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Even though Andy knew X-Change was just like any other pill, now he finally had one in his hand it felt strange to think something so small and unassuming contained an entirely different person inside. He wasn’t sure whether that thrilled him or scared him, but either way he stared at the little pink pill as if he expected it to sprout wings and fly away.

‘You sure about this?’

He looked up at Mike for support. Or at least, the woman who had once been Mike. Andy hadn’t actually seen his best friend’s masculine persona for almost two months now. Instead that role had been replaced by Mia, the plump blonde currently standing over him wearing a cropped green sweater, a red knee-length skirt and the smirk of a woman who thrives on mischief. Mia’s curves were to die for and she knew it, so she’d made sure her outfit accentuated her luxurious figure at every turn – though Andy knew it wasn’t for his benefit. All Mia wanted to do was appeal to Craig, her boyfriend.

Which was undeniably odd considering Mike used to be one of Craig’s favourite people to bully.

‘Of course I’m sure,’ Mia nodded. ‘In fact, I wish I was you right now just so I could go through the change for the first time all over again. It’s the hottest thing you’ll ever experience babe – and once it’s over, me and Craig will show you the second hottest thing. Oh, by the way, I took the liberty of ordering you a Swell variant: my guy likes his girls curvy.’ Mia gave Andy an impish wink.

Andy couldn’t quite believe he was considering this; a part of him still wondered if he was actually losing his mind. After all, the only person Craig enjoyed belittling more than Mike was Andy, and the maltreatment had only increased since Mike ‘disappeared’.

But the rest of him was jealous. Jealous of all the hot, steamy sex Mia was getting as Craig’s girlfriend. Jealous of her newfound confidence and sex appeal. Jealous of all the attention she was giving Craig instead of him.

And the pill in his hand was the only shot he had of banishing that jealousy for good.

Face set with determination he looked Mia straight in the eyes. ‘Right. Here it goes.’ With that he dropped the pill in the tumbler of whiskey Mia had handed him and knocked back the lot before he could have any second thoughts.

Andy had barely even swallowed before mind-bending euphoria consumed his entire body.

Just as Mia had promised, the expansion of his body was dramatic. She had urged him to don a Christmassy green cocktail dress before taking the pill (he had tried not to think about how ridiculous his scrawny frame looked in the crushed velvet) and in a matter of seconds he was practically spilling out of the thing. Immense tanned tits almost twice the size of Mia’s ballooned from his chest, the cut of the dress forcing them together into enticing cleavage that arced high above the low bustline. At the same time the crimped material around his hips was stretched to the limit by his engorging ass and thickening thighs. Compared to his old physique even his arms grew thicker, layers of soft flesh building upon his bony frame until the sleeves of his dress hugged tight over his skin.

Andy’s eyes rolled and his moans filled the air as the transformation raged through him. Soon enough though those eyes were fringed by thick lashes and those moans rose in pitch to become breathy and girlish. His lean face filled out into rosy cheeks, plump lips, a rounded chin. Meanwhile his lank, greasy black hair paled several shades to a rich brown that brushed his clavicles, luxurious waves parting around his beautiful features.

A sudden burst of pleasure rushed through him just before the end, corrupting a sensual moan into an orgasmic cry as it surged upwards and burst from his lips. Echoes of that pleasure throbbed in his loins, marking the place where his cock used to be – the place where a flushed, wet pussy now nestled between cushioned thighs.

Despite the arousal tingling across every inch of her skin, the woman who now faced Mia looked as sweet and innocent as the naughty blonde had hoped she would. Stunning body wrapped in her tight dress, knee-weakeningly pretty and cleavage deep enough to lose yourself in forever, she was exactly the kind of woman Mia had promised Craig. The fact that she was also Mike’s former best friend tempted into the same erotic fate just made her presence even more erotic.

‘Hello Annie,’ Mia purred, fighting the urge to rip open the bust of the new woman’s dress and gorge on her huge tits.

‘Hello,’ Annie replied in a voice as soft as the material of her dress. ‘How do I look?’

