Large oval wooden conference table with leather chairs set around it

Waiting patiently at the head of the table, Dean greeted each man who entered the room with a cordial smile. Naturally there was no warmth to it; he had little fondness for any of the men taking their seats, but this was business and it was only customary to mask one’s true emotions, even if said mask was all but transparent.

He did, however, inject his smile with a note of smug satisfaction. Near enough every man in the room had attempted to usurp Dean of his position yet not one had succeeded, and he had maintained his grip on role of CEO since he had first founded the company. In one way or another he had forced the men back into their rightful positions beneath him, and his smirk ensured none of them forgot it.

Once every chair around the table was full he felt the thrill of power as the men before him fell reverently silent. The expressions they wore ranged from respectful – rare – to outright loathing – common – and a number of the men clicked their pens angrily. Nevertheless, Dean knew how the pitch was going to go. Every man around the table would listen in silence to his presentation. At the end they would clap politely before agreeing unanimously to his suggestions, then all would file out of the room offering compliments varying in their sincerity. As always, the only emotion that surpassed their hatred for him was their fear.

After all, Dean was known to be both ruthless and efficient, and in their business it was almost too easy for people to vanish without a trace. The products they sold were practically designed for the purpose, and the network of contacts the company associated themselves with was far from favourable.

With their eyes fixed on him, he spread his arms in a welcoming fashion. ‘Good morning gentlemen, a pleasure to see you all once again. Contrary to our usual arrangement, I have gathered you her for two reasons. As usual we shall have an overview of our progress and the current state of affairs. However, over the past several months my research and development team have been working on a new product which I will be introducing to you all today.

‘First though, let us work through the formalities.’ Taking up a remote he used it to activate the wide plasma screen behind him, filling it with charts and graphs which progressed as he spoke. ‘As I am sure you are all aware, sales of X-Change and the Pink Pill continue to rise and as we move into our second quarter this trend is showing no signs of slowing. The use of targeted marketing has been a huge driver to this success, and we will continue to advertise to our target audience directly through porn websites and niche sectors of the web based on user searches.

‘In more recent news, our funding has allowed the small Insatiable start-up to grow dramatically in the few months since its foundation. The range of their products has allowed them to attract an impressively large audience and already they have outsold the total unit sales of the Pink Pill in its first year after less than half that time on the market. Our stake in the company is proving ludicrously profitable and we are looking into additional sources of revenue for our partnership as we speak.

‘Similarly our stake in Slut Industries is proving equally profitable, and I can confirm that their range of products will be expanding in the coming months. As such we can expect increased revenue through them and the strength of our partnership will only benefit.

‘Our underworld associates continue to make use of the slut serum and their purchases are steady. Some of you may be aware that last quarter we tested allowing discounts on bulk purchases for loyal customers. As yet we do not have sufficient data to categorically state if this effective, however if the initial numbers are to be believed it seems to have increased sales by a ten percent margin.

‘Less positive are our hypno files. Sales have dropped in the past several months and we are taking action to try and remedy this. Having poured so much effort into the Insatiable start-up and the development of new products, the hypno files have somewhat fallen by the wayside. The trends seem to suggest that with the introduction of full-body transformation products, hypnotic suggestion has fallen a little out of fashion. However, by broadening our hypno range and targeting the wealthy we hope to bring hypno files back to their peak and hopefully improve them in the long run.

‘Our sex-retary initiative has been a resounding success. While the extensive work to the subjects is certainly a lengthy process, the profits have proved impressive and repeat customers are increasing by the month. In a similar line of business, our advancements in bodysuit technology are proving too much for our competition to handle and come the year’s end we hope to have a monopoly of the sector.

‘The introduction of our pheromone aftershave and perfumes initially faced a few hurdles, however these have been overcome. We are now paired with hundreds of clubs and underground brothels across the country who have been using the products to entrance their customers into returning and even to recruit new dancers, performers and escorts. In this new quarter we hope to push these partnerships into new locations and boost profits in the process.

‘Finally, our stake in the Program has proved exceptionally beneficial. Not only are the staff there satisfying many happy customers, but their continued research on the subjects they are developing is being fed directly to my R and D team to streamline our own operations.

‘Which brings me nicely to our second point of business. Gentlemen, I am thrilled to introduce to you our new crown jewel.’ Allowing the suspense to hang in the air for a moment, Dean turned the remote on the table. Unlike the bulk of the table, the portion at which he sat was made of glass rather than wood. Reacting to the remote, a small square folded down and up through the gap came a silver pedestal atop which stood a large conical flask filled with a swirling purple liquid.

