Gaypril: Bodyhopper Blackmail

Models: Natalie Mars and AJ Fresh

Brunette woman in white lingerie strokes black man's crotch through jogging bottoms on sofa

‘You getting all this, handsome?’ Vicky purred, fixing her piercing gaze on the cameraman and giving him her most impish smile. The man’s knees sagged a little and he almost dropped the camera as he shuddered, her words sending shivers up his spine.

‘He’d better be,’ Marvin said, although he was too distracted to have noticed the cameraman’s fumble. ‘Fuck you really know how to tease a guy, slut. From now on I might just make all my sluts rather than hire them.’

Turning to face her lover, Vicky continued rubbing his swelling cock through his white designer jogging bottoms. ‘Does that mean you’re going to whore me out, sir?’ she asked, stroking his bare abs gently. ‘Please, please, please say you’ll whore me out.’

Marvin looked up at her with a wicked smile. One hand groped her plump ass as he spoke, tugging on her cat-tail butt plug playfully. ‘Only to my best customers. If anybody wants a piece of your perfect body they’re going to have to prove they know how to satisfy you. After all, I wouldn’t want my princess to be disappointed.’ Leaning in, he kissed her, gently at first, but soon they were making out hard and noisy in front of the slack-jawed cameraman.

As Marvin’s tongue probed her mouth and his powerful hands explored her nubile body, Vicky allowed pleasure to guide her. She groaned into his lips and ground her body against his. The little bells on her cat-ear headband and choker collar jingled as she did so, but the wet sounds of their kissing drowned them out completely.

What a difference a week made: when she had first hopped into this body her host had been a broad, middle-aged gentleman, handsome yet greying. Now that man was gone and together she and Marvin had transformed their target beyond all recognition.

By the time they parted lips, Vicky’s red-nailed fingers had pulled Marvin’s immense cock from his trousers and she was stroking his shaft slowly. She might have been working a job, but the hunger in her eyes as she stared at his dick was all her own: she didn’t need a single minute of conditioning to want his meat in her mouth, burrowing down her throat until her eyes rolled and ropes of spit decorated her chin and chest.

Evidently, Marvin noticed her greedy expression. With a firm hand he pushed her down to the floor and stood over her. His immense cock bobbed in front of her face.

‘Don’t let me stop you,’ he smirked.

Brunette woman in white lingerie gives oral sex to black man in front of sofa

Marvin’s smirk became a slack-jawed groan as Vicky eagerly swallowed his hard dick. The supple pink embrace of her lips glided along his shaft while she held him firmly in place to allow her to gorge herself, one hand looped around his waist, the other pressed against his thigh as she massaged his balls.

Crouched on pastel pink heels, her white panties bulging as her arousal swelled, she made sure to stare straight down the camera as she went down on the hung stud. Keen to put on a good show, she slurped and slobbered noisily.

Through his ecstasy, Marvin decided it was best to get business out of the way early: that way he’d have even more time to use his slutty sissy.

‘So then, cunt, would you like to tell all those dusty old bastards watching us who you really are?’

Pulling back, Vicky gave an innocent wave into the camera. ‘It’s me, Stephen,’ she smiled. Spitting on Marvin’s cock she rubbed the saliva in sensually. ‘It’s Steffi now though. Do you like my new look, boys?’ she added before swallowing him hungrily again.

She could already hear the horrified gasps of the haughty businessmen who would find the video on their desks the following morning. Of course, many of them wouldn’t believe they were watching Stephen Wilson, Executive Director of International Finances, the man they had worked with for years and who they knew would never willingly submit to such degrading feminisation. But Marvin had already thought of that.

‘I think your old friends might need a little convincing,’ he said, stroking her hair fondly. ‘Tell me, Steffi, what’s something only Stephen would know?’

