Latex World Order: A New Goddess – Part I

Sleep slid from Darren like a silk sheet being pulled away. Not so long ago he would have considered it a strange sensation to shift from sleep to consciousness in a single breath, but these days it felt almost natural, the weary grogginess and protesting limbs he would have felt during the morning in his old life a thing of the past.

Truthfully, he preferred it. He preferred a lot of his new life, in fact. Of course, had he been given any choice in the matter, he would not have decided to live in a world where he could be tossed into any number of unnerving transformation chambers – where his very sanity was considered an amusing plaything – on the whim of the sadistic goddesses who now held total power over him.

But that wasn’t to say there weren’t perks to the new world they had created.

For one thing, his worries were far simpler now. Where once he’d fretted over home insurance and career choices, now his greatest concern was whether or not he would be able to handle his goddess’ newest ten-inch strap-on without screaming.

For another, the fact that his body was no longer his own was, in many ways, more than a little relieving. Although it was a deeply violating breach of privacy, not only did the small electronic chip which had been surgically implanted at the top of his spine control his sleep cycle, it also kept him fit and healthy without the need for physical exercise, more mentally stable than he had ever been before, and had even staved off the grey hairs and wrinkles which had been creeping in, returning him to the handsome, athletic figure of his youth. True, the operation had been conducted against his will, however in hindsight if his consent had been requested, he was almost certain he would have agreed to it given the astounding benefits it provided.

Asian dominatrix in black latex underwear, gloves and boots caresses her body

The best part of his new life, however, was the stunningly beautiful woman he found staring down at him when he opened his eyes.

‘Good morning, slave,’ she purred, running a hand down her flawlessly smooth thigh. ‘I hope you slept well, because tonight you’re going to need all the energy you can get.’ She smiled, a slightly sinister edge to her crimson lips. ‘Trust me, once I’m finished with you, you’re going to feel like a totally new bitch.’

Darren looked up at her with a mixture of awe and trepidation.

Goddess Lash was almost hypnotically beautiful. Her large eyes and pretty features arousing beyond measure, he wondered not for the first time if she had reprogrammed him while he slept to make her pheromones more potent to him than any drug. Her sordid attire only enhanced her attraction; glossy black heeled boots that rose to her knees, gleaming latex gloves that gave the impression she had dipped her arms into a huge inkwell, and a BDSM-inspired underwear set that was all silver rings and buckled straps. He had visited a handful of dominatrices during his old life, but none could even hold a candle to the woman he now served.

Even so, he could not help but be nervous. There was a particularly wicked note to her tone and, knowing how fond she was of pushing him to the brink of his sanity, Darren wasn’t sure he wanted to find out what she had in store for him.

Nonetheless, he returned her smile. ‘And here was me thinking we were going to make sweet love all day long,’ he quipped.

‘In your dreams,’ she returned, mischief entering her expression as she added, ‘Oh wait, I almost forgot: I’ve coded your dreams. You only dream of me pegging you senseless, don’t you?’

Darren mirrored her impish smirk. ‘If you consider you kneeling behind me and getting me to do all the work for you ‘pegging’, then yes, I suppose so.’

Darren’s heart fluttered as his mistress chuckled. To describe their relationship as loving would have been an overstatement – though physically fit, he was not built like the enhanced bulls who were the only men the goddesses permitted to fuck them, and in her more savage moods Lash had a talent for applying pleasure and pain in equal measure with little interest in her slave’s needs. However, Darren was content to say the bond they shared was at the very least playful. Acutely aware many other goddesses would have beaten him unconscious for speaking to them in such a manner, he was grateful that the domme he served had retained her sense of humour after the Spread transformed her. She had even allowed him to keep his name, a luxury most other slaves were not permitted – although, naturally, she only ever addressed him with degrading titles.

‘You’re lucky I’m in a good mood, rat, otherwise I might be tempted to remind you of your place. But right now we have more important things to do. Here, this is for you.’

Asian dominatrix in black latex underwear and gloves leans forward holding leather collar

Picking up a thick leather collar from the bedsheets, Lash reached down to buckle it around Darren’s neck.

So many of the other men whom the goddesses had forced into servitude would have tried to escape in his position, but Darren made no effort to resist. Instead, he tilted his head back, offering his neck; over the past several years under Lash’s ownership he had learned his place and he knew full well that disobeying her orders was a bad idea.

The tilting of his head drew Darren’s attention to the room they were in for the first time. It was a small space with a sloped ceiling and tall grey curtains drawn closed across one wall, most of the room taken up by the large fourposter bed he and Lash currently shared. Otherwise sparsely furnished – aside from the rack of malicious-looking sex toys hanging beside the door – the room was lit by the warm glow of two lamps set into the walls beside the bed.

