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Holding up the bright pink X-Change pill, Harry gave Xavier a devious smile. ‘Down the hatch.’

Immediately the pill’s familiar erotic heat washed over him. No matter how many times he took it, the orgasmic thrill of transformation was something he would never get used to, and he groaned as the drug set to work on corrupting him into his salacious, sordid, slutty alter ego.

Before Xavier’s eyes, Harry was shrinking. Though far from a jock Harry was nonetheless athletic, with broad shoulders and a toned physique, but all that was dissolving like frost on a spring morning. In a matter of seconds Harry lost over a foot in height. At the same time his entire frame contracted and slimmed down, his body mass dwindling rapidly until he sported a delicate, waifish figure – five foot nothing and barely heavy enough to leave footprints in fresh snow. His skin paled several shades as his mop of brown curls unfurled into pristine blonde locks that splayed over narrowed shoulders.

With his general frame in place, feminine assets soon surfaced. A pair of perky tits pushed out from his formerly toned chest, the nipples hard with arousal. This new version of Harry was so small that his ass had to actually shrink to reach the right size, but in doing so it rounded and softened in just the right way to form a peachy rump Xavier found himself itching to grope. Harry’s lips tweaked into a smile altogether more glossy and feminine than before, and it was through these lips that he gave a giddy gasp as the X-Change struck his nether regions. His cock shrank back abruptly as if his body actively wanted to be rid of it, supplanted in a heartbeat by a tight pussy twinkling with arousal. His lids fluttered with the pleasure; when his eyes opened again they were made up with eyeshadow and mascara and shone with a gleam both innocent and impish in equal measure.

By the time Harry’s transformation was over he was a petite package of lust. As a man, the ensemble of flowery vest and denim hotpants had looked absolutely ridiculous. But now they fitted his new body like a glove, the material hugging his soft, fuckable figure.

With a contented sigh, Harriet savoured the last of the fading erotic energy. When she looked at Xavier she found him rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

‘I’ll never tire of watching that,’ he smirked.

‘I know. That’s what makes it so hot doing it in front of you. The only thing more arousing than transforming in the first place is knowing I’m being watched by the stud who is going to rail me in my new body.’

‘You know me well,’ Xavier said. ‘So, are you just going to stand there all day, or are you going to get that pretty ass over here so I can fulfil your prophecy?’

Harriet blinked innocently. ‘What ass? Oh, you mean this one?’

Pivoting around, Harriet slid down her hotpants to expose her supple posterior. Her frilly lace panties had slid up into a thong so there was nothing to mar the perfect curve of her cheeks, the high arc of her tanlines showing that when she went sunbathing her bikini left little to the imagination – if she even wore it at all.

Peering over her shoulder, Harriet bounced her ass lightly. ‘Oops, it looks like my shorts fell down. Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone took advantage of me while I was like this?’ She pretended to pull her hotpants back up again, all the while sticking her ass out and jiggling it around for Xavier to ogle.

Not so long ago, Xavier would never have dreamed of taking the bait. After all, Harry wasn’t just any old X-Change addict, he was Xavier’s star pupil. If anybody found out what they were doing together – what they had been doing for several months now, in fact – it would surely result in Harry’s expulsion and Xavier being fired. Yet from the very start they had both known the risk and allowed their lust to consume them anyway. So despite the taboo of their sordid situation, Xavier wasn’t going to ignore Harriet’s veiled invitation.

Still rubbing his crotch he sauntered over. Leaning in close he kissed her neck gently. ‘I don’t think you need to worry about pulling those up. You look much better like this, slut.’ Clamping his hands over her plump ass he squeezed until his fingers trembled. Then he slid his hands around to cup her hips and pulled her against his crotch, grinding his groin against her behind.

A horny sigh left Harriet’s lips as she twisted to face him. ‘I like it when you call me slut,’ she breathed. Then, as if something had snapped inside her, she swung one arm up to hook behind his head and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. And Xavier was all too willing to get lost in her lips.

These days both deviants considered it a strange thought that, until recently, Harry had been the most promising student in Xavier’s biochemistry class, excelling in every unit he was assigned. But that had all changed once his thesis had come along.  

Harry and Xavier shared many beliefs and often spent time outside of class debating the practical uses and ethical implications of various scientific subjects, from experimental processes to antibiotic use – and, as it happened, recreational transformation drugs.

As a teacher’s pet ever eager to impress his tutor, Harry had opted to focus his thesis on the neurological effects of X-Change on the brain. His hypothesis was that those who took the drug were inherently susceptible to the cognitive changes it induced due to their preconceived ideas about those changes. He theorised it was a kind of placebo effect: the user expected mental alterations, and that expectation opened their mind to the effects of the drug. Effectively, their acceptance that the drug would effect their psyche opened a door which the X-Change then used to access the conscious mind. If this was the case, then it logically followed that a user who took X-Change and did not open that door – meaning they went in convinced it would not impact their thoughts – would remain of sound mind even after their body transformed. So, believing himself immune to X-Change’s mental effects, the young man had experimented on himself to test his hypothesis.