Fishing around in her host’s memories, Vicky found all the proof she could possibly need. ‘Mr. Simon is having an affair with his secretary. The CEO spends his nights high on ecstasy. Miss Harrison is a gambling addict with debts up to her neck.’ She smiled, imagining the stunned expressions of her host’s former colleagues. But those truths were simply her toying with her prey: now she dealt the killing blow. ‘And the company warehouses have basements nobody wants the police to find.’

‘Good girl,’ Marvin growled. ‘I think that should convince them.’ Out of shot, he gestured for the cameraman to cut the film then looked down at the stunning slut latched onto his cock. ‘That’s a wrap. Now I’d like to meet my sissy in person.’

Vicky’s heart fell a little: she had hoped she’d be able to indulge herself a little longer. But the job was done and if she was honest she too had been looking forward to seeing the look on Stephen’s face when he realised what had been done to him.

Giving Marvin’s dick one final throat, Vicky savoured the intoxicating taste before reluctantly hopping out of her host’s body. For her, it felt like slipping off a silk jacket, her sigh of pleasure passing through her host’s lips one last time.

Then the bodyhopper’s true form materialised and they stood over the body they had just vacated. When possessing a woman, she went by Vicky; when possessing a man, he preferred Victor; but in their natural body, they were simply known as V.

For the first time in a week they took a breath into their own lungs, their body feeling a little foreign after so much time spent in their host’s skinny figure. Then V’s androgynous features twisted into a sly smile as a look of pure horror consumed the sissy’s pretty face.

‘What…? Where am I? Who are you? What have you done to me?!’ she shrieked, staring at her pale, feminine body in horrified disbelief.

‘Get onto the sofa, sissy, there’s a good girl,’ Marvin commanded.

‘Yes master,’ she replied, climbing onto the white leather and sticking out her ass without hesitation. Even as she did, however, she was in hysterics. ‘What the fuck? Why did I say that? Why am I… I can’t stop myself… why can’t I stop myself?!’

Marvin was already grinning, but as the sissy’s body betrayed her mind that grin spread wider until V felt sure it was going to graze his ears. ‘Because you belong to me, bitch. Your mind and body are mine to control and from now on you’re going to be my slutty little sissy whore. Do you get that, cunt? You’re not Stephen anymore. You’re Steffi, and you’re mine. All thanks to V here.’

Hung black man gives anal sex to brunette trans woman in white lingerie on sofa

V gave the sissy a wave and took a little bow. ‘Just doing my job,’ they said.

The sissy shook her head frantically even as Marvin tore off her underwear. ‘No, I’m Steffi.’ She paused, paled, and tried again. ‘I’m Steffi. I’m STEFFI!’ No matter how loud she cried, however, her old name would not pass her lips.

‘You see?’ Marvin laughed, removing her plug and lining his cock up with her winking hole. ‘You’re not in control anymore. You can’t even say your old name because we conditioned you against it. But in case you need any more proof that you’re my plaything, I have just the thing.’

Sinking his huge cock into Steffi’s ass, Marvin groaned as he began to thrust. She was tight – tighter than any slut he’d ever fucked – and her hole clutched shaft as he drove in deep and hard.

Raw panic flashed over Steffi’s face, giving her the appearance of a startled deer. Despite this, however, she immediately began rocking back against Marvin’s hips, bouncing her ass to toy with him, groans she did not want to give but could not hold back spilling from her lips. Her little she-cock flopped uselessly beneath her and V knew that inside she was drowning in pleasure.

That pleasure quickly swamped her panic. No longer shrieking, her brow furrowed and she bit her lip, gasping as her new master ploughed her from behind. ‘I… I don’t understand,’ she whimpered. ‘Why do I love this? What have you done to me?’

V smiled. ‘We enslaved you. It was quite simple really. Last week I hopped you in the car park as you left work. The next morning I rang in to tell the office you’d been called away on urgent business with one of your international suppliers and you wouldn’t be in all week. Then I reported straight to Marvin here and we set to work on turning you into this.’

