Models: Alexis Fawx & Angela White

‘Oh fuck! Oh my god, this is incredible! I can’t… so horny… feels so good… oh fuck!

Kneeling on the leather ottoman, Angelica writhed and convulsed as the effects of the pill roared through her body. Her skin glistened with sweat and her orgasmic groans filled the room with an atmosphere of arousal so intense Johnny had to fight off the urge to slip his hand down his pants. His chest heaved and his crotch throbbed, yet even as he watched his wife’s erotic metamorphosis he wasn’t sure what was turning him on most: the fact that she was enjoying it all so much, or the fact she was transforming herself while wearing his body.

The two of them had been dabbling in body queaning for several months, but Johnny had never believed for a second Angelica would do something like this. Yet here she was in the throes of transformation, forcing Johnny to watch as the X-Change pill ravaged his true body before his eyes.

Angelica’s once lean, masculine figure was ballooning, subtle yet firm muscles vanishing beneath layers of soft flesh. A massive pair of tits bulged out from her chest, swelling inexorably larger and larger with no apparent termination in sight. The same expansion had overwhelmed her ass and thighs, which were engorging as if being inflated by unseen tubes. Every blemish and scar and bruise faded from her skin, every last strand of body hair shrank back to leave her flawlessly smooth to the touch. Crooked toes became dainty; knobbly knees lost their lumpiness; wrinkles faded and her patchy complexion shifted to a naturally warm hue all over.

Like a river bursting its banks, her thinning hair abruptly erupted into a thick cascade of lustrous locks. Dark roots spilled down into candy pink waves that broke over her bare shoulders and still expanding breasts. The pastel surge framed a changing face. Her prominent nose pinched at the bridge and the tip; her deep sockets shallowed as her lashes drew out into long fluttering canopies over eyes swimming with sordid intent; her thin cracked lips filled out into a glossy pout; her broad jaw narrowed and her stubbly cheeks flushed rosy red as they lost their hair.

Throughout it all, Angelica’s cock had gone untouched. The mind-bending ecstasy of her transformation had her manhood rock hard and throbbing. Yet now it shrank away in barely the blink of an eye. The transforming woman gave a primal shriek and her entire body tightened, her back arching and her eyes rolling like a person possessed. Then, drained of energy, she collapsed down again, a tight pussy twinkling in the place her dick had once been.

For a minute or so Angelica lay there catching her breath, her immense chest heaving. Then, rising to her knees she fixed Johnny with a sultry look. ‘So? How do I look babe?’

Johnny didn’t have the words to tell her. When she had arrived she had already been wearing the fishnet leotard, which while she was in Johnny’s body had made her look utterly ridiculous. Now though, the stretchy material hugged her knee-weakening curves, the pastel shade matched her pink hair, and the gaps in the mesh provided enticing glimpses at the incredible bounty of flesh waiting for anyone willing to peel the garment off her. Her hard nipples poked through the holes while the folds of her pussy twinkled with moist arousal. She oozed sin from every pore and Johnny knew without a shadow of a doubt she was the hottest woman he had ever seen. She was the kind of sultry bombshell he thought only existed in sexual fantasies, yet she was kneeling before him nonetheless. A living, breathing wet dream.

Angelica smiled impishly. ‘Well, given you’re speechless and you can’t stop playing with my pussy, I suppose that means I look pretty good.’

Johnny had been so enthralled by her transformation he hadn’t even realise he was masturbating. Still, at some point instinct must have taken over for now he found the crotch of his own leotard undulating as he toyed with his clit. Or rather – given he was currently inhabiting his wife’s body – Angelica’s clit. Jerking his hand out he bumbled excuses, his fingers glistening with erotic juices.

But Angelica was too distracted to pay his embarrassment any attention. ‘You know, maybe it’s this new body going to my head, but I don’t think I’ve ever found you hotter than I do right now. I know you’re in my body so it’s very vain to say, but fuck do you look hot.’ She stalked closer and Johnny’s pulse quickened. ‘I just want to explore all your curves and bury my face between those thighs. And those tits – holy shit. They’re so perfect. I’m sorry, I just can’t resist.’

Before Johnny could respond, his transformed wife had pounced on him with mania in her eyes. Tugging down the bust of his leotard she seized his fat tits in a firm grasp and immediately latched onto the closest one with her lips.

Johnny had spent many nights in Angelica’s body doing all sorts of sordid things. But he had never experienced anything like this.

Swirling her tongue around Johnny’s nipple she sucked on him hungrily, the tight seal of her lips sending tingles through Johnny’s bosom. At the same time there was a dull yet erotic ache as Angelica rolled her head from side to side. Each motion drew gasps from her husband, yet nothing compared to the agile darting of Angelica’s tongue. Of course, he knew she had taken a few steps down the sapphic path in her younger years, but that was before they met. Even so, her new body seemed utterly insatiable and whether it was instinct of the flesh or merely her old experiences coming back to her, she was worshipping Johnny’s tits like a true lesbian slut.