It wasn’t anywhere Darren had been before, but given his body chip could keep him asleep for days at a time he had long since gotten used to waking up in strange, unfamiliar places.

‘Come on, we should get going,’ Lash said, tugging on the glittering chain leash she had clipped to the front of his collar.

Darren didn’t move. When Goddess Lash turned to face him there was danger in her eyes, but it mellowed when she found him smirking at her. Then it dispersed completely when he chastised her. ‘You didn’t say please.’

Asian dominatrix in black latex underwear and gloves smiles while holding realistic strap-on

Dropping the leash, she eyed him with an expression of pure mischief. ‘Oh, my apologies, cunt. Maybe you need a little motivation to do as you’re told today. So let me make this explicitly clear, if you don’t come with me right now and do exactly as I say, you’re, well…’ She lifted a thick, lifelike strap-on into view, the lamplight gleaming from the bulbous head as she finished her threat, ‘… fucked.’

On another woman the smile she gave him after the final word might have been cute. But on her, with a dildo in hand and her perfect body wrapped in latex, it was agonisingly erotic.

‘Come on, Lashes,’ Darren said as she slipped the toy into place over her latex underwear, ‘at least give me a clue where we’re going.’

Her smile took on a more genuine edge as he used his nickname for her. He had coined it early on during his time as her slave once he realised she was more lenient than most of her peers, the twisted variation of her title referring to her affinity to bat her eyelashes in a very un-goddess-like way, particularly when trying to persuade another goddess to do something for her. It was a trait he had often taunted her about over the years, and though she had threatened to forcefully bimbofy him many times for addressing her by the name, they both knew she found it a rather endearing quirk of their relationship.

‘Let’s just say once we get there, you’re never going to want to come back.’ A stern edge entered her expression as she took up the leash again. ‘Oh, and by the way, if you address me like that in front of anyone else, I’ll dance on your balls until you’re impotent, do I make myself clear?’

‘Transparently, Lashes,’ Darren laughed as she dragged him from the room.

By the time Lash and Darren emerged into a large courtyard framed by trimmed hedges, the collared slave realised he actually was familiar with where they were.

Back before the Spread, the old manor house had been one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, although visitors had only been able to tour the gardens given that the building itself was in a state of severe disrepair.

Now, however, he found that the goddesses had returned it to its former glory – in a manner of speaking, at least. Because while the flowerbeds and paths were meticulously cared for, the exterior beautifully restored, and the corridors they had just passed through luxuriously decorated, during the trip he had glanced into several rooms which were certainly not being used for their intended purpose.

Nor, it seemed, was the central courtyard in which he now found himself. The space was thronging, the crowd mainly made up of latex-clad goddesses, though there were a handful of massive bulls dressed to impress in suit and tie, as well as a cluster of sissies all arranged in a human throne on which a particularly sour-faced goddess was reclining. All were gathered around a raised wooden platform not unlike a medieval executioner’s stand.

The comparison was fitting, too, since the platform was attended by a towering goddess in a slate grey latex evening gown stood beside a slim, brunette woman who had been locked naked in a set of bulky wooden stocks. A strange collar-like contraption had been fitted around her neck, vials swirling with glowing pink liquid set at regular intervals around the circumference.

More naked women were clustered around the foot of the platform’s stairs, dozens of them, all shackled and kept in line by several particularly imposing goddesses in emerald latex suits.

As he and Goddess Lash passed by, Darren watched the goddess in grey hold up a small box topped with a pink button. Encouraged by the cheers and applause from her peers down below she slammed her hand against it, the pink liquid in the vials vanishing suddenly as they were injected into the prisoner. Immediately she began to scream, her body rapidly bimbofying before Darren’s eyes.

‘Whatever she did, remind me not to do it,’ Darren said.

Lash chuckled. ‘Most of them were criminals in their old lives,’ she explained, nodding to the other prisoners by the platform. ‘We’re not talking about vandals or petty crooks, either. These were very bad people. It may even surprise you to know some were very bad women. But once it came to our attention what they had done during their former lives they were stripped of their goddess status and subjected to the same treatment as their male counterparts. The rest are Originals who committed crimes against us after the Spread – ones who tried to beat us, or harm us, or steal from us. By rights, every woman you see in front of you should have been subject to the wrath of the most vengeful among us. Instead, we granted them mercy.’

Darren eyed the screaming prisoner sceptically. She was thrashing as her plastic curves filled out. ‘Something tells me she might disagree with you.’

