Brunette woman gives handjob

Stroking his firm manhood and fixing him with her adoring gaze, Alexis bit her lip seductively. ‘Mmm, daddy, I’ve missed your big dick. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like in my hands.’

Running his hands through her hair, Jeremy smiled. ‘I’m very sorry, little girl, I didn’t want to leave you here all on your own, but business can’t wait I’m afraid, more’s the pity. Still, you always know how to welcome me home.’

He wasn’t lying. Alexis knew every inch of his body, and she could work it better than he ever could. Every point of arousal, every kink was filed away in her mind ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. She was more perfect than any woman he had ever met.

All weekend he had been trapped in the confines of stuffy offices and boardrooms overflowing with massive, overfed men with even more massive, overfed egos. As usual, it had been nothing short of insufferable, and he had pined for his lover in her absence. Though it had been in no way physically taxing, the mental drain of all of the monotonous meetings and discussions had him all but spent by the end of the three-day period. Yet, given his high-ranking position there was never anything he could do to escape them. Sometimes he envied those below him who never had to concern themselves with such soul-sucking nonsense; but then they didn’t have their own personal sex doll to come home to. 

He never knew what to expect when he came home to her, but it was always a pleasant surprise. She never failed to reinvigorate him after a long day at work. Even now, only minutes after walking through the door she was revitalising him with arousal. He had barely locked it behind him before she had scampered from an adjacent room stark naked, thrown him down onto a sofa and torn down his trousers.

‘While you were away I was thinking about something I wanted to tell you daddy.’

‘Oh, and what is that?’

‘I wanted to say thank you for feminising me. Thank you for giving me my nice, perky titties and my soft, girly hair and all those sexy hormones. I’m so glad that I don’t have to live as Alex anymore, I was born to be Alexis.’

He chuckled. ‘You’re welcome, little girl. I always knew you would feel better as a feminised sissy. Now how about you show daddy how much you’ve missed him?’ Nodding giddily, Alexis dipped her head and engulfed half of his manhood into her slippery mouth. His cock was quickly painted with her saliva as she took him deeper hungrily, and if he leaned forward he could see her little pink chastity cage bouncing up and down in parallel with her head.

It had been well over a year – approaching two, in fact – since Jeremy had first met Alex, but he could remember it all as though it was yesterday. As a new intern for the company, Alex had rarely been in charge of any task more important than delivering coffee, but he had made a name for himself among the staff, though not for his beverage-brewing skills. According to rumours, the young man was the subject of an online sex tape with a slightly older gentleman and – if said rumours were to be believed – was quite the horny slut. Eventually the video had… found its way into Jeremy’s browser history, and his already notable interest in the young man had been piqued.

Since he had arrived, Jeremy’s eyes had lingered on the intern from time to time, but after seeing him moan like a whore on the dick of a man like himself he had been unable to tear his eyes away. Of course, he knew that getting into any form of encounter with the man was a dicey business while he was under his employ. Fortunately, that would be a mercifully short period. Forcing himself to wait until he was no longer Alex’s boss, Jeremy had waited until the final day of Alex’s internship when he had called him into his office.

He had had to stuff his tie into and clamp a hand over the intern’s mouth to stop him moaning, but Alex had been more than willing to be fucked over his boss’s desk. Just to be sure, Jeremy had even had the sextape ready to blackmail him with, but Alex had dropped to his knees almost before Jeremy had hefted out his cock.

From that day forward, Alex had spent more and more of his time at Jeremy’s lavish home in the country. He had worshipped his ex-boss like he was a god, and when Jeremy had proposed some improvements to his male figure he had agreed to them with overflowing enthusiasm.

Now, as it was, Alexis had been in chastity for over a year with less than a dozen times unlocked, and had been fully feminised for more than six months: Jeremy’s copious wealth had ensured she received the swiftest and most intensive treatment money could buy. He had even been able to afford a few cognitive modifications: an obedience enhancer, a submissive personality modifier, those sorts of things. The sort of procedures you only found out about only when you knew very specific people and had enough money to sink a small island. Just to make sure Alexis didn’t try to back out at any point.

Alexis’ maw was deliciously hot as she gagged on his dick, and he knew if he let her continue she would suck him utterly dry. But he had missed more than just her fellatio skills in his time away: he had missed her ass.

‘Daddy wants to fuck you, little girl. Get up here and sit on my dick.’

Obediently she surged to her feet, her lips coming away with a resounding pop. Straddling his waist she leaned down to kiss him passionately, her tongue parting his lips and invading his mouth. Lowering herself down, Jeremy felt the head of his dick contact her winking ass. Planting his hands on her hips he pulled her further, the ring of muscles initially resisting his advances. Then they parted and he sank into his sissy’s hot ass. Both of them moaned into one another’s mouths as he entered her, and her body automatically began to grind, working him deeper into her hole.

His dick twitched inside her as she moved. Gently lifting her and then bringing her back down again, he set her riding his cock, intermittently bouncing up and down and gyrating her hips to extract grunts and groans from his throat. He felt her chastity cage rub daintily against his stomach as she moved and he chuckled at how far she had come since Alex had been bent over his desk screaming through Jeremy’s fingers.

‘You like that daddy? You like when your little girl rides your big dick? God, you fill me up so good. I’m going to ride you every day forever and ever, daddy. I’m your little plaything always and I am so lucky you picked me to make your sissy fucktoy.’

Grunting as her ass gripped his shaft tight, Jeremy took her by the hips and began to pull her down harder and harder. ‘I love it, sissy. Now do what you were born to do and ride daddy until he cums in your sissy ass.’

Moaning lustfully, Alexis bounced hard on his dick and as they lost themselves to their passion their hedonistic delight echoed through the large house…

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