A Latex World Order Short Story: Preparations

Blonde woman in latex harness milks man suspended upside down into his mouth

‘Oh, there we go. And here was me thinking you’d never cum for Mistress. That’s it, little boy, you gulp that all down now. Oh don’t go giving me that look, there’s barely anything for you to swallow anyway. You Originals never did have much in the way of load.’

The man had long since stopped bothering to escape his bondage. For one thing, having been in the possession of Mistress Salacious for several months he had undergone ample exposure to her swift and merciless punishments, and for another he had also come to understand that if there was one thing the woman was good at, it was restraining a slave.

His legs were encased in knee-length leather casings not dissimilar to boots in appearance, only ending in pointed tips rather than heeled feet. Those tips were in turn chained to the ceiling and the woman had the ability to lift him higher or drop him lower as she pleased using a series of pulleys set up beside him. As it was, he was suspended almost entirely upside down. Only his head and his shoulders were flat to the floor, and he was held down by a metal collar and a pair of handcuffs, both of which were bolted to the cold concrete beneath him. As well as a small cock ring she had fitted him with an open-mouth gag so that as she milked out his cum it emptied into his own mouth. Just because he had learned that submission was better to the alternative that wasn’t to say he liked it – he scowled and coughed as his tongue and lips were coated with cum, reluctantly swallowing it with an expression of revulsion.

The dominatrix rose to her feet and looked down at him in the same way a mother might look at a child she did not know how to deal with. Absently she noticed a drop of his cum on her hand. Curling her lip she wiped it on his suspended legs and planted her hands on her hips with a huff. ‘Honestly, I really don’t see why every Original is so ungrateful. You’re lucky I’m a lenient owner; other goddesses would have gone at you with a nail-embedded flogger for so much as wriggling.’

He could not deny she was right: he knew full well how lucky he was. The horror stories he had heard of the what the goddesses did to the men they called ‘Originals’ were enough to stop the heart. That had been back before he had been captured and sold through the Market, and the things he had witnessed there had made said horror stories sound like children’s fairy tales.

Fortunately for him, Mistress Salacious was about as lenient as the goddesses came. The fact she actually laid her naked hands on him was a miracle in and of itself given that most goddesses in the new world practically vomited at the very sight of men from before the Spread, much less stooped low enough to touch them even with thick leather gloves on. As such, even if it was into his own mouth, the fact that Mistress Salacious would jerk him off once a fortnight was practically unprecedented. More than that she would take him on walks, gave him his own bed in the dungeon and even allowed him to eat with her at mealtimes. For all that he hated his new life, he could not deny that he was fortunate indeed to be closer to a pampered pet than the bags of meat to be abused most Originals were these days.

Mistress Salacious herself was stunning. Many times he had found himself agreeing that goddess was an accurate description of the woman who now owned him. Her curves were sublime, her heavy chest and deep cleavage acutely arousing, and her affinity to latex fetish gear was undeniably erotic. She never appeared unkempt or anything less than perfect and even as she stood over him after an intense session intermittently jerking him off and spanking him, dressed in a criss-crossing number of latex straps that covered her modesty and nothing else, she was the picture of divinity. He knew men of the old world would have thrown themselves at her like moths drawn to the flame.

She seemed especially giddy today. As she stood there she grinned down at him happily and clapped her hands quickly. ‘Today is the day, little boy, it’s finally here. Oh, I’ve been waiting so long to tell you about this. Had to get everything sorted out first though. I didn’t want to get you all expectant over nothing. I know you’re probably going to get all upset about it, but I promise you once it’s over with you will feel better than you ever have before.’ She fumbled around on a table-top he could not see. When she turned back to face him she held up a little pink chastity cage with a squeak of delight. ‘I’m sending you to sissy school!’

He squirmed in his bondage and tried to shake his head. Naturally neither permitted much movement, but it did enough to raise an expression of disappointment on Mistress Salacious’ face. ‘Just as I thought. You know I was holding out hope you might actually be excited. I thought you wanted to please me, but whenever I get my hopes up you always dash them.’