There was note of sinister satisfaction in Goddess Lash’s voice when she replied. ‘Well there wouldn’t be any fun if we didn’t punish them at least a little. If it makes you feel any better though, she’s basically just a drone. All of them are. We wiped their memories when they first came into our possession and now we give them a new transformation every year. Over the course of the year it wears off and leaves them in their base transformation. As you can see, this year we’re bimbofying them. They’re what you might call communal assets. Tomorrow they’ll be taken out and left in what we call ‘Plaything Pods’ all across the city where any goddess can use them for a little public relief or take them home to torment.  Then at the end of the year, after their transformation has worn off, we round them all up and bring them to places like this where we give them a new body and repeat the process all over again.’

The prisoner’s transformation was now complete. Released from the stockade she was led away trembling and sweating, her enhanced, oversexualised body ogled by the ranks of hungry-eyed goddesses. Within seconds, another woman was being led onto the stage and prepared for her own bimbofication.

‘They want this,’ Lash went on. ‘They are loyal and content and always eager to serve. We could have left them as they were and simply forced them into a new body, but instead we gave them a fresh start. True, it was forced on them, but they didn’t deserve that choice. In the end it’s a merciful punishment.’

She turned to face him, genuine sincerity in her eyes. ‘That’s what tonight is about, slave. I want to show you that being a goddess isn’t just about sex and hedonism. It is about so much more as well. And I want to give you a gift. After all, back in your time, tonight would have been considered Christmas Eve, and believe it or not, we still carry on the spirit of giving in our own way.’

Crossing to the other side of the courtyard, Goddess Lash led Darren back into the manor. The hallways were bustling with goddesses and their slaves – the former greeted Goddess Lash with warm smiles, while the latter eyed her greedily, bulls, sissies and transformed women alike unable to suppress the desire her petite latex-clad figure sent rushing through them.

Even so, Darren attracted even more attention than his mistress. These days there were very few untransformed Originals left, a fact he was acutely aware of as piercing eyes raked over his naked figure and gloved hands ran along his arms, across his shoulders, over his cheeks. In his old life, their attention might have made him blush, however Goddess Lash had been kind enough to program his body chip to remove any embarrassment he might have felt about being naked – at least unless she wanted to see him flushed and bashful, at which point she would dial his inhibitions up to their limits.

Still, under the lustful eyes of so many goddesses, Darren felt very vulnerable; he could see the cruel, sinful ideas of what they would do to him if he were in their possession tumbling over their perfectly made-up faces. The unsuppressed longing for the chance to corrupt him. He defied anyone not to squirm at that.

Strident groans from an adjacent room cut through his thoughts and a moment later Lash had led him inside.

The room was small – small enough that he suspected it might once have been some kind of storage cupboard – and was furnished with only a low grey sofa pushed against the back wall, a small plastic chair set nearby and an abstract wooden art piece hanging on the wall.

Darren barely noticed any of the décor though. Instead his eyes were drawn to the two moaning sissies crouched on the sofa.

Sissy in frilly pink silk outfit and pink chastity cage crouches on all fours as another sissy uses red silicone dildo on her

They were both slim and beautiful, whoever had feminised them clearly having gone to great lengths to make their delicate features as pretty as they were alluring. More striking than their looks, however, was their attire: puffy, ruffled silk dresses in oppressively girly shades of pink and sky-blue, matching heels adorned with large bows and gleaming pink chastity cages enclosing what was left of their manhood. Aside from the cages, they looked like toy dolls bought to life.

When Darren and Lash entered, they found one of the sissies giddily pumping a thick red dildo into the ass of the other.

Unsurprisingly, the moans were coming from the one being tormented. Bent onto all fours her thin brows were knitted together as gasps of pleasure spilled from her bright red lips. She wore a large pink silk bow in her lengthy brown hair, and though she looked like she was struggling to cope with the sensation of the dildo stretching her ass she made no move to resist.

Behind her, the second sissy wore her dark, glossy hair in dangling pigtails, and the headband she wore boasted a rippled pink frill, giving the impression that she was wearing a bonnet when she turned to grin at the goddesses gathered in the room.

‘Oh, you were so right, mistress, she is a little slut with a dick in her ass,’ she beamed, thrusting the toy a little harder as she spoke.

The goddess she had been addressing was a tall blonde woman wrapped tightly in a rich purple catsuit. Clearly she had ordered the pigtailed sissy to use the toy on her companion before they entered. Or suggested it, at least, because when she replied there was no icy cruelty to her voice, only sweet temptation. ‘She certainly is. But don’t you want a taste of that rubber cock too, sweetie?’

