Lake Fantasy – Chapter Six: Vivid Imagination

Wooden bridge spans shallow river in mountains

Crossing one of the many burbling streams that snaked down the mountainside to feed the glittering lake below via a well-worn bridge, Josh, Ashley and Spencer continued to pick their way down the slopes. Mother Nature narrated their progress with a chorus of birdsong and the mournful creaking of old trees in the wind. The trails they navigated were well-used and they wondered how many others had passed this way before them and what they might be doing now.

‘You know I was half expecting it to rain all week,’ Josh was saying, ‘I mean it would be just our luck to come somewhere like this and be stuck inside all week.’

‘You say that, but at least we’d have stuff to do in our cabins,’ Ashley replied. ‘They’re enormous. Ours even has a gym in the basement!’

Josh laughed. ‘True. Not like that camping trip we had a few years back.’

‘Oh god, I know. It hammered it down for seven days straight. I thought my mum and dad were going to kill each other by the end of the week!’

While Ashley and Josh relived prior vacations, Spencer was largely silent. It was the first time he’d met any of Ashley’s family beyond her parents and brother, let alone the slew of family friends joining them, and he felt a little out of his depth. With Ashley enjoying the chance to catch up with her cousin he was happy to leave them to it. 

The trio had split off from the main hiking party around noon. Josh wanted to divide his first day between the hike and the lake, while Ashley and Spencer were hoping to get a little alone time in the cabin while everyone was out.

‘You going to come down to the lake later?’ Josh asked as they arrived on the broad dirt path encircling the lake.

Ashley shrugged. ‘Maybe. We were hoping to relax, maybe have a dip in the hot tub, but it depends what mood mum’s in. No way we’re staying there if she’s going to pester us every five minutes.’

Josh nodded. ‘Sounds fair. I left most of my stuff at the Lynches last night, so I’ll have to swing by their cabin to pick up my swimming trunks. I might see you down the lake later, I guess. Oh, I know I’ve already told her, but if you see my mum when she gets back off the hike just let her know I might be back late. Elliot’s bought his Switch and we’re going to have a tournament tonight.’

‘No worries,’ Ashley smiled.

With that they split off in opposite directions, Ashley and Spencer heading for the Rivera cabin and Josh making his way to the Lynches’ where a surprise was waiting for him…

Large vintage suitcase

Lugging the huge vintage suitcase up the cabin stairs and setting it down in the bedroom, Brenda wiped the sweat from her brow. A family treasure passed down her grandfather it had survived two world wars and usually looked out of place wherever she took it. In the rustic cabin, however, it looked right at home.

Brenda Lynch was a slip of a thing and ordinarily she wouldn’t bother lifting anything so heavy. Unfortunately, in his haste to get out on the hike, Darren had forgotten to bring it up that morning and Brenda wasn’t about to ask him to start heaving it about after returning from an all-day hike. Besides, she wanted to get unpacked as soon as possible so she could spend the rest of the day relaxing with a good book. And with Darren out of the way she could indulge in one of her naughtier novels.

Spreading the contents on the bed, Brenda’s mind wandered as she unfolded them and slipped them onto hangers ready to go in the wardrobe.

Despite being here less than a day, she had already fallen in love with the lake. It was a truly beautiful place and she doubted she would ever wake up to a better view than the sun cresting the surrounding mountains. Still, it was the natural calm she appreciated the most.

As a librarian she was used to the quiet, though she was also acutely aware that ‘quiet’ itself was a relative term. Even in the library things were never silent. What with the hum of computers, the rustle of turning pages and the hushed gossip of students who had lost interest in their studies, if you knew what to listen for there were disruptions everywhere; even when she was locking up the distant echoes of passing cars disturbed the stillness.

Here, however, the monotonous sounds of man were replaced by nature’s dynamic song. Whistling birds, whispering trees, and the murmuring breeze combined with a hundred more melodies to compose an eternal symphony perfect for calming the soul.

Distracted by her thoughts, Brenda jumped at the sharp thud of something hitting the floor: her erotica book. It had been wrapped in her nightgown just in case Darren went looking for anything in the case.

