Models: Anna Polina & Kieran Lee

Maria was slumped in her office chair when she first heard the whispering.

Being a nurse was never an easy task, but Halloween was always a particularly long and exhausting shift. The day had driven her so hard that she was now onto her second whiskey of the night. The expensive bottle she kept stashed in her desk drawer was only there to take the edge off after a bad shift, but it was potent stuff, so Maria initially dismissed the rasping voices as a figment of her imagination.

But as they grew closer a chill prickled her spine and unexplainable fear embraced her, sobering her within a matter of seconds.

The voices were ethereal and cold. Hoarse as death, they had a sinister rattling quality, as if using vocal chords ruined by decay. Somehow, although Maria could hear a whole host of voices, they were all one and the same, all hissing in old, forgotten words.

Her heart almost stopped once the mist came seeping through the vent.

Vivid crimson and thick as fog, it moved with a life of its own, pressing inexorably through the air towards her. It was more than mere vapour; she could see eyes and fangs in its depths, or at least what looked like eyes and teeth, but with the constant shifting and swirling of the mist, there might have been nothing there at all.

Maria could not have known that the creature before her was a succubus. She could not have known that the veil between worlds was thinnest tonight, on All Hallow’s Eve, allowing it to claw its way up from the pits of Hell. And she certainly could not have known that her exhaustion had drawn it in like a shark smelling blood.

All she knew was that a monster was in her office. She opened her mouth to scream. But the shriek never came.

The succubus crossed the room in a heartbeat. Before Maria knew what was happening the demonic mist was pouring down her throat, swirling up her nose. It even penetrated her eyes. Within seconds the creature was in her mind, warping and twisting, corrupting and consuming, effortlessly taking over.

With her mind and body worn out by the day’s work, Maria had no resistance to fight the intruder; her possession was complete before the final wisps of red mist had disappeared between her lips. And with nothing to challenge its control, the hedonistic succubus immediately set about transforming its new host.

Maria’s scream finally emerged, only it came out as an orgasmic moan. Raw, white-hot pleasure swept through her body just beneath the surface, her veins standing out crimson as the succubus crafted a new body for her.

Although far from unattractive, middle age had taken its toll on Maria’s looks. Her skin was pale from endless hours spent beneath clinical white light and her figure was lean, betraying years of missed meals.

At the mercy of the succubus’ power though, a mesmerising seductress blossomed from the ageing nurse.

Maria’s figure filled out rapidly, her tits and ass swelling far bigger than they had ever been during her youth. The sudden growth popped the buttons from her white shirt, while her black skirt split apart at the seams, leaving her black panties and stockings on show. Pushed to its limit, her bra threatened to burst at any moment under the stress from her fat tits jiggling and bouncing as she writhed with pleasure. Her greying hair flushed through with glossy brown, tumbling free of her tight bun and down to tickle her delicate collarbones. And through the curtains of new hair, Maria’s features were both familiar yet foreign: her face was fuller in every way, from the pout of her lips to the bright lust in her mischievous eyes.

The succubus saw to every minute detail. Maria’s cracked nails became glossy red claws; the bags under her eyes faded as smoky shadow applied itself to her lids; her newly plumped lips practically glowed with fresh scarlet lipstick; the imperfections of her skin were wiped away, right down to the tiniest blemishes and the faintest stretchmarks, leaving her flesh utterly flawless. Even her simple silver necklace unfurled into an ornate plastron of gleaming black beads that settled into her deep cleavage.

It was almost impossible to tell how old the new Maria was. She could have just as easily been twenty or fifty, yet her ageless looks only added to her allure, giving her the aura of a goddess given human form.

‘Yes,’ Maria groaned, a delirious smile on her lips. ‘Corrupt me. Reshape me. Make me your perfect slutty vessel.’

Somewhere inside her, the succubus smiled. The demonic entity had stripped away most of Maria’s psyche, burning up all her kindness and compassion. What was left behind was a cocktail of lust and pride, but it still came as a surprise that Maria was enjoying this all so much: most of the time, once transformed, hosts were simply hollow vessels. But the succubus had unearthed something slutty in Maria, something deliciously depraved. By the time the transformation was over, two had become one: their minds magically blended together, it was impossible to tell where Maria ended and the succubus began.

