Gaypril: About A Boy

‘There we go,’ said the barman, sliding the drinks over the counter, ‘one Twinkler and one Simply Seduction. That’ll be thirteen-fifty.’

Taking his drink while Cooper paid, Brad propped himself against the bar and took a sip, his back to the barman. If he was honest, the man unnerved him a little; his eye lingered in suggestive places and a smirk plucked at his lips when he looked at Brad, and he was sure he’d seen him nursing a bulge as he turned to make their drinks. If Cooper had noticed he had said nothing, and since Brad hardly wanted to make a scene on his first visit he had remained similarly silent and occupied himself in scouring the drinks menu.

Not that it made much sense. Brad wasn’t one to spend his nights partying and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d visited a bar of any sort, so he assumed he was out of touch with the current drinking slang, but still each description seemed more bizarre than the last: tangy and sharp, with a hint of dominance; strong and engorging, perfect for a long night in every sense of the word; mild, fruity and laced with thoughtlessness – your worries will simply melt away.

Confused, Brad decided to admire the bar instead. It was a large space and quite unlike anywhere he’d visited before. It looked more like some kind of country club than a city bar, with plush armchairs, high windows set into rustic stone walls and half a dozen billiards tables aligned into two rows of three where he would have expected a dancefloor. Abundant boardgames were stacked on velvet-topped tables while a set of broad wooden doors opened onto an enclosed courtyard populated by sun loungers and daybeds as opposed to tables.

Yet while the main bar area seemed taken from a rural mansion, doors on either side of the bar led into darkened stairwells, their steps painted black and the walls decorated with red neon lights which spilled a distinctly salacious glow into the room.

Fascinated by the mishmash of themes, Brad left Cooper by the bar and wandered amongst the billiards tables, sipping on his straw as he went. Wedges of lemon and lime swam in the clear liquid to give his drink a refreshing citrus kick, and he recalled the menu description had mentioned a ‘submissive aftertaste’, whatever that was supposed to mean. Regardless, he liked it; indeed, the taste was vaguely addictive, and he soon found himself smiling stupidly as he drank.

Behind him, both Cooper and the barman were watching Brad intently.

‘I’ve not seen you bring him in before,’ said the barman as he eyed the ass of Brad’s skinny jeans. ‘He new?’

Cooper nodded, taking a swig of his own drink: a raft of ice cubes floating in bloodred waters with a wedge of lemon and a sprig of mint on the rim. ‘Yeah. We met online. A bit of a loser if you ask me. No social life, no real friends – I’m surprised he even had the balls to say yes when I asked him out. And he’s never explored the scene either.’

The barman chuckled. ‘Pathetic. Sounds like just your type. You like them gullible. Does he know? What’s in the drink I mean?’

Cooper gave the man a wicked grin. ‘Nope.’

‘I thought as much. Well I suggest you get to work. Once the main crowd arrives that little runt won’t know what’s hit him. They’ve not had fresh meat for a while and he’s a real sweet piece of ass. Besides, the way the guys are looking at him right now I don’t think they’ll be able to restrain themselves much longer.’

‘I’m on it. Tell you what, looks like he’s almost finished that one. Pour him another Twinkler, will you?’

Brad was busy admiring the other men in the bar when he finished his drink.

There were only three or four other customers, though they were all equally handsome, a fact that made his insides squirm when he caught them eyeing him up. He wasn’t sure why, but he didn’t feel nearly as uncomfortable as he had when the barman was staring at him – in fact, their leering was beginning to make him hard, distractedly so. In fact, with both the men to ogle and the throb of his growing erection sapping his focus, he did not notice the room shift up an inch or two as his frame shrank a little.

Brad was in the process of salivating over the muscles of a particularly broad Latino gentleman while the man was distracted (and wondering what might be contained beneath the trousers of his sleek businessman’s suit) when the grating gurgle of his straw tore him from his thoughts.

Before he even had the time to pout, however, Cooper was by his side slipping a fresh glass into his hand. ‘Aw thanks babe,’ Brad cooed, pecking his boyfriend on the cheek. ‘What would I do without you?’ Eagerly sucking on the straw, he beamed as the cool drink went down.