Brunette woman in pink silk sissy outfit throats red silicone sex toy

The pigtailed sissy’s eyes widened as if she had just been given a surprise gift. ‘Oh yes, you’re right, I hadn’t thought of that, I…’

The rest of her words were cut off as she removed the toy from her companion’s ass and plunged it down her throat, too eager to even finish her sentence. Her eyes rolled as she swallowed it deep, her neck bulging more with every inch she pushed in, drool soon trickling down the shaft. Her soft lips worked hungrily down the red silicone until she was licking the fingers with which she gripped the base.

A sadistic chuckle rose from the handful of goddesses. Darren had expected nothing less – he had seen enough brainwashed sissies to know their giddy obedience was a source of great amusement to the goddesses.

But the intrusive thought that burst into his head next shocked him to his core.

Choke on that cock, you filthy fucking trap.

Darren blanched, stunned by the quiet rage the thought sent flaring through him. For a brief instant all he could think about was diving forwards and using the dildo to brutally fuck the sissy’s throat.

Then the urge was gone. He found himself breathing hard, his pulse racing.

When he turned to Goddess Lash he found her staring at him, though he was too distracted to notice the satisfied gleam in her eye. ‘So, I suppose this is your idea of playing with dolls? I mean they’re basically puppets to your words.’

Lash chuckled. ‘Something like that. Although we really don’t need to suggest anything for them to prove how slutty they are.’ She nodded to the sissies. ‘Watch.’ 

Dirty blonde woman in pink silk sissy outfit watches as brunette woman in similar outfit goes down on sex toy stuck to plastic chair

Without warning, the entire demeanour of the sissy on all fours changed. She suddenly seemed exasperated, the lingering pleasure of the anal fucking washing away as she turned to eye her pigtailed sister who was still throating the dildo. Her red lips twisted into a mischievous smirk.

Pivoting around, she snatched hold of the other sissy’s pigtails and in the same movement planted her hand on the base of the dildo before forcing it all the way down her throat, keeping the pigtailed sissy’s mouth closed with pink-nailed fingers.

The pigtailed sissy didn’t even gag. Trained to throat even the longest of toys, though she should have been weeping and fighting for breath, the pretty little slut simply smiled, her eyes glittering with deviant delight: no doubt her body chip was providing the oxygen she clearly wasn’t getting through inhalation.

But the red-lipped sissy did not stop there. Leading her pigtailed sister over to the plastic chair, she quickly grabbed another dildo from the large toybox beside the sofa. Sticking the suction cup on the base to the back of the chair, she pushed her companion down into place and guided her lips to the head of the second dildo.

Without missing a beat, the pigtailed sissy immediately began sucking on the silicone head.

She couldn’t swallow much, the massive red rubber cock already inhabiting her throat preventing her from taking more than an inch or two, but even so she was clearly eager to impress. Drool dribbled onto the seat of the chair as her sissified accomplice urged her on.

‘They’re programmed to turn one another on,’ Lash explained. ‘When they’re horny, the programming fades and they’re driven by their own desire, eager to submit and prove their sluttiness. But as soon as their arousal starts to ebb their conditioning takes hold and they are compelled to turn on their sissy sister. Compelled to help them get even naughtier. They’re self-training – their owner can leave them alone for days on end, and they’ll spend every waking moment in an endless cycle of self-sissification.’ She grinned up at Darren. ‘Isn’t it hot?’

Darren did not reply. After the intrusive thought, he didn’t trust himself not to say something out of character.

Fortunately Lash was soon distracted by voices from in the corridor.

Two sissies in pink silk outfits and pink chastity cages expose naked asses while crouching on all fours on grey sofa

‘Then again, there is one thing they’ll stop tormenting one another for,’ she said as the voices grew louder.

Low, gruff, unintelligent voices that spoke in little more than single syllable words: bulls.

The next second a trio of enormous naked men were framed in the doorway. They were mountains of muscle, the massive cocks swinging between their legs as long as Darren’s forearm even while flaccid. He couldn’t help but feel a little inferior.

‘We thought we heard sissy screams,’ one said, a huge Asian man with midnight black hair.

Just as Lash had predicted, the sight of the bulls caused both sissies to go wide-eyed with delight.

Clapping her hands giddily, the red-lipped sissy had hopped up onto the sofa and lifted the pink ruffles of her dress in the blink of an eye.

The pigtailed sissy pulled away from the dildo on the chair just as fast. The red rubber dildo buried in her throat came flying out like a sordid comet complete with a twirling tail of saliva. Before it had even hit the ground she was kneeling beside her sister, bobbing her ass with little shrieks of anticipation, her chastity cage swaying with the motion.

‘Come,’ Lash said, pulling on Darren’s leash as the bulls advanced on their soon-to-be cumdumps. ‘We should be going. The longer we stay here the more I want to throw you to the mercy of these sissies and so how long it would take for them to break you. I think you’d quite suit pink,’ she added with a wicked smile.

