No sooner had she entered the house than Maria knew her scheme had been successful. For one thing, the torn remnants of the package were strewn across the table beside the door. More telling were the sensual moans echoing down the staircase.

Closing the door softly behind her, she crept up the stairs. Following the moans, she quickly arrived at the door to Chad’s bedroom and without hesitation she slid into the darkened room.

It was lit only by the gently shifting glow of a pink lava lamp and the glare of a laptop screen. Standing unnoticed in the shadows, Maria stifled her laughter as she watched the figure in front of the screen bounce her massive tits giddily and purse her lips for the camera.

Watching the girl who had so recently been Chad fondling her body with such slutty desire, Maria could barely believe how effective the dildo had been. It lay just beside the girl, all but forgotten as she performed for the camera.

Maria’s parcels had been going missing for months now. It didn’t matter what they were, they would simply vanish without a trace from her porch. At first she had thought they’d simply not been delivered, but after the fourth missing parcel she had grown suspicious somebody was stealing them.

One hidden camera fitting later and she filmed the thief in the act. Imagining them to be some sort of serial porch thief, it had been a great shock to discover that it was in fact her next door neighbour, the unassuming just-out-of-university office worker, pilfering her purchases.

She had always liked Chad and until now had never had cause to believe he was anything other than a good neighbour. As such, the betrayal had cut her more deeply than she had expected, and rather than confront him she had concocted her revenge.

It hadn’t taken much really. All she’d had to do was figure out where he kept his spare house key (under one of the boards of his porch) and order a very particular item for him to steal. As expected, mere minutes after the delivery he had skulked over and snatched it up before scurrying back home.

Maria had given him a little while to get it open, for the bimbofication agent laced into the dildo to take effect, then had headed around and gained entry by means of the spare key.

Chad was simply unrecognisable. His mousy brown hair was now bleach blonde and cut to his shoulders. His wiry figure was full and curvy, complete with astonishingly large tits, a swollen ass and bulging thighs. Gone were the slender facial features, replaced with large, innocent eyes, sharp eyebrows and puffy lips designed for sucking the biggest dick she could find, while her clothes had been reduced to a plaid skirt that was little more than a strip of material and a tight white crop-top emblazoned with the words ‘Slumber Party’ in pink lettering, which looked barely able to keep her massive tits concealed.

She was clearly streaming herself and Maria could make out the filthy comments that were already flooding in. Based on what she was seeing, there was nothing of Chad left. He was gone, an airheaded horny bimbo in his place.

Watching on, more schemes began to form in Maria’s head. Perhaps this new Chad would be a good maid to have around the house? Or maybe it was worth taking her out clubbing and using her to draw in the sexy guys to play with? Failing that, she was sure it wouldn’t be hard to find a discrete pimp who would pay good money for such a horny bitch.

Just as Maria was about to make her presence known, the bimbo stood up from her seat. Turning on a lamp set on her desk, she angled it onto her bed drowning out the glow of the lava lamp. Snatching up the dildo, she retreated to the sheets and hiked up her skirt to reveal her bare, glistening pussy.

Silently Maria shifted into the shadows a little further, though she needn’t have bothered given that the bimbo on the bed was completely oblivious to her presence. Allowing herself a smile, Maria watched as the girl took the thick black dildo and slid it slowly into her quivering sex, gasping with delight as she did so.

With the girl’s moans filling the room, Maria felt arousal ripple through her body. Without any concern of being caught she slipped her hand into her pants and began to tease herself, watching the girl rock back and forth on the toy with breathless ecstasy. Gradually, a new idea formed in Maria’s head: slinking over to the bed and joining in…

Thanks for reading!

If you read my comments on ‘An Unlikely Queen’, you will already understand how I select the media I use to support my work and will also be aware that often I choose sexually explicit material in order to reduce the risk of including images of men and women who may not wish to have their content used in the context of an erotic story.

The model used in this piece is Sabrina Nichole and she is a Playboy bunny. As I mentioned in my previous comments I try to use media including subjects who look to be or I can confirm are consensual members of the adult entertainment industry, of which I would argue Playboy is a part. Of course, Playboy does not produce porn in the same way Brazzers or Kink do, however I feel that the women who model for Playboy are aware that the content they are producing is of an erotic nature and by extension rests on the softcore end of the spectrum of porn.

Obviously, I cannot say if a given bunny would support the use of media in which they are a subject supporting stories like mine since it an entirely personal view, however I believe they would be more open-minded in this use of their content in a similar way to pornstars and other members of the adult entertainment industry.

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