Picking it up, a shiver tickled her spine. What would he say if he found it? Come to think of it, what would he say if he walked in on her reading it, legs spread and toying with her pussy?

Just holding it made her feel naughty. There were exceptionally few secrets in her marriage, but this was one of them. To be fair, Darren probably wouldn’t have an issue if he thought it was one of those passionate, sophisticated sorts of novels, but this wasn’t that kind of book. Over the years she had developed a taste for the taboo and thanks to her vivid imagination she often lost herself to the lewd fantasies contained within. She had even written a few sordid stories in her younger years, but her enthusiasm for writing had waned over the years.

It wasn’t as though their sex life had run dry – arguably they were the most active parental couple of the group – but they had always been fairly vanilla. As loving as Darren was, he rarely demonstrated much interest in anything kinkier than a little spanking and at this point in their marriage Brenda had no desire to rock the boat. Her secret erotica was enough to satisfy her naughtier side, and just keeping the secret provided her the naughty thrill she craved.

Placing the book in the en suite for her bath later, Brenda set about hanging up the clothes. To her surprise, she was presented with a beautiful array of clothes already inside.

At the barbecue a few of the others had mentioned their wardrobes already partially filled, which they assumed to be forgotten bits and bobs the owner had found while cleaning up after previous guests. Still, there were more than she had been expecting. There was quite a range too, from grey jeans to a skimpy black crop top, and they looked unworn. If she didn’t know any better she’d have said they were brand new.

Browsing through she came upon a beautiful floral dress. Taking it from the rack she caressed the soft material and smiled: Elliott would love it. Folding it over her arm she took it downstairs and draped it over the back of the sofa so her son would find it when he came in after the hike. Beside it she left a note: Saw this and thought of you.

When Elliott had come out as trans a year earlier Brenda had worried she might stumble over her words and inadvertently insult him, but in truth she’d found it remarkably easy adapting. Fortunately, Elliott had inherited a level head from his parents and for the moment he was comfortable with just being able to dress how he liked while he was at home and identify as female only among his immediate family, and he had been understanding on the rare occasions they blundered. She and Darren had promised their support if he chose to come out on a wider scale, but Elliott had explained he was not quite ready for that yet and they had settled into their new normal without delay.

Still, Brenda knew Elliott was conflicted about this vacation. Having come out shortly after their last group vacation, as this year’s getaway had approached Elliott had faced a tough decision. He was far from ready to come out to everybody on the vacation – Vernon and Andrew had historically trashed the trans community, for one, while he worried his peers might feel he’d been lying to them if he suddenly told them he’d been living as trans for almost a year – but to keep his secret would mean abandoning the life he had grown used to.

In the end he had decided to spend the week in stereotypical masculine dress and to identify as male even with his parents. Again, Brenda had worried she might slip up, having referred to Elliott as her daughter for the better part of year, but so far she had dropped back into their old ways without much trouble.

As much as she knew Elliott wasn’t dressing feminine this week the dress would look perfect on him and she hated the idea of him having to stifle his true self. Growing up with judgemental parents Brenda knew how painful that could be and it was the last thing she wanted for Elliott. Hopefully he would appreciate the gesture and maybe relax enough to dress up in the cabin if nothing else.

Heading back upstairs to finish unpacking, Brenda was once again encapsulated by something in the wardrobe. She hadn’t noticed it before, but right at the back was a stunning lace and silk negligee.

Laying it on the bed she admired the sexy design. All black, the silk cups were almost iridescent, shimmering in the light as though polished, while the sheer front and back panels were embroidered with coiling floral patterns picked out in lace. Bound at the sides by slim ribbons it left little to the imagination and prompted a sudden softness between Brenda’s thighs: it was just the sort of thing one of the protagonists in her books would wear.

That naughty streak cut through her again and she allowed herself a little smile; it couldn’t hurt to try it on, could it? After all, Darren, Elliott and Josh were all out hiking, so she had the cabin to herself. Wouldn’t it be hot reading erotica in a naughty negligee? Maybe she could even surprise Darren with it later.

