Models: Robby Echo, Kira Noir & Aiden Starr

Anton shuddered as Maria ran a hand down his bare chest. Her touch was gentle, almost sensual, yet Anton didn’t dare move as her fingers slid slowly towards his crotch. Pinned between Maria and her toyboy Tommy, Anton was outnumbered and he didn’t like to imagine what they would do to him if he tried to escape: the collar around his neck, the leash clutched in Tommy’s firm grip, and the dangerous atmosphere that hung in the air were enough to assure him it wouldn’t end well.

Then again, even if he tried to escape Anton wasn’t sure he’d make it more than a few steps. After all, he wasn’t exactly his usual self.

His dainty new body still felt alien to him. The second his transformation had faded Anton had tried to stand up only to stagger about like a newborn fawn before collapsing onto the sofa. His legs still trembled whenever he tried to put weight on them so running was out of the question. Worse still, this new body was so horny it was difficult enough for him to stay focused. His insides squirmed with every brush of Maria’s fingers over his ebony skin, his heart fluttered as Tommy tugged lightly on his leash, and the throbbing arousal in his loins promised to force a groan from his lips at any moment.

Because even as his mind struggled to catch up with what his new neighbours had done to him, his body ached to worship them.

‘Mmmh, such a pretty little thing,’ Maria purred as she stroked Anton’s thighs. She giggled as he let out a gasp. ‘And horny too. You don’t need to deny it, sweetness, I can see it in your eyes.’

‘That’s right,’ Tommy smirked, pulling Anton around to face him. ‘We know how much you want us. In this body you’ll do anything we say – serving us is your only desire and nothing will distract you from following your orders.’ He leaned in closer, a cruel edge to his smile. ‘X-Change Compliant has a habit of doing that.’

Maria chuckled deviously. ‘You know you really shouldn’t have let me make that tea for you.’

Anton whimpered softly, although he wasn’t sure whether the noise was born of fear or arousal.

He had only just moved into the area a few days ago. Mostly unpacked, he’d decided it was time to get to know his neighbours a little more. The neighbourhood was the embodiment of suburbia, from the trimmed lawns and big houses to the shiny cars and smiling tenants, all of whom gave Anton a cheery wave whenever he passed by.

Maria and Tommy were no different – at least not at first. Anton had initially assumed the younger man was Maria’s son and had accepted as they invited him in for a drink. ‘So we can get to know each other better,’ Maria had said, her smile sweet as fresh honey.

But after only a few sips of his tea Anton had crumpled back into the cushions squirming with pleasure as the dissolved X-Change cascaded through his insides. When he came to his senses he found Tommy looming over him, shirtless and clutching the leash to the collar he had slipped around Anton’s neck during his transformation. Maria, meanwhile, was even more provocatively dressed: her tits bare, latex heels strapped up to her knees and a leather corset hugging her midriff, Anton’s new pussy was dripping the second he laid eyes on her.

‘It’s okay,’ she said now, ‘you can stare as much as you want. I like it when my slaves stare. It shows me how much they crave me. And you do crave me, don’t you sweetie?’

Anton wanted to deny it. But his submissive new body was compelled to tell the truth in the presence of his Mistress, and the truth was that he’d never craved anybody more than the two deviants before him. Reluctantly he nodded, Maria’s naughty chuckle sending thrills through his body.

‘In that case, what kind of Mistress would I be if a denied a loyal sub like you the chance to indulge her cravings.’

Rising up to sit on the back of the sofa, Maria spread her legs. As she did so a pink rubber dildo swung up from between her thighs. Until now Anton had been so distracted ogling Maria’s incredible tits he hadn’t spotted the strap-on she was wearing. The sight of it made his eyes bulge and he found himself salivating.

‘Go on, sweetie,’ Maria purred like a cat luring a mouse into her claws, ‘let your lust take over.’

With the X-Change Compliant coursing through his veins, Anton was simply unable to disobey.

