Gaypril: The Barista

Brunette woman in white negligee sits on sofa with man in jeans and tee standing over her

Perched on the edge of the sofa, her small frame concealed beneath the snowy veil of her negligee, Robin wondered not for the first time if she might be dreaming. Part of her expected the real world to come tumbling in at any moment, dashing her distracted fancies and dragging her back to reality, where she would find Jason staring at her quizzically as she stood with a dreamy look in her eye and his cooling coffee clutched in her grasp.

‘God, you’re so hot.’

Jason’s voice still gave Robin tingles. There was a sensuality to his tone at the best of times, such that even when placing his daily order there was the implication of more sordid intent, often forcing her to stifle all the illicit ideas his words conjured up. Now though, as he eyed her with barely suppressed infatuation, his compliment sent shivers down her spine.

‘You really think so?’ She blushed, although a flower of pride blossomed in her chest: she had spent weeks deciding on the perfect look for this night, and a smile played over her lips as she congratulated herself on her good work.

Nobody has ever called me hot before. I could get used to that. She peered up, meeting his lustful stare. Better still there was a passion behind his eyes, a genuine affection which set her heart fluttering.

Had her ploy truly worked? She barely dared to believe it. Robin had spent enough time at the foot of the societal ladder to know the world could be cold and cruel, and at the back of her mind the same doubts which had plagued her for the past three months continued to gnaw on her nerves. What if he knows? What if this is all some kind of elaborate prank? Or what if it isn’t – what if he really does like me but the drugs didn’t work? What then when he discovers the truth?

Robin did her best to force her concerns aside, reassuring herself with firm answers to her own questions. He can’t know – if he did, he would have stopped ordering with me weeks ago. He’s not like other guys; he said it himself, he hates pranks. And it can’t have failed: the label said they foster pre-existing attraction, so if he never liked me we wouldn’t be here.

Besides, if Jason was acting, he deserved an Oscar. His jaw had practically hit the floor once she appeared in the doorway clad in only her white lace negligee, and he had not yet torn his eyes from her slender, feminine figure. What was more, with him stood over her she had a close view of his jeans, within which she could see a bulge beginning to stir.

All at once, Robin’s mouth was watering. Her body relaxed, eager for what came next, yet her mind whirred. This is really happening. It’s really, actually happening. Oh God, what if I’m not ready? Maybe this isn’t the right night. Maybe…

Brunette woman in white negligee has man reveal ass

Jason pulled her from her seat without warning. His strong embrace engulfed her, holding her close to his chest, while his broad hands hooked beneath the hem of her negligee, tugging it up so it bunched atop her ass. White panties edged with pink silk nestled between her pale ass cheeks, cheeks which in turn descended into supple thighs and slender calves.

Robin was not tall; she nuzzled into Jason’s body with his hot breath tickling her scalp, her hands splayed over his broad chest. His fingers were hot on her ass, their sudden closeness spiking her arousal. His crotch pressing against her midriff, Robin’s insides squirmed as his erection caressed her stomach. She felt small, smaller than she’d felt in her entire life, and as his fingers plucked on the straps of her underwear she savoured the thrill of actually experiencing his embrace after so long imagining how it might feel.

The doubtful voices fell still instantly. I’m ready. I always have been. I just wasn’t sure I’d be brave enough to go through with it. But now we’re here, and tonight changes everything.

‘Of course I think you’re hot,’ Jason was saying. ‘You look like an angel. A stunning, sexy angel sent down to earth just for me.’

‘I might look like an angel on the outside, but inside I just want to be your little demon.’ The words were out before Robin could stop them and they surprised her more than she’d anticipated. True, so long as things went her way the night was always going to break down into sin and salaciousness, but she had expected Jason would be the driving force. Instead an uncharacteristic confidence beat in her chest. She realised she wanted to push his buttons, to drive him deeper under her spell.

And it seemed she had a skill for such things.