‘Gentlemen, I give you, the Formula.’ Briefly Dean smirked: already the men were encapsulated even without knowing what it was they were looking at. For all they knew it could have been no more than water and dye, yet they eyed it greedily all the same. Knowing they were hanging on his every word he launched into his pitch.

‘As we all know, we have one competitor in this industry who refuses to yield to our pressure. The Elixir has dominated our industry for years now and still we have yet to come close to the level of saturation it has managed to achieve. Even with our fingers in all the pies I have just mentioned, Elixir as a product triples our annual profits if our research is to be believed.

‘The Formula is our response. Our weapon to bring Elixir and its creators to their knees. It is a culmination of years of development and I am honoured to be able to introduce it to you today. The Formula has been specifically designed to do one thing: realise fantasy. We all know the world we live in is no more than a den of materialism and greed. How many men want the perfect abs? How many women want a divine figure? And how many sexual niches are there out there that people would love nothing more than to explore, but can’t?

‘Take for example one of our test subjects. She was young, intelligent and a virgin, however she admitted to us that she had always hidden the truth that she truly wanted to be an exotic dancer or a pornstar. The academic life was one she had been pushed into, but the adult industry was where her heart truly lay. As such her fantasy included alterations to her body, minor personality changes and the development of skills she had never honed. After using the Formula, she has found great success with a leading porn agency. The most dramatic change was her body – A cup to double D, gentlemen – however she is now one of the most arousing dancers you are ever likely to meet and more seductive than the most experienced hooker.

‘The Formula is quite simply a revolution for our industry. A triumph of our generation. Combining cutting edge advancements in nano-technology, genetic editing, cognitive manipulation and pheromone science among others it is able to change every part of the subject to match their specific desires in a matter of moments. It delves into the mind of the subject and transforms them based on their inner lusts into the version of themselves they have always craved.

‘Of course, I do not expect you to support a product without first observing its capability and as such I will personally provide a tour through our research labs after this meeting, at which time you will be able to meet our test subjects in the flesh. However, I feel that a live demonstration is also important, and to show my own belief in the product I will be serving as the subject.’

A low murmur of surprise rippled around the room. He ignored it. Taking up a thin vial of the liquid which had been concealed behind the flask he wasted no time in gulping down the contents and placing the empty test tube back on the table.

As he had said, the transformation was immediate and swift. Dean was by no means an old man, though there were notable signs of his advancing age, and his fitness was not what it had once been. He had staved off the ambitions of those who would dethrone him with his fierce intellect, not his physical strength and he was certainly past his prime physically speaking.

Before the eyes of the gathered men, all that changed. The streaks of grey that shot through his thinning hair were quickly painted black as they were rejuvenated, returning to the full head of hair he had known in his younger years. His skin – which had begun to drop – tightened across his face and the strong jawline of his youth was prominent once again. A fire of energy burned in his eyes and he surveyed them with a dominant power.

Even when he was younger, however, Dean had never been particularly athletic, and now his fantasy became visible. His shoulders broadened an inch or two, filling out with muscles that rolled down his arms and enveloped his torso. Growing a fraction taller he soon wore an intimidating air like a cloak, and as the bones and joints of his body popped and creaked during the transformation he closed his eyes and smiled. At last his physical power matched his intellect. It was an intoxicating sensation.

He could tell from the look on their faces that the men were already enthralled by the Formula. But he was not finished yet.

‘As you can see,’ he addressed them, his voice lower, younger, ‘the product works. However there is more to the Formula than simple personal transformation. As we all know, sexual fantasy is a broad spectrum, and often it expands beyond the individual. In some circumstances – I would go as far as to say most – the fantasiser craves something with or from another. Domination or submission are basic examples. The Formula accounts for this too.

‘Say a man craved submission to a woman but his wife or partner does not approve of such things. All the man would need to do is take a dose of the Formula and the next time he made skin contact with his partner, the Formula would proceed to transform her into the woman he craved: dominant, ruthless, kinky.

‘In the case of this theoretical man, the fantasy is of a specific person, and in such a scenario the Formula would only transform said person and nobody else. However, if the man simply craved submission to any woman then the Formula would turn the first person he came into contact with into the woman he craved.

‘Allow me to demonstrate.’ At that moment the door opened and two people entered. The taller was an enormous man dressed in the attire of a security guard, the shorter was a slim woman who struggled violently against the man’s iron grip. She had a ball gag between her teeth and she glared venom at the men regarding her with condescending indifference. Seemingly oblivious to her struggles the man dragged her over to the head of the table and stood beside Dean.