Mia didn’t trust herself to answer that question without driving her to the floor and fucking her amongst the presents surrounding the Christmas tree, so instead she held out her hand. Annie took it obediently and allowed Mia to help her to her feet.

‘I think we should ask Craig to answer that. Follow me, baby. It’s time we unwrapped your Christmas gift.’

Mia pushed her chest into Craig’s powerful hands. ‘Mmmh, yes, grope my big, fat tits, baby. Show this pretty little thing what she has to look forward to.’

Annie’s Christmas gift had only allowed himself to be partially unwrapped before he started returning the favour. Annie’s panties were already on the floor and her pussy dripping wet from the invasive fingering she had just received, while Mia’s skirt had been similarly abandoned – a fate that would soon befall the rest of her clothing too. Her sweater was bunched up at the crown of her cleavage and she was leaning back on the bed in the crook of Annie’s spread legs, her eyes fixed on her bully-turned-boyfriend.

As for Annie herself, she was struggling to process all the new sensations thrilling through her buxom body. The sight of Mia’s tits being groped made her own ache for the same treatment; the warmth of her friend’s body pressing ever closer against hers had her skin tingling with arousal; and lower down her pussy was slick, throbbing and desperate to be used. With each minute that passed she felt her grasp on her old life slowly slipping away, the pleasures of femininity gradually convincing her how much better life was as Mia’s busty bestie.

And those pleasures only intensified once the sordid couple started stripping her.

Slowly peeling off her velvet dress, they planted soft kisses on each inch of supple brown flesh that came into view. Mia had not provided any underwear for her to wear, so when the naughty blonde tugged down on the bust of her dress Annie’s massive tits burst free into Mia’s waiting hands.

Annie groaned, the erotic heat of Mia’s agile fingers squeezing her breasts stirring an almost frantic lust inside her. Closing her eyes, she was so distracted she didn’t even notice Craig removing his own shirt or slipping down his trousers. Only when Mia’s hands finally fell away did she open her eyes, which almost burst out of her skull as they fell on Craig’s impressive manhood.

Mia giggled, clearly enjoying the raw, slutty hunger on Annie’s face. ‘Don’t worry, babe, it’s not as scary as it looks. I know you haven’t taken a dick this big before,’ she said with a wink. ‘Lucky for you, I’m more than happy to show you how to handle it.’

Wriggling out of her sweater, Mia slunk across to Craig and coiled one hand around the base of his shaft. Then, bowing her head with mouth open and tongue out, she let her inner slut take hold.

Whorish wet slobbering soon filled the room. The sound sent shivers through Annie, opening a yawning void in her core that urged her to join in.

As if reading her mind, Mia’s hand found hers and pulled her gently in. Once she was close, Mia reached up and rested a hand on the back of her head, guiding her closer until Annie was licking his shaft like a cat lapping at her milk bowl.

‘Aren’t you going to introduce us, babe?’ Craig wasn’t even looking at them; his head was tipped back as he groaned at the ceiling.

‘This is Annie,’ Mia said, her cheeks flushed as she came up for air. ‘She’s… a friend from work.’

She gave Annie another wink before diving back in to continue gorging herself.

The irony of that statement wasn’t lost on Annie. Because despite the fact that all three of them used to work together, she knew full well that Craig didn’t have the first idea who his lovers really were.

As far as he was concerned, he and Mia had first met at the club. He, Andy, Mike and a bunch of others guys from work had been there for the Halloween party when he was approached by the smoking hot blonde bombshell. By that time his two favourite victims had stumbled off, assumedly drunk out their minds, so there was nobody to cramp his style as he offered to take Mia back to his place.

What he didn’t know was that Mike’s drink had been spiked and when strange feelings began affecting him he’d staggered to the bathroom expecting to throw up. There he had watched his transformation in the mirror while his own moans echoed off the tiles: the weight of his gut redistributing itself into fat tits and a massive ass, his messy brown hair brightening as it swept down into golden locks, his bearded face shifting into the attractive visage Craig had fallen for with just a few flutters of her long lashes.

Once transformed, Mia found herself practically crippled by lust. Fortunately, Mike’s fading memories were enough to inform her that there was a handsome hunk at the bar just waiting to be seduced: Craig.

