Gaypril: Naughty Neighbours

Close-up of coffee mugs on table

‘So how long have you guys been in the neighbourhood?’ Rich asked as he sipped on his coffee. Having spent the last few weeks subsisting on either instant sachets or watery gas station trash, he was grateful to finally have some proper caffeine. The drink was rich and flavourful, and though he detected a foreign undertone to it he assumed his new neighbours merely had a fondness for more exotic flavours than he was used to.

‘Oh, several years now,’ Wade said, ‘we moved in when this was a new build.’ He was a handsome black man, thick-set and rugged with a trimmed beard as dark as his deep, soulful eyes.

‘And how have you found it? Nice?’

Taking a swig of his own coffee, Wade’s partner, Andy, nodded. ‘It’s lovely. Spacious homes, good weather, and very private too. Trust me, whatever you get up to in your own time, nobody ever disturbs you.’ Andy was taller than his companion, less stocky too, though he was no less powerful for it, and dense musculature rippled beneath his skin. Hair and beard cropped to little more than stubble, he had a piercing stare, as though he was analysing the inner workings of Rich’s soul.

Rich wasn’t entirely sure how to reply. There was a glimmer in Andy’s eye that was more suggestive than he liked, and he wondered if perhaps the man was trying to subtly suggest they make use of their privacy. Wade and Andy were gay, that much was obvious, so it was hardly outside the realms of possibility.

Fortunately, Wade spoke up before Rich’s pause could become awkward. ‘How about you then? You moving here for work? Family? Love, maybe? I bet you’re quite popular with the ladies.’

Rich sighed inwardly: good, they know I’m straight. I suppose it makes sense a gay man would be able to tell. His relief was twofold, for while he’d been briefly nervous they were about to hit on him, he had been equally concerned he might offend them by declining. The last thing he wanted was to piss off his neighbours so soon after moving in. That was why he’d introduced himself in the first place; in an effort to foster amicability. True, he’d been a shade uncomfortable when Wade and Andy answered the door in silk bathrobes, however when they invited him in he’d thought it rude to reject them, and soon they’d been deep in neighbourly conversation. And while he’d certainly have preferred them to be wearing more clothes they were careful to conceal their modesty for him. Besides, this was their house, so it was hardly like he had grounds to complain.

‘I’m here for work mainly. Got an offer I couldn’t turn down so I thought why not? But I’ve always wanted to live in the city. I’m from a country town originally. As you can probably imagine there’s not much there for me. You’re right though, I am kind of hoping to get lucky now I’m here – I hear this city has quite a nightlife.’

‘Oh yes,’ Wade nodded, ‘and believe me it’s as lively out here in the suburbs as it is in the nightclubs.’

Rich wasn’t sure what came over him, but as Wade smiled he was suddenly swamped by the urge to pounce onto the muscly hunk and kiss his full lips until neither of them could breathe. He’d never experienced a compulsion so powerful, but for a brief moment it blotted every other thought. Somehow he managed to restrain himself, however as the urge passed he found words spilling out unbidden. ‘Can I suck your cock?’

Immediately he clapped a hand to his mouth. ‘I’m sorry,’ he gasped, ‘I don’t know why I said that. I didn’t mean it, honest, I didn’t. I’m straight, I don’t want to do that, really…’ Even as he denied it though, another wave of blinding arousal washed over him. It was all he could do not to leap across, tear open their robes and feast.

Once clarity returned, he found both men grinning. ‘What… what is it…?’ All at once, everything seemed to slot into place. Glancing at his mug, a void of cold dread opened in his gut as he realised the strange taste of his coffee was anything but exotic grounds. ‘Did… did you do this to me?’ Surging to his feet, he staggered away, his face a mask of pallid terror.

Two black men exposing their bodies in silk bathrobes

Wade and Andy rose with him, satisfied smirks twisting their lips.

Fresh panic seized Rich’s lungs as Wade pulled on the lapels of his robe to reveal a barrel chest dusted with dark hair. ‘No need to apologise, hot stuff, we’d be happy to let you indulge in a little cock-sucking. That’s what you want, isn’t it?’

