harriet’s transformation was any indication. As such, no sooner had she cast the spell than she had been struck by a wall of devastatingly erotic power.

Skinny twink rides muscular bull in bedroom in front of mirror

The memory of her transformation sparked a sudden desire in Harriet’s loins and she found herself craving Jakey’s other hole.

Her mindless boyfriend didn’t complain as she pulled him up by his hair and manhandled him into position. In truth, Harriet didn’t think he really noticed at all – with the taste of precum filling his mouth, his sparse thoughts were all elsewhere.

What Jakey did notice was Harriet’s immense dick sinking into his tight ass.

‘Oh fuck,’ he cried as Harriet pushed him down. ‘Oh God, daddy, I don’t know if I can take it. You’re so big,’ he gasped, the last word coming out in a strangled whimper as Harriet clamped her powerful hands around his throat.

‘You don’t have a choice, bitch. You do as you’re told, remember?’ she growled.

A dumb smile spread over Jakey’s face as he ground on her crotch. ‘Yes, sir.’

Straddled over her lap with her dick buried in his ass, Jakey was inferior to her in every way: smaller, paler, skinnier, weaker and less manly by every metric. Jakey was less well hung than Harriet too, although his bobbing erection was still enviable. 

His cock had actually been the first thing she had noticed about his new body. Staggering out of the bathroom where she had just transformed after casting the spell she had watched in awe as his body morphed before her eyes.

It had looked like he was being crushed. Jakey’s muscle mass had evaporated, leaving him toned but skinny while the alarming cracking of shrinking bones had juxtaposed the orgasmic moans frothing on his lips. His body hair had withered until he was entirely hairless aside from a short patch of pubes and he had groped himself desperately, unable to resist the pleasure roaring through his body. All the while, his rigid cock had jutted up, catching Harriet’s attention and filling her thoughts with all kinds of depraved ideas.

As she had watched her boyfriend convulse with ecstasy on the bed she had understood exactly what he was going through: her own transformation had been agonisingly erotic.

Only seconds earlier Harriet had been watching in amazement as her own reflection shifted in the bathroom mirror.

Her slim, delicate figure had been quickly engulfed by bubbling muscle, her entire physique swelling into the immense, broad-shouldered frame of a true bull. She gasped as her fleshy tits melted in a burst of pleasure, but the sensation had immediately paled as her cock took shape. Pushing out from her tight pussy it grew relentlessly until Harriet was sure it could not possibly get any larger – at which point it had engorged another several inches as if to prove her wrong. Her long blonde hair shrank back into a short quiff as stubble encroached over her chin and lips. Sprawling tattoos had inked themselves over her massive arms. Then, all at once, another burst of dazing ecstasy had struck as her prostate formed.

The raw power of her new body was instantly intoxicating and before she even stumbled back into the bedroom she knew she was never going back to being a woman.

Still reeling from the orgasmia of her transformation, the sight of her twinkified boyfriend had bought reality crashing in: this was Jakey’s dream life. One where he was at the mercy of a hung, hedonistic bull.

Fuelled by insatiable lust, Harriet had quickly set about fulfilling those fantasies.

‘Fuck, you’re so tight,’ she breathed, still clutching his throat, albeit a little less tightly as she focused on driving deeper into her sub.

Lifting his head, Harriet forced him to stare at his reflection in the bedroom mirror.

‘Look at yourself, you needy little cunt. Look at what you’ve done to yourself. This is all your doing, you know? It’s your dream that turned us into this. I bet even you didn’t realise you’d make such a slutty gay whore. I guess I should be thanking you – this body is way better than my old one, after all. I’m horny enough to facefuck an entire basketball team and still have enough stamina to breed them all straight after. But I think it’d be more fun to use all that energy on my little cocksleeve, don’t you?’

Swamped with ecstasy, Jakey smirked drunkenly. ‘What are you talking about, daddy? I’ve always been yours. I’ll never stop being your cumdump.’

Until now, Harriet had forgotten that the spell had quite a kick: not only had it transformed them both, reality itself had shifted around them. As a result nobody would ever remember who they had been before, not even Jakey – although it wasn’t as if he had the intelligence to understand what the magic had done to them anyway. Only Harriet, as the caster of the spell, would ever know the truth. And since she had no intention of reversing it, Jakey would be riding her cock a lot more from now on.

But if they were going to stay in these bodies, they’d have to change names. She certainly couldn’t keep going by Harriet, and she wanted a new name for Jakey, too, one that didn’t remind her of the man he’d been before.

By now, Harriet had thrown her boyfriend down onto the bed. Towering over him with her massive cock jutting out, she grinned. ‘I want you to listen very carefully to me now, Jacob. From now on, whenever we are alone you will always address me as daddy, sir or master. Only my friends get to call me Harry, and when we’re behind closed doors you are not my friend, you are my slave. Is that understood?’

‘Yes sir,’ Jacob replied.

‘Good boy. Now, after we’ve finished here we’re going to go and get ourselves measured up for some new clothes. I’ll be getting myself a new suit and I’m going to treat you to a bowtie and a jockstrap. That’s all the attire you’re going to need when I invite my friends around for dinner parties, after all. But before that, I want to fill up that slutty little ass of yours.’

Diving onto the bed, Harry was soon pounding Jacob into the bedsheets. The dumb slave’s arms and legs hooked around his master’s back, clinging on for dear life. While the room echoed with orgasmic moans and the sharp slap of their colliding thighs, Harry’s handsome features twisted with impish satisfaction: this was where they belonged. Him as the dominant bull and Jacob as the pathetic living sex toy.

Sure, it wasn’t exactly conventional couples’ therapy, but the spell had brought them closer again. Plus, given it had been such a success, it couldn’t hurt to play around with a little more magic – after all, he was sure Jacob wouldn’t have any complaints about being twinkified even further. And Harry was certain his slave would look even hotter as a cockdumb femboy…

Two men have sex on bed

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