Unsurprisingly, Andy didn’t even spare a glance at the beautiful blonde who swept past him while he was looking for Mike. As for Craig, he was far too distracted by Mia’s enticing body to notice she was wearing the same clothes he’d watched Mike leave in a few minutes earlier – especially once she unbuttoned her shirt, revealing the full length of her cleavage for him to admire.

Mia had visited Andy the next morning and explained everything. But she had refused to change back. Though they never found out what she’d been spiked with, a steady supply of X-Change Swell pills allowed her to maintain her sultry persona until eventually she’d fucked Craig so often that her transformation became permanent. In the months since she had frequently urged Andy to join her, wearing him down with endless stories of her nights bouncing on Craig’s cock until the jealousy overwhelmed her former friend.

Yet in all that time, she never revealed her secret to Craig. Nor did she intend to tell him the truth about Annie’s true identity. It would be their little secret. And as Annie would soon discover, the rewards for keeping quiet would be more than worth it.

‘I’m close,’ Craig shouted suddenly. ‘Oh fuck, I’m so close. I’m gonna cum.’ In response Mia doubled her pace, but her lover had other ideas. ‘Get on your back you fucking slut,’ he growled, shoving her backwards so she was sprawled out on the bed. ‘And get those fucking tits out.’ Before she could even moved he yanked on her bra so hard the clasp snapped and it came away in his hands. He made equally short work of her panties.

‘Mmmh, yes, brand me with your load, baby. Cum all over my rack.’ Mia bit her lip as Craig loomed over her jerking off feverishly, his twitching cock promising an imminent cumshot.

When he finally unloaded Mia moaned like a pornstar, urging him to squeeze every last drop over her fleshy body. Soon her breasts were splattered with thick globs of his pearly seed; some even managed to splash over Annie’s tits, the ebony beauty lying alongside Mia and watching the sordid show with an expression of deep longing.

Scooping up a portion of Craig’s cum, Mia spread it over Annie’s lips. The transformed woman licked it up hungrily before sticking her tongue out for more, which Mia happily supplied by stroking it off Annie’s heaving tits.

In that moment they both knew Andy was never coming back. After tasting her former bully’s cum, Annie finally understood the addiction that had consumed Mia on that very first night: there was no going back now. Because if just the taste of his cum was this good, how much hotter would it feel when he fired it deep into her needy new pussy?

Fortunately, it seemed like she wasn’t the only one eager to find out.

‘So what do you say, baby? Do you think she’s ready to ride you?’ Mia’s sultry smile alone was enough to make Annie’s sex shiver.

‘I think she is,’ Craig nodded. ‘But first, I want to see her lick my load off your tits. Go on, hot stuff – put that tongue to good use.’

Already anticipating the orgasmic ecstasy that awaited her for doing a good job Annie found herself salivating. A bead of cummy saliva trickled off the tip of her tongue and dangled for a moment before dropping onto Mia’s soft bosom. A heartbeat later, Annie herself followed it…

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Following on from my comments on last week’s story, I wanted to take the opportunity to lay out a more rigid schedule for what you can expect from me this month. I’m super happy to say that I managed to get all the stories I wanted to write finished during November, so not only will I be releasing a new story every Friday through to the 22nd, but I also plan to put out a few extras as I usually do. This year those extras will be coming out on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, though I’ll be holding off on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. Given that the final week of the month is already bookended by stories, I also won’t be releasing a story on Friday 29th.

While I know I’ve had more packed Christmas schedules in previous years, now that new commitments have left me with less time to write I wanted to focus on creating stories I was happy with rather than rushing stuff out purely to bulk up the quantity.

As many of my readers already know, themed stories aren’t really my strong point, especially when it comes to Christmastime. So as usual most of these stories don’t lean heavily on the festive theme, instead they simply happen around Christmas and are pretty loosely themed. However I’m happy to say there are a few that are much more seasonal than others. That said, I’m extremely pleased with all the stories I have coming out this month and I really hope you have as much fun reading them as I had writing them!

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