Woman with brown hair in tight white dress and heels stands at top of staircase looking down

‘Welcome,’ came Madison’s voice, and the four of them looked up to see their boss standing at the top of the spiral staircase which rose up in front of them. Having only ever seen her in her daily business dress, it took them all a moment to recognise the stunning woman smiling down at them. In her short, tight white dress and towering heels she looked an entirely different woman, and though they tried desperately to avert their eyes, none of the four men could help from ogling.

If anything, she seemed pleased that they were. The bright pink of her bra was visible through the pale material of her dress, and the way she pushed forward her chest made it seem like a deliberate choice.

‘Please lock the door behind you, gentlemen,’ she said before beginning to descend the staircase.

Charlie obliged, locking the door with the key she had handed them that afternoon after work. Watching him, the other three waited in nervous anticipation.

None of them had any idea what to expect. In all honesty, though they were dressed as though they were about to attend a black tie event they were practically trembling with unease. Of the four of them, none knew exactly why Madison had selected them for the small party, however they knew enough about those invited to the same event before to severely fray their nerves.

The New Year’s Eve party was an event that their boss had been running since she first founded her company, and it was infamous among her employees. Every year she would invite the two best and two worst performing members of her team to her house for a New Year’s Eve party. Notoriously she did not tell any of them which bracket they fell under before they arrived, and that in itself was the source of their nerves. For while the two best performers would receive an impressive pay rise and return to work happier and healthier than they had been the year before, the worst performers faced the termination of their employment. They would return to work for only a few weeks, distracted and distant, before leaving the company after a month or so. After that they invariably dropped off the grid and it was generally understood that they moved away in search of new employment.

This year’s batch were a varied bunch. Charlie was a tall, athletic type, and of the four of them he was the least visibly nervous. They all knew he had good reason to be: in early June he had acquired the biggest deal the company had seen in five years, and only a few weeks ago had successfully completed their merger with a smaller company.

Lee was a good deal shorter, but he was no less firmly built. Around the office he was generally considered a bit of layabout and though his concerns regarding the future of his employment were certainly visible, he did his best to maintain his tough guy mask.

That left Andy and Jay, and it was difficult to tell which of them was more nervous. With Charlie all but guaranteed to be the best performer, and Lee surely the worst, Andy and Jay frantically tried to figure out which one of them would fall in which bracket. The two young men were firm friends, having joined the company on the same day, and what they lacked in muscle mass they made up for in brains.

Naturally nervous, Andy fiddled incessantly with the lapels of his jacket, while Jay was paler than most sheets of paper. Neither man could afford to lose their job, and the rising panic in both of them was difficult to stave off.

Madison seemed to enjoy their nerves. Approaching them her smile was fuelled more by the heavy silence that hung between them than any actual joy in seeing them. Breaking it she gestured to the huge space. ‘I’m happy to welcome you into my humble home. I’m quite sure we’re all going to enjoy ourselves tonight. But let’s not waste any time and get to business shall we?’ Crossing over to one side of the hall she pulled aside a rolling door and gestured into the lounge area. ‘Charlie, Andy, if you would step in here for a moment. I’ve prepared special refreshments for you. Please do start, we’ll join you shortly. Jay, Lee, if you could follow me please.’

Jay’s heart fell. That was it. His job at Madison’s company was over and based on the success of all those who had come before him, he would be forced to move elsewhere to find anywhere who would be willing to employ him after being fired. There was no way he was on the best performer list, not when he had been paired with Lee. Still, he was here now and if there was any chance of him keeping his job he knew he could not do anything to irritate his boss. As such he followed Madison into an adjacent room without question.

Surprisingly, it was a large, luxurious bathroom and as they stood with a huge hot tub to their left, a large shower to their right and a raised section leading to even more of the bathroom in front of them, Madison passed them both a slender champagne flute.

‘Now, gentlemen, I’m sorry to have to tell you this but I have some bad news for you both. Unfortunately you are the lowest performers in our team this year, and though I am sure you have tried your very best I’m afraid I have no space for underperformers in my company.’

Jay felt as though his life was crashing down around his ears, however at that moment Madison smiled wide.

‘Luckily for you, I am a very generous woman. Every year I like to give my worst performers a bit of a motivation boost. Something that can really change their outlook on life. That is why you are here tonight, gentlemen, and I can assure you your performance will improve dramatically from here on out. So, a toast to your future success.’

Still confused, both men took a long swig of their glass. The liquid was unusually hot and it burned like whiskey going down, but neither of them could bring themselves to complain.

Lee, however, could not hold his tongue. ‘Mind if I ask why we’re in your bathroom?’