Giddy with excitement she scurried into the en suite and wriggled out of her clothes. Soon she stood in just her underwear. Holding the negligee against her chest she imagined herself strutting out of the bathroom wearing nothing else to be greeted by Darren’s slack-jawed amazement.

It looked a shade too big but it was nothing a tight knot in the side ribbons couldn’t solve.

Just then the material brushed up against her chest. The soft caress burst pleasure through her torso. Her breasts burned with it and her nipples stood immediately to attention. The feel of the sleek silk against her skin was invigorating. Desperate for more she removed her bra and slipped on the negligee.

Few outfits had made Brenda gasp, and even fewer had prompted a horny groan, but the negligee succeeded in doing both. The initial touch of the silk against her skin ripped a gasp from her lips, only for it to sink into a sexual moan as she caught sight of her reflection.

Her nipples were shiny black studs through the silk and the sheer panels hugged her figure suggestively. It fit far better than she had expected, accentuating curves she didn’t think she had. She looked to die for; she could only imagine what Darren might say if he caught her wearing it.

‘What are you doing wearing that?’ Brenda said in a low voice supposed to be Darren’s. ‘Waiting for somebody to tear it off me, sir,’ she added in a girly tone.

Brenda was instantly wet and her hand snaked into her panties to make the most of the lubrication. Groaning softly, her head swam with ideas pulled straight from her books as well as new ones cooked up by her vivid imagination: thoughts of a huge black bull coming into the bathroom and bending her over to use; of a horny college jock arriving on her doorstep begging to be taught true pleasure by an experienced MILF; of a sexy rocker finding himself at her mercy.

It didn’t occur to Brenda that the negligee seemed to be making her act quite unlike herself. Ordinarily she would never have masturbated like this without the door locked, nor been so vocal in her pleasure. But then if she locked the door, how could she expect a bull to walk in? If she kept quiet, how was she supposed to draw in any jocks or rockers?

With her fingers buried between the folds of her pussy, she watched in wonder as her body changed to match her naughty new personality.

Her figure filled out dramatically, breasts swelling to bulge out the side of the negligee while her ass – which had always been flat and bony – ballooned into fleshy pillows. The white web of stretchmarks adorning her thighs faded, as did most of her middle-age wrinkles. Despite this she did not look to grow any younger. Instead the remaining wrinkles implied sensual experience: they framed her eyes with lines of passion from long nights scrunched tight in ecstasy, lined her lower back from years of having the skin there pushed and pulled as she was impaled.

The loose skin of her neck filled out with muscle toned by extensive blowjob experience and to complement her fuller figure her pale skin, wan from decades under unnatural office lights, tanned to the golden complexion of a trophy wife who spent most of her days lying by the pool. And based on the lack of tan lines, she didn’t bother to clothe herself when doing so.

Watching the transformation was so hot. It drew naughty giggles from her lips, but these devolved into an almost agonised groan as her pussy lips tightened around her pumping fingers. Her insides burst with pleasure as she continued to play with her new, naughtier slit.

Brenda’s straw hair swirled into wavy tresses, framing a face made-up with thick eyeliner, glittering eyeshadow and glossy lipstick. Even her necklace morphed from the small diamond Darren had given her on their twentieth anniversary into a broad metal thing spelling ‘LOVE’ across her chest in shiny letters.

Running her hands down her bulging thighs, Brenda moaned. ‘Mmmmh, this is so much better,’ she murmured.

Throughout the transformation the negligee had worked on her mind, too. It had singled out a mischief in her perfect for driving her lustful new body, along with an imagination that could not go to waste. Brenda was the perfect specimen to corrupt rather than replace. Delving into her naughtiest fantasies the negligee cracked them wide open, flooding her mind with devilish desire.

Simultaneously, a lifetime of new memories took root alongside her own.

It didn’t matter that she could remember who she had been before. The transformation had removed all her inhibitions and gifted her with a bombshells body. Even the knowledge that her new life had been carved out by the negligee didn’t bother her at all: decades of sexual ecstasy in a body like this were a dream come true however they came about.