Kneeling brunette woman in white lingerie gives oral sex to man while more men line up and masturbate nearby

The next half an hour passed by in something of a blur for Darren.

Each new room they entered seemed more sordid than the last, the smell of sex beginning to permeate the air more thickly as they progressed through the increasingly erotic manor.

Shortly after leaving the sissies, they ran into a fully transformed Original engaging in something close to what Darren suspected the other two women were also up to.

On her knees in one of the dimly lit hallways, she wore only white stockings and a matching lace belt, her hair pulled back by the large hands of the bull currently fucking her face. Her manicured fingers held his shaft loosely, although she didn’t bother jerking him off since he was already using her lips as his personal fleshlight, her wet gagging filling the corridor. Beside him a line of a dozen or more similarly horny bulls were waiting to be serviced, masturbating feverishly and groaning as they watched the cum-hungry slut swallow the load of the bull using her.

His arousal sated, he pushed her roughly aside and turned away. When she looked up thick streams of his seed were oozing over her lips, but rather than clean herself up she simply opened her mouth and allowed the next bull to bury himself in her throat.

Slipping by – Darren’s own cock twitching a little as he imagined the woman’s lips gliding over his shaft – they made their way down an adjacent corridor dropping in and out of rooms Goddess Lash seemed to choose very deliberately.

The sights within overwhelmed him with a mixture of arousal and apprehension.

An Original in a gas mask filled with pink fumes transforming him into a plastic bimbo, only to then swirl with blue fog which turned her back again, locking him in an endless orgasmic cycle of transformation, his screams of pleasure deafening even through the mask.

Another Original – a sissy this time – whose very sanity had been tied to his proximity to a goddess, and whom the latex deviants tormented by pressing their wet pussies against the sissy’s face, suffocating her, only to then draw back sharply, the sudden distance leaving her wailing in lunacy as her mind shattered.

A young woman restrained so completely she was unable to lift even a finger while the goddesses used gloves soaked in a blue liquid to caress her, the patches of skin they touched returning to the skinny masculine lines she had once possessed as an Original – including her pussy, which unfurled into a tiny cock when the goddesses stroked it – and in so doing robbing her of the finger-fucking which she had been programmed to crave above all else.

Platinum blonde dominatrix in red and black latex outfit holds wand vibrator to crotch of restrained slave with dyed hair in black latex catsuit

Then there came a small room containing a wooden bed with a high, gothic headboard. The room was lit by a standing lamp and the bed was draped in black, a tangled red blanket spread over the top.

Darren had heard the screams of the unfortunate slave on the bed from the floor below. When they entered he discovered the reason for her desperate cries.

Wrapped in figure-hugging black latex, she was held firmly in place by the curvy goddess kneeling beside her. The goddess had her fat tits exposed, the rest of her sublime figure clutched tight by her own black catsuit and the gleaming PVC of a red corset and knee-length boots. Her hair was dyed platinum and her crimson lips were split in a malicious grin as she pressed a wand vibrator to her slave’s crotch.

Goddess Lash smiled as they entered. ‘Good evening, Mistress Shatter. Your slave looks to be in somewhat of a predicament. I am giving my own slave here a little tour of our festivities.’ She ran a gloved hand down Darren’s chest, smirking wickedly. ‘You know, cunt, Mistress Shatter has quite the talent for… well, shattering the minds of her slaves. Tell me, what do you think of her work?’

For the first time that night Darren suddenly felt as if there was something Lash wasn’t telling him. When they had left her chambers he had assumed they were here simply to explore the manor, for her to showcase the many transformational depravities on offer as the goddesses partied. But there was something in the glance she and Mistress Shatter exchanged, something in the way she peered hungrily at him that seemed to conceal something deeper.

He gulped. He was sure he would find out what she was hiding soon enough, although he wasn’t certain he would like the truth when it came out.

‘Speechless, are you?’ Mistress Shatter smiled. ‘You should be, this little trick took me over a year to perfect,’ she went on, increasing the intensity of the vibrator so her red-haired slave threw back her head and screamed. ‘I call it the Torture Suit. The whole thing is soaked in a very potent mix of the same fluid that rained down and transformed us all into goddesses during the Spread. For us, it would be like any other latex suit, but on you inferior Originals, it has a much more intense effect. While it will not transform you, the concentrated and prolonged contact to the fluid fills the wearer with the kind of pleasure we felt during our first transformation – pleasure your feeble minds cannot cope with.’ She nodded to her howling slave. ‘This little slut feels like she is on the crest of a thousand orgasms all breaking at once.’ Her smile grew cold and cruel. ‘And the suit keeps her there. Permanently. The slightest touch doubles the pleasure. So I’m sure you can imagine what my vibrator is doing to her.’