Madison smiled mischievously. ‘Oh, it’s just a little quirk of mine. Sometimes I like to enjoy a quick shower with my underperformers before re-introducing them to the best of the bunch.’

Before Jay could ask what she meant suddenly his head was spinning. The room swam before his eyes and he stumbled to one side, supporting himself on the lip of the hot tub as best he could. Every hair on his body was stood on end and he was tingling from head to toe. Through his blurred vision he could see Madison beaming wide and he was vaguely aware that Lee was also suffering from something.

Disoriented and frantically trying to think Jay caught sight of the sink behind Madison. Assuming he had been drugged, in his confused state he wondered if a drink of water might help. Stumbling over to the sink he made it but before he could drink from the tap he caught sight of his reflection in the mirror above and cried out in shock.

Woman with black hair wearing only stockings and heels spreads her legs and plays with herself

His once short, slicked back hair now hung around his shoulders in sleek locks. And following this bizarre change, his entire body had begun to transform. His figure was twisting and shifting, feminine curves taking the place of his thin yet masculine figure. Enormous breasts pushed out from his chest and his features were contorted like clay being moulded until they were devilishly slutty in appearance. His ass inflated massively while his body hair seemed simply to fall away. By far the most intense sensation was his dick retreating into his body, replaced by a tight, shaved pussy that quivered between his loins.

With a body that was now the picture of a bimbo whore, Jay could feel his mind twisting and changing. All at once her libido was through the roof and all she could think of was how desperately she needed a big strong cock in her holes and a rough fucking to ring in the New Year.

As Jasmine’s vision cleared she slumped down on the step and spread her pussy with delicate new fingers. She had not noticed but during the transformation her clothes had been reduced to nothing more than a pair of black stockings and some tall black heels. At first the only thought on her mind was how much she needed something in her wet snatch, then she laid eyes on the other women in the room.

Madison clapped her hands together giddily, as another woman – blond and busty – leaned against the opposite wall with her fingers already sunk into her tight pussy.

‘Watching that never gets old,’ Madison grinned, ‘I wish you could see it from my side. As much as I would love to spend a little time alone with you two, I think I must have made the nanites a little stronger than usual. You look like you’re going to burst if you don’t find a man to play with. As luck would have it, I have some ready for you.’

The promise of men snapped the two women out of their haze and they fell upon Madison. ‘Where? Where?’ they asked urgently.

‘God I need a big fucking cock between my thighs,’ Jasmine groaned.

‘I hope my guy likes anal,’ Leah added, ‘because I need a hard ass fucking right now.’

‘Let’s not waste any time then,’ Madison said, ‘if you would kindly follow me girls.’

Strutting out of the bathroom behind Madison, Jasmine and Leah could not have cared less that they were practically naked. If anything, it felt more natural than wearing clothes and they could not have been happier with their slutty new bodies. As they walked, the nanites Madison had laced their drinks with continued to work, filling their minds with even more depraved thoughts and filling out their false curves even further until they were no more than horny fuck dolls.

By the time they reached the sliding door, Jasmine’s attire had been reduced even further to only a pair of red heels and Leah was wearing nothing at all.

Rolling the door aside, Madison revealed two handsome men. Charlie did not look dissimilar to before, only a little more athletic and muscular, however it was Andy who Jasmine found herself attracted to. After drinking the nanite-laced champagne Madison had left in the room for the two men, Andy had been transformed into an incredibly handsome, insanely hot god of a man rippling with muscle. What was more the nanites had removed their clothing as well, leaving their thick, hefty meat hanging between their thighs.

‘Madison,’ Andy frowned, still able to remember the man he had been before, unlike Jasmine and Leah. ‘What’s going on? Who are those women? What’s happened to us?’

‘How about we call it recognition for all of your hard work? You and Charlie are the best my company has to offer and as far as I am concerned that is deserving of a reward. And since they were no longer useful to me, your co-workers are going to serve as that reward.’

‘Jay? Lee?’ Andy’s eyes bulged as he admired the two incredible women flanking Madison.

‘No, no,’ his boss shook her head, ‘Jasmine and Leah. The men they were are gone. These two bitches are hornier than you can even imagine and they’re all yours, all night.’ Just then she unzipped the back of her dress and let it slip down her body to reveal she was not wearing any panties. Unclipping her bra, she tossed that aside also. ‘As am I.’

As Leah approached Charlie, Madison and Jasmine bore down on Andy and began to caress his body. ‘I… I can’t… Jay is my friend…’ Andy protested even as Jasmine ran her delicate fingers along his growing boner.

