Slumped in his chair, Ryan stared vacantly at his laptop screen. From top to bottom it was chock full of impressive figures: revenue, expenses, profit. As an accountant for one of the top law firms in the country, he was more than aware he was a uniquely privileged gentleman and the lavish penthouse he now sat in was proof of that.

Despite this, he knew all of his wealth could do nothing to combat the crushing loneliness he felt. Well, it could, but certainly not permanently. Any woman he ever seemed to meet only wound up pursuing him for his money, and even if he chose to shell out on a hooker every day he knew their time together would be far from loving. All they would do is awkwardly fuck and then part ways, unlikely to cross paths again.

Ryan wanted more than that. He wanted a real lover, both physically and emotionally. And if anything, this time of year was always the most difficult. All around him he had to watch happy families and love-struck couples enjoying the festivities, while he had to spend it all alone. All his friends were married or engaged, and as much as he spent some time with his family over the holidays, it wasn’t the same as having a loving woman on his arm.

If he was really honest, he often found he envied his younger self. In his younger years he had known what it was like to have a girlfriend over Christmas, and that knowledge only made the absence of a yuletide partner all the more painful.

The past few days had been particularly bad, and though he had tried to focus on work to distract himself, he was increasingly distracted by daydreams and intrusive thoughts.

Sighing heavily, he pinched the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger. ‘God I wish I had somebody to share the holidays with,’ he said to nobody in particular, ‘what I wouldn’t give for a loving woman to hold in my arms.’

Sighing again, he shook his head as though to dislodge the thought and resumed typing on his laptop…

In Ryan’s bedroom, the quiet stillness was abruptly disturbed. The doors to one of his cupboards swung open and from behind the racks of suits and pressed shirts a flesh-coloured bundle flew out, landing with a soft thud across his bedsheets and unravelling as it did so. Once it was unfurled, the crinkled figure was easily identifiable. Ryan had purchased the blow-up sex doll several months earlier in the hope that it might help satisfy him; however after only a handful of uses he had been too ashamed of himself to continue using it and had crammed it in the back of his cupboard hoping never to see it again.

No sooner had the doll rolled flat than it began to inflate. The shiny rubber quickly filled out and as it did so it formed a particularly busty and attractive figure, complete with a full ass and impressive curves.

For a few moments after it had inflated the doll remained still, though not for long. Without warning the buxom doll glowed pink, shining brighter with every passing second. In a matter of seconds the blinding glow filled the room and if Ryan had not been so absorbed in his work he might have noticed the strange pink light that seeped into the adjacent hallway from around his bedroom door.

On the top floor of his apartment building, Ryan’s penthouse was fairly quiet, and as the glow began to subside the silence of his bedroom was broken by a distinct and surprising sound: breathing. Finally the pink flush of light subsided completely, and the figure left on the bed sat slowly up.

Her flesh was smooth and perfect, and as she sat there silently admiring her surroundings she ran her hands idly over her body. She was the splitting image of the doll she had so recently been, from her heavy chest and raven hair to her puffy lips and mesmerising stare.

Standing up she smiled softly and listened to the repetitive drumming of Ryan’s typing in the room beyond. She could remember how he had used her before – how he had whispered filthy words to her and fucked her sensually and rough all at the same time. The mere thought of him moistened her sex and she longed to hold him close to her again.

As though sparked by her movement, as she stood up the air around her glittered silver and she felt sudden tingling sensations beset her new skin. Red and white garments materialising from thin air she suddenly found herself wearing a risqué Christmas outfit composed of white lace stockings, a form-fitting, fur-trimmed red dress decorated with sparkling red bows, a Santa hat and a pair of silver stiletto heels.

Horny and with visions of Ryan’s dick dancing in her head, she tiptoed from the bedroom and into the lounge where he was working.

As she drew closer to him she could not hold back an aroused moan, and it was this that alerted him to her presence. Starting violently, he stared at her in disbelief.

When he found his voice he sounded part angry, part shocked. ‘Who the fuck are you? What are you doing in my apartment, miss? Did I not lock the door or something?’

Brunette woman in Christmas lingerie outfit strokes the back of a blond man working on his laptop

She giggled girlishly and strutted slowly toward him, pushing out her chest and swinging her hips as she did so. ‘Oh, the door is locked, babe. We’re not going to be disturbed, don’t worry. But I’m upset you don’t remember me. I thought we had something special together. Do you really not recognise me?’ She laughed at his bewilderment. ‘Well, I suppose I did look a little different when you last saw me. I wasn’t wearing anything, for one. And I was nothing but rubber and air at the time.’

Ryan’s eyes narrowed briefly before a frown overwhelmed his features. ‘Ecstasy? But… that’s impossible… you… you’re…’ Ryan paused and scooped up his coffee mug from the desk. ‘Jesus, I must have knocked something into my drink. I’m seeing things.’

‘You really think so?’ she smiled. ‘If you were seeing things, why would you be imagining the doll you stuffed in the back of your wardrobe?’ Taking hold of the bust of her dress she pulled it down to release her enormous tits. Ryan’s eyes bulged, and in his entranced state he did not resist as she pulled his chair out from the desk and straddled his lap. Curling one hand behind his head she pulled his face into her cleavage and groaned softly.

Brunette woman in Christmas lingerie pulls blond man's face into her cleavage and strokes his body

His hot lips on her skin were perfection, and a smile plucked at her lips as he was briefly lost in the sensual moment. One hand rose to caress and squeeze her plump breast, while the other slid town to hike up her dress and stroke her smooth, hot ass. She could feel her pussy moistening further, and as she brushed against his growing boner the only thing she could think about was having him inside her again.

After a minute or so Ryan seemed to snap back into reality and he pulled away to look at her in amazement. Her arms draped over his shoulders and she leaned in to kiss his neck seductively.

‘I… I don’t understand…’ he said breathlessly as she rose and nibbled his earlobe, one hand descending to rub his dick through his trousers, ‘you’re alive… how are you alive?’

‘Never underestimate the power of a Christmas wish, silly,’ she said. Her words were hot in his ear and arousal zipped up and down his spine. ‘You wished for somebody to spend the holidays with, somebody who would love you and hold you close. And here I am. I’m that woman, Ryan. I won’t ever stop loving you, and I won’t ever stop making love to you either. Speaking of which, how about we celebrate Christmas properly? I’m sure your work can wait, baby. I, on the other hand, can’t.’

In his loneliness, Ryan had not imagined how a little Christmas magic could change his life, but from that day on he never stopped believing in it. One small wish was all it had took and as they made perfect love in his penthouse that evening, one thing was for certain: Ecstasy was the most perfect Christmas present he could ever have asked for…

Blond man has sex with brunette woman in Christmas lingerie over a desk

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