Gaypril: Dorm Room Dickfest

Bobby sensed something wrong the moment he entered the dormitory. The air was thick with a cloying mixture of sweat, leather and something else – a foreign aroma he could not quite place, as sharp as it was sickeningly sweet. The oppressive atmosphere prompted an immediate headache and as he made his way down the corridor he could feel it crawling down his throat, choking him.

His suspicions piqued as the moans met his ears – lewd, horny sounds that washed over him like breaking waves – and once he rounded the corner into the lounge, they were confirmed: something was very, very wrong.

Ginger man in fishnet top rides two male lovers on leather sofa

‘J-Jace? What the fuck is going on?’

Bobby’s slender roommate was wearing only a black mesh top through which his nipples jutted like press studs. Beyond that he was naked, his hard cock bobbing frantically as the two men presently buried in his ass made full use of his vulnerability. Jace’s eyes were closed in orgasmic delight as he tightly gripped the back of the leather couch he shared with his lovers, and he did not immediately open them. Instead he merely smiled, continuing to ride the men for a few seconds before eyeing Bobby from behind his bouncing ginger fringe.

‘Glad you could finally join us, gorgeous. We’ve been dying for you to get here so we can all have some fun together.’ He seemed entirely unperturbed by Bobby’s presence; if anything he seemed to be enjoying it.

Bobby shook his head. The heady air was making it difficult to think. Still, his anger sharply overwhelmed his confusion and he scowled furiously. ‘What the fuck dude? This is our fucking lounge. If you want to fuck that’s fine, but do it in your goddamn room: this is seriously messed up. I don’t know what you think you’re playing at but this stops, right now. Where are Harley and Hunter? They’ll back me up, I promise you they’ll…’

‘Oh they’re fine with it,’ Jace interrupted. ‘Aren’t you boys?’

‘Yes, subby,’ chimed his lovers.

Bobby blanched. He had been so distracted by Jace’s shameless nudity he had not looked at the other men properly until now. Even so, they didn’t look like his friends. One wore only a leather harness across his chest, all buckles and studs, his strawberry blonde hair swept over to one side, while his companion was clad in a black leather vest-top held together by corset-style cord ties at the side, his dull mop of brown hair as unfamiliar as his hawkish features.

Yet as Bobby looked closer his blood ran cold. Harley and Hunter had been his friends for the better part of two decades, and whatever Jace had done to them Bobby could see through it; the pattern of moles speckling the harnessed man’s upper chest; the pale scar around his right wrist; the subtle kink in the nose of his leather-vested companion: faint as they were, the echoes of his former friends were unmistakable.

Bobby recoiled, horrified. He felt as if he was going to be sick. Both men were staring up at Jace with adoring eyes, so entranced by his figure they had not even noticed Bobby’s presence. ‘What have you done to them?’

Jace grinned wickedly, his hand descending to stroke Harley’s harnessed chest. ‘Oh, I like to think I opened their minds. If it’s any consolation, this isn’t anything personal. You know how some people come to university to study and others come to party? Yeah, well, let’s just say I’ve never had much patience for exams. This was always my plan, you three were just the unlucky ones who landed in my web.’ He groaned as one of his lovers struck a sensitive spot. ‘Then again, these two seem to be enjoying themselves, so maybe you’re luckier than you think.’

Bobby was reeling, his thoughts sluggish as the potent atmosphere seemed to seep into his ears and clog up his mind. ‘I… I don’t understand…’ he said, the words thick as honey on his tongue.

‘Oh it was simple really. I’d hoped we’d all be able to begin things together, but since you weren’t moving in for a week after your friends I decided I’d get started on them first. While they were out at a freshers’ party on the first night I went around this whole place with a very special room spray I had infused with G-lixir back home. Twink strain G-lixir to be precise. It took a day or two for them to breathe in enough to succumb – oh you should have seen how confused they were. It was hysterical. Once they were completely turned I had them overdose on a concentrated vial and got them kitted up to my liking. I’m a bit of a power bottom, you see, and now I have two obedient twinks willing to do anything I say: I even let them think they’re in charge. They think I’m the one submitting. Adorable isn’t it? I would have turned them into bulls, but I just get so lonely. I’ve been so desperate for some other twinks to play with, I just couldn’t resist. And boy have we played hard; my new pets have made quite the impression on the guys at the local bathhouse, believe me.’

As Jace spoke, Bobby found himself becoming more and more distracted. He could barely tear his eyes away from Jace’s bobbing cock, while Harley and Hunter’s lustful moans were stirring his own arousal.

His stomach dropped as a chilling thought occurred to him. ‘The room spray… the G-lixir… it’s not still in the air now… is it?’