Jason pulled her into a kiss, his lips crushing against hers as his tongue probed her mouth. Robin froze, only for a moment, in which her final doubts were spirited away on the moan that passed her lips. Then she was kissing him in return, the heat of arousal rising through her as Jason filled her senses: fragrant aftershave, minty breath, rustling clothes, gentle grasp – even his handsome face, smiling at her from inside her closed lids.

She’d kissed a man before – a few, in fact – but these days that felt like a lifetime ago. And she supposed in a way it was, back when she had been someone else and when the men she had been kissing weren’t looking for a womanly lover. Regardless, Jason was a far better kisser than they’d ever been and she melted further into his embrace with every passing second.

Brunette woman strokes male lover's boxers

Robin was stripping him before she had time to really think what she was doing. Compelled by a sudden urge to see just how effective her scheme had been she tugged off his shirt and tossed it aside, where it was promptly joined by his jeans. Her lover kicked off his shoes, kissing her harder as he felt her peeling off his layers.

When she pulled away to admire him, Robin gasped: he was perfect.

The baggy shirts and loose jeans of which Jason was so fond concealed an enviable figure. Toned, muscular, and exuding the kind of raw yet tempered masculine power which implied the ability to hatefuck and make love in equal measure, Jason’s physique made Robin weak at the knees.

But then again, why wouldn’t it? After all, his was a body designed especially for her.

Worried that she might collapse if she tried to stay standing, Robin sank to her knees, running her fingers appreciatively down over his chiselled abs as she went. Resting her head against his stomach the tell-tale whiff of precum met her nostrils and she fought the urge to tear off his boxers immediately. She had worked tirelessly for this; she wanted to savour the moment.

Part of her wanted to tell Jason the truth. Of how she had been secretly dosing him with G-lixir in his morning coffee every day for months. Of how she had spent the majority of her meagre earnings on a special formula of the drug personalised just for him. Of how she had crushed on him for even longer while never daring to allow herself the belief they might have a future together.

And eventually she would. Once their bond was sealed and she no longer had to keep slipping G-lixir into his drinks; once they were a real couple and she could wake him with morning kisses to his lips and other sensitive areas, then she would tell him. Maybe… Possibly…

Although… maybe I don’t have to stop adding a little bit extra to his coffee.

It was a tempting prospect. Robin had been careful to use small doses on her favourite customer for several reasons. For one thing it was just easier; adding a few drops to each coffee looked far less suspect than trying to surreptitiously pour in a whole vial, not to mention less likely to get her caught by her boss and exposed. For another, it ensured the physical changes Jason underwent came about just slowly enough to ensure he nor anyone else might grow suspicious; had he randomly woken up one day with a killer body there was every chance he could have traced his transformation back to her, yet by his own admission he was an avid gym-goer, thus the gradual physical enhancements granted him by the G-lixir could easily be passed off as his exercise regime bearing fruit. Better still, smaller doses ensured his growing attraction to Robin seemed just as natural, everything from their flirting to her current presence in his apartment the inevitable outcome of his seeing her every morning, as opposed to the illicit substance she was including in his pre-work coffee.

If G-lixir did this in a few months, what might it do in a few years? Maybe he’ll want to fuck all the time. Maybe he’ll become even more ripped, perhaps even bigger downstairs. Not that he isn’t plenty big enough now, of course… I could keep giving it him. Just for a little while… just to see what happens…

A dark patch had appeared on his boxers, small but growing as arousal swelled, and at the sight of it that same unusual confidence overcame her again. She was a shark and Jason’s heady precum was blood on the current. She wanted him; she was starving for him. It felt like she had been waiting an eternity for this moment and she could no longer delay the inevitable.

Looking up she fixed him with large eyes framed in midnight eye-liner. ‘It looks like these are the last thing in my way,’ she said, plucking his boxers. ‘Let’s get them off. I think it’s time we finally got properly acquainted.’

Jason’s hand settled in her hair and stroked her locks softly. ‘You sure you’re ready? Tonight we take things at your pace. I promise.’

Robin’s heart melted: even after all her meddling, he was the same gentleman she had slowly fallen in love with since her first day behind the coffee bar. She was glad of that. What she’d done to him with the G-lixir hadn’t been to change him, not really. Rather it had been to soothe her own fraught nerves.