The strength in Anton’s limbs returned all at once, as if his new body had been trying to keep him weak so he couldn’t escape before they gave him his first order. Shifting onto all fours, he span around and planted one hand on the back of the sofa, Maria’s cushioned thigh warm against his forearm. With the other hand he clasped her rubber cock before lowering his head with mouth open wide and swallowing half its length.

‘Mmmh, that’s it, suck Mistress’s dick. Show me what those pretty lips of yours can do as you worship me.’ Maria leaned back, her fat tits bobbing as she thrust gently into Anton’s mouth.

Acting on instinct, Anton soon assumed a rhythm. His head rolled from side to side as he sucked and though he knew she couldn’t feel it he could not resist circling his tongue around the shaft.

His transformation had left him wearing only pink lace panties and a pair of heels. Distracted by Maria’s naughty encouragement, Anton never noticed Tommy slip down his underwear to expose his twinkling pussy, nor drop to his knees and lean in towards Anton’s hips. Only when Tommy buried his face between Anton’s plump ass cheeks and began lapping hungrily at his new sex did the transformed submissive react – and though his orgasmic moan was muffled by the dildo in his mouth, it was still load enough to echo through the house.

Pleasure consumed him. His mind was adrift: a rowboat on an endless sea. From the depths came great grasping tentacles that wrapped around his psyche and pulled him down, down, dragging him into an abyss of desire he could not escape.

Memories of his transformation flashed through his thoughts. His cropped hair sprouting into the dreadlocks now splayed over Maria’s thighs; his cock retracting into the pussy Tommy now gorged on; his entire body softening into supple curves complete with perky tits and a plush ass. Only his ebony skin left any suggestion of his former identity.

The longer he submitted to them, the more single-minded Anton’s desire became. It was as if his new body was born for depravity and while he indulged his new cravings the rest of the world simply melted away. The shock of his transformation, the slicing betrayal of their trickery, the humiliation of what they had reduced him to, all of it faded into insignificance. Only one thing mattered now: obedience. Obedience was bliss.

So when Maria gave him his next command, Anton welcomed her words.

Tangling her red-nailed fingers in his dreads she pulled him up. She smirked as saliva dribbled down Anton’s chin. ‘I think it’s time we took things up a notch, sweetness. Get on your back. We’re going to show you what it really means to be our plaything.’

Anton knew what was coming. It didn’t take a genius to figure out the natural endpoint of forceful transformation into a submissive slave. Even so, when Tommy pulled down his trousers and allowed his erection to swing free a breath caught in Anton’s throat.

That breath only left once Tommy slid inside Anton’s saturated pussy. When it did, it came out as an orgasmic groan.

‘Oh god,’ Anton gasped, his first words since his transformation sounding strange in his feminine new voice. ‘That feels… amazing. Please, Master, don’t stop.’

Looking up at Maria, Tommy grinned. ‘Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a keeper here.’ Lifting Anton’s right leg up over his shoulder, Tommy grasped the foot of the other and pulled it out to the side, spreading Anton’s pussy so he could drive in deeper.

‘It sure does, babe,’ she smiled back.

‘Yes, yes, I’m yours, all yours,’ Anton babbled. His mind was a flood of euphoria and his body throbbed with burning arousal as Tommy fucked him.

Reaching for Tommy’s free hand Anton guided it to one of his tits before gripping Tommy’s upper arm to make sure the man didn’t pull away. With his other hand, Anton grabbed Maria’s dildo and pulled her closer so he could continue sucking the silicone toy. Overhead Maria groped her tits and chuckled.

‘Something tells me this isn’t exactly what you expected when you decided to move to the suburbs. Let me guess – you thought it was all sunshine and smiles and afternoon tea and garden parties. That’s what everybody thinks. But they don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

‘Suburbia has so many secrets. Sordid secrets at that. Joanne over the road is a G-lixir addict who spends her nights grinding against bulls at the gay club. Every evening Elaine next door transforms her husband into a needy sissy and fucks his brains out with her huge rubber dildos. Tina at the end of the road has a different big black bull for every day of the week, and so does her fiancé.’