Unsurprisingly, it hadn’t taken long for Harry to figure out just how wrong he was.

‘Oh fuck!’ Harriet cried as Xavier drove her against the window. Her legs hooked over his arms and her feet dangling in the air, she was powerless to do anything but moan as he plunged his thick cock in and out of her tight pussy. With one hand gripping his nape, the other was pressed against the window.

Harriet’s entire body shuddered with every thrust. Her little tits bobbed while each impact rippled through the flesh of her ass and thighs; her blonde hair became increasingly messy, dislodged strands falling across her face. Yet despite the unimaginable pleasure roaring through her insides, all she wanted was more.

‘You’re so fucking tight,’ Xavier grunted, his hands clamped firmly around her flanks. His cock felt like a white-hot iron rod inside her. ‘I’ll never get tired of fucking your holes. You’re like a sex doll bought to life.’

Scrunching up her face and panting hard, Harriet nodded frantically. ‘Yes, baby, I’m your slutty ragdoll. Don’t stop. I’ll do anything for you, just please, please, don’t stop.’

The first time they had fucked had been in Xavier’s office. After transforming for the first time, Harry had managed to ignore the carnal urges of his new body for several hours, but eventually he had started to buckle under the strain. Embarrassed to admit his failure to his peers, he had gone to his tutor for help, but by the time he arrived Harriet had finally taken over.

The petite nympho seduced Xavier and rode him in his broad leather chair until they were both spent and gasping. When she revealed who she really was, Xavier hadn’t known what to do. But once she leaned in for another kiss and started jerking him off for a second round of depravity, all his misgivings had faded away.

After all, Harriet wasn’t really his student. Sure, she was Harry’s slutty X-Change alter ego, but it wasn’t as if she was the one showing up to his lectures or handing him assignments. And it wasn’t like she’d asked to be made – that was all Harry’s doing. Xavier was simply helping her satisfy her natural urges. It was shaky logic, but it was enough to help him sleep at night – or, more accurately, to give him an excuse to sleep with her at night.

Since that first encounter, Harriet and Xavier had fucked at every chance they could. Her influence over Harry had grown with each passing day and soon enough the once promising young scientist had been reduced to a shameless X-Change addict. Harriet had become his preferred form, and as far as Harry’s classmates were concerned his nights were spent indulging Harriet’s lust by hunting down some hung stud in the club to go home with, while her days were spent waking up in said stud’s bed and breakfasting on his dick. Of course, they were only half right, but neither she nor Xavier were going to tell anyone who exactly Harry was sneaking off to fuck.

Needless to say, Harry’s thesis was a complete failure. Despite his best intentions things had spiralled completely out of control. But at this point neither of them wanted the spiral to end.

They had moved to the ottoman now, Harriet’s feet flanking Xavier’s thighs and her hips rolling as she rode his cock, her hands splayed over the white leather to hold herself up. They were facing one another, both gasping with pleasure.

‘You know, baby, I’ve been thinking. None of Harry’s friends have ever actually seen what I look like. They know I exist, but that’s it. So nobody would say anything if we got together.’

‘We can’t. You know that. If we tried leading that kind of double life there’s no way we wouldn’t get found out.’

Harriet’s lips twisted into an impish smile. ‘Yeah, but who said it had to be a double life?’ As she went on, she stopped rotating her hips and instead rolled them both up and down and back and forth, exploiting the move she knew drove him wild. ‘So far you’ve been doing Harry’s assignments for him to keep him on the course. But if you start failing him for missing all his deadlines, he’ll get expelled. Most of his friends have already cut ties with him already, so it would be easy for him to drop off the grid. After that, a SwapLock pill would get him out of the way permanently and we’d be able to make things official. Nobody would ever know.’ She leaned in closer, the movement sinking his cock deeper. ‘What do you say, sir?’

Xavier’s gut twisted. As wrong as he knew it was, he dreamed of having Harriet as more than a hook up. He wanted to fuck her until she screamed every night rather than snatching opportunities when nobody would notice Harry’s absence. He wanted to wine and dine her knowing he’d be ripping her clothes off afterwards, wanted to wake up with her lips gliding over his morning wood.

Until now, he’d thought that was impossible. But now she was offering him the chance to live his fantasy. He didn’t care that she’d corrupted him just as much as she had Harry. He’d give anything to make her his. Including ruin the life of his best student.

‘I say yes, kitten,’ he growled.

‘Kitten,’ Harriet echoed. She smirked. ‘I guess that really does make me a teacher’s pet,’ she purred.

‘Just you wait until I get a collar and leash on you,’ Xavier replied.

Harriet sank back once more, supported by her hands as she continued to ride her man’s perfect shaft. ‘Promises, promises. But that’s all in the future, babe. Right now, there’s a different kind of pussy that needs your attention, and I want you to fill me up so much I’m leaking your cum right up until the pill wears off…’

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