And a gentleman deserved a lady who knew how to satisfy him.

Brunette trans woman kneels to give oral sex to male lover

Removing his underwear, Robin’s heart skipped a beat as his cock bucked free. His shaft was rigid, prominent veins winding beneath the tender velvet skin and he gave a soft gasp as her breath washed over his exposed head.

Mesmerised by the gentle sway of his member, Robin was drawn irresistibly in. Her lips parted to slip over his head, sheathing him in her mouth to the sound of a breathless groan. He tensed, the pleasure briefly immeasurable. Then his muscles relaxed, his hand descended to her nape, and he guided her in, setting her into a slow, sensual rhythm. Bliss overtaking her, Robin closed her eyes and lost herself to her own desire.

Those same men Robin had kissed in the past had also felt her lips on their cocks. As such, though she was far from a pro, she had enough experience to soon have Jason grunting and groaning, her agile tongue and the tight seal of her lips driving him to distraction. His hips shortly began to roll, burying himself deeper in her slutty maw, while his grasp on her neck tightened, instinctively preventing her from pulling away and taking the perfect pleasure with her.

Robin didn’t care – it wasn’t as if she wanted to stop. Even once her jaw began to ache and breath grew hard to come by as his juicy cock filled her throat, her lust would not be sated. Months of daydreams and midnight fantasies had been spent imagining this moment, and now it was finally here the potent aromatic cocktail of Jason’s aftershave, sweat and precum drew a salacious fog over her thoughts. All she could think to do was feast.

She was so intoxicated she did not notice her own erection rise from her panties. Unable to be restrained any longer, her dicklet breached the confines of her underwear as her swollen balls threatened to spill free, the head bobbing gently in time with her hungry strokes.

‘Your cock is so cute,’ Jason huffed as she took a particularly deep dive onto his own.

Robin fought back a choke and jerked away sharply. For all that she had spent so long preparing him for this night, her gut reaction was panic. He was the first man she had been with since her transition and it was a big leap laying herself so vulnerable before him.

Jason, however, simply smiled. ‘It’s okay. Like I said, it’s cute. You’re cute. Actually no, you’re sexy as fuck. I’ve got the hottest girl in the city sucking my cock, what more could I ask for?’ He began guiding her back in again, only to freeze. An impish smirk crept over his lips. ‘Actually, now I think about it, there is one other thing I could ask for.’

Brunette trans woman receives anal sex from male lover on sofa

Suddenly weightless, Robin squeaked with delight as Jason lifted her onto the sofa. Pushing her onto all fours, he whipped off her panties so fast she barely felt them move.

After the slow sensuality they had shared so far, the speed of his movement took Robin off guard and left her reeling. By the time she gained her bearings, she realised Jason was behind her, a wet squelching sound meeting her ears as he lubricated his cock.

Oh god, this is it. This is really it. All that time I’ve been dreaming of this and he’s fina­–

The remainder of Robin’s thoughts were dashed as Jason sank into her tight ass. The room sang with their moans – his low and lustful, hers strident and sultry – moans which grew increasingly horny once he began to roll his hips in long, deep thrusts.

Robin’s body burned with arousal, the sensation popping lights across the inside of her lids. After, during and even before her transition she had explored anal play with her own toys, but while she’d kissed and blown men before, she had never gone any further in person. Now though, she realised all her toys paled in comparison to the thrill of a real cock.

It was the heat which struck Robin first. Her dildos could never have prepared her for the erotic warmth which now blossomed through her hips, across her midriff and then out, stretching to every extremity. It was as if someone had filled her with molten lead, so hot she half-expected her skin to burn away at any moment. At the same time she marvelled at the feel of his dick, rigid and yet soft all at once, like an iron baton wrapped in silk. The pleasure was as foreign as it was immediately addictive, and within a few moments Robin was rocking in time with his thrusts, taking him as deep as her hole would allow.