‘Oh yes, we’re all yours.’ Andy’s laugh chilled Rich’s blood and he felt suddenly faint. The towering stud had shed his bathrobe, allowing it to dangle from his wrists while the silken belt was draped around his neck like a discarded tie. His hefty meat was exposed, hanging low over heavy balls, and to his horror Rich sharply began to salivate.

Though his body burned for the men, Rich did his best to stifle his arousal and stumbled back as they edged toward him. ‘What is this? What did you put in my d-dick… drink?’

‘Isn’t it obvious?’ Wade smirked, only for realisation to dawn over his broad features. ‘Oh no, that’s right, you’re not from the city, are you? I bet you don’t have G-lixir back home. Probably lucky you don’t – I’m sure some eager bull would’ve snapped you up years ago if you had, and if they’d done that we’d have missed out on that hot body of yours.’

Even in his panic, Rich’s confusion cut through enough for him to frown. ‘What’s G-lixir?’ He wasn’t sure he wanted to know, especially given how hungry he was for their sordid embrace.

Andy’s grin grew wider still, though Rich couldn’t tear his eyes from the man’s crotch. ‘It’s a variant of the Elixir; even you must have heard of that. Don’t worry though, G-lixir doesn’t turn you into a woman. What it does do is turn you into a horny, hungry, hedonistic cock-whore. A gay cock-whore, that is. I know it’s not much consolation right now, but for what it’s worth you’re going to love it.’

‘No… no, leave me alone… I only wanted to make friends…’ Spinning around, Rich dashed for the door.

He didn’t even manage three steps before he crumpled to the carpet. Writhing and thrashing as if possessed, Rich groaned as his body began to change. Muscles swelled, fat melted, bones shifted. In seconds, his denim shirt was stretched taut over broad shoulders and an ample cock ached as it strained against the material of trousers suddenly tight over muscular thighs. His messy hair shaved down into a short quiff and cropped sides, while his skin stung with the lingering pain of the numerous tattoos which now decorated his flesh.

It was an intensely painful experience. For Rich it felt as if he was being torn apart and stitched together with white-hot needless like some demented Frankenstein’s monster. But then there was little wonder. The couple were of sadistic tastes and had spiked his coffee with an overdose of triple-strength G-lixir; there was enough of the drug coursing through Rich’s system to transform ten men, if not more.

‘Please,’ Rich whimpered, summoning all his strength to push himself onto all fours, ‘please… I…’ Then, with one final jerk, he collapsed into a breathless sweaty heap.

When he looked up, Rich found Wade and Andy stood by the front door. Even though it was opened wide they stood with their robes open, shameless in their exposure and eyeing one another knowingly.

‘If you want to get out so bad, don’t let us stop you,’ Wade said. ‘You’re welcome to leave whenever you please.’ He stepped aside, allowing free passage for Rich to escape. ‘Go on then, if that’s what you want.’

The cool breeze washed over Rich’s sweaty brow, beckoning him to freedom. All it would take was a quick burst of speed and he’d be out. No more than half a dozen steps. He had a clear run; escape would be the easiest thing in the world. All he had to do was…

White man in denim shirt gives oral sex to two black men in bathrobes

Rich scrambled across to Andy and swallowed his cock in one fluid motion. His own momentum carried him down hard, driving Andy’s meat practically into his lungs as he let out an orgasmic moan of release. Clutching the man’s ass he pulled Andy in as deep as physically possible, even sucking up his swollen balls with a wet slobbering sound.

Oh fuck,’ Andy gasped, eyes swinging up into his skull and knees sagging as euphoria tore through his system. ‘Oh my fucking god. This bitch is incredible.’ With a primal growl he grabbed Rich by the head and held him in place with ferocious strength.

‘That’s right, you dirty little cunt, deepthroat that fat cock.’ Wade leaned down and smacked Rich hard on the ass, the clout ringing out along the street – a street whose occupants had all tasted Wade and Andy’s special coffee. ‘You’re going to be doing that a lot from now on,’ the stocky man laughed.  

On instinct, Rich took hold of Wade’s twitching cock and began to jerk. His eyes streamed and his face was flushed a red so deep it was almost purple, but he remained latched onto Andy’s crotch like some kind of lustful leech. The G-lixir had made short work of his gag reflex, thus as Andy burrowed down his throat Rich did not so much as splutter.