‘Jay is gone,’ Madison cooed, kissing him softly on the lips. ‘You’re in my house now and Jasmine wants to play. Even if you wanted to resist, those nanites I dosed you with have increased your libido too. Right now testosterone is raging through your system. You can’t escape it Andy. But deep down, I don’t think you want to, do you?’Before he could respond, Jasmine sank to her knees and took his semi between her lips, filling the room with Andy’s satisfied moans…

Three women and two men have group sex in room decorated for a New Year celebration

With his dick plunging over and again into Jasmine’s tight pussy, Andy was in a state of delirium. The hesitation he had felt at first had quickly dissolved and just as Madison had said he was unable to stave off the burning libido that roared through his system. Fortunately, any guilt he might have had was also extinguished by the effects of the nanites, and the fact that there was clearly nothing left of his friend had driven Andy to push Jay from his mind completely.

Everything about her drove him wild, and with his new powerful body he was able to fulfil her needs in ways he could never have hoped to before. And there was one need she needed satisfying above all else that he was only too happy to accommodate: being used like the mindless fuck doll she was.

As they fucked hard and relentless on the couch, Charlie, Leah and Madison were tangled up with one another on the pouffe beside them. Madison leaned over Leah and kissed her passionately, while Charlie fucked the new slut with single-minded determination.

Jasmine and Leah’s moans filled the room, accompanied by Charlie and Andy’s primal grunts as they used the women like toys.

Retreating to the couch, Madison took a seat and picking up a champagne flute sipped it as she watched the sex-crazed couples make love. Looking over at her Andy caught her eye.

‘Is this what you do every year?’

‘More or less. Sometimes I take a little longer to put the transformations into effect, but sooner or later this is how the night goes down.’

Jasmine squealed as Andy struck her g-spot and his hand snaked up to grope her tits as he continued to fuck her.

‘But the lowest performers come back to work for a few weeks before leaving. How is that possible?’

‘Simple really. The nanites in their drinks only have a temporary effect. Basic physical enhancements like yours are easy to sustain, but a full gender transformation is more difficult to maintain and takes some time to be rendered permanent. A single dose will wear off after a while, so by the morning they’ll be back to their male bodies. The nanites have a lingering effect though, and unlike their bodies, their brains will not fully revert. All those low performers you see in the office before they leave, they’re vacant for a reason: they’re daydreaming about getting a good dicking. It looks better on me to have them stay a few weeks rather than just go missing after my party, but no sooner have they left the company than I give them a permanent treatment: nanites injected directly into their bloodstream. The nanites self-replicate until the transformation is stable then after about a month or so they deactivate and are broken down by the body’s immune system.’

‘What do you do with them after that?’

Madison smiled devilishly. ‘As I said to Jay and Lee earlier, I like to improve their productivity. You see I happen to know a few pimps and the odd brothel owner. I supply them with willing fuckmeat, they give me a cut of the money said girls make. They don’t know how I do it, of course – trade secrets and all that – but my girls are by far their most popular and they know if I wanted to I could take my trade to their competitors so they treat me like a goddess.

‘And you and Charlie are in my inner circle now. That means free access to Jasmine and Leah whenever you please, and fifty percent off any of my other girls from past years. On top of that your pay rise will take effect come the New Year, you will receive your own office and a secretary – nanite-conditioned into an obedient and erotic state while in your presence – along with the freedom to join me here in my house for some employee motivation sessions. All you need do in return is keep this little secret between us and the inner circle. You think you can do that for me, Andy?’

Grinning at her with an animal hunger, he responded by gripping hold of Jasmine’s hair, pulling back her head and pounding her until she screamed.

‘I thought you might,’ Madison smiled, finishing off her champagne and moving over to join them…

Woman with black hair encourages blonde woman who is allowing man in clothes to have sex with her and suck her breasts

From that day forward, Jasmine and Leah were all but inseparable. Even after they returned to their original male bodies – albeit temporarily – they would barely be seen out of one another’s company all day long. Then, once their permanent transformation had been put into effect they went into their new employment with outright delight. Whenever they weren’t sucking and fucking to earn their keep, they could be found partying their nights away arm in arm trying to find a hunky guy to lure back to their place and have some fun with.

Just like all the girls who had come before them, the two new fuck dolls were incredibly popular among their customers and Madison soon saw the cash flowing in from their hedonistic endeavours. As she had expected, it had not been difficult for Charlie and Andy to keep the details of their promotions under wraps, and given the amount of time both men spent in the arms of their colleagues turned cock-suckers she could not see that they were going to have any issue with their arrangement moving forwards.

As far as anybody else was concerned, Jay and Lee had fallen to the same strange fate that the lowest performers before them had met and they were soon forgotten. Yet for the many men who paid to spend some quality time with Jasmine and Leah, the two eager fuck dolls always made it a night to remember…

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