Woman in white latex suit with mask strapped to medical bed

‘Please, gentlemen, do come in,’ said the doctor, greeting them with a warm smile. ‘No, no, don’t worry she is perfectly well restrained. I understand you are here for a demonstration? Very good. Well, if you would be so kind as to just stand over here out of the way we can begin.’

The men were ushered into the position the doctor had designated by the attendants who had guided them there, and as they stood there waiting for him to prepare they took the room in. For all intents and purposes it was no different to any ordinary doctor’s surgery. A small desk nestled in one corner complete with notebook and computer; a glass-fronted cabinet stood opposite containing a variety of different bottles; the walls and floors were tiled pristinely white. In fact the only major difference to any other surgery any of them had ever visited was the woman restrained on the bed in the middle of the room.

Encased head to toe in a translucent, crotchless cream latex suit, all they could see clearly of her person were the red of her lips and the mound of her naked pussy. Everything else was at least partially concealed beneath the latex, rendering her effectively anonymous. The only things they knew for sure were she was both athletic in figure and heavy in chest: the latex showcased her impressive curves and was stretched taut over her massive tits, the nipples of which were just visible through the material. She was bound to the table with a series of buckled leather straps and her breathing seemed to quicken just a little as they took their positions.

Strolling around the table she occupied, the doctor surveyed the men with a calculating eye. As much as he would rather have spent his days entirely in the company of the drones rather than these testosterone-fuelled troglodytes, he was more than aware of their importance to the continuation of the facility. Financiers for their operations they may have been, but they hardly struck him as shrewd businessmen. Then again it was their money they needed, not their brains, so he guessed it didn’t really matter either way. So long as they liked what they saw and paid through the nose for a bit themselves, that was all that really mattered.

Resting a hand on the woman’s naked pussy, he felt her body respond with a soft shiver and an almost imperceptible moan. ‘Now then, gentlemen, I am aware that you have been briefed on the nature of our operations, however if you will allow me to I will recap briefly. Our facility specialises in developing latex drones for our customers through a process we have taken to calling dronification. The process itself is long and complex, however the exact details are not important. What is important, especially to you gentlemen, is the result.’ He waved his spare hand over the woman to indicate her. ‘Behold. This drone is fresh from our latest batch and as you can see she is an immaculate example of our product. The woman within has been heavily programmed and conditioned throughout the process, resulting in her mental functions now working entirely differently. She no longer remembers her name, her family, or indeed anything of her life before, and is instead driven completely by basic desires of sexual pleasure. Allow me to demonstrate.’

For the briefest of moments, before he set to work on her body, the doctor recalled what the woman had been before. Dark-haired, beautiful, intelligent. He knew that he was effectively the monster in the basement to those who ran the facility, but he didn’t much care since they supplied him with all he needed to advance his research and by extension hone their product. And every now and then they would provide him with his favourite kind of subject: one with intelligence. Most of the women he bound to his table were pitifully dull. Often he wondered how they had even survived this long in the first place. But then this world was one where sex appeal meant more than brain capacity, and the two rarely seemed to come as a package.

When his victims were intelligent though… oh, it made the entire thing so much sweeter. Their screams were all the more desperate as he used his many invasive devices to manipulate their brainwaves and mental functions, and the louder they were the more he savoured them. They were like a symphony of torment reverberating from the walls and he loved each and every one. When he came to enhance their simple bodies they would weep and beg, when he sealed them into their latex skins they would wail and screech. But all of that was merely foreplay to the greatest gift intelligence provided them: stamina.

Ordinarily, by the time the women were sealed into their latex prisons their minds had already been lost. But every once in a very long time there would be one with a wit sharper even than the scalpels on his counter, and they held on up until the very last moment. And by God, there was no better thing than to see them all the way physically dronified – lips bulging, tits heaving, perfect feminine figure encased in latex – but their minds still clinging to false hope. Then watching their mental fortitude crumble all at once as they plunged deeper into dronification than any of the other dumb sluts could ever have hoped to achieve was more than he could take.