Crossing to a nearby cue rack, Cooper picked one out and gestured to the billiards tables. ‘Well, are we going to play or what?’ Reluctantly placing his drink on the table, Brad went about racking up the balls while Cooper searched for the chalk.

While his boyfriend’s back was turned Brad cast a surreptitious wink to the Latino man sat opposite. It wasn’t the kind of thing he would usually do, but something about this place had loosened his morals. Whether it was the nervous excitement of his official date as Cooper’s boyfriend or perhaps the drink going to his head, he was hornier than he had been in months, a fiendishly naughty streak he hadn’t known he possessed slowly welling up inside.

And if he wasn’t aroused before, he certainly was once he noticed the man’s crotch bulging. God that’s so hot. I wonder what he’d do to me with that thing. Brad bit his lip, though that only encouraged the man; his hand fell to his lap and began caressing his bulge, and the lewd grin he gave Brad forced the young man to stifle a moan.

Occupied as he was, he failed to notice the hair along his arms retreat beneath his skin, while the arousal coursing through him overpowered the strange sensation of what little muscle mass he possessed melting away.

‘Do I have competition?’

Brad hadn’t noticed Cooper join him. Caught red-handed, he blushed furiously, but his boyfriend simply chuckled. Leaning in close, Cooper’s large hands – larger than Brad remembered them being – settled around his hips, holding them in place as he pressed his crotch against Brad’s ass.

This time Brad did moan, though he managed to withhold his arousal enough that it was little more than a shallow gasp. Cooper’s erection rubbed against his ass, rock hard and thick as Brad’s wrist. He couldn’t tell if his boyfriend knew what he was doing or not, but what took him most by surprise was how instinctively he began to grind against Cooper’s swollen boner.

A brief moment of sobriety sliced through Brad’s thoughts. This wasn’t him. Not only was he encouraging Cooper’s arousal, but he now realised that while racking up the billiard balls he had thrust his ass out suggestively – whether to entice either the horny businessman or the barman behind him he wasn’t sure. What am I doing?

Then Cooper’s voice was in his ear and his worries evaporated in a heartbeat. His voice seemed a little deeper than before, with an edge to it that Brad could not quite place. ‘You know I think he wants a bit of a show. How about we give him one?’ He nibbled on Brad’s ear, gently tugging his gaze back to the businessman, and all at once he began to dry hump Brad’s rear.

Brad’s eyelids fluttered as his boyfriend ground against his sensitive ass. It was difficult to think as surges of pleasure rolled through him, especially since Cooper’s rolling hips were crushing Brad’s own erection against the table which sent further orgasmic sensation flaring across his crotch. Like waves in the surf, the opposing currents of desire crashed together with thunderous claps before crashing down to swamp his system. It was so intense that the sudden sensation of his cock shrinking to almost half its former size was lost on the breathless boy.

‘I think our friend likes it,’ Cooper whispered.

He was right. Looking over, Brad found the man had undone his trousers and his cock now lay in his hand, flushed red with the head glistening as he masturbated slowly. And what a cock it was. The man was not overly lengthy, yet Brad had never seen anyone so thick: he was wide as a clenched fist!

That same sobriety overcame him again. Oh my god. What’s happening to me? Why does this feel so good?

Despite his burning arousal, Brad forced his hips to still and turned away from the masturbating voyeur. ‘Cooper, I don’t think –’

Before he could finish, his boyfriend had pushed him down over the table. There was a strength to his hand Brad hadn’t realised Cooper possessed, but more than that he seemed somehow bigger, swollen with muscle and strength Brad was certain hadn’t been there before – so swollen that Brad suddenly felt very small in his shadow. ‘There, there, babe. We’re not hurting anyone. Have a drink.’ He gestured to the half-finished Twinkler. ‘It’ll take your mind off things.’

Black man and white man kiss while wearing only boxers as white man holds snooker cue

Without thinking, Brad obliged, and the moment the tangy liquid touched his tongue he started to rock his hips once more. His thoughts fogged over with desire as Cooper pretended to teach him how to use the cue, his boyfriend’s eyes fixed on the Latino man even as he helped Brad break the rack.