Darren’s mouth was dry. Partly because he struggled to wrap his head around the kind of orgasmic agony Mistress Shatter’s slave was going through. But mostly because he couldn’t escape the idea that it would be deliciously hot if he was the one tormenting her.

‘You know, I always bring a spare suit with me,’ Shatter grinned. She looked like a particularly attractive shark about to swallow him whole as she nodded to another latex suit folded neatly on the floor. ‘You’re more than welcome to give it a try, bitch boy.’

Darren breathed a sigh of relief as Goddess Lash shook her head and tugged on his collar again. ‘Perhaps another time. We have much more to do before the night is through, so we had best get going.’ Darren didn’t miss the charged look that passed between them. ‘I’m sure we’ll be seeing you later, my dear.’

Sissy with black hair wearing French maid outfit groans and rides male lover on bed

In truth, the room they moved into next was no better than Mistress Shatter’s chamber of torture.

There was no sinister-eyed goddess at least – in fact, when they entered there was nobody else in the room save the two slaves occupying the bed – but the twisted sight filled Darren with a sensation he couldn’t quite explain. Something between loathing, desire and cold amusement.

The room reminded him of overnight hotels he had stopped in during his old life: simple white sheets on the bed, basic abstract art prints framed on the wall, bedside table lamps lighting the space. The occupants of the bed, however, certainly did not fit that image.

An Original of average build was laid almost completely still on his back. He wore only a black vest and it looked to Darren as though he had been frozen in place, the only indicator that he wasn’t completely unconscious being his arms, which were raised to support the breathless sissy riding his cock.

Even Darren couldn’t deny the sissy was incredibly beautiful. Her glossy black hair hung to delicate shoulders and – along with the black of her frilly maid’s uniform – contrasted starkly against her pale skin. Tight white stockings hugged her shapely legs, shining in the lamplight, while her face was perfectly made up, shadowed eyes fluttering and soft lips open in an expression of orgasmic bliss. Her breathless moaning came in time with the bounce of her diminutive cock as she bobbed up and down needily on her lover’s shaft.

Though the groaning sissy met their eyes as they entered, she barely seemed to notice them. Her gaze was vacant and Darren suspected both he and Goddess Lash were utterly insignificant to her: no doubt dozens of others goddesses and slaves had come and gone through her room already tonight. Based on her cockdumb expression, he thought it unlikely the sissy could recall even a single one of them.

And the very fact that she was detached from reality was what made him wish he was back in Mistress Shatter’s room. Because the sight of her groaning and riding, her only desire to take her lover’s cock ever deeper, stirred cruel, unfamiliar urges within him.

In the presence of the platinum-haired dominatrix, he had been compelled to control himself. But here it was all he could do not to have his way with the dumb sissy slut.

Sissy with black hair wearing French maid outfit rides male lover on bed

‘Please… stop… no more…’

It took Darren a few seconds to realise it was the Original lying underneath the sissy who had spoken. Skirting around the edge of the bed he was startled to find the man’s face twisted with despair, his arms trembling as he held the moaning maid in place.

Reality struck Darren like a freight train: the man had been frozen still. There was a wild desperation in his eyes, as though he would have given anything to get as far away from this manor, this room, this maid as possible.

Yet when the sissy spoke he responded immediately. ‘Turn,’ she gasped, bliss written over her features. ‘Face me. I can take you deeper when I ride you that way.’

The man obliged immediately, pivoting around so his feet rested on the pillows while his head nestled against the foot of the bed. No sooner had he taken up the position than the sissy resumed her needy riding, this time with even more zeal so that her limp dick bounced more violently and her dishevelled uniform began falling off completely. Soon one shoulder had slipped down, her lace headband was flopping about at a jaunty angle, and the bow on the bust of her dress looked as though it was ready to fly off completely.

Degrade yourself, sissy, a voice in Darren’s head hissed. Ride that pathetic bastard until you’re just a mindless little cunt needy for cock. That’s all you are: not even a person anymore, just a cunt that needs filling.

Mercifully, the Original on the bed chose that moment to speak up again. ‘I can’t take it… please… please stop…’

Struggling to force down the venomous voice, Darren clung to his quiet words in an effort to distract himself. ‘Why does he want her to stop? And why is she refusing him?’

Sissy with black hair wearing French maid outfit rides male lover on bed until eyes roll

Goddess Lash chuckled beside him. ‘Look at her. Would you want to stop if things felt as good as they do for her? She’s a sissy: they are created for the sole purpose of being bred. She has no desire to stop. I’d have thought you’d seen me dominate enough sissies back home to have learned by now that if there is a cock available they will do anything to receive it.’