As she closed her eyes, forgotten memories flashed through her mind. Her first prescription of oestrogen pills and the sound of the crinkling foil as she popped free her first dose; the reflection which used to greet her every morning, a face which had felt somehow wrong with its dark stubble, masculine edge and unkempt hair; the simple thrill of receiving her first nametag at the coffee shop with Robin picked out in basic printed font – to her a defining moment after spending so many years with the name Robbie clipped to her chest.

She recalled moving to the city, intent on beginning a new life where she could lay her old identity to rest and start afresh among people who only knew her as Robin. She had transitioned because that’s simply who she was, though she had been under no allusions that it might well make finding romance a more complicated affair. As such, it had taken her entirely by surprise when Jason, her first post-transition crush, had begun to show an interest in her. Lingering stares had evolved into flirting, then phone numbers exchanged on receipts, and eventually late-night sexting.

It was only then that Robin had ordered the G-lixir.

Under normal circumstances she would never have dreamed of doing such a thing. She was not a cruel woman, indeed going to such lengths to create a boyfriend for herself out of just any unwitting customer was far beyond the reach of her morals. Yet she had seen where things were going with Jason and she wasn’t sure she could cope with the rejection should he cast her aside purely for being the woman she was.

In truth, she was willing to admit she had probably gone a little too far. Dosing him with G-lixir to alter his attractions would have been one thing, however Robin had taken things a step further. Among the many varied G-lixir formulae, each designed for a slightly different purpose, there was the Infatuation Strain: a potent serum which, when combined with a sample of her DNA, would ensure Jason’s attention did not wander once his libido began to grow. It was the closest to a genuine love potion science had yet achieved, and while it was an expensive investment, her desperation not to lose his affection had driven her to foot the extra cost.

‘Oh fuck, you’re so tight,’ Jason groaned, broad hands clasping her hips as he pumped relentlessly. ‘Your ass is amazing, gorgeous. I want to fuck it every day and every night. Holy shit.’

Maybe I did go too far, but it was worth it. Robin smirked as she bounced her ass, clenching her muscles tight around his cock to draw an agonised moan of ecstasy from his lips. Besides, he’s not complaining.

Her inner slut was in full bloom, her whole body crackling with orgasmic energy, yet Jason’s following words snuffed out her lust like water cast over a bonfire. ‘Thank you for dosing me up all this time. I don’t think I’d have found this nearly as hot if you hadn’t.’

Brunette trans woman rides and kisses male lover on sofa

‘What?’ Robin’s blood ran cold and stabbing panic pierced her midriff. The next instant she found Jason’s cock absent, for he had pulled back to leave an awful void in her core, the sudden motion combining with her shock to sharply leech her strength and send her crumpling into the cushions. She felt as if she’d been eviscerated. As she reeled, thoughts tumbling over one another in a terrified cascade, she expected the room to begin ringing with his screamed accusations of betrayal.

He knows. How can he know? He can’t, it’s not possible! But he said ‘dosing’, he must know. Oh god, what have I done?

It took Jason’s words a moment to settle in. But… he thanked me. Why would he…? When she looked up she found him lounging on the sofa beside her, a broad grin on his face as he slowly stroked his glistening cock.

‘Come here,’ Jason laughed, dragging her astride his lap and hugging her close so her tummy was flush to his chest and her pounding heart throbbed against his shoulder. Her startled face hovered over his, eyes wide and cheeks pale. ‘We’re not going to stop now are we?’ he said. ‘I thought we were just getting started.’

Before Robin could react, Jason had aligned his cock with her vulnerable hole and driven his hips up to enter her again. The pleasure was even more intense, partly due to the angle of their position, partly as a result of the keen panic it clashed with as it flooded her system. Unable to help herself, she moaned, her little dick growing harder as the combination of his pumping cock and his hot body pressed against hers pushed her arousal to fever pitch.

Still, it was not enough to melt the icy dread seizing her heart. ‘I don’t understand. You knew? How? Why didn’t you say? Why did you let me? I’m sorry, I only meant to– oh fuck!’  