In fact, knowing what the negligee could do only fuelled her fantasies. After all, if the negligee could do this, what was the dress downstairs going to do to Elliott once he tried it on? What would happen to Darren if he tried on that suit she had spotted at the back of the wardrobe? Come to think of it, what did everyone else have in their closets? Elliott had his own room, not to mention the other three bedrooms set up for larger parties. Who knew what was hanging in their wardrobes just waiting to be experimented with?

Brenda smirked at her reflection. ‘God I’m hot. But I don’t think Brenda quite suits this body.’

Just then, the name of her alter-ego rose in her mind: Brandi.

‘Yes, that feels right. Brandi.’

Just then there was a knock on the cabin’s front door. Echoing up the stairs and into the bathroom it tugged her from her thoughts.

‘Sounds like we have company,’ she grinned.

Holding out a manicured hand she raised her diamond wedding ring to the light. ‘Oh, Darren, something tells me it isn’t you. You’re still out on the mountains, no doubt. Whoever it is, for what it’s worth I won’t really be cheating on you when I fuck them senseless since you didn’t actually marry me. You married Brenda and I’m so much more than she ever was. I think I’ll keep the ring on though – the thought of cheating makes me all wet.’

The knocking came again, harder this time. With a sly wink at her reflection she slipped from the room…

Josh hoped Mrs. Lynch hadn’t gone out. He’d knocked twice already and there was still no sound of movement inside. He thought she’d said she would be staying in the cabin for the day, but he wouldn’t blame her for deciding to make the most of the beautiful scenery.

If she had gone out he wouldn’t be going down to the lake today, not unless he wanted go swimming in his boxers. Still, he could always head back to his own cabin and kick back with his laptop to binge something, and since his mum was off hiking he’d have the place to himself for the day.

Though close with his mum, Josh relished the freedom of their summer vacation. Usually he felt stifled by her, her protective nature overbearing to the point he rarely went out anymore, but she mellowed whenever they came away. He had learned not to blame her – she had been through a lot with his dad – but the vacation was always the highlight of his year, for he could vent to and socialise with others his own age. Being able to come and go freely without his mother fretting over where he was merely sweetened the deal.

Then again, this year’s freedom was somewhat tainted. Despite being accepted into university months ago Josh still hadn’t mustered up the courage to tell his mum. The campus was halfway across the country and a large part of him didn’t want to go: his dad had bailed before he was born, meaning it had been just him and his mum as long as he could remember. Moving so far was a huge leap and he dreaded what it might do to her already fraught nerves. Yet it was a fantastic opportunity he wasn’t likely to get again, capable of giving him a real career boost.  

The longer he waited, the heavier the secret weighed on him, and now, barely a few weeks before he was due to start classes, it was always at the back of his mind.

As if on cue the door swung open. Lost in his thoughts the sudden creak startled him, though not nearly as much as the woman on the other side.

Busty MILF in black sheer negligee

‘Hello, Josh,’ smiled Mrs. Lynch.

Josh’s jaw hung open. ‘Oh, uh, Mrs. Lynch, I, uh…’

‘What’s the matter, Josh, cat got your tongue?’ Clad in nothing but a sheer negligee and underwear she pushed her chest forward suggestively, her words dripping with seduction. She looked like a work of art framed by the doorway.

Josh didn’t know where to look. She was Elliott’s mother; he knew he shouldn’t be ogling her. But in the absence of her mom jeans and cardigan he suddenly realised how hot she was. Had she always been so busty? He’d never taken the time to look but he thought he would have noticed such magnificent breasts. Had her figure always been that curvy? Maybe her frumpy clothes had been hiding her sexy body.

Choosing to focus on her eyes, Josh shivered: she looked like a panther ready to pounce.

‘I came for my swimming trunks,’ he said quickly, finding his voice. ‘I was going to the lake to catch some sex – SUN! To catch some sun.’ Blushing furiously Josh felt his gut flip.

Mrs. Lynch didn’t seem to mind his slip up. In fact, she tittered girlishly as he blushed. ‘I don’t blame you, it’s a wonderful day. Well don’t just stand on the doorstep, come in. I’ll go and fetch them for you.’