And this time Brad joined in the show. Donning masks of exaggerated sensuality he made himself look like an innocent submissive pornstar: brows knitted together, eyes rolling and mouth open in an O of simultaneous pleasure and surprise.

The young tease allowed himself a giggle as their naughty roleplay drove the man to drop his trousers entirely. His jerking pace increased and Brad could see the orgasm he was fighting back in his lustful eyes.  

Without warning, Cooper tugged Brad upright and fixed him with a piercing stare. ‘It’s getting hot in here, isn’t it? I think we should take these clothes off. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’d like to show off your skinny twink body.’

For a moment, Brad hesitated. Cooper’s words seemed to be in his head, burrowing through his thoughts like parasites, and in that moment he understood what had been done to him. But that moment was swiftly gone and his uncertainty with it. A naughty smile spread over his face. ‘I do, sir. I want to show everyone how slutty I am.’

‘That’s my boy,’ Cooper growled.

In seconds, they stood in nothing but boxers, the rest of their clothes dumped in a heap beneath the billiards table. The warm breeze drifting through the open windows washed over Brad’s skin sending tingles zipping along his spine and he heard their voyeur let out a low groan.

Barely contained in his underwear, Cooper’s boner was rapidly driving Brad wild. It snaked down his boyfriend’s inner thigh, a wide patch of precum marking out the head, and without the barrier of their jeans Brad suddenly found himself desperate to feel it. It was so close; all he’d have to do was tug on Cooper’s waistband and…

Brad moaned as Cooper pulled him in for a kiss. It was the first time they had done so – the first time Brad had kissed anyone, in fact – and the shock of it drove him to drop the cue, which he had picked up again with the intention of tormenting the businessman. Intoxicating heat blossomed over his face and his pulse surged, hammering so loud in his temples he thought he might pass out.

Immediately he melted into Cooper’s arms, allowing his boyfriend to press him against the table as they made out. As they did so Brad felt Cooper’s hand slip down the front of his underwear, drawing out a strangled moan as his fingers trailed over his rigid cock and aching balls. Rather than jerk him off, however, Cooper went further, hooking his hand beneath Brad’s hips until his broad digits were pressing against his lover’s ass. Shortly after, they were pushing inside.

An orgasmic shudder rolled through Brad as Cooper began to pump two fingers slowly into his virgin hole. The pleasure was white hot, so intense he instantly crumpled against his boyfriend, unable to support himself as his energy was leeched away. And all the while Cooper’s agile tongue probed ever deeper into his mouth, setting the hair on Brad’s nape on end as his whole body crackled with desire.

Somewhere at the back of his mind, a small voice told Brad this was wrong. There were strangers here – people he’d never met were jerking off watching he and Cooper make out – not to mention the fact they were in public; anyone could walk in and watch him being fingered. More than that, it was not just the businessman watching now. The rest of the men had also turned their way to either rub their crotch of brazenly masturbate to the scene, while the barman had jumped onto the counter, a fleshlight pumping his cock in one hand and his phone directed towards them in the other.

Yet that meagre voice was powerless against the desire saturating Brad’s thoughts. His little cock twitched at the idea of the men masturbating to the moans Cooper’s plunging fingers were extracting from his lips, and he realised he actually wanted people to walk in – the longer they watched him the hornier he was becoming, and he could barely imagine how hot an even larger audience would be. He didn’t even care they were being filmed; it was hot enough knowing the barman might use the video for his personal entertainment, but the prospect that he could upload it online for other deviants to enjoy threatened to make Brad cum just at the thought of it.

Brad gasped as Cooper broke off their kiss, the sudden lack of his lips leaving him breathless, as though his boyfriend had sucked all the air from his lungs. At the same time, Cooper slid his fingers from Brad’s ass. The motion drew out a needy whine, though it was promptly silenced as Cooper pushed his digits into Brad’s mouth, which he suckled on hungrily.

Cooper’s firm hand forced Brad to his knees and he stared down at the horny boy with a cold smirk. ‘I think it’s time we show these gentlemen just how naughty you really are.’ His expression became lecherous as he eased down his boxers and allowed his hefty cock to buck free. Brad squirmed where he knelt, but he waited permission to indulge himself.