‘I feel perfectly comfortable telling you that I have fantasised about my secretary here for quite some time. Of course, I have had plenty of chances to make said fantasy a reality in that time, however I thought it better to save her for this particular demonstration. My fantasy is to have her be my obedient slave and the Formula will make that a reality. Now, when I contact my guard here,’ he placed his hand on the brutish man’s shoulders, ‘nothing happens. But when I touch Lucy, the Formula will get to work.’

Ignoring the fear and loathing that swirled in his secretary’s eyes, he placed his strong hand on her neck. The security guard released her and as Dean pulled away she stood there for a second. Then her face contorted with confusion and she clutched her head in her hands, bending almost double as she tried to fight off the effects of the invasive compound. It was all to no avail, however, and in less than a minute she straightened up slowly and turned to face Dean.

Removing the ball gag he stroked her cheek affectionately. ‘Strip to your lingerie.’

‘Yes master,’ she replied.

As she did so, Dean took to his seat for the first time – larger and comfier than those the other men sat in – and gave them a sly wink. ‘I’m afraid you will have to indulge me gentlemen. Look away if you want, but I have waited too long for this to deny myself the opportunity any longer. Lucy, make use of those pretty lips for me.’

Petite blond woman gives oral to man in shirt at office desk

Obediently the young woman sank to her knees, unzipped Dean’s fly and pulled out his boner. Wrapping her lips around his shaft she bobbed her head eagerly, sucking him off passionately as the men around the table watched. It was easy to see that there was none of the woman she had been beforehand left, and the Formula had clearly worked hard to rewrite her own needs and desires to align with her master’s.

The blowjob lasted longer than most of the men would have liked. If they didn’t hate their boss already, the Formula had provided him with more than his fair share of stamina and it took some time before she finished her meal. Once she had licked him clean, he slipped his cock back into his jeans and ordered her to redress.

Allowing the men to admire her beautiful form, he only turned to them once she had finished.

‘Now then, gentlemen, I trust you all are satisfied with –’

All at once, Dean’s head felt fuzzy. He could no longer talk and even trying to focus on a specific thought was as difficult as wading through waist-deep treacle. Scrunching up his face in confusion he stumbled first forward, then back before collapsing into his chair. He felt as though his mind was drowning, his head filling up with thoughts that weren’t his which were pushing him out and inhabiting his brain. He could neither think nor move, and he lay with a stupid, vacant expression as his mind was rewritten.

Dean, however, was not the one the men were looking at. Instead, they were admiring with shock and desire the dramatic transformation overcoming his secretary. The first change was her height, shooting up a foot or more until she was almost as tall as the bewildered security guard stood behind. Following this her entire body twisted and transformed in a most astounding fashion. Her thighs and ass swelled along with the colossal breasts that bulged out from her chest. Her shoulders broadened, her frame filled out until she was practically twice the size she had been only moments before, and her pale skin tanned several shades. Her thin lips swelled into dick-sucking perfection and curled into a sly grin as the transformation continued to overwhelm her. Both the obedient compliance and the loathing spite which had recently filled her eyes were snuffed out, replaced with a powerful, manipulative stare swimming with lust. Her hair twisted and twirled until it had pulled itself up in a braid and a messy bun and she idly ran her hands over her perfect body.

In a matter of seconds she had gone from demure secretary to Amazonian goddess and her clothes could barely handle it. Only one button of her blazer had managed to cling on, the rest having shot across the room, though her shirt had not fared so well. As such, her deep cleavage was visible in her olive lace underwear, framed by the black of her blazer. Her matching skirt had ridden up until it was little more than a belt and the stockings she wore looked as though they might tear at any second. To complete her look, a pair of glasses had materialised on her face; unnecessary, yet astoundingly attractive.

Blonde woman with large breasts exposes olive underwear while wearing glasses and leaning on desk

Her transformation complete she let out a long, satisfied sigh and smiled at the astonished men. ‘That’s better, wouldn’t you say?’ Unbuttoning her blazer she allowed it to hang from her shoulders, revealing her full lingerie set for the men to admire.

Behind her, the man who had been Dean nodded excitedly. ‘Oh yes, mistress, much better. You look amazing, mistress.’

Turning to him she regarded him with a look of abstract pity. ‘Oh dear, look at you. You poor fucker. I guess you didn’t know your fantasies as well as you thought, did you? Stand up, bitch.’

The men gasped as Dean – the ruthless, near-tyrannical man they had feared for years – obeyed the woman wordlessly.

With a cruel grin, she slipped her manicured fingers down to his groin where she caressed his growing dick. ‘I should thank you,’ she purred. ‘After all, without you I would still be your weak, timid secretary. But I think it would be more fun to torture you. I don’t think you’ll be needing these anymore.’ Her eyes dancing with glee she crushed his balls in her hand and laughed as he squealed and fell to the floor. Kicking him in the stomach she spat on him venomously, ordering him to stay down.