She had been like that. Smart, terrified, desperate enough to last beyond encasement. She had screamed louder than any he had worked on in a long time, had retained her sense of humanity through all the tortures he had subjected her to. Then she had lost her battle, just like all the rest, and now she was his proudest work.

He knew what he was, what horrors he had subjected his victims to on his table. But he didn’t care. The immaculate drones he produced, they were his reward, and there was no greater sensation for him than the victory of having them submit to him, lust after him, knowing that not so long ago they were adamantly refusing that any such scenario would ever come to pass.

Woman in white latex outfit with mask fingered while tied to bed sucking man's finger

He went at her without mercy. Sinking his fingers deep into her wet opening, he ravaged her pussy hard and fast. He smirked at the shocked expressions on the faces of his audience: clearly they had not expected the drone to be able to take such a sudden and intense manner of abuse. Yet not only could she take it, she actively craved it. No sooner had he entered her than a long, sensual moan tore from her throat and filled the room. The wet slapping of his fingers pummelling her pussy was drowned out by moans sluttier than any ordinary woman was capable of producing, and he grinned wide when she eagerly sucked on a finger he lowered in front of her lips.

The straps that bound her creaked and groaned as she rolled her body in a bid to draw more from him. Beyond the fact that she was designed and programmed explicitly for a life of sexual pleasure, she was no stranger to his body: she had felt more of him inside her before, she knew the taste of his seed, and she needed it more than the air she breathed. Her gloved hands roved around trying to find something to hold onto and she thrust her chest up towards him in the hopes he would grope her or use her in more intimate ways.

Raising his voice over her moans and the resonant slapping, he continued to address the men. ‘As you can see, she is entirely at my command. The restraints are only a cautionary measure. Freshly-minted drones can showcase some temporary violent tendencies. We call them aftershocks and they are the result of echoes of the original subject continuing to exist beyond the dronification process. These echoes last no more than a week or two after completion and all drones on sale are fully operational. As this drone is demonstrating, once complete subjects crave any form of sexual contact with the male form and actively attempt to attract more of it. As you might imagine, this makes her distinctly eager to please when she is given the chance to engage in other acts, which I shall now show you.’

Woman in latex costume with mask gives oral sex to man in suit

Briefly removing her restraints, the doctor commanded her onto all fours before buckling her wrists and ankles up again.

The moment he unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick, the drone was straining to reach him, alert to the smell and sound of his cock. She had been programmed to want nothing else more than the seed of a man, and she was desperate to extract it from him. Presenting it to her, the doctor tilted back his head and groaned as she took him into her hot, wet mouth. She was so much better than any ordinary woman. She wasn’t just dedicated to his pleasure, she existed for it. Her entire purpose, her very meaning for existing at all was to bring him the sweet sensation of sexual satisfaction and she was eager to satiate his darkest lusts. If he wanted to fuck her while running a scalpel through her flesh she would lean into the blade if she knew he would love it. If he wanted to choke the life out of her by forcing her down onto his dick and not letting her come up for air, she would throw her arms round his waist and pull herself in even further than he could push her. She would elect to die for his pleasure than live and disappoint him, and there was no greater power to have over any living thing than that in his mind.

She bobbed her head perpetually, rarely pulling away, and if she did only to lick her lips, spit on his dick and swallow him to the base again. His eyelids fluttered as she swirled her tongue around his shaft, as her moans vibrated his dick in her mouth, as wet sucking filled the air.

He could tell that the men did not know where to look, and he liked it that way. In this room he held power over all, and even they the rich men who made all of his work possible could not bear to look at him. Inside he was laughing, but he composed himself to continue addressing them.

‘An important thing to remember about your drone is that as a result of their need to please, the more cum they can extract from any one lover, the more they become attached to that lover. In their early stages, drones will satisfy any man they come into contact with, and this is a trait that to one degree or another will last throughout their lifetimes. However, if the drone spends a significant amount of time with any one man and comes into repetitive contact with their cum then they will bond with that man on a higher level than any other. Once this bond is attained they will refuse any man who is not their lover, unless said lover explicitly orders them to the contrary.

