Hunky man with black hair stands on exercise mat with arms crossed wearing gym clothes

Sweaty and breathless, Alex eyed his personal trainer Frank with a mixture of envy and adoration.

Despite the fact that they had spent almost two hours working out together, Frank hadn’t even broken a sweat. There wasn’t a strand of his suave quiff out of place, not so much as a flush in his bearded cheeks, and even though he had performed every exercise from burpees to abdominal crunches alongside Alex, he wasn’t the slightest bit out of breath. Stood in his grey tank top and black shorts, beefy arms crossed over his immense chest and powerful legs planted on his exercise mat, he looked like the very definition of masculinity – the physical epitome of the male form.

‘You know, we can call it a day if you like?’ Frank said as Alex leaned hard against the kitchen counter.

‘Why, are you getting sleepy?’ Alex replied, his blonde hair matted with perspiration and his cheeks flushed bright red.

Frank chuckled. ‘Only a little. Since you’re so eager, how about we really put you through your paces?’ Turning away, Frank leaned over to pick up the second exercise mat propped against a plant pot behind him.

Unable to stop himself, Alex’s eyes flickered over Frank’s body as he was distracted, shamelessly ogling the unbearably hot man before him. His gaze lingered for a second on Frank’s defined ass and he certainly didn’t miss the impressive bulge pressing against the man’s shorts. Even so, once his personal trainer turned back to face him Alex forced himself not to stare.

They had been training together for the better part of a month after Alex finally decided to get in shape over Christmas, yet Alex still hadn’t been able to shake his attraction to his personal trainer no matter how much he tried to keep things professional. True, his eagerness to spend as much time as possible in Frank’s presence had led to a massive boost in his personal fitness given how often they had spent training together, however Alex was beginning to think it might have been better to hire a female trainer: at least that way he wouldn’t have to fight the urge to drool every time she walked in the door. 

‘You ready to get started?’ Frank said, holding up the rolled mat.

In response, Alex waved the two empty glasses they had just finished drinking their protein shakes from. ‘I’ll just put these away, then I’ll be right with you.’

Heading over to the sink, Alex set the glasses down beside it. As he turned back to Frank though, his eyes caught on the cluster of ingredients spread out over the worktop which they had just used to make their shakes. More specifically, his gaze snagged on a thin glass bottle like those one might have expected to find at a fancy restaurant filled with olive oil and a sprig of some herb or another.

Only there wasn’t any olive oil in the bottle, nor any herbs. Instead the liquid was a vivid blue that Alex recognised immediately: G-lixir. He often used it to liven up the atmosphere when his gay friends came around to party, or to boost his courage before he went out to one of the city’s bathhouses or gay saunas. What he didn’t use it for was making protein shakes…

Alex only realised what he’d done the second before Frank tackled him to the ground.

He had just enough time to understand that he must have absentmindedly added the G-lixir to their shake while he and Frank were chatting, both too distracted to notice the unintentional extra ingredient. But it was already too late: the erotic effects hit him too and he let out an orgasmic gasp as Frank dragged him down onto the exercise mat.

Hunky naked man with black hair looks down at blonde man lying on exercise mat with hands tied behind back

Alex had experienced the pleasures of G-lixir before, but even so it was a sensation no amount of experience could dull. As the effects tore through his system he was filled with the same thrill as his first time, the desire that swamped his thoughts bringing his cock to attention in a matter of seconds. What was more, thanks to Frank’s training Alex had become much fitter since his previous experimentation with the transformative drug, so this time the G-lixir had no need to enhance his physical form. Instead, every drop went into twisting his consciousness with insatiable lust, and within seconds he was squirming on the exercise mat, the desperate need for a cock in his holes almost agonising.

While Alex had dealt with G-lixir’s effects before, however, Frank clearly had not. Like his student, the massive bull was already physically flawless, but that only meant the mental effects hit him even harder. All at once his mind was corrupted with primal hedonism and his body burned with the need to dominate and fuck, carnal gay desires tearing through his system.

And with Alex already begging for cock beneath him, he had the perfect slut to satisfy his new needs.

Sloughing off his shorts and tearing his tank top to shreds with his bare hands, Frank wasted no time in subduing his student. With his rigid cock jutting out he snatched up the hand wrap he had originally intended for Alex to use during the boxing session later. It was the work of a moment to lash Alex’s wrists behind his back, then Frank sank down onto his student’s thighs, pinning him facedown on the mat with his muscular weight.

With one powerful motion he ripped Alex’s shorts apart, tossing aside the tattered remains as he eyed his student’s shaved ass. Clamping his huge hands on Alex’s cheeks, Frank gave a low, lustful growl and squeezed.

‘I’m sorry, oh God I’m so sorry,’ Alex gasped, pushing aside his rampaging lust just long enough to apologise. ‘I didn’t realise… it was an accident… I didn’t mean to…’

Frank dropped down over him in a heartbeat, one hand wrenching Alex’s head up from the tiles by the hair and cutting off his babbling with a barked command. ‘Shut the fuck up. I don’t care what you meant to do. The only thing I care about is pounding you until you scream.’

‘Oh fuck,’ Alex breathed, trembling in Frank’s grasp.

His trainer was hunkered low over his body and Alex could feel his cock rubbing between his ass cheeks. Unable to stop himself, he began rocking his hips, desperate to feel Frank inside him.

The hunky stud laughed as he did so. ‘You dirty fucking slut. Why are you even apologising? I mean, you want this, don’t you? You’ve wanted this since our very first session. I know you have. And whether it was an accident or not, now I want it just as much as you. So shut your fucking mouth and take my fucking cock.’