He did not have to wait long.

‘Well? What are you waiting for you pathetic little cunt? Don’t you want a taste?’

White man gives oral sex to black man beside billiards table

A wave of horny groans rolled through their small audience as Brad eagerly swallowed Cooper’s cock, though the virgin twink hardly noticed. Every sense was overwhelmed by the perfect dick burrowing down his throat and once again he had to fight the urge to cream his boxers.

Though he had never given a blowjob before, the skill came naturally to Brad. His eyes fixed on Cooper’s handsome features he analysed every detail of his expression as he settled into a bobbing rhythm born of instinct rather than conscious thought. To his surprise, Brad found his gag reflex was all but non-existent, a realisation he soon put to good use by periodically interrupting his beat with a sudden deepthroat, taking Cooper all the way to his balls.

With every stroke, Brad’s infatuation evolved into an insatiable addiction. Everything about sucking cock catalysed his arousal, from the flares of pain as his cheeks stretched to accommodate Cooper’s width to the aching blow of his cock’s head connecting with the back of his throat, to the ribbons of salty precum which soon lavished his maw: he never wanted to stop.

Eager to please, he enthusiastically demonstrated a slew of techniques. Holding Cooper’s head against his inner cheek Brad sucked hard as he rolled his head in such a way his lover seemed to be fucking his cheek, the bulge of his dick threatening to burst out at any moment, a position in which he stayed for several minutes before rearing back and spitting hard. His agile tongue soon had the saliva smeared along Cooper’s shaft, which he proceeded to slobber over passionately. Following this, he opened his mouth as wide as it would go, a motion which forced his lips back to bear his teeth, then took hold of Cooper’s hips in order to drag himself down hard in a rapid, brutal pace, effectively skull-fucking himself.

All around them, the moans of their voyeurs were becoming breathless. Two of the men had already climaxed, their cum now cooling in small glasses (as was customary practice in the bar so that it may later be mixed with some other man’s drink or fed to a hungry cumdump), while the remainder were desperately close. Only the barman was not in an orgasmic stupor, for he had slipped from the bar and was now circling them slowly, his camera squared on Brad’s lustful expression.

As his new pet gorged himself, Cooper grinned: the old Brad was completely gone now. There was nothing left of the nervous virgin in his eyes, only the needy cock addict who had taken his place, and in truth that was what aroused Cooper the most. As far as he was concerned there was nothing hotter than corrupting innocent men like Brad into the kind of insatiable nymphomaniacs that frequented this bar, and the more pathetic they were, the more intense the thrill of ruining them; that’s why he’d chosen this sorry social reject in the first place.

Brad might have had a future had they not met. Perhaps he would have shed his nerves and met another man, someone who would adore and cherish him, who would make love to him late into the night and wake him with cuddles in the morning. He might have forged a fulfilling career for himself, maybe even started a family.

But none of that would happen now. And all it had taken was a simple drink.

The Twinkler was one of the most potent G-lixir infused beverages the bar sold, swirling with enough twink strain variant to foster an immediate addiction and transform even the strongest minds into cock-worshipping sluts. Cooper had seen it used on burly bulls and overweight businessmen – even a single Elixir addict with the body of a goddess duped into downing the wrong drink – and the result was always the same: in minutes the drinker was begging for domination, locked in a frail, skinny body with a meagre cock and tight holes no top could hope to resist. That was the life that awaited Brad now, and the knowledge that he was the one who’d dragged his new pet’s future into endless lust drove Cooper to the brink of orgasm.

Better still was the control he now had over his former ‘boyfriend’. Left to their own devices Twinkler-formed twinks would happily wander about tormenting any remotely attractive man they could find until one of them unleashed their sexual frustrations on said twink’s hungry holes. Naturally submissive as they were, however, they would follow the orders of any man. And if that man was under the influence of a Simply Seduction…

Whenever Cooper introduced a new twink to the bar, his drinks order was always the same. And once his new toy had succumbed to their Twinkler, he made use of the benefits his own beverage provided. He liked to bring them to the bar early, when only the rich or the desperate could spare the time to visit, a ploy which allowed him to seal his ownership over his victims. Right now his words were defiling Brad’s thoughts like a disease; his face was etching itself into his mind as a crippling addiction to Cooper’s body overwhelmed his senses. The Simply Seduction was infused with both a powerful stud strain and intense alpha male pheromonic chemicals specifically designed to induce a state of mindless adoration in weaker men – and they didn’t come more weak-willed than Twinkler twinks. By the time he was finished with Brad, it didn’t matter how many bulls fucked the brat into a babbling mess, he would always come running at his master’s call.