Jason silenced her with an abruptly deep thrust which struck her P-spot so hard she was dazed for a moment. Her brows knitted together as aftershocks of pleasure rippled through her small frame, and when she opened her mouth only quiet orgasmic squeaks would issue forth.

Her lover smiled warmly. ‘Why would I want to stop you? If you wanted to turn me into some cock-crazed bull you’d have just spiked my coffee with a full dose first time, and since you didn’t do that it wasn’t difficult to figure out you were doing it because you were nervous what I might think of you if I knew you were trans. And given I was already crushing on you hard I didn’t see any problem in letting you think things were going your way until we could get to this point.’

As he spoke, he continued to thrust, driving his hips up slowly to inject fresh hot pleasure into her. Despite the blissful energy washing through her system, Robin’s confusion managed to cut through. ‘You knew I was trans?’

An errant lock of hair had fallen across her face, which Jason hooked tenderly behind her ear. ‘I didn’t know exactly, but I made an educated guess. Why else would you dose me with G-lixir if not because you were worried I might be averse to cock? I’m not, by the way. Never was. I’m pan, but your secret ingredient definitely helped enhance my appreciation for the men in my life.’

Her initial panic had mellowed, enough at least that her hips had started to rock automatically. When she spoke, her words were breathy and shallow, laced with shuddering gasps. ‘When d-did you kno-ow?’

‘My guess is a few weeks after you started. I noticed my preferences starting to shift to focus on dudes at first, but within a week or so I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Initially I thought it was just my crush getting stronger, only then I started to spot the physical changes.’

‘I tho-ought you’d think they were from the g-gym,’ Robin stammered, arousal hot on her nape. Jason was beginning to twitch in her ass: he was close.

Her lover blushed at her words. ‘Yeah, I don’t actually go to the gym. I just said that because I thought it might make you think I was hot. So when I began finding myself packing on the muscle without the exercise to warrant it I started putting the pieces together. Since the only place I went every day was the coffee shop I knew it had to be someone there dosing me up. And given you were on my mind morning, noon and night I assumed it was you. Just to be sure though, I went in as usual one morning only I didn’t drink the coffee you gave me. Instead I came back once you were off shift and got a fresh one; by the day’s end I was eyeing up girls just like old times.’

‘So… this isn’t the G-lixir talking? You came back because you wanted to?’

Jason slipped one hand down to caress her cock, prompting an orgasmic cry. ‘Of course. Like I said – why would I want to stop you? Thanks to you I get the body I’ve always wanted, a libido that can put pornstars to shame and the woman of my dreams; the doses you gave me were small enough to provide all of the benefits of G-lixir with none of the downsides. Sure, I’m not interested in cis girls anymore, but between you and me I’ve never had much luck with them anyway. I’m still myself, except now I’m the perfect man for you. Isn’t that what you wanted when you started this?’

Tears of joy welled in Robin’s eyes as she nodded. ‘Yes. Oh, absolutely, yes.’

She kissed him then, passionately, all the stress and guilt and nerves easing from her shoulders as she did. The motion seemed to shatter the chains of his orgasm and all at once his load was filling her insides. They moaned together, their pleasure echoing through the apartment, and she clung to him desperately, as though at any moment he might be whisked away never for her to see again.

Brunette woman rides male lover on sofa

As they descended their high, a twinge of sadness coiled about her heart: she had been looking forward to a long night. But she knew how this went; the men she had been with before were always spent after a single orgasm. She had no issue spending the night cuddling close to Jason, but she wished they had more passion in store tonight.

So it came as a shock once he pushed her upright and took hold of her hips, a shock laced with cautious hope as he guided her hips back and forth in a rolling motion.

‘What, you didn’t think that was it, did you?’ he laughed. ‘I already told you, I have all of G-lixir’s benefits – one of which is stamina. I’ve got enough steam left in me to fill you up ten times over. If that’s what you want, of course.’ As if to emphasise his point, Jason resumed his thrusting, bursting fresh ecstasy through her feminine frame. ‘Oh, by the way, I know you already do it for a living, but I don’t suppose you’d mind making me your special coffee in the morning? Every morning, in fact. I rather like this arrangement, and it would be a shame to lose this body. Your coffees really do bring out the best in me.’