‘Maria? Maria are you in here?’

The moment Doctor Davies’ head appeared around the doorframe, he fell prey to Maria’s supernatural new charms. Her eyes flared red as she mentally reached out and sank seductive claws into his mind. Faced with Maria’s erotic, exposed new body, he was too distracted to even realise she was in his head.

Maria fixed him with eyes of pure lust.

‘Well, you’ve found me, Doctor Davies. The question is, now you’re here, what exactly are you going to do with me?’

The doctor stared at her, his mouth hinging open and closed uselessly. Wearing an impish expression she sank down onto the examination bed. ‘Lost for words, Doctor? Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of ideas to keep us busy all night long.’ With a snap of her fingers, her bra folded down, revealing the plump orbs of her perfect tits. She gave him a coy smile. ‘How about you come and examine me, Doctor. I promise you’ll enjoy it.’

Already a slave to her words, Doctor Davies trotted obediently over without so much as a word of resistance. It didn’t matter that Maria was unrecognisable from the woman he knew, nor that there was a stranger in her office exposing herself to him. All that mattered was the sudden urge he felt to grope her divine body – an urge he was powerless to deny.

Maria groaned as his strong hands closed over her tits.

He was not gentle. Squeezing and gripping her bosom hard, he eyed her breasts hungrily as the soft flesh bulged between his fingers. Maria’s aura of seduction washed over him, seeping into his pores and bathing his mind with raw lust: seconds ago, he hadn’t even known who she was, but now he needed her more than life itself. His wedding ring gleamed against her flesh, totally forgotten.

‘That’s it,’ Maria purred, her voice composed of pure desire. ‘Feel my body, baby. Manhandle me like you’re paying for it. I’m all yours, gorgeous. I’m yours to worship.’

The succubus’ power throbbed intoxicatingly through Maria’s body. As the creature’s host, there was no greater sensation than seducing a lover to play with her body: it was what she lived for now, her sole purpose to corrupt and manipulate. Her entire body ached with arousal, right down to her twisted soul. But she knew that a little groping was only the beginning; by the time the night was up, she and the doctor would be united in all-consuming depravity.

And she knew just how to make use of her new slave.

With a wicked smile, she peered up at him with her vivid red gaze. ‘Speaking of worship, a true believer should be down on their knees when in the presence of their goddess.’

Maria did not even give the doctor the chance to respond of his own free will. Instead she held up a hand and took control of his body. Of course, she knew he would have obeyed her orders without question: he was already addicted to her after all. But somehow the illusion of forcing him into submission made things even hotter.

Her magic guiding his every move, she brought her arm slowly down towards the floor, giggling girlishly as his body followed. Soon he was knelt beside the bed.

With a snap of her fingers, Maria’s coat and panties were gone. Her tight pussy twinkled.

Bracing herself on one arm, she slipped her free hand into the doctor’s short, greying hair. ‘I think it’s time you pledge your loyalty to me, my love.’ And with that, she pulled him into her waiting sex.

An erotic chuckle bubbled on Maria’s lips as her former boss lapped hungrily at her tight pussy. The tip of his tongue pirouetted around her clit, brushing over it in delicate flicks that sent shudders through her fleshy figure. Eager to please, he slipped a finger unprompted into her hole which was soon pumping in and out right down to the knuckle, yet he never looked away from her piercing crimson eyes. They were hypnotic, the raw lustful magic in them boring into his soul.

Every fibre of Maria’s being ached with arousal. It had been years since she was last fucked, but even then she had never felt pleasure like this. It felt as if all her blood had been drained away and replaced by liquid lust, white hot in her veins and impossible to resist.

The succubus was in a similar state. After eons locked away in Hell, it had seized the chance at escape without a second thought, well aware of what incredible pleasures awaited it once it had a host. But this was ecstasy on another level: not only had it chanced upon a willing host, but the sensations of her flesh were beyond anything the succubus could have ever imagined.