Better yet, with Brad’s morals now a distant memory, absolutely nothing was off limits.

Black man gives anal sex to white man atop billiards table

Cooper heard several murmurs of encouragement from the other men as he dragged Brad up and threw him onto the table, billiard balls skittering away like startled deer. The twink gasped, shocked at the sudden emptiness in his mouth, and by the time he had regained his bearings Cooper had stripped them both of their boxers.

The salacious top leaned over his prize, chuckling softly. ‘Look at you. Nothing but a pathetic little runt. The only thing you’re any use for is serving – it just took someone who had the balls to put you in your place to show you. I mean did you really think a man like me could actually be interested in a cunt like you?’ He laughed coldly. Then all at once his face was inches from Brad’s. His expression was thunderous, hateful, and a chilling smirk warped his features as he seized Brad’s diminutive cock, squeezing tight to induce a strangled cry in his pet. ‘You’re nothing to me but a set of holes. And you know the best bit? That’s all you want to be. I can do anything to you and you’ll always come back to me. I can degrade you and use you and throw you to the mercy of every bull in this place, and you’ll thank me for treating you so well. Isn’t that right, slut?’

‘Yes sir. I’m your pathetic plaything. Use me rough.’ There was no hesitation in Brad’s reply. The Twinkler had done its work and the cautionary voice in his head was now stifled completely. In truth his name no longer mattered; none of the men in the bar were ever going to use it anymore – certainly not Cooper – and in time it would grow foreign to him, somebody else’s name to which he would not respond when the only titles he knew were any of the degrading names his many lovers would spit his way as they used his needy body.

Brad’s willing submission drew another communal groan from their voyeurs. The sound sent a thrill up Cooper’s spine: this was what he lived for. Corrupting his victims was hot enough, but breaking them in before an audience just as depraved as himself was just about the most arousing thing he could imagine. Eager to put on an even more erotic show, he snatched up a bottle of lube and smeared it over his pulsing cock.

He caught the eye of one of the men – a toned man in a leather jacket and matching trousers presently bunched around his ankles – and winked before turning his attention back to Brad. ‘Use you rough? Well, if that’s what you want…’

Closing the distance between them he locked lips with his pet once more, the motion simultaneously driving him deep into Brad’s virgin hole. Brad’s hips rested on the table’s cushioned lip, elevating them a fraction higher than the rest of his torso to the perfect level for Cooper to use. With nothing to block his thrust he sank in as far as he could go, filling Brad so completely his stomach bulged.

Immediately Brad’s arms were around him, pulling him in closer so his broad chest pressed against the boy’s flushed cock. A long, sensual moan rolled from Brad’s lungs and down Cooper’s throat, sweet as a fine wine. As if catalysed by the sound, Cooper’s hips began to roll, slowly at first but with increasing vigour until the room rang with the slap of their clapping thighs. Before long Brad’s insatiable need for more compelled him to hook his raised legs over Cooper’s back, spreading himself wider in the process. Free to use his boy as hard and deep as he pleased, the burning pleasure of fucking ass swelled through Cooper’s powerful body.

The voyeurs were more animated now. Stripping naked they jerked off openly, some joining the lovers by the table to grope the new twink, others remaining in their seats to watch in comfort. And as their arousal surged so they began offering filthy encouragement.

‘Fuck that little bitch, fuck him deep.’

‘Look how bad he wants it. Filthy little cunt: give it to him.’

‘That’s it, ruin that hole.’