Stalking closer, V’s eyes gleamed with cold amusement. ‘Can you feel it? The lust, the need filling you up. It’s eating your insides, isn’t it? All you want is to be used, to be fucked like the greedy little cock addict you are. Nothing else will ever feel this good and you know it. You don’t have to fight it, Steffi. This is who you are now.’ V nodded to the sofa. ‘Ride him. Prove what a whore you are.’

Brunette trans woman in white lingerie anally rides hung black man on sofa

Unlike Marvin, V had no control over Steffi’s mind: the former businessman hadn’t been conditioned to obey their commands.

And yet the cat-eared sissy obliged without hesitation. Consumed by her own lust, she twisted around, pulled Marvin into a kiss then drove him down onto the sofa. Straddling his flagpole dick, Steffi lowered herself down until he was balls deep in her ass, her eyelids fluttering, her eyes rolling and her mouth hanging open as an orgasmic moan oozed over her lips.

Supporting herself on the back of the sofa, she started to bounce. Her little dicklet bobbed pathetically as she did so, while Marvin’s huge hands gripped her ass cheeks firmly.

‘Fuck, that feels so good,’ she breathed. V watched the ghost of a smile play over her lips. ‘Deeper, sir, please, I need your dick, I need it so bad.’

‘Good girl,’ V purred, ‘let your lust control you. Forget everything but your pleasure.’

With a great effort, Steffi gathered herself, although she did not stop riding her master. ‘How? Why?’ she managed, her words breathless.

‘The how was easy,’ V said. ‘I just popped a few Purple X-Change at the start of the week and from there we just had to train you. Several days of constant conditioning, a bunch of hypno sessions to rewrite your subconscious, and a few potent hormone injections to fine-tune your sluttiness – increased libido, enhanced stamina, addiction to cum, that sort of thing – and you were ready. None of it affected me, of course – I was just a passenger – but we figured it’d be easier and quicker with me in control rather than kidnapping you.’

‘As for the why, well you only have yourself to blame for that,’ Marvin continued. ‘Remember that hooker you spent the night with a few weeks back?’

‘Yes, daddy,’ Steffi groaned, and there was no shame in her expression as she bounced harder.

‘Well she was one of my girls. She knew I like to keep a little dirt on all of my customers just in case I need to use it, so she did her job and got you drunk enough to reveal a few corporate secrets.

‘But you let a lot more than that slip, didn’t you? I mean, seriously, drug smuggling? Secret stashes under your warehouses? Bribing corrupt cops to look the other way? The names of all the bigwigs in on the scheme? When Lola reported back she might as well have handed me a winning lottery ticket.

‘V here has been on my payroll for a while – skills like theirs come in very handy for a guy like me. Sometimes you need to teach a competitor a lesson, for instance, or get a customer to pay their debts. So all I had to do was call them up, tell them where you’d be, and once you were under their control I’d already won.’

Brunette trans woman in white lingerie receives anal sex from hung black man on sofa

Steffi squealed as Marvin forced her down onto the sofa and continued fucking her from behind. Instinctively, she hooked one arm around his shoulders while bringing her knees up to her stomach so he could use her deep.

‘You see, tomorrow morning, a video of you fucking me like the needy skank you are is going to find its way onto the desks of all your co-conspirators,’ Marvin explained, a shiver in his voice as his orgasm built.

‘With you as leverage, we’ll be able to blackmail them into paying hundreds of millions for us to keep our mouths shut about all their illicit activities,’ V went on. ‘And now they know we’re capable of sissifying somebody as powerful as you with ease, they’ll probably be throwing money at us just to avoid the same fate.’

Leaning forward, V kissed the sissy on lips they had so recently controlled. ‘Meanwhile, you’ll be here: a needy little cumdump enslaved to your master. You’re his slave, bitch – I suggest you get used to it. Of course, it won’t make much difference either way. Even if you choose to fight your new desires sooner or later you’ll break and all your conditioning will take over completely. If I were you I’d just embrace it – and for a while I was you, so I think I know what I’m talking about.’  