A voice in the back of Josh’s head whispered that heading inside was a bad idea. It felt like the kind of voice that might have told his caveman ancestors to run from a rustle in the bushes: he couldn’t be sure, but he felt like he was being hunted. Toyed with. But the masculine curse of testosterone had kicked in and, assured he could withstand any advances Mrs. Lynch might make, he stepped inside.

It was only once he was over the threshold that he realised what she had said. ‘Oh no, Mrs. Lynch, I can get them myself. I don’t want to interrupt your relaxation. I know you wanted some alone time with me – I mean you. Yourself, that is. Some alone time with yourself.’

Busty MILF in black sheer negligee

But she was already making for the room he had shared with Elliott the night before. She half-turned to speak to him and he noticed that same predatory gleam in her eye.  

‘Oh, I insist, sweetie. It’s no trouble at all. I won’t let my hospitality slip just because I’m on vacation. You just take a seat: you must be exhausted after that long hike.’

Before he could stop her she was sashaying down the corridor. Josh cursed himself for slipping up again, though his eyes didn’t leave her swaying ass until she had disappeared from view. Already he was regretting coming in. Unfortunately, he was here now and couldn’t just make a run for it: he’d known Mrs. Lynch for years and didn’t want to offend her. She probably had no idea how hot she looked in that negligee.

Flopping down into an armchair he tried to drag his mind out of the gutter.

In Elliott’s room Brandi ignored Josh’s open suitcase and made straight for the wardrobe. As she had hoped there were clothes in here too. Elliott had already unpacked but she knew which belonged to him and which did not.

A shiver licked her spine as her hands ran over a thick letterman jacket. Josh would look perfect in it. Once he changed to suit it, that was. Sure, he was a cute little thing right now, but he was a little scrawny for her tastes. A little too nervous. He’d be much better as a horny jock eager for some cougar pussy.

Back in the lounge, Josh never heard Brandi coming. Still trying to ignore his arousal he was briefly distracted by a dress draped over the back of the sofa.

The first he knew of her return was the weight of the letterman jacket falling around his shoulders and her hands coiling over his chest. ‘You know, I think you’d look much sexier in this than your trunks, sweetie,’ she cooed into his ear. ‘All the girls will be swooning. If they see you in it, that is. You could stay here with little old me. I’m sure we could find ways to enjoy one another’s company.’

Josh blanched and rose to leave, but Mrs. Lynch’s hands held him in place.

‘You know what, I think I’ve changed my mind,’ he said as firmly as he was able, though his high-pitched voice betrayed him. ‘I’m just going to head back home for now. Maybe I’ll go swimming tomorrow.’

‘Oh no, baby, you’re not going anywhere. Mommy’s horny, and you’re going to help satisfy her.’

In a flash she was standing over him, blocking his escape.

‘Put your jacket on properly,’ she hissed. When he failed to move she narrowed her eyes – that was enough. Trembling with shock, Josh pulled the jacket on fully.

Mrs. Lynch seemed to be waiting for something, though he couldn’t fathom what. She was acting so out of character he was more worried for her than himself. Had she hit her head while she’d been home alone?

Then again, would it be so bad if they shared a little fun? He’d never realised how fucking hot she was, or how naughty. He wouldn’t to tell if she didn’t. Besides, nobody else was going to be back for hours – it wasn’t like they were going to be interrupted.

Damn, he was hard. Could he be blamed? Mrs. Lynch was slipping out of her negligee, revealing her astonishing rack. She put all his usual bitches to shame. Fuck, he liked a MILF, and he had never seen a finer specimen than Mrs. Lynch.

Jason’s hand slid instinctively to massage his cock.

Brandi giggled as she watched Josh’s transformation. In less than a minute he swelled to fit the oversized jacket, his muscles straining the seams and an impressive cock worthy of the hottest jock bulging in his jeans. Her victim was far too busy ogling her hot figure to notice the changes, but she was dripping wet as she watched.

By the time he had filled out the jacket, Jason couldn’t remember a thing of his former life. As far as he was concerned he was a womanising stud and Brandi was the latest MILF to fall for his charms.

‘Well, are you going to just sit there and wait for my husband to find us like this? Fuck me already.’

Jason didn’t wait for a second invitation.