The new hands on his body along with the depraved enthusiasm in the voices of their voyeurs soon drove Brad into a state of naughty bliss. As his hips ached under Cooper’s persistent thrusting he lolled back onto the table, slutty giggles bubbling on his lips. One by one he teased every member of their audience, biting his lip and pulling orgasmic faces and locking eyes with them as he kissed Cooper hard and sloppy. At some point he came, a pitiful load spurting over his own chest even as his lover continued to pound him with no sign of his stamina fading.

Then, rather abruptly, there were more men in the bar. Filtering in, they eyed the fucking lovers greedily, at least a dozen clustering around the table as more and more continued to bolster their ranks.

As they arrived, Brad found himself salivating. One man arrived in a clergyman’s attire complete with dog collar, though Brad assumed it was merely an accessory to roleplay, for in his hand the man clutched the leash to a real dog collar worn around the neck of a young man in a revealing nurse costume. A handful of men arrived together, hair silver with age yet with the physique of much younger men – a result no doubt of the Macho Man cocktails they ordered – and promptly vanished up the neon-lit stairs. There were twinks and bulls, bears and leather daddies, rubber gimps and handsome men in business suits; every niche of gay fetish was represented among the crowd, and just the sight of them all made the eager cumdump ejaculate again.

‘This is when the fun really starts,’ Cooper growled once the room was thronging and the buzz of conversation filled the air. They had shifted position and now he was pounding Brad from behind with the twink bent over the table. ‘Oh you’re going to love it, bitch. It’s what you were made for; it’s what I made you for. Just wait until you’re dragged into one of the upstairs slings with more bulls than you can count swarming around you ready to use your dirty holes. Or riding a daddy outside on the sunbeds with other twinks doing the same all around you. You might even finish the night in the bed of one of those businessmen – it’s not like I need you now. Tomorrow I’ll be chatting up my next twink-to-be with the money from selling you in my pocket. That makes me happy: you do want me to be happy, don’t you?’

‘Yes, master,’ Brad whined, bucking his hips desperately against Cooper’s cock. ‘Use me, sell me, degrade me; anything to make you happy. My purpose is to serve.’

‘That’s right. You are my worthless cunt and I can do whatever the fuck I like to you. But even after I sell you, you’ll still belong to me, won’t you?’ Wrenching Brad up roughly by the hair, he twisted his pet around to face him. ‘You will come whenever I call. You will drop and choke on my cock anytime I ask. And when your new master brings you here and you find me ruining another twink like I ruined you, you will kneel to eat my ass while you wait your turn. Isn’t that right?’

Breathless with ecstasy, Brad came again, his meagre load speckling the velvet of the table. He could feel Cooper’s cum swirling around his insides, the cumulative build-up of half a dozen orgasms beginning to leak down his thighs even as his lover barrelled towards a seventh. His hole burned, his body ached, his cock throbbed so hard he thought it might shatter – yet all he wanted was more.

‘Yes sir,’ he said, ‘I’m your boy. Always…’

Black man and white man kiss while both shirtless

Thanks for reading!

As I mentioned in my comments for Scared ‘Straight’, these stories in the latter half of the month are the ones I’m most proud of, and as such of the three G-lixir stories I’ve put out this month, this is by far my favourite. It’s a bit of a slow-burn, I know, but as I was writing it that’s just how the story unfolded and I truly loved slowly dismantling Brad’s nervous psyche. Not to mention that constructing the kind of bar willing to sell G-lixir spiked drinks was a lot of fun, and I deeply wish there was a place like that I could visit right now. As my gay stories have probably highlighted I have a particular thing for submissive twinks, however my gay interests do range significantly wider than that and I will certainly be exploring those in future G-lixir stories.

The models in this scene are Phoenix Fellington and Collin Adams. I have linked Adams’ Helix Studios profile since it does him the most justice of any profile I could find. You should definitely check out his work if you’re into twink content, since he is an excellent twink model, and I personally feel his natural submissive aura really makes the supporting images for this piece.

While I pretty unfamiliar with Adams, the same cannot be said for Fellington. He is one of my favourite gay models, a proper sex fiend, and I have not yet been disappointed by any of his scenes. Since his PornHub profile is pretty bare I will also link his XVideos profile, but honestly wherever you are able to find his work it is all consistently hot and I highly recommend him for fans of gay content.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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