‘Now, let me demonstrate some of our deeper programming results.’ Leaning down he unbuckled the straps around her wrists and ankles, ensuring she was still able to feast on his meat as he did so. ‘All drones are programmed with certain positions that they will take up on a simple command. Observe. On your knees.’

Man stands on medical bed with woman in latex tied to it and receives oral sex

Obediently, the drone removed herself from his dick with a resounding pop and assumed a position on her knees with her hands behind her back. Strapping her up to ensure she remained there, the doctor then clambered up onto the bed itself and took her by the back of the head before slipping his dick between her waiting open lips.

Thrusting relentlessly he felt power surge through him. Stood tall over everyone in the room it was all he could do not to brutally facefuck the drone, but that had historically put off potential customers. Instead he forced himself to hold back, pumping his dick down her throat with just enough dominant force to push his audience’s discomfort a little further, yet not so much that they were not deeply encapsulated by the sight. He knew to them this was all new, having never seen a drone before, and his intimate knowledge of the product only made him feel more superior.

‘Another thing to note,’ he said, continuing to thrust and speaking over the wet gagging as he plunged deep into her sloppy maw, ‘is that though it may appear to be an ordinary suit, the latex you see her is actually irremovable. Fused to her skin, she is utterly encased in it for the rest of her life, hence why the sexual openings have all been left unsealed and nothing else. If nipple play is your thing, we do take custom orders for models with nipples also uncovered, however the basic drone comes with mouth, ass and pussy alone on show. As an added bonus, the suit itself provides all the sustenance that the drone requires. There is no need to feed or water your drone, they do not sleep nor do they create waste. They are prepared for use at any time and will never need any maintenance of any kind.’

As much as he wanted to, the doctor knew he could not finish inside her. If she was to go on sale she would not be able to be already bonded with another owner, and he had already fucked her copiously on his own time. Still, he was not about to leave her wanting, and therefore he allowed her to suck him up to climax before pulling out. His twitching dick splashed cum across her face and all down her front, and she moaned as she rolled her body.

Stuffing his dick back into his trousers and re-positioning her so that she was lay down once again, albeit with her head sticking out over the foot of the bed, he turned to the men. They seemed glad it was over, yet they could not tear their eyes away from the drone before them.

‘Right then gentlemen,’ he said, clapping his hands together, ‘if you would allow me to escort you to our containment unit, you can make your purchases there. Please, head out into the hall and I shall be with you imminently.’

Once all the men had left and he was alone in the room with the drone he crouched down beside her and kissed her on the forehead. ‘You know what, I’ve just decided something: you’re too good to go to some rich dick without an ounce of appreciation for what you are. I get paid enough by this place to buy a drone a month, but I never have. Always wanted to wait for something special. You’re that one, my dear. I’m going to reserve you today, and then once you’re free to sell you’re going to be all mine. So I’m just going to go and take those dumb fuckers to buy their own latex slut, then when I get back I’m going to fuck your face so hard you get concussion and I’m going to cum deep down your throat. You’ll love it. Try not to miss me too much when I’m gone.’

With one last kiss to her cheek, he stood up and left her alone in the room to lick his cum from her lips…

Woman in latex costume and latex mask licks lips of cum

Thanks for reading!

I have to say I am very happy with this piece. Sometimes I am in the mood for reading something seriously degrading and humiliating, but it can be difficult to find, so I hope this presses somebody’s buttons. With it finally hitting the top of my backlog I am also acutely aware that I don’t do nearly enough latex pieces. The works of creators like Jamie’s Latex Lust and Jade’s Latex Kingdom were massive influences on me before I began creating, and played a part in me making the jump to join them in writing erotic content. They’re basically the whole reason I even began, given that their work sparked the idea for my Latex World Order series which became my very first piece on this blog. I don’t get nearly enough chance to interact with them or read their work as I would like these days, but you should absolutely check them out and tell them I sent you. Jamie’s work can be found here: https://jamies-latex-lust.tumblr.com/ and Jade’s here: https://jades-latex-kingdom.tumblr.com/post/185911332064 Hopefully I will be in a good frame of mind to give some more latex content a go moving forward.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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