With a sigh, the man gave in and fell still. He knew enough about that place for it to unnerve him initially, but the more he thought about it the more his will to fight left him. The world had irreversibly changed in the past few years. The results of the Spread had been wide-reaching and dramatic, and it was fool’s talk to say that the few pockets of men and women who had survived untouched would miraculously turn back the clock. The world was this way now, and the goddesses of the latex world order weren’t going anywhere. He already knew he had been dealt an overgenerous hand and the last thing he wanted to do was blow it by pissing off his owner and driving her to sell him to some more unfavourable individual. What did he have to lose by submitting to this like he had to everything else she wanted? It wasn’t like he was going to escape, find his wife and live happily ever after. Hell, his wife was probably ten times worse than Mistress Salacious now if the other goddesses he had met were any indication. Besides, it was like his mother had always told him before she had been transformed into a latex bitch: if you go into anything with a bad attitude you’re never going to benefit from it. So, better to accept his fate and make the best of it than be ruined by his resistance.

Glancing down at his gag repeatedly, he implored her to remove it with his eyes. Leaning down, she did so, allowing him ample view of her cleavage as she did so. Stretching his jaw once it was removed he looked up at her. ‘I am sorry, Mistress. I should not forget how lucky I am to have you as my goddess. You always want the best for me. I will happily go to sissy school if that is what you want of me.’

Her face lit up and she clapped her hands again. ‘Oh that’s my good boy, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me. Now then, I’ll get this cage onto you and then I’ll tell you everything that is going to happen.’ He was still semi-erect, and it hurt more than he would have liked when she crammed his dick into the cage. It was hard and unyielding, and it didn’t help that her soft, warm hands on his dick gave him a slow erection that crushed into the cage. After a little while it subsided, however, and he realised that she had gone to the trouble of lining the interior with a thin layer of silk that was soothing and comfortable around his dick and balls.

He thanked her for the thought.

‘You’re welcome, little boy, anything for my plaything. So, what’s going to happen is this. First we have to get through all of your preparations before the school arrives to pick you up. Lucky you, though, we’ve already got through a few. They ask that new students are fully milked just before leaving and that they arrive with chastity cage already in place. You also need to be fully shaved of all body hair, which we’ll get to in a moment, and I need to send you off plugged as well.

‘The school provides everything you need when you’re there, so you won’t be taking any clothes at all. Oh, pet, they’ve told me all about it and I just know you’re going to love it there. They have special formulas designed just for the sissification process. They’ll stop all that nasty body hair growing, help you grow your own nice girly hair, give you a lovely, more feminine figure and help you really settle in to new life as a sissy. They’ve got so many classes you’re going to take, and you get to make friends with all the other sissy students you’ll be living with while you’re there.

‘When you get back home you’ll be like a totally new person. And just in case you were still hesitant I thought I would incentivise you: I’ll let you live up here with your goddess once you’re home. You’ll have your own bedroom and toys to play with, and when other goddesses come to visit you can play with them too. Now come on, little boy, let’s get you ready for school…’

Blonde sissy and brunette sissy tap chastity cages together while straddling leather horse as two busty women in latex watch and encourage

Six Months Later

‘Well Mistress Salacious, I have to say, your sissy really has been a model student. I don’t think I’ve ever had the privilege of guiding a more engaged student through her education. Always eager to please is this one. And I think you can see for yourself that the results are quite exemplary.’

The blonde goddess admired her pet with a wide smile of satisfaction. She was all but unrecognisable from the Original she had sent off to school all those months ago. Her long brown hair was soft and silky, held back by a sky blue hairband, while the features it was held back from were beautifully delicate and feminine. The school had worked wonders on her and now she was the picture of a perfect sissy. Not only had they followed through on their promise to permanently rid her of all her nasty manly hair, leaving her skin smooth as velvet to the touch, but she now had a pair of small, cute little titties that the goddess was absolutely sure would look delightful with some pretty pink nipple pasties on and nothing else. They pushed against her long-sleeved pale pink latex crop top, which was complimented by a short, flowery skirt that was likewise fashioned of latex but was riding high above her hips at that moment.

When Mistress Salacious had been allowed to enter the room, she had been surprised for a number of reasons. Of course the physical transformation was dramatic, but it appeared that her sissy’s mental functions had also been intensely trained. Naturally, students of sissy school were not robbed of their memories like some other transformation or training practices, however they were educated in a way that worked on a subconscious level. Certainly, she had been surprised that her sissy’s eyes had not immediately zipped to her cleavage as they always had before, especially given that the black and purple number she was wearing did a lot to boast her impressive breasts. Instead her gaze was firmly fixed on the second surprise: another sissy in matching dress directly before her.

The two sissies were straddling a plush leather horse that the school’s principal had set up in Mistress Salacious’ front room. Both were locked in purple plastic cages, and their hands were cuffed behind their backs to the horse, which they ground upon rhythmically, tapping their cages with childish giggles each time they thrust.