Young jock in letterman jacket sucks breasts of busty MILF

Surging up he sealed his lips around one of her waiting nipples hungrily. Her flesh was hot and sweet, and while he gorged himself his hands curled around to clutch her ample ass. Her soft rump bulged like marshmallow between his fingers; he couldn’t wait to spank her.

Brandi’s hands ran down his arms as he worked. She murmured with satisfaction. ‘That’s right, stud, suck mommy’s fat tits. They’re all yours.’

‘They’re so fucking big,’ he growled, ‘I just want to spunk all over them. I bet you’d like that, you kinky bi – mmmph!’

Gripping his hair, Brandi dragged him back into her tits, crushing his face between her cleavage. ‘Oh, shut the fuck up and do your job. I’m not one of those shallow whores you’re used to: it’s going to take everything you’ve got to satisfy me. Not just a few dirty words and two minutes of fucking.’

Returning to his task enthusiastically, Jason strove to prove himself. Heart hammering, he bit down gently on her nipple. The girls he usually seduced hated him nibbling, but Brandi gasped, groaned and nodded.

‘That’s right.’

Emboldened, Jason was soon expanding his range to leave brief love bites around her areola. Part of him wanted to leave his mark on her juicy rack, yet he couldn’t bring himself to blemish her glorious, radiant skin. It was too perfect for him to mar. Besides, he had the sense he would regret trying to brand her without permission.

Slowly, Brandi’s hand descended. She moved at a glacial pace to ensure he didn’t pick up on her scheme. When she was close enough to her prize, however, she moved like lightning, darting her hand down his jeans and gripping his rigid shaft.

Jason cried out, his cock throbbing as she began to caress it. ‘Mmmh, it looks like you might have the tools to satisfy me after all. But I think your tool needs polishing first.’

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Brandi’s experienced hands had already unleashed his cock by the time she dropped to her knees. It bobbed before her, the pubic hair carefully trimmed, and for a second she consider teasing him. She wanted to see his eyes roll back as she ran the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft, desperate for her to blow him properly.

But though Brandi could remember fucking hundreds of men over her lifetime she was vaguely aware this was her first cock in her new body. Possessed by lust, she ignored the foreplay and swallowed him whole.

Again, he cried out, a bellow of pleasure. His whole body tensed and trembled. Brandi’s moan only compounded his pleasure, sending mind-blowing vibrations up and through his crotch that threatened to buckle his knees.

‘Holy fuck,’ he gasped, ‘holy fucking shit.’

Gripping the mantelpiece with white-knuckled ferocity to keep himself upright he still sagged almost to a crouch as Brandi gorged herself.

Again he was reminded how she was unlike anyone he’d fucked before. The dumb cheerleader sluts he usually went for liked to tease him and talk dirty, treating his dick like a lollipop to be savoured. Brandi didn’t care for such trivial things: she knew what she wanted and she had no issue taking it from him.

Jason was never going back. Those skinny sluts couldn’t hold a candle to this curvy MILF. Nobody had ever taken control of him like this before: it was so fucking hot. He quickly realised how inexperienced he was. Accepting his inferiority and surrendering to a goddess who knew what she was doing was pure bliss.

‘I’m yours,’ he said breathlessly as sloppy gagging noises rang through the cabin, ‘whatever you want I’m yours.’

‘Oh really?’ Brandi smirked. A thick ribbon of precum hung between her lips and his cock, which she promptly coiled around her finger and licked clean. ‘I hope you can prove that.’

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Rolling onto her back, Brandi slid her underwear from her legs and tossed them aside. Spreading herself wide she met his eye.

Jason didn’t need her to spell things out. Tearing off his clothes he dropped down and buried his face between her plush thighs. The wet folds of her pussy rose over his lips like a bow wave, smearing sexual juices across his face.

He didn’t care. Immediately he was intoxicated by her smell, her taste. Abandoning any sense of decorum, he feasted.  

‘Mmmh, good boy,’ Brandi purred, ‘eat mommy’s sweet pussy good. I want to feel that thick tongue spreading my cunt. OH! Yes, yes… right there…’

Following her instructions, Jason had forced his tongue deep between her lips. Inside she dripped with even sweeter juices, which he lapped up hungrily. Gripping her thighs and hips to pull himself in harder his eyes rolled back as he tumbled into addiction, acting no longer on rational thought but pure instinct.