In truth, V’s encouragement wasn’t really necessary, because as they had been speaking Steffi had already closed her eyes and allowed a blissful smile to spread over her face. Her groans had become increasingly erotic and all the tension in her frame had melted away, leaving her looking as soft and tempting as a siren, albeit one with fluffy, pale cat ears and a white collar rather than a fishy tail and a shell bra.

When she opened her eyes to stare at V they were swimming with shameless desire. ‘I think you’re right,’ she said. ‘Nothing has ever made me feel this good before. Fuck the old me. I don’t want to go back to being him. I never want to go back.’ She turned to Marvin with an impish smile. ‘Not when I can be serving my master instead. Say, pretty boy, how about you turn that camera back on? I want those old cunts to watch me worship my man.’

Having set the camera down on its tripod after cutting it off, the cameraman had simply been watching in aroused astonishment ever since. Now he nodded dumbly, flicking the power switch and setting it rolling again.

Immediately, Steffi began playing to her audience, groaning and gasping and begging with all the erotic allure of a natural born slut.

Behind the camera, meanwhile, the cameraman wasn’t the only one turned on. V had spent long enough in Steffi’s body to know exactly how orgasmic Marvin’s thrusting cock was for the pretty sissy. They could feel the white-hot arousal pouring flooding her system, could imagine the divine ecstasy she’d experience once Marvin unloaded inside her.

And quite frankly, V wasn’t willing to let Steffi have all the fun. They’d been on the job all week – the least they deserved was a rough, naughty fuck to reward their hard work.

Turning to the cameraman, V slipped one hand down the front of his tented jeans. ‘Hey, hot stuff. What do you say we go to the club and find somebody sexy for me to jump? Guy or girl, you get to pick. Interested?’

Although clearly flustered, the man gave a mischievous smile. ‘Well, it’s not like anybody here is going to miss us,’ he said.

Taking his hand, V led him from the room, already imagining what his cock was going to feel like impaling their holes – or at least, the holes of their next host.

As they left, a loud bellow and a high shriek rang out behind them, signalling that Steffi had just taken her first load. And based on the continuing groans and the resonant clap of skin against skin, it wasn’t going to be long before she was leaking sticky rivers from her tight ass.

‘Fill me, master,’ her slutty voice echoed after the departing couple. ‘Fuck my stupid sissy brains out. Oh yes, that’s it, daddy. Make me your whore…’

Brunette trans woman in white lingerie receives anal sex from hung black man on sofa

Thanks for reading!

Oh come on, did you really think I’d get through an entire Gaypril without writing a Natalie Mars piece?

To be honest, I was genuinely considering trying to find some alternative galleries since Mars has appeared in my stories plenty of times before and I was worried that people might feel like I was overusing her work. But thanks to some advice from a few fellow creators I was reminded that A) I should write what I enjoy writing, not what I think people will react best to, and B) there is never a valid reason not to caption a Natalie Mars scene. You all know the drill by now: Mars will show up again, probably soon knowing me, and I will not apologise for it.

This is also my first bodyhopper story and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Bodyhopping is a concept I’ve wanted to explore for quite a while, especially since it’s one of those more niche fantasies that I don’t see explored very often, and as a writer they’re exactly the kind of concepts I love adding to. Until now, I have never gotten around to it, but this was definitely a lot of fun to write. I loved developing V’s character and I felt a bodyhopper would be an excellent way to write a they/them and non-binary character, so it was a pleasure to include such a diverse character in this story. I would imagine V will pop up again in the future – they have really captured my imagination, and whether it is them or other bodyhoppers, this kind of character is one I hope to explore much more moving forwards.

Also, just a quick note to say that this is officially the last story of Gaypril 2022. I’ll be returning to my usual release schedule of a new story every Friday in May. It’s likely that I will have another mid-year hiatus like I did last year as well, although I’m not sure exactly when that will be – June, July or August, most likely. Whatever happens, I’ll of course keep all you lovely readers of mine updated.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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