When Andy finally released him, thick ropes of saliva and precum hung from Rich’s lips like pearly garlands. Barely pausing for breath, the hungry cocksucker dived in again, gorging himself on Andy’s cock with a savage hunger. At the same time he jerked Wade feverishly even as he drove the new cumdump down onto Andy’s meat.

Just as Rich shifted his attention over to Wade, sealing his lips over the man’s magnificent member, the door to the opposite house opened and a diminutive woman with blonde hair and an innocent smile stepped out.

‘You two don’t waste any time do you? That poor boy only moved in yesterday and already you’re trying to choke him to death.’ She leaned against the doorframe and admired the ease with which Rich took Wade’s ruthless skullfucking.

Andy shrugged as Rich jerked him off. ‘He came over to introduce himself; he might as well have had Fuck Me written on his shirt. If you’re going to enter the den of depravity there’s only one way things are going to end.’

‘Care if I join you? I have some G-lixir vials in my bedroom – although knowing you you’ve made enough coffee to drug up a whole stadium.’

‘Come on, Maria, let us have a bit of fun with him first,’ Wade laughed.

‘How about this evening? Me and Mitch have been dying to fuck the new slut since we knew someone was moving in.’

‘It’s a date,’ Andy nodded. The woman beamed, her hand slipping into her trousers as she turned back into the house. ‘Oh, and Maria…’ She turned back at Andy’s call. ‘I suggest you and your husband go for double-strength for this one: he’s a real whore for big cocks.’

‘Right you are,’ she nodded, then with a conspiratorial wink she was gone.

‘You hear that?’ Wade said. ‘You’re going to have four cocks to deal with tonight, you greedy little nympho.’

For the first time Rich pulled away and fixed Wade with a cum-smeared grin. ‘Yes please. Fuck, this feels so good. I’m never going back. Not ever. Your dicks taste so fucking good; I want to drown in your cum. Please, master, fuck my face again. I want to choke on your cock.’

Before Wade could oblige, Andy clamped a hand around Rich’s neck and dragged him to his feet. ‘Oh no, you’re not getting off that lightly. You have a much better hole in need of pounding and I think it’s about time we showed you what a bitch boy like you is really for.’

Within minutes Andy was sprawled out over the sofa with Rich straddling his lap. Kissing passionately, they groaned together as Andy’s cock ground up against his pet’s tender hole.

Their passion was interrupted as Wade took hold of the boy’s hips, pulling him back and parting their lustful make out session. Before either man could respond, however, he had slipped the head of Andy’s cock into Rich’s ass before driving the slut’s hips down hard. The next instant, he too was pushing inside, stretching Rich’s hole to the limit.

Their combined moans rang out loud and lustful, only growing more erotic once the bulls began to thrust. In that moment, Rich’s G-lixir addiction was sealed. The only women he would ever crave again were the sordid sluts like Maria who were happy to transform themselves into the hung studs of his dreams; studs like the two men now ravaging his naughty hole, to whom he would willingly submit whenever they desired. And given his new neighbours were more than happy to provide him all the G-lixir he could ever need to satisfy his new filthy cravings, the man he had been before would soon be little more than a vague memory.

Rich might have intended to make friends with his new neighbours, but in the end he wound up as their naughty gay fuck buddy. And as far as he was concerned, he couldn’t have asked for anything better…

Two black men giving anal sex to white man on sofa

Thanks for reading!

Since this is the first story of this year’s Gaypril, I wanted to use it to introduce a new concept I had while devising this year’s stories: the G-lixir. I am supremely grateful to Miss Evie Hyde for giving me her blessing to create a variant of her infamous Elixir dedicated to gay transformations, and I cannot wait to use this in future stories. My intention is to eventually explore many different versions of G-lixir, from those that turn people into needy twinks to those that create horny leather daddies and beyond. I already have another few stories which include this concept coming out before the end of the month, and I’ve made G-lixir its own tag, so as more of these stories come out you’ll be able to find them all in one place through that tag.