‘And how long has she been ‘receiving’ his?’ he asked as he watched the sissy’s eyes roll back.

‘Since the Spread,’ Lash said matter-of-factly. ‘So five years, give or take.’

Darren blanched, his shock only intensified as the voice in his head gave a cold cackle. ‘Wait, you’re not seriously suggesting they…’

‘They’ve been fucking in this bed for five years straight?’ Goddess Lash finished for him. She smiled. ‘That’s exactly what I’m saying. In fact, they’re something of an attraction around here. That worthless cunt she’s riding used to own this place back before the Spread. He was a rich man, but he preferred to waste his wealth on hookers and strippers. So when we took over we gave him a choice: be transformed into a sissy maid to serve us, or decline the offer, have us transform his chauffeur instead, and let her have her way with him.’

Her eyes were ice as she glared down at the Original. ‘As you can imagine, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he opted to have us sissify his chauffeur. In the end he just saw another chance to fuck a needy slut. And as the gracious goddesses that we are, we simply ensured he will spend the rest of his life doing so. You’d think he’d be grateful, wouldn’t you? He doesn’t look it to me.’

She slapped the man hard across the face before turning her attention back to Darren. ‘I’ll admit we may have neglected to explain exactly what would happen if he declined, but personally I’m glad we didn’t. After all, I’d far rather this little slut enjoy herself at his expense.’

Darren shuddered as the sissy’s eyes rolled again. He struggled to wrap his head around how completely broken her mind must be having been subjected to such prolonged orgasmic pleasure. ‘Why doesn’t he just get up and leave?’

Goddess Lash regarded him with a curious expression, as though she was searching for something in his eyes. ‘I should think you know our ways well enough by now. I’m intrigued – let’s see if you can figure it out.’

He took a moment to analyse the sissy and her lover, noting the small white square of plastic attached to her right leg, the obedient stillness of the man she rode. The answer came to him in a flash of realisation.

‘You’ve programmed them. Both of them. He can’t leave because he’s been conditioned to obey her commands. And she won’t leave because the only thing she’ll ever want is cock.’ He nodded to the plastic block. ‘I’m assuming that’s some kind of sustenance device. Something to keep her satisfied and hydrated even though the only thing she ever consumes is his cum. I imagine it prevents muscle wastage and tissue damage too.’ He paused, eyeing the unfortunate Original. ‘He has one as well, doesn’t he? And knowing what you goddesses are like, I’d be willing to bet his also keeps him permanently hard to ensure she never has to stop.’

Goddess Lash was grinning almost manically as he finished. She nodded enthusiastically. ‘Exactly right. The only thing you missed were the orgasm changes: he has been enhanced to produce huge loads to satisfy her cumlust, but she never wastes a drop since as you say her body chip uses his seed to sustain her. Meanwhile her own meagre squirts have a high evaporation rate.’ She waved a hand over the pristine white bedsheets. ‘See? Clean as the day they first started fucking.’

Sissy with black hair wearing French maid outfit groans and rides male lover on bed

‘Too much…’ the Original groaned again, ‘I can’t take… I… I…’

‘We should have a sissy fuck his face to shut him up,’ Darren blurted out.

The second the words left his lips he clapped a hand over his mouth, raw panic washing through him. He hadn’t been able to stop himself. The voice in his head was so strong, so ruthless – the threat had just slipped out. With it came a savage kind of desire that tore through him, hot and violent as a wildfire.

When he turned to face his mistress though, the look on her face made his blood run cold. She was delighted. A broad, ecstatic grin split her pretty face and her gloved fists were held together at her chin like an excited child. She gave a very un-goddess-like squeak as she bobbed up and down on her platform heels.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t…’ he began.

But Lash was already shushing him. ‘Oh, you don’t need to apologise, gorgeous. You’re right, we should stop him complaining.’ Suddenly she was behind him, her latex touch twisting his gaze back to the riding sissy. ‘Look at her. Look at how stupidly mindless she is. Isn’t she pathetic? Isn’t she so inferior? And isn’t it so deliciously hot to see her endlessly degrade herself?’

While they spoke the sissy had grown even more desperate in her riding. The Original now gripped hold of her wrists, providing her the support and stability to rock even faster. Her limp dick bounced around frantically and the pleasure on her face looked almost painful, her breath coming in ragged gasps while her frantic movement had displaced a strand of hair which now fluttered across her face. Both she and her lover looked close to orgasm.

Yes. She is a miserable sissy skank, useful only for the pleasures of others. She could never be anything like us. She does not deserve the pleasures of goddesshood. Mmmh, yes, degrade yourself, you pitiful slut. Lose yourself more with every squirting sissygasm.