With her former boss whimpering at her feet, she turned with an amiable smile to the men gathered around the table. ‘Apologies for the interruption, gentlemen. You see the worthless piece of filth at my feet was, as I am sure you are aware, far too arrogant for his own good. To him women like me were no more than a means to an end and he always told himself that he craved power over them. As you might have gathered, deep down his true fantasy was in fact entirely the opposite. It was he who wanted to be the one to submit to the power of a real woman. A woman like me. His fantasy was buried deep, hence why it took the Formula some time to find it, but the very fact that it was unearthed and manifested so efficiently is I would say a testament to the quality of the product.’

As she spoke she slowly began to disrobe. First her blazer was tossed over the back of the chair she had so recently blown Dean in, then her shirt was thrown playfully to one of the nearby men. Her skirt was seductively dropped before the bulging eyes of another gentlemen, and with only her lingerie and stockings on she strutted around the room, savouring the slack-jawed amazement of the men staring at her. Now and then she would pause beside one, leaning in to allow a salivating look at her cleavage, bending over to caress a growing boner, stooping to peck a flushed cheek. By the time she came around to the head of the table once more, she could tell that her audience were fully under her sway.

‘Fortunately for me, the rat’s fantasy was more than just a need for submission. He wanted to submit to a goddess; a woman who could seduce any man with a flutter of her eyelashes, a woman more ruthless and cunning than any man in this room, a woman who could make the most unearthly pain orgasmic. As he said, the Formula is made to realise your fantasy, and so it gave me all the tools I would need to meet his needs. Including control over some potent pheromones which right now will have filled all of your minds with an undying devotion to me. Put your hands up.’

Obediently, every man in the room did so.

‘Spit on the man to your left.’

Again, they obeyed.

‘Take out your dicks and jerk off.’

Smiling dumbly as they did so, the men obliged. She sighed as within seconds a handful had already shot their load over the wooden table and she tutted at their lack of stamina. As she went on, however, her keen eye singled out those who were lasting longer and already her scheming mind was devising specialised fates for each man under her influence.

‘If it makes you feel anymore humiliated – and I hope it does – I wouldn’t call this mind control, gentlemen. A man with a strong enough will could reject my suggestions. Eventually enough pheromones would break him, but you’ve barely had any and you’re happily obeying.

‘So here is what is going to happen. As of now, I am your new CEO. You will pledge your undying adoration to me and follow any orders I give you without question. From now on you will no longer address me as Lucy. Since I have been reborn from the ashes of Dean’s arrogance, I think Phoenix would be far better suited. Trust me, you are going to love working for me, but let me assure you that there are going to be some big changes around here.

‘Right now, however, you’re going to vote me in as your new boss.’ Crawling onto the table like a lounging cat she stretched herself out before them. As she did so, her enormous tits fell free of the lingerie which was no longer able to restrain them and she wondered for a moment if the men’s eyes were about to burst. Smiling at them seductively she revelled in her new power. ‘So, gentlemen, what do you say?’

Blonde woman stretches out on desk in olive underwear set

Thanks for reading!

I have had this idea in my head for quite some time now, and I am thrilled I have finally managed to complete it. Granted it has took up most of my January to get it finished but overall I think it was well worth it. In many ways this is my tribute to all the excellent creators whose footsteps I am following in, and if you’ve been involved with the caption community for any length of time you will likely recognise some of the cameos I slipped in: Insatiable, for example, is the creation of Mara, while the Pink Pill and X-Change have been around for years in one form or another. I also slipped in some of my own creations, which have popped up in my previous stories and will continue to have a place in my writing moving forward. I loved the idea of having one big shadowy company behind these creations, and I hope I have managed to respect the original creators in the way I tried to. Admittedly there are many more cameos I could have added, but I did not want to overdue it and if you are interested you should absolutely explore the community more to find all the great creators pushing out awesome content.

Of course, I couldn’t undertake this kind of story without mentioning the original genius, Miss Evie Hyde. Given that that company started with a bunch of arrogant, egotistical men before Phoenix took over, I thought it would be great to have them be jealous of Evie’s Elixir and bring about their own undoing by trying to best her.

Since I will be releasing them in quick succession, you may have already noticed that there are three more instalments to this story. Did I need them? Probably not. Have I gone overboard with it? Most likely. Did I thoroughly enjoy writing them? Absolutely. I hope you like reading them as much as I’ve loved writing them, and I would love any feedback you might have on this or any of my work.

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