Sensual laughter bubbled on Robin’s lips as she tossed back her head and threw herself into a grinding rhythm with gusto. Her whole body burned with sinful pleasure and soon they were groaning in unison, conducting a sordid score to their passion.

That night felt as if it went on forever – an eternity wrapped in one another’s embrace. Yet by the time the sun roused them and they disappeared together into the shower, kissing all the way, one thing was clear: their love was only just beginning…

Thanks for reading!

Okay, so this is easily one of my favourite standalone pieces I have ever written for several reasons. For one thing, it includes an original concept of my own, the G-lixir, which I got to use in a slightly different way to in the other stories I included it in this month. For another, I think the passionate writing in this is of a really high calibre if I do say so myself, not to mention I always enjoy writing stories in which the details are fed into the narrative throughout a steamy sex scene.

But the main reason is that I have finally written a piece showcasing the work of the inimitable Nyxi Leon. For those of my readers who enjoy trans content, particularly sissy content, Leon is an absolute must see. I found one of her videos for the first time probably early last year and since then she has staunchly become one of my all-time favourite trans models. She really is living the kind of life I would give anything to be living myself and while I can’t deny I’m pretty jealous of her, I also think it’s really cool that she gets to produce the kind of content she does and I’m super happy for her.

This scene is also big for me because if Leon reads this then that will be the first time (to my knowledge at least) that the model whose work I’ve showcased has read the story I’ve written using their content. I know a lot of TG writers tend not to interact with the models whose work they’ve used since you never know if that’s something they’ll support or not, however I am thrilled to say Leon has at the very least given the go ahead for me to write this. Whether she likes it or not is another matter entirely, but late last year I asked her directly if she’d be happy for erotic content to be written using her work and she said yes, which is absolutely awesome to me. I truly hope she enjoys what I’ve produced given how much of an idol she is to me, and I really, really hope to be able to use her work again.

Alas, Leon does not yet enjoy the same infamy as some of the other trans models I’ve showcased on my blog. Truthfully that was one of the main reasons it took me so long to actually get this story written, because it took a while to find a scene of hers that was professionally shot, since quite a bit of her current work doesn’t have associated image galleries. I have no doubt in time she will star in more and more awesome content, and I for one cannot wait to see it, but in the meantime I urge anyone who loves trans content to check her out wherever you can. She is on Twitter and has both an OnlyFans and a ManyVids profile. Honestly I don’t usually link to those kinds of sources for the models whose work I showcase, though I probably should and may begin to do so if that’s something people would like, but in Leon’s case I am happy to do so. Compared to some of the other models in my work, she is hugely underappreciated and very deserving of a spot on your list of favourite models.

Now, before I gush over Leon so much I burst, I should say the other model in this scene is Drake Ford. I couldn’t actually find a single profile of his beyond the sourced link, which is from the Internet Adult Film Database, though he seems to be a fairly regular face in Grooby scenes, so if you’re interested in seeing more of his work definitely check him out. As I have said many times before, this story owes equal credit to all the models involved, and without Ford this hot scene would not exist just as it wouldn’t exist without Leon.

Since this is the final story of the month, I also wanted to take a moment to mention that I am hoping to expand my gay and trans stories beyond the confines of Gaypril. While of course Gaypril is something I will definitely continue to do, I want to release gay and trans stories on a more regular basis. There are so many models whose work I want to showcase that I haven’t as yet, from trans models like Daisy Taylor and Ella Hollywood to gay models like Austin Young and Casey Everett.

At the moment I am currently working on my big summer project, Fantasy Resort, which will itself include one gay and one trans story, adding a bit of extra diversity to the story line-up compared to Lake Fantasy, so until that is finished all the stories releasing on my blog will be from my backlog. However, after that is finished, I’m hoping to include gay and trans stories on a more regular basis. That isn’t to say I have a specific schedule in mind, nor is it to say I plan on phasing out cis model stories, rather that I want to spice things up with that variety of content instead of binding these kinds of stories to one month per year.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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