A blend of shock and desire swirled through Johnny’s mind. This certainly wasn’t how he had expected the night to go – he’d intended to spend it tangled up in the arms of a horny client, their hands on his body, his holes theirs to make love to, his face a canvas for their pearly cum or pussy nectar. So the arrival of his wife in his body informing him she was his client for the night had come as quite a surprise even before she transformed.

Then again, with every passing second that surprise mellowed a little more. Because Angelica’s ravenous sluttiness was supercharging his arousal.

Johnny’s body was already sensitive – it always was when they switched. The tight fit of his black mesh leotard sent tingles up his spine, as did the warm air playing over his skin, most of which was brazenly exposed. Johnny’s roots were dark though they fell into wavy purple tresses that cascaded over golden shoulders then on down his back like an amethyst waterfall. His curves were just as stunning as those his wife now possessed and most men would have found it difficult to decide which of the two voluptuous beauties was more attractive.

Even so, the longer Angelica groped and stroked and gorged on his tits, the more intense the sensation seemed to become. Unable to stop himself he groaned as pleasure washed through him. When he looked down he found her fierce eyes staring at him, gleaming with lust so bright it was almost hypnotic.

Between his groans, Johnny tried to voice his confusion. ‘I… I don’t understand… I… oh fuck… why… why are you… oh… oh yes… I thought you were at home… I… mmmh…’

Angelica pulled away, leaving rings of lipstick around Johnny’s nipples. ‘Hush now, baby, you don’t need to worry about a thing. I’ll explain everything. But I shouldn’t be the only one having fun. Come here and let mummy calm you down.’

Like a child packing her toys away for safekeeping, Angelica pulled Johnny’s leotard back up over his throbbing tits before pushing him to his knees on the ottoman. With a devious smile she released her own immense rack, chuckling as Johnny tried and failed to stop his eyes bulging. Then, clasping him by the cheeks she pulled his pretty face into the depths of her cleavage.

Once he was in place, Angelica looped both arms around his neck to hold him in position. At the same time she used her upper arms to squeeze her breasts against his face until he was almost completely hidden from view. Soon only his eyes were visible amongst the mass of flesh.

Angelica’s embrace was firm and unyielding, though in truth it was also unnecessary: Johnny had no desire to resist. Even when he was a man, being sandwiched between Angelica’s breasts was his kryptonite, capable of draining all his defiance in a heartbeat. That weakness had only intensified after they started body queaning and he began to spend time with female clients – though none of them had tits as perfect as Angelica’s new rack. As such, the moment she pulled him in all the confusion simply died away and he simply smiled giddily.

Looking down at her subdued husband, Angelica explained herself.

‘It’s time I was honest with you, baby: I never actually wanted to switch bodies with you. All this body queaning, it was never about spicing up our relationship or experiencing life as a guy. It was just a way to make you my puppet. A way to mess with your mind and manipulate your desires until you reached the point where you loved life more in my body than in yours. Although I will say, it was fucking hot knowing you were whoring yourself out in my body. The ache of my holes when we switched back was… Let’s just say I can definitely see the appeal of queaning purely for the fun of it.’ She shivered with arousal, her warm breasts jiggling against Johnny’s face.

‘The thing is, I needed more than you, baby,’ she continued. ‘I’m sorry, it’s just who I am – one lover isn’t enough for me. I tried to pretend I could settle but the more I tried to ignore my wild days, the more I pined for them and finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

‘But I really do love you. I didn’t want to break your heart, so I figured if I could show you what it was like to be like me – if I could make you enjoy the nymphomania – then maybe we could still be together. That’s why I suggested we started body queaning. I knew if I gave you free reign to indulge in all my desires sooner or later you’d fall in love with it all: the lust, the sex, the body of a deviant goddess. And while you were fucking and sucking your nights away in this sleazy hotel, I was watching endless reels of porn so that even when we switched back your mind would be swimming with filthy thoughts.’

Pulling her husband in even closer, she smirked as his hands tightened around her waist. Stroking his face she felt his frantic pulse in his temples. ‘Once I was confident my body had corrupted you, I booked tonight’s slot so I could have you all to myself. I thought about popping the pill before I arrived and breaking the news to you once we’d finished fucking. But I wanted you to see me change. I wanted you to see me enjoy it. I wanted you to watch your body disappear forever.’

Johnny’s eyes went wide, though even as they did so his pupils dilated, shock mingling with arousal. Angelica smiled. ‘That’s right baby, your old life is over now. That wasn’t just a normal X-Change I took. It was X-Change Plus Buxom. So not only did it turn your body into a soft, stacked, curvy bombshell, it also made the change permanent. This is who you are now. When we switch back this is the body you’ll return to. As you can see, I made sure it was suitable for a naughty nympho like you babe. Fit for a quean, you might say.’

Angelica pressed her brow against Johnny’s. ‘Listen baby, I’ll always love you. You were my king. But I much prefer you as my queen. I hope you can understand.’

For several long seconds the room fell silent save for the thump of their hearts and the gentle buzz of the neon lights. Then Johnny used his hold on her waist to shove Angelica down into the cushioned armchair behind her.

Disoriented by the fall, for a heartbeat Angelica panicked she had miscalculated – that her lies had shattered the trust of their love and pushed Johnny away forever.