‘They certainly are, principal,’ she said to the other woman, who was watching the two sissies in her pink and black latex attire and laughing bubbly laughter, ‘I am so proud of my good girl. I never doubted you and your staff. She’s a whole new person, just like you said. I couldn’t have asked for a prettier sissy. I have to ask though, what is with the other one? I think I would remember asking for two trained sissies.’ She laughed at her own joke, as did the other woman.

‘Don’t worry, Mistress, we haven’t got our paperwork mixed up. No, this here is another student who your sissy struck up a particularly close bond with throughout her training. They started on the same day and were near inseparable from start to finish. But you see this one has not been as lucky as your sissy. She never found a goddess like you to call her own. In fact we found her as an Original on the grounds of our school trying to survive on the scraps from our kitchens. Poor little thing, terrified she was when we bought her inside. We trained her just like any other student and she turned out very well as you can see, but she has nowhere to go home to. That’s where we hoped you might come in. Your sissy asked us if they could come back together and you make a family of three.’

For the first time, Mistress Salacious’ sissy turned and fixed her with puppy-dog eyes. ‘Please, Mistress. We are such good friends and she so wants a nice lady to serve. We’ll be good, I promise, and she can sleep in my room with me. Please, Mistress.’

The principal looked between the woman and her sissy. ‘What will it be then, Mistress?’

The dominatrix was not about to let an unfortunate sissy go without a home and she nodded, stroking her sissy’s hair as she did so. ‘Of course we’ll take her in. I’m sure she’ll be right at home. Thank you so much, principal, you’ve done so much for us.’

‘No need to thank me. It is always a pleasure to guide Originals into their rightful place. And you’ve got two extra special ones here. Now, I shall leave you to get re-acquainted. Good day, Mistress, use them well.’ She winked at Mistress Salacious before turning away and leaving the room. As the door closed, the telltale moans of a goddess breaking in her sissies began to echo through the house around her…

Thanks for reading!

I’ve been looking forward to putting this one out for a while. What with Halloween, Christmas and my January break, I have some stories in my backlog that have been waiting for release for months. Doing a long monthly story can be a lot of work, especially on top of actual life goings on, but that isn’t to say the stories themselves are any less exciting to write or attractive when I’m thinking of new ideas. As a result, I decided to try a short story like my normal weekly captions but based in one of the larger universes of my bigger end-of-month pieces. In this case it is Latex World Order, but I hope to do similar things with the Witches and the Book too, if not more. I really enjoyed this approach as it allowed me to explore the world I’d created without all the stress of a long story with lots of supporting media.

Another note is that the dark-haired sissy in the second gif is the inimitable Natalie Mars. As I mentioned in another story, it is difficult to remember what creators I have mentioned in my stories given that I have a big backlog of work and I can’t remember every single gif or image I use for all of them, especially the one offs. Having said that, even if I have already mentioned Natalie Mars, I will never not mention her. I personally have a lot of favourite creators, but when it comes to trans content Natalie is queen of the scene without question. Her content is always excellent, and she handles domination and submission with equally sublime perfection.

Very few people in my ordinary life know about it, but I am pretty much certain I am trans – pretty much certain meaning it is big deal and a difficult thing to wrap my head around at times, so before any little jerks comment that you either are trans or you’re not, those little jerks can go fuck themselves. As you can also tell, I am a fan of the kinky and the sexual. All this compounds to result in Natalie Mars being a true inspiration to me. I cannot begin to express how incredible I think she is and how influential and important her work is in making me feel like I’m not alone or wrong for feeling how I feel. She also recently married Mistress Damazonia in what, from the pictures at least, looked to be a beautifully kinky wedding. She is pretty much living the life I would give anything to live even though I know I can never have it, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Of course, she will never read this, and I’m just one more gushing fan among her thousands. That doesn’t matter. Her work will continue to be awesome whether she knows I exist or not. Naturally, this applies to any and all trans pornstars, adult entertainers and contents creators: Natalie is an inspiration to me, you might find that inspiration elsewhere.The point I’m getting at is if there is anybody reading this who is or thinks they might be trans and you feel isolated because of it, like I do, there are far worse things you can do than check out Natalie’s work. Whether that is just checking out her Twitter, or buying her videos, I know she has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

You can find Natalie’s PornHub profile here: https://www.pornhub.com/pornstar/natalie-mars

Anyway, rant over. I don’t know how many of you read these little extras, but I appreciate it if you’ve got this far. Thanks again for reading.

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