Before I mention the models in this piece, I want to preface every Gaypril caption from here on out by saying that gay and trans models are really very difficult to source sometimes. Unlike most mainstream cis female and straight male models, gay and trans models generally enjoy less exposure within the industry, and thus a significant quantity either do not have a PornHub profile at all, or if they do it is very bare. So for the models in this month’s pieces, I won’t always be linking to their PornHub profiles, but whichever website I feel best showcases their work. In the case of today’s models that includes XVideos and XHamster profiles, but later in the month there will be links to specific porn studios and elsewhere too. All the websites I link to are safe to the best of my knowledge, and I have only linked to sources I trust myself, though if you would rather do your own internet searches for these models of course all their names will be provided.

That said, the models in this piece are Zak Bishop, August Alexander and Dillon Diaz. Bishop and Alexander are new names to me, however Bishop in particular has an ample portfolio of scenes with respected gay studios, and Alexander is also worth checking out, though you’ll probably have to do a bit more digging to find his content.

Diaz, meanwhile, is a model whose work I have enjoyed often enough to say he is absolutely worth your time. As a hot, black hunk he ticks a lot of boxes for me personally, and he has worked with some incredibly hot gay models during his time in the industry. I can all but guarantee he will show up again in future stories, but until then be sure to check out his work on your own time.

I think that will do it for today’s story. I have plenty more naughtiness in store for the rest of the month, so be sure to come back every Monday and Friday for regular gay and trans fun.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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2 Thoughts on “Gaypril: Naughty Neighbours

    1. No. The whole premise of fictional transformation drugs such as G-lixir, Elixir, X-Change and any number of others out their in the TG erotica sphere are that they not only transform a person in body but in mind. While yes, this story does veer closer to a non-con dynamic than some of my other work, I think it’s important to note that Rich opted to engage with them. True, his mind was warped by the G-lixir, but at that point he had become an entirely different person and he chose them over leaving the house.

      But also, this is a dynamic I have explored time and again in the context of straight stories. Just off the top of my head, ‘New Year, New You’, ‘Inner Conflict’, ‘Trophy Hotwives’ and many more include non-con themes – even Lake Fantasy, in which the characters of Vernon and Andrew were forced into becoming Veruca and Angela, which, while they were both quote-unquote ‘villain’ characters, was still a non-consensual act – and none of those stories have caused concern for any of my readers.

      All that is not even touching on the fact that this is all in the realm of fantasy. If people are reading my work for realism or moral guidance, they’re in the wrong place, because that’s not what this content is for. The entire TG erotica sphere is interwoven with non-con themes because those are fantasies a lot of people have, myself included. And that’s not a bad thing unless they start going out and applying them to their real lives; if they want to project themselves onto the character of Rich in the same way I do, that’s their choice, and in the safe space of TG erotica they shouldn’t be judged for that. But if they take Wade and Andy’s actions as an inspiration to act non-consensually towards real people, that’s on them, not me. It is not a writer’s job to craft an entirely moral story – if every story WAS entirely moral, in fact, they’d all be rather pointless. It is the writer’s job to craft stories people will find compelling – or, in the context of the TG niche, erotic. It is the reader’s job to apply their own understanding of right and wrong to the actions of the characters.

      Think of it as though you were reading a mainstream novel in which the villain did horrendous, terrible things. If a reader decides to idolise that villain and their actions, that’s on them since they’re unable to apply context and general morality to their actions. As much as Wade and Andy aren’t what I’d consider villains, their acts are, to anyone with any level of sensible morality, pretty obviously not something you should attempt to replicate. And if, like me, you find Rich’s position hot (which, I should probably point out, is the whole point of this piece, to put the reader into his shoes, not Wade’s or Andy’s) that non-con dynamic is, ironically, one you can have entirely consensually through roleplay, safe words and a respectful partner (or partners).

      So to summarise, no, they’re not using the G-lixir to rape him. They use it to alter him into a mentality in which he is eager to become sexual with them, and while yes that is not a consensual alteration on his part, after the transformation he is an entirely different person. This is how countless straight TG stories play out – both my own and those of others – since non-con is an inherent part of the niche, but does not mean I advocate or approve of such actions in reality. The hint is in my blog title: my stories focus on fetishes and fantasies. Nothing more, nothing less, and any reader who considers them a template for how to behave in real life should be taking a look at themselves, not me. I hope this clears things up.

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