The smell, the taste, the heat, it was too much to process. Jason had never submitted himself to a woman’s needs like this before, yet Brandi had reduced him to her voracious pussy slave with effortless ease. Somehow that made it hotter – the fact that all his masculine ego had been obliterated in a heartbeat made him crave her all the more.

Overhead, Brandi pursed her lips: he was going to need some training.

As eager as he was, he was sloppy. He wasn’t thinking of her pleasure only the taste of her cunt. By pure chance his oral attack would find her clit and drive her wild for a brief time, but then he would lose it and her rising orgasm would subside.

Massaging her breasts, Brandi started to tweak her nipples. She had always found the idea of nipple play thrilling, though unfortunately it wasn’t something she and Darren had ever tried. Evidently she had not lost the desire in her transformation, however, for as soon as she began her body was racked with pleasure.

She had hoped it would; if Jason couldn’t bring her to orgasm himself, she would have to provide some assistance.

Toying with one breast she wrapped her spare hand in his hair and dragged him up to her clit. His broad tongue lapped heavily across the nub and the combination swiftly bought her to peak.

‘Yes!’ Brandi screamed as her orgasm ripped through her and she squirted across Jason’s face.

The ripped jock blinked in shock: no girl had squirted for him before, not even after a rough fuck. He sat back, her juices trickling down his face.

‘Well, are you going to keep me waiting?’

Regaining his composure, Jason found Brandi toying with her swollen clit. Her manicured fingers were parting her folds temptingly and there was a victorious glimmer in her eye: she had him in her grasp now and she was never letting him go.

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Drawn to her, Jason leaned over her luscious form pressing his cock against her sex. Her lips welcomed him, swelling warmth through his shaft.

‘Do you really think you’re ready for this?’ Brandi said. ‘Because I can guarantee you, you’re not. You’ve never met a woman like me.’

Jason grinned mischievously. ‘You’re right, I haven’t. But I think I can handle you.’

Brandi smiled innocently. Snaking her hands around to clutch his ass she eased up to whisper a single word in his ear.


Dragging him inside she laughed whorishly as he let out a shuddering howl. Brandi’s pussy sealed tight around his cock, moulding to each line and contour. Her smile spread to a slutty beam as her lover tensed and trembled in her grasp. Only when he looked ready to collapse with the pleasure did she release her grip. As she had expected he immediately began to thrust.

‘Told you,’ she said.

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Over the next hour, Jason’s ego crumbled piece by piece. Brandi had been right – he hadn’t been ready for her. Until today he had considered himself a womaniser, and a sexually gifted one at that. Now, however, he realised he had never met a real woman before her.

He felt like a ball of yarn being knocked around playfully by a cat; a leaf borne helplessly in her storm of lust.

Pussy tight as a vice and hot as magma she extracted her pleasure from him with all the ease of stealing from a blind man. Cumshot after cumshot coated her insides, yet even when strands of semen leaked around his shaft to spot the furry rug beneath them she refused to ease her pace. Instead she redoubled her efforts and pulled him in deeper.

Before long Jason was no more than her toy. Drowning in pleasure he was incapable of functioning properly, making it easy for her to shift him into new positions. Knocking him onto his back she rode him hard and deep, offering her breasts for him to taste; pressing him against the sofa she gyrated her hips to rotate his cock inside her; sinking onto the rug she hooked her legs behind his back and pulled him in to the base.

When she felt him softening Brandi would swap out the sheathe of her pussy for that of her mouth. Her deft tongue rapidly reinvigorated his boner, which she promptly slid back between her thighs with a sensual groan.

Unlike Brandi, Jason was not built to fuck for so long. She swiftly burned through his stamina, forcing his body into an erotic limbo in which he could neither resist her nor withstand her sexual onslaught. His moans gradually evolved into whimpers and gasps of aroused agony: he had never been so hard for so long, nor came so many times. His body was a turmoil of pain and pleasure, reducing him to a blubbering, shuddering mess.

