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Leaning forward to allow Jonas a better view of Amanda’s impressive cleavage, Vicky savoured the hungry gleam in his eye. She knew where this was going even if he didn’t yet, and the thought of him putting all his lust into action was already making her wet.

‘I take it you like what you see?’ Vicky said, her words coming out in Amanda’s voice. No matter how many hosts she hopped, she’d never get used to hearing a new voice coming through the lips she’d stolen.

Jonas leaned forward, nodding without looking up at her face. ‘I sure do. I can’t believe I never thought to try this sooner. All the times that cold bitch has made my life a misery. Now I finally get some payback.’

Vicky smiled. Jonas was a handsome man. And with access to Amanda’s desires, she knew her host had a similar perception of him. His slicked back hair, his broad shoulders, his roguish smile – he was the kind of man most women fantasised about on the quiet nights when their husbands weren’t around. In another life, Vicky suspected Amanda might even have acted on her attraction to him. But her host had fought tooth and claw to achieve her position as CEO of one of the country’s most influential banking firms, defending her role from a whole slew of misogynists in the process, and she refused to yield her hard as nails persona for any man, no matter how hot.

Still, their mutual attraction was what was going to make it so easy for Vicky to manipulate them both.

‘I’m glad you’re satisfied with our deal.’ She rested a hand on the designer leather handbag sat beside her on the sofa. ‘The papers are in here. All I need from you is a signature.’ She paused. ‘However, before you sign you should know I’ve also bought another contract. An alternative I believe we’ll both prefer.’

One eyebrow raised, Jonas took a sip of his whiskey. Or rather, Amanda’s whiskey, since they were conducting their business in his boss’s luxury home over a disgustingly expensive bottle selected from her selection. ‘I’m listening,’ he said.

Vicky squeezed Amanda’s tits together a little more. ‘Our current arrangement is fairly simple. Amanda fired you after she found out you were sleeping with an intern, and you want payback. To get it, you have me sext a member of the directorial board as her before leaking the photos to the press, destroying her reputation and everything she has worked to achieve. All in exchange for a handsome sum, of course. But if you ask me that’s very cookie cutter.

‘My proposition is a little more… radical. You see, as a bodyhopper, I’m not only capable of suppressing Amanda’s consciousness. I can also… manipulate it a little as well. Say, for instance, slipping in a few desires here and there. Adding a few persistent sexual fantasies. Implanting a crush on a guy she never knew she liked. And from there… well, anything could happen.’

In one smooth motion, Vicky unfolded her legs and spread them wide. The movement revealed the semi-sheer lace panties she had worn specially to tempt him. Her legs were wrapped in glossy stockings, another handpicked addition to her outfit.

Vicky saw the devious glint in Jonas’s eyes as he caught her meaning. Knowing she had him, she pressed on.

‘The way I see it, your boss is loaded. Certainly rich enough that she wouldn’t miss a few tens of thousands going missing here and there. So how about we cut a new deal? I fill her head with lust for you, and in return we set up a recurring payment to me from her bank account. We can settle on the exact number later, but I was thinking around 25K. I’m set up for life. You get to date your smoking hot, hyper rich boss. And she gets to finally live out her deepest desires. Everyone’s a winner.’

There was no doubt Jonas had already made up his mind: Vicky had been playing this game long enough to know when she had her client where she wanted them. Still, he was smart enough not to agree instantly. Smart enough to put business before pleasure. She respected that.

‘What’s the catch?’ he asked.

‘No catch. Just a proviso. If you sign, you agree to make sure the payments don’t stop. I might be able to make Amanda crave you but she won’t be a mindless trophy partner. If you piss her off or betray her, she’ll still dump your ass. If it came to that and she cancelled those payments, then it won’t be her I come after. It’ll be you.’ A chilling gleam frosted her gaze. ‘You know what I can do. You know you’ll never see me coming. I could be anyone. I could jump you anytime I like and ruin your life before hopping out and leaving you to deal with the consequences. So if you want things to go your way, I suggest you keep her satisfied.’

The ghost of a smile played on Jonas’s lips. ‘That’s quite a serious stipulation. I think I might need a little convincing before I sign my life away.’

Vicky raised an eyebrow with a conspiratorial smirk. ‘I was hoping you might say that.’

Sinking to her hands and knees Vicky crawled across to Jonas. She pushed him back amongst the cushions of the sofa with one hand while the other made short work of his belt and fly. His lengthy cock swung free instantly – he had been rock hard since the moment Vicky came slinking into the room wearing Amanda’s body, and the sight of her lace-clad crotch had only intensified his arousal.

Her eyes fixed on his, she dipped her head and took his shaft between her soft lips.

For a few seconds he was frozen still, eyes wide and mouth half-open. Then a Cheshire cat grin spread over his face, he closed his eyes with an erotic sigh, and his head lolled back into the sofa, savouring every second.