Jace did not even need to answer, for the next moment Bobby had collapsed with a cry. Blinding pleasure seared through his body as his skin seemed to ripple and roil, his whole body crumpling in on itself, reforming into the same petite, delicate frame Harley and Hunter now possessed. What little muscle mass he had rapidly evaporated and within seconds he was a pale, waifish thing, trembling where he knelt like a frightened puppy. When he tried to think, Bobby found the thoughts would not come, his mind a blank canvas.

Looking up, he found Jace grinning. ‘Oh, did I not mention? We’ve been fucking in every room of this place for the past week every day from dawn until dusk. We’ve probably stirred up enough G-lixir to transform anyone visiting us in, oh, five minutes, max.’

The words meant nothing to Bobby. All he could focus on was Jace’s glistening cock. His eyes followed the man’s swaying member as Jace eased free of his lovers and sank down onto the couch himself; Bobby wasn’t sure who the other men were, only that their dicks looked just as enticing. While the man wearing the harness began to go down on his companion, Jace beckoned Bobby with a smirk. ‘Come here, twink. Let’s teach you your place.’

Immediately the command filled Bobby’s thoughts and he scrambled over as Jace lifted his hips and leaned back to bare his flushed ass. ‘You won’t be needing those clothes,’ he said, chuckling as Bobby frantically disrobed, eager to obey. ‘Good. Now, show me what you can do.’

Ginger man in fishnet shirt and brunette man in leather vest receive oral sex from naked male lovers

The new Bobby did not so much as hesitate. Bowing his head he sucked Jace’s balls up hungrily, swirling his tongue around and around to lather them in drool before rising up to feast on the man’s pulsing dick. Jace was hard as steel after riding his other pets and Bobby groaned sensually as the rigid cock slammed against the back of his throat, his back arching as he repeatedly fought back one gag after another even as he refused to soften his rhythm. Soon after he was worshipping Jace’s ass, his tongue probing the man’s shaved hole to the tune of sensual groans. The taste of Hunter and Harley’s cocks was fresh and strong, as were the ribbons of cum they had released, which both laced Jace’s insides and speckled the outside of his ass, all of which were lapped up by the ravenous twink.

Jace’s fingers tangled in Bobby’s hair and pulled him hard into his ass with a laugh. ‘Mmmh, that’s it, boy, eat me out. I knew you’d make a naughty little ass-licker the moment I met you on the open day – you don’t know how many nights I’ve jerked off dreaming of this moment. You know what the best part is? I’ve imprinted on you now. The specific twink strain I used ensures the first man you taste after you change becomes your new infatuation. That’s why these boys are so eager to obey me – I might be a twink like them, but in their eyes, I’m a god. Their god. And now I’m yours too. Mmmh, this is so fucking hot.’

Suddenly desperate for more, Jace grabbed Hunter’s leather vest and pulled him into a kiss. It was a noisy, sloppy kiss, their faces crushed so hard together they flushed red, and as they made out Jace swatted Harley away so he could manoeuvre himself over Hunter’s cock. Sinking down he groaned into his partner’s mouth, shuddering with pleasure as he began to roll his hips.

No sooner had he started than Harley and Bobby were slobbering over his shaft. The pleasure was electric and Jace gave a slutty giggle as it crackled through his system. He reached down to stroke Bobby’s hair, a gesture which took a more devious turn as he drove the twink down hard to blow him.

‘You know, I was planning to give you the illusion of control too, but I think I prefer you like this. Even a bottom needs his slave, and you’ll do nicely. I’m afraid those good grades you were hoping for won’t be happening anymore, though fortunately none of you are going to care. Especially not once the word gets out that there are four needy twinks frequenting the bathhouse now. Oh I can’t wait to see what the bulls are going to do to you once they’ve thrown you into a swing. Mmmh, I know I’m not exactly the roommate you were expecting, but believe me boys, we are going to be the best of friends. I guarantee it…’

Four men have gay sex on leather sofa

Thanks for reading!

Another G-lixir story for you, I hope you are enjoying my new Elixir variant, and once again I will shamelessly link to the work of the Elixir’s original creator, Miss Evie Hyde. If you’re only into gay content then her work will not be for you, however she produces amazingly fun TG content for those who enjoy that, so be sure to check her out and let her know I sent you!

The models in this scene are Danny Jones, John Hardy, Shovi Khal and Timmy Williams, and for this scene all of the links I am providing are for their profiles on Staxus, the studio which produced this scene. Staxus, as far as I can tell, is a Czech studio, just as all four models are Czech, and I believe all four have only modelled for Staxus at present. While their names are all new to me they all seem to have a decent portfolio of work, so if you can find their scenes online I’d definitely say they’re worth a look.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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