With that, Frank sank inside Alex’s hole and their united cry rang through the house.

Hunky man with black hair gives anal sex to blonde man on exercise mat

As soon as Frank began to thrust, any further apologies died on Alex’s lips.

‘I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry, I’m so not sorry,’ he panted, all rational thought lost to the fog of lust now clouding his mind. Driven wild by the potent drug coursing through his system, he couldn’t have resisted Frank’s advances even if he had wanted to. ‘Please, sir, please fuck me hard.’

Frank, meanwhile, was possessed by the same carnal drive. ‘That’s right, beg like the slutty fag you are. Ohhh, fuck, you’re so fucking tight. I’m going to stretch you until you gape, do you hear? I’m going to stretch this tight ass and fill you up so good you’ll be begging for more.’

It did not take long before the air was thick with the sounds of their passion: the slap of their colliding thighs, Frank’s guttural grunts, Alex’s strident gasps, the squeak of the mat shifting as they fucked.

But Alex didn’t hear any of it – the pleasure was simply too great. Burning through every cell in his body, it engulfed everything, reducing the world around him to a blur of colour and distant noises. The only thing his senses would register was the unyielding ecstasy of their sordid fucking.

He could feel the heat of Frank’s thighs rubbing against his. He could feel the dull ache that blossomed over his ass each time Frank’s crotch slammed against it, the sting mellowed by the warm bliss of their skin pressing together. The gentle caress of their arms rubbing up together and the swirl of Frank’s breath over his nape. The orgasmic tingle of his rigid cock grinding against the soft mat even while Frank’s sent blast after blast of euphoric pleasure crashing through his insides, each blow to his prostate robbing Alex of his breath.

Perhaps the hottest sensation of all, however, was the knowledge that this was only the beginning.

Though Alex had been exhausted from their training session only minutes before, the G-lixir had filled him with fresh energy. The kind of stamina most men would kill for now coursed through his system, and Alex knew from previous experience that it would not wear off for hours, maybe even days.

With that enhanced energy, both of them could simply keep fucking, exhaustion impossible until the effects faded.

Clearly Frank had also come to the same conclusion, because after a short while the hand wrap binding Alex’s hands was torn away and Frank pulled out, lifting his weight from Alex’s thighs.

Consumed by lust, the thought of trying to remedy their situation didn’t even cross Alex’s mind. Instead, he used his new freedom to drag Frank down onto the mat and make out passionately with his new lover. Locking their fingers in one another’s hair, they remained tangled up for several minutes, their lips crushed together, sounds of their wet kissing filling the air.

Then Alex was on the move again, the void in his ass already maddeningly intense. He needed a cock in his hole, and he needed it now.

‘Fuck yes,’ Frank groaned as Alex eased down onto his rigid dick. ‘Mmmh, I could get used to having you as my needy cock-slut.’ Reaching up from his position lying on the mat, Frank grabbed hold of Alex’s plump ass as he began to bounce his hips and take Frank deep.

Straddling Frank’s hips, his feet planted beside his lover’s thighs and his broad hands clutching Frank’s muscular shins, Alex gasped as fresh pleasure cascaded through him. Now with more control, he soon found the perfect angle to ride Frank in order to ensure his dick hit Alex’s P-spot every single time and promptly settled into a swift, sordid rhythm.

Already he could see their future sessions unfolding in his mind’s eye. No more lunges or weights, just a dose of G-lixir blended in with their protein shakes and enough fucking to keep them both hot and sweaty for days afterwards.

It certainly wasn’t the fitness regime Alex had had in mind when he first hired Frank, but given how sinfully good it felt riding his personal trainer’s massive cock, he didn’t have any complaints…

Blonde man rides hunky gay lover on exercise mat

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The more astute of my readers may have noticed a bit of theme regarding my Christmas offerings this year: the galleries themselves aren’t all that Christmassy. Of course the first three releases of the month delivered some fairly festive imagery, but that was a deliberate choice on my part.

Put simply, I find that most Christmas galleries are often pretty generic. Someone will be dressed as either Father Christmas, Mrs. Clause or an elf of some kind, and the scenes will take place in a bedroom decked out with a Christmas tree or fairy lights of some other festive décor. Naturally that is to be expected, however from a writing perspective those kinds of galleries don’t offer much inspiration: once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

That’s why I decided to improvise a bit this year. While I wanted to put out some festive stories in the approach to Christmas, I decided to be a bit more open-minded with the kinds of stories I wrote between Christmas and the New Year. After all, Christmas offers itself to lots of interesting kinds of dynamics and I wanted to explore those: a trans woman succumbing to the temptation of a special perfume, for example. Or in the case of this story, how the good intentions of getting fit for the holidays could go wrong if a little G-lixir was thrown into the mix.

I know some people might have been hoping for my blog to be packed with sex in the snow and hot women tangled up in fairy lights this month, but I found it far more fun exploring stories that used Christmas as a backdrop rather than a major part of the plot. Hopefully that comes across in these stories and you enjoy them as much as I do.

The models in this scene are Alam Wernik and Arad Winwin.

Out of the two, I am most familiar with Wernik, who just seems to be able to push my buttons. I don’t really know what it is about him, but I always love his work and he just seems to draw me in with that naughty smirk of his. Even so, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on his content, so all I can say is that for those into gay content you should definitely check out his work.

As for Winwin, this is the first of his work I’ve seen myself, however the source I have given to his xHamster profile is absolutely packed with content, all of which looks hot as fuck. I for one will definitely be exploring his portfolio on my own time and I highly encourage my readers to do the same because from what I can tell this scene is just the tip of the iceberg of Winwin’s impressive content.

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