But the next second a lustful gasp burst from her lips as Johnny buried his face between her thighs.

Pleasure arching her back, Angelica’s head pressed into the red satin cushions as she smiled and moaned all at once. ‘I… I’m assuming this means you’re not mad at me?’

Johnny said nothing – he was far too preoccupied feasting on her sex to reply. Instead, he pulled the crotch of her leotard further aside and pressed himself against her harder. With her legs parted wide her pussy was defenceless against his oral assault and though he soon had her squirming with ecstasy his grip on her calves was surprisingly strong, preventing her from closing them even if the pleasure became too much.

Erotic perspiration beaded on Angelica’s brow as her groans filled the room. Her frantic gasps set her tits jiggling and bouncing, a sight which only seemed to encourage Johnny all the more: not that she could blame him. Her incredible body was at his mercy and she knew if – or rather when – their roles were reversed, she would take great pleasure in driving her husband’s new form wild with orgasmia.

Still, she wasn’t sure even she could compete with Johnny’s sheer insatiability. His tongue danced over her sex with such speed and skill she could barely process the pleasure. Despite the fact her body was brand new he seemed to know every possible way to turn her on. 

‘Woah… you… you really learned a lot from your female clients,’ Angelica panted, her cheeks flushed. He was playing her body like a musical prodigy and she never wanted it to stop.

As the euphoria began to build she seized the ebony arms of the chair so hard her knuckles went white. By now her sensual cries rang through the room drowning out all other sound, and she had no doubt the whole hotel could hear them; she silently thanked herself Johnny’s hotel room was in the sleazy part of town. The hotel’s proximity to the city’s sex clubs and strip joints had been the original reason for choosing it – perfect hunting grounds for Johnny to find his first clients when they started queaning – but now it ensured nobody came complaining they were too loud. In fact, anyone listening in would probably enjoy her vocality.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, Johnny sank back on his haunches. For over a minute all Angelica could do was try to catch her breath, her ample chest heaving and her entire body shaking.

When she finally looked down at Johnny she found him smiling up at her. Smiling with her own lips. It was the same mischievous smile Angelica had given him when she first suggested they trade bodies, only now the lower half of his face was smeared with twinkling pussy juices. Deep down, she knew this whole thing was beyond twisted, yet somehow that only made it all the more erotic.

‘You know,’ she said, her voice slightly hoarse, ‘when we switch back, you’re going to need a new name.’

‘Joanna. It’s the name I’ve gone by with all my clients. Do you like it, baby?’

Angelica smiled. Leaning forward she cupped the woman’s chin in her hand and planted a soft kiss on her lips. ‘Joanna,’ she repeated slowly. ‘I love it. The perfect name for my perfect wife.’

Joanna shivered. Oddly it didn’t feel strange being called Angelica’s wife: after all, Johnny had basically been playing that role for the last few months. Yet hearing the phrase from her lips for the first time was unexpectedly arousing and when Joanna met Angelica’s gaze, both their eyes swirled with lust.

‘So, when you said you wanted to relive your wild days, I’m assuming that meant you had something in mind for after you corrupted me?’

Angelica smiled. ‘You could say that. I mean, you’ve already built quite a name for yourself in this part of town. It would be a pity to waste that hard work. Besides, just think how much more people will be willing to pay for the chance to spend the night with two busty nymphos instead of just one.’

Joanna matched her wife’s smile. ‘You’re saying you want to escort together?’

‘Fuck yes. I can’t think of anything hotter. After all, it’s like I said: I still love you. Always have, always will. And now we get to fulfil all our naughtiest, kinkiest, dirtiest fantasies side by side. You and me, baby. Together forever.’

‘I like the sound of that,’ Joanna said. Then a devious gleam entered her eye. ‘But we don’t have to rush things. After all, we’re not due to switch back until the morning. And you did pay for this slot, so technically speaking I’m at your service for the rest of the night. I’m all yours, beautiful – do with me what you will.’

Angelica’s smile broke into a wicked grin. ‘Now there’s an offer no self-respecting nympho could possibly refuse…’

Thanks for reading!

Okay, here’s the short note to this one: I absolutely fucking love this story.

And here’s the long note. This is one of those stories where everything just slotted together. I’ve had this gallery on my to-caption list for absolutely ages. Yet whenever I tried to brainstorm ideas for it, none of them ever felt like they did the hotness of the scene justice. So I left it and left it and started wondering if I’d ever use it at all.

Then, fairly recently (which, given my timeliness, obviously means several months ago) the concept of body queaning came to my attention and inspiration hit. The concept for this story just seemed to fit so perfectly with the visuals in my mind, and it was so stupidly hot to me that I just had to write it. I am so, so glad I waited for the right idea, because I genuinely can’t imagine a different gallery going with this idea or vice versa. Of course, it ended up being romantic in a very twisted kind of way, but at this point that’s basically my brand so I can’t imagine anybody will be surprised.

So basically what I’m saying is that if there are any erotica writers out there with a gallery they love but no idea to go with it, don’t be afraid to bide your time and wait for things to develop of their own accord.


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