‘Holy fuck, you’re so good at this,’ he groaned. ‘Then again, I suppose you’ve had a lot of practice. Do you think you can implant your oral skills in her head too?’

Pulling back briefly, Vicky spat on his dick and stroked it into the shaft. ‘I’m sure than can be arranged. Assuming you’re willing to sign the contract, of course.’ Then she’d gone down again, her lips gliding back and forth expertly over his manhood. Her cleavage jiggled as she bobbed up and down, providing him a very appealing view whenever he peered down at her.

‘Oh, I don’t think we need to rush any decisions just yet,’ Jonas smirked. He folded his arms behind his head and shuffled his hips a little further over the edge of the sofa to allow her better access. The sordid wet slurping sounds already filling the room intensified further.

By now, Vicky knew full well that the contract was as good as signed, so she took the opportunity to enjoy herself. After all, this was the reason she loved her job; it was one thing to take control of another person’s body and explore all the little ways they experienced the world differently than everyone else, but it was an entirely different thing to take that body for a hedonistic spin. To have their lust roaring through her insides like rocket fuel she could channel into any and every conceivable act of depravity. Nothing could compare to that.

In their true form, V often fluctuated back and forth between whether they preferred to hop men or women. On the one hand, most men provided an underlying physical strength that was as intoxicating as the unique thrill of an erection (although V had jumped a female bodybuilder once before, which was a hell of a trip). On the other hand, the soft sensuality most female hosts offered – along with the indescribable ecstasy of a dick, be it real or silicone, sinking into their pussy – was equally enticing.

Right now though, Vicky couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather be. And it had nothing to do with the chance to gorge herself on a hot, hung stud like Jonas. No, the real thrill was knowing that she had just given Amanda complete control over the man who had intended to ruin her.

Because while Jonas was undoubtedly an arrogant prick, Vicky knew the prospect of being hunted down by a vengeful bodyhopper would be threat enough to keep him in line. Having read Amanda’s thoughts, Vicky knew how long it had been since her host ever allowed herself to explore any kind of pleasure or indulgence. But from now on, Jonas would do anything to keep Amanda happy. Obviously in doing so he would reap the erotic rewards of her smoking hot body on a daily basis, but at the same time Amanda would spend her life being treated like a queen. So as far as the bodyhopper was concerned, she was only doing what was best for her host – albeit in a sordid, twisted sort of way.

Still, that didn’t mean Vicky couldn’t have her own fun with Amanda’s body before she hopped out. And right now, she was craving much more than a mere blowjob.

Pulling up with frothy saliva dribbling down her chin, she smiled up at Jonas sweetly. ‘You know, nowhere in the contract have I specified how long I’ll stay in Amanda’s body. And no matter how horny I make her, I promise you I’m an even hotter fuck. Besides,’ she added, a devilish glint in her eye, ‘nobody said we had to seal the deal in ink. In fact, I prefer doing business in a more intimate fashion.’

Driven by primal lust, Jonas swept her up into his arms and stormed off to the bedroom, kissing her forcefully as they went. Vicky wasn’t sure exactly how long she would stay in Amanda’s body – bodyhoppers like her tended to be wayward souls who didn’t often stay in the same host for too long. But once Jonas threw her down onto the bed and showed her all the pleasures Amanda herself would be enjoying from now on, she decided it couldn’t hurt to stick around for a few days at least. Maybe a week. Or two. After all, Vicky was just as much a businesswoman as her host, so she was dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. That was just good business.

And if she happened to indulge in blissfully orgasmic satisfaction in the process – well, that was just a perk of the job…

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I’m pretty sure none of my readers will even remember this – primarily because I didn’t until I was trying to save this file and received an error message – but I’ve actually written a story called ‘Just Good Business’ before. Which as far as I’m aware makes this the first time I’ve ever repeated a title. Having said that, the story was released on Tumblr, so that tells you how long ago it was since I haven’t been active on there for the last three years. Still, I really don’t mind reusing it here because to be honest I consider this a far superior story and the title just suits it better in my opinion.

Some of you may have realised by now that this isn’t Vicky’s first time on my blog. In fact she showed up in a Gaypril story from 2022 where she was portrayed by the inimitable Natalie Mars. Honestly I hadn’t even realised it had been that long since Vicky – or rather, V, as they are called when not in a host – had shown up, and I loved revisiting the character because as far as I’m concerned they offer a bottomless pit of opportunities. I very rarely write bodyhopping stories, but the more I write involving V, the more I want to involving bodyhopping as an overall genre. I do have ideas for other stories involving V, and maybe I’ll branch out to other characters at some point too, but just know that it definitely won’t be another two years until my next bodyhopping story!

Next week I have a new instalment to another long neglected storyline, so make sure you don’t miss that one.

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