Sissy with black hair wearing French maid outfit rides male lover to orgasm on bed

As if she could hear Darren’s thoughts, the sissy immediately began convulsing as her orgasm broke. Her hips bucking in jerky motions, she cried out, her face twisting with ecstasy. A squirt of cum shot from her tiny cock to decorate the Original’s shirt in little pearly droplets, and based on her whining groans Darren could only assume her lover was also unloading, his seed firing into her ass.

The final shudders of her sissygasm has not even finished before she was riding him hard once more, delirium in her eyes.

But Darren barely noticed. Instead he turned to Goddess Lash, his heart pounding. ‘What have you done to me?’

Lash stroked his cheek affectionately. ‘I have opened your mind, sweetie. I’ve shown you your potential. It’s like I said – I want to give you a gift. And now you can feel it: the goddess inside you just waiting to be released.’

At that moment, an almighty cheer rose throughout the manor, the excited cries of countless goddesses joining together.

Tilting her head to listen, Lash smiled. ‘Midnight,’ she said. ‘Today’s the big day. Merry Christmas, Darren. Today’s the day you become a goddess…’

Thanks for reading!

At long last, another Latex World Order story! I know at least one of my readers – a certain PapaDragon (his work is great, you should check it out) – has been eagerly waiting for this one, and I imagine some of my other readers feel the same way: I hope this doesn’t disappoint.

Initially I intended this story to be one long piece, but it eventually got to the point where I had to admit it was just too long to put out all in one go. Fortunately this particular story had a really natural halfway point where it made sense to split into two, which was really handy. And as I mentioned earlier in the month, from today onwards you’ll be getting a new story every day until the New Year – meaning part two comes out tomorrow! How’s that for a Christmas present?

I will say that this story has reminded me both why I love using gifs in my work, and why I hate using them too. As you can see, some of these images are pretty blurry, and that’s largely because I have to limit the file size of the gifs I use in order to be able to actually use them on the blog. Also, boy are they fucking time-consuming to make – most of the gifs in this story were made from scratch in ezgif and Online Video Cutter so I could get the clips that worked best for the story, and believe me that takes way longer than just using still images. That said, I still argue that gifs are phenomenally hot when done well, and there are some parts of this story I feel wouldn’t pack nearly as much erotic punch without a moving image to back them up.

Latex World Order kicked off my blog using gifs in the first place, so while I’ll no doubt do more of these stories using stills, gifs will always have a place in this particular series. Not least because, as a general rule, the more hardcore (and thereby niche) the scene, the less likely it is to have an accompanying image gallery. And since Latex World Order often relies on hardcore or otherwise niche kink-focused scenes to tell its story, that means gifs can sometimes offer more range of storytelling.

Okay, so I’m not entirely sure how would be best to source the work of all the models involved in this story. For one thing, there are quite a few – more than I would usually use in most of my stories – so there are lot of sources to give anyway. However, I’m also conscious that I know some models significantly better than others, and I don’t want to spend time gushing over those I know while not being able to say much about those I don’t as that would give an unbalanced perspective of their contribution to this story. So, since all the models whose work supported this story deserve equal credit, rather than make comments on them individually, I am simply going to list them in order of appearance and allow you to explore their work at your leisure.

AstroDomina: AstroDomina plays the role of Goddess Lash. Her sub, who in images #1, #2 and #3 provides the POV shot and plays the role of Darren, is uncredited.

Natalie Mars: Mars plays the role of the pigtailed sissy.

Sasha de Sade: de Sade plays the role of the red-lipped sissy.

Ines Lenvin: Lenvin plays the role of the unnamed woman going down on the queue of bulls (Dorcel Club profile provided as all other online profiles pretty bare). In no particular order the bulls, as far as I can find, are Juan Lucho, Fabrice Triple X, Alberto Blanco and Jose Miguel (work not sourced as all play such minor roles, but you can look them up on your own time if you’re interested).

Arya Grander: Grander plays the role of Mistress Shatter. Her sub is uncredited.

Nyxi Leon: Leon plays the role of the sissy maid. Her lover is uncredited.

In addition, I want to note that pretty much all of these images come from scenes that don’t have an accompanying image gallery. As such, I won’t be sourcing any image galleries down below, however I also won’t be sourcing the original videos either. For one thing, they’re all pretty easy to find now you have the links to the work of the showcased models, and for another it means you actually have to go looking for them, and in doing so you’ll wind up exploring the models’ portfolios more. So if you want to watch the original videos for these, you’ll have to go looking for them yourselves and try your best not to get distracted… good luck *wink*.

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