She paused, savouring the sight of Anton suckling hungrily on her strap-on. ‘And then there’s me, with my live-in toyboy and a penchant for corrupting helpless little things like you into needy slaves. Usually I have to hit the town to lure someone back to play with us, but they’re only ever fleeting indulgences – one-night stands, nothing more. So when you moved in next door, I could barely contain myself. You don’t know how hard it’s been to wait for you to knock on our door.’

Grabbing Anton’s leash and pulling it to make sure he was paying attention, Maria’s eyes glittered with mischief. ‘This is how things are going to go. From now on, Anton is just a mask. A façade to keep up appearances. But this – this submissive slutty form – this is the real you. You live to serve me and my darling Tommy here. There will be a bowl of X-Change Compliant pills on the table beside the front door, and whenever you enter you’ll take one and worship us until we send you on your way again. There’s nothing you will not do for us, whether that is serving as a cumdump for all our naughty friends while we watch, or allowing us to strap you to a sybian and fuck your mouth while you cum over and over, or submitting willingly while we edge you for hours on end until your brain is mush and you forget your own name. You belong to us now. And you’re going to love every fucking second of it.’

Maria’s words had clearly whipped her own arousal into a frenzy. By the time she finished she was trembling with lust, her huge tits jiggling as her chest heaved.

But that was nothing against what her speech had done to Anton. Possessed by his own horniness he gagged desperately on her strap-on, his dreadlocks swishing as he bobbed his head frantically to take her deep down his throat – the only way he could think to thank her for the corruption she had forced upon him. Meanwhile, though he wasn’t in the best position to do so he did his best to rock against Tommy’s cock, rolling his hips and groaning. His navel piercing glittered as his stomach bulged with each thrust of Tommy’s dick.

‘You know, speaking of names, we haven’t actually given her one yet,’ Tommy pointed out.

‘You’re right,’ Maria nodded. Briefly lost in thought she stroked Anton’s dark hair. Then she smiled. ‘Aisha. Her name is Aisha.’

Tommy gave an approving grin. ‘I love it. Now how about we put storytime behind us and break this little slut in properly?’

‘You took the words right out of my mouth, baby.’

Tommy winked at his busty lover. ‘Then how about you come and get them back?’

Leaning forward, Maria locked lips with her toyboy. Moaning together as they kissed passionately, they both rolled their hips and thrust into their slave’s eager holes. Beneath them, Aisha groaned too, the last of her former persona trickling away as she surrendered herself to the control of her well-hung Master and equally cocky Mistress…

Thanks for reading!

I can’t really put into words how much I love this story. It’s not necessarily the story in and of itself (though of course any chance to write for a gallery focused on the likes of Kira Noir and Aiden Starr is always a delight), it’s more the overall concept. As with everyone, my tastes and fantasies fluctuate, but if there’s one I always find hot it’s the idea of untold depravity lurking in the places we least expect it. Sure, I love tales of darkly sexual magic and corruptive cults as much as the next deviant, but the idea of outwardly innocent suburbia secretly being a community of twisted, insatiable lust just beneath the surface is vastly more erotic to me. Even when you have the likes of X-Change or other TF drugs in the mix, it just feels so much more real, so much more tangible than magic spells or corruptive spirits.

If I had more time on my hands, I’d almost certainly explore this neighbourhood more through spin-offs and sequels – and who knows, maybe someday I will – but as it is I simply don’t have that time available right now. Nonetheless, if that’s something you want to see, or if you have any ideas of where the story could go next definitely let me know, because if I know people enjoy this is as much as me then I’ll be sure to bump it higher up my list of priorities. Either way, even if these characters themselves don’t return, you can guarantee that the theme of suburbia’s sordid secrets will crop up again in future works, and that’s a promise.


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