Brandi could not have cared less. Jason was far from the largest man she’d had but there was something intoxicating about a young cock she couldn’t resist. His rod was hard as metal yet the skin of his shaft was like velvet, smooth and soft. Better still, what he lacked in length he made up for in girth.

The naughty bitch revelled in the pleasures of her new body. She didn’t care who Jason had been – now he was hers. She didn’t care for her husband – he wasn’t here. Her deepest, naughtiest fantasies were only a change of clothes away, and with her lascivious imagination there was no limit to what she could get up to. The negligee had carved her into the perfect vessel of pleasure, and who was she to reject such a gift?

Eventually Brandi began to tire. As she slowed her pace, Jason let out a lengthy groan.

‘Fuck,’ he gasped, ‘fuck I’m close. I didn’t know I could cum this much.’

‘I told you you’d never met a woman like me. If you had she’d have taught you just how far you could push yourself. You say you’re close, stud?’

Jason grunted his confirmation.

‘Then I want to taste it. I’ve sucked you plenty so far but I haven’t actually tasted you yet. Come here and unload on mommy’s tongue.’

Busty MILF scowls at toyboy whose cumshot has covered her ass

Doing as he was told, Jason pulled out. Unfortunately, he had been so close that the motion of sliding his cock free pushed him over the edge. With a shuddering grunt he shot his load all over Brandi’s ass and lower back. Instinctively he jerked hard, milking himself over her supple flesh and closing his eyes as his body rippled with pleasure.

Once the shockwaves had subsided he opened his eyes. To his surprise, Brandi was glowering at him.

‘I said in my mouth, you fucking moron. God, do you have no self-control at all?’

Her fearsome stare struck Jason dumb. The dangerous glint taught him something new about his lover: she didn’t take well to being denied what she wanted.

‘I… I just…’

‘Oh save it,’ Brandi scowled. Wiping her hand over her ass she ran her tongue up the side. He may have lacked stamina, but at least he tasted good.

Just then, a devilish idea sparked in Brandi’s head. Maybe there was a way to combine his delicious taste with the body of a man who could actually keep up with her – a man truly capable of pleasing her. The letterman jacket had already delivered on her fantasy of a sex-hungry jock showing up on her doorstep; now her thoughts turned to what other fantasies she could live out.

Smiling wolfishly, she crawled over to Jason until he was pinned against the sofa. His chest was heaving, sweat trickling through the creases of his muscles.

‘You’re coming with me, hot stuff. I’ve got a few things I have to show you, then you’re going to have a few things to show me, I guarantee it.’

Jason was too weak to shake his head. All he could was stare at her pleadingly. ‘Please, I don’t think I’ll fuck anyone for another year. If I cum once more I’ll pass out.’

Leaning in close, Brandi whispered the six words she knew would break him. ‘I’ll let you fuck my ass.’

Two minutes later she was watching him slip into a sleek business suit and imagining the towering black bull he would soon become…

Meanwhile, beside the lake…

Woman tying shoe approached by shirtless man

Thanks for reading!

I’ve said it about other models in this series, and I’ll say it again: Brandi Love doesn’t appear nearly as much as she should in my work. To be honest, I lose track of who I have included in my work and who I haven’t, especially given I have dozens of stories yet to release. Either way, you can find her PornHub profile here:

Love is, to me, the embodiment of a the hot wife MILF. I never tire of her work, and I don’t find it surprising at all that she has achieved the success she has because she not only works extremely hard but is also a shrewd businesswoman. I could go on all day about how much I love her work, but I don’t really feel I need to – the scene used to support this piece alone should tell you all you need to know about Love’s incredible talent. As I’ve said, Lake Fantasy is dedicated to the work of some of my favourite models, and though I can’t hope to do Love or any of the other models the justice they deserve, if my stories can go some way to showcasing these amazing creators that will be enough for me.

And if you just can’t get enough of her, Love is the only model who actually appears in two separate chapters (excluding the epilogue). I’ll explain exactly why when it releases, but there is plenty more debauchery to come before that, so be sure to come back on Friday for the next chapter!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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