United in their euphoria, they groaned as one. They were the same. They might have originated in separate worlds, but deep down they were both creatures of carnal lust and mindless depravity.

And now there was nothing to stop them indulging all their wildest fetishes and fantasies.

In a blur of motion, Doctor Davies found himself on his back. It was impossible to tell whether Maria had simply magicked him into the position, or if she possessed some form of supernatural speed, but either way, one second he was on his knees with his face was buried between her thighs, the next they had swapped places. Now he was sprawled on the bed, his hard cock released and standing to attention while Maria nestled between his legs with a devilish gleam in her hellish eyes.

Orgasmic agony engulfed him as she squeezed her plump tits around his shaft.

‘Oh fuck,’ he gasped, his dick twitching as she bounced her breasts. Erotic heat blossomed over his cock, the softness of her skin driving him to the brink of mania. He opened his mouth to gasp again, but then he felt her tongue glide over the head of his cock and the sound died in his throat: the pleasure was simply too much for words.

‘You like that, stud?’ Maria purred, tormenting him with words even as she teased him with her body. ‘I thought you might. Mmmh, you’re so hard. That’s what I want, my love. I want you so hard you can’t even think straight – after all, your cock is the first this body will ever take, so I want to make sure you’ll be able to satisfy my needs. I really am a horny little devil.’

She grinned a grin of pure mania. As she did so, the doctor saw her pretty smile flicker into a leer of long, sharp fangs, and a pair of black horns curl from her scalp. Her tongue become forked and serpentine, coiling around his dick like a scarlet python.

Her demonic visage only broke through for a moment, then it was gone.

Not that the doctor cared. His mind was hers; no matter what form she took, he would obey her without question.

‘We’re going to do such terribly naughty things together,’ Maria hissed. Her eyes were so bright they actually glowed. ‘A body like mine deserves to be worshipped. That’s why once we’re finished here you’re going to help me find new lovers to do exactly that. Every night you and I will corrupt a new acolyte, and you’ll get to watch as I transform them into hunky studs and sexy sluts worthy of fucking my perfect body. Soon I will have my own cult of hedonists who will ensure I never need to want for pleasure ever again.’

She squeezed her tits even harder around his shaft, drawing a breathless gasp from his lips. ‘But that can wait. Both of us have been waiting far too long to feel a thick cock stretching our holes. Now our wait is over.’

Once again, their roles were reversed in a heartbeat. Doctor Davies only blinked and yet he suddenly found himself stood over Maria, her divine body spread out on the bed and one leg raised up against his shoulder. The head of his cock was already nestled in the folds of her sex. All he had to do was thrust.

Placing one broad hand on her torso, he curled the other around her raised ankle, shivering as he ran his fingers over her stockings.

‘I am yours,’ he breathed, still staring into her mesmerising eyes.

A wicked smile played on Maria’s blood red lips. ‘Prove it.’

Without hesitation, Doctor Davies drove inside her. Their united moans echoed through the room as he took up a powerful rhythm.

But as his groans grew ever more orgasmic, Maria’s evolved into something else: laughter. Her tits bouncing, her flesh rippling with every thrust, slutty laughter tumbled from her lips as she willingly surrendered herself to mindless lust in ways only a true whore can…

Thanks for reading!

There’s not much to say about this story, to be honest. Only one thing springs to mind: Anna Polina is hot as fuck. Polina is a model I have loved for years now, and I often find myself wanting to showcase her work but for some reason I don’t often get around to doing so. Including this piece, I can count on one hand how many blog stories she has shown up in, and although I’ve been wanting to write a Club Fantasy story for her for a while, finding the time to write longform pieces like those is increasingly difficult.

I really hope I can include more of her work on here in the future, and I give all my readers full authority to pester me about doing so if I forget. She is simply too hot not to write about at least once every few months.


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    1. Thanks for the feedback! I don’t currently have any plans to follow Maria’s story further than this, but Anna Polina is a stunning model I absolutely love so never say never!

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