Lake Fantasy: Epilogue

Sofas arranged in lounge of large log cabin

Gathered in the lounge of the Klein cabin, the lake’s guests whispered amongst. Huddled in their little pockets they had the surreal feeling they knew the rest of the people around them, like the names were on the tips of their tongues yet elusive all the same.

Brandi, Johnny and Elena had been the first to arrive, and had taken up their spot on the centre sofa facing the fireplace, the younger of the two women draped over Johnny’s chest while her elder whispered dirty words into his ear and subtly massaged the crotch of his jeans. Beside them Faye and Julian were making out far too vigorously for a gathering of strangers, though in their passion they had forgotten there was anyone else in the room, while to the other side Dillion and Natalia giggled privately every time one of the men in the room caught their eye.

Chanel, Piper, Naomi, Scott, Ash and Grant took up most of the adjacent sofa. Like Faye and Julian they were more focused on one another than the group of strangers. Sandwiched between Scott and Ash, Piper was trying to stifle her moans as they surreptitiously groped her under the blanket drawn up over her legs, peeling back her frilly underwear and grinding their knuckles against her clit to torment her further. Chanel and Naomi, meanwhile, were putting on a sensual show for Grant, making out seductively and fixing him with sultry stares that soon had his cock aching for attention. Just beside them, Caleb was perched on the arm of the sofa with Dani straddling his lap and teasing him by grinding slowly.

The final sofa was composed mainly of the Foster brothers and their new employee. Despite their company, Veruca’s hands were shamelessly stuffed down the brothers’ jeans which pitched and rolled as she jerked them off for all to see. The brothers themselves remained oblivious to the eyebrows raised in their direction for they were far too busy groping her tits, which were all but hanging from her silk bathrobe. On the opposite end of the sofa Megan was nibbling Derek’s ear playfully. The man wore an exhausted expression, like he had just run a hundred miles to be there. Finally, slotted between all the lovers, Trent sat analysing the rest of the gathering. In his hand he clutched a leash which twitched every now and then as Angela too watched the room. She knelt on the floor between his legs in no more than her lingerie (Trent had not allowed her to wear anything else), her chest and stomach peppered with red blotches and the occasional patch of wax they had failed to peel off.

Ironically, despite already being in the cabin, Peta, Abella, Lincoln and Brad were the last to arrive. Clad in the same bathrobes as Veruca – hot pink with the initials LF embroidered in yellow on the lapels – their hair was tangled and wet and their cheeks flushed. With nowhere left to sit they had lined up behind the centre sofa and were staring quizzically at the strangers in their lounge.

Being in one another’s presence seemed to fuel their arousal, and though deep down they knew what they were doing with one another was unspeakably naughty they couldn’t bring themselves to stop.

They had come here on instinct, answering a call they didn’t really understand. Now they were here they were vaguely aware they were waiting for the one who had called them. They did so patiently, filling the time with one another.

The click of heels on hardwood echoed through the cabin like the chimes of a grandfather clock. As one they pivoted to face them. Jaws dropped, gasps arose, and the few men and women who were not already hard or wet certainly were once they laid eyes on the newcomer.

The woman who entered was the embodiment of sex, power and confidence. Exuding lust from every pore she carried herself with the confident stride men melted for and women envied. Her pursed lips were a magenta slit and she wore a sheer red bodysuit inlaid with opaque bands to conceal her dignity. In her hands she wielded a black riding crop.

Tottering after her came a second woman, resplendent in a black matching bodysuit and identical make-up. Though taller than her companion and just as beautiful, the brunette could not match the air of dominance woman in red gave off with every step.

Busty blonde and naughty brunette in matching outfits

Together they strode to the front of the group and admired the gathering. The woman in black pressed herself against her companion, her arms snaking around to squeeze her heavy tits. A smile played across the lips of the woman in red – despite their outward appearances and behaviour she saw them for who they truly were. After all the visions in her head it was good to finally see the ragtag group together for the first time.

‘Thank you all for coming,’ she beamed, ‘I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself. As your host I have invited you here to get better acquainted with my guests.’

‘Our host?’ Chanel frowned.

‘Yes. Lake Fantasy belongs to me and you are all my guests. You may call me Mistress Jesse, and this is Richelle.’

A flicker of recognition passed over Brandi’s face and she squinted up at Jesse. ‘Jessica? Richard?’

‘More or less,’ Jesse smirked, ‘the lake had its way with us, same as it did with you. It’s a special place.’

‘Who are Jessica and Richard?’ Chanel piped up. ‘What are you talking about? What’s going on here? I feel like I know these people, but I don’t.’

Jesse laughed. Giving Brandi a wink she snapped her fingers. The air in the room shimmered briefly, washing over the group and sending a tingle through their thoughts. Silence hung over them for a moment, then all at once their true personas took hold and the room erupted into chaos.

Finding themselves in their new bodies, the dominant reaction was horror. Vernon yanked his hands from the Foster sisters’ trousers with a dreadful yowl. They ignored his shrieks, opting instead to take a peek at their engorged cocks before grinning mischievously at one another. Melissa seemed rather content with her transformation and continued to caress Destiny’s masculine chest, though Destiny herself was breathless with shock, wailing ‘I’m a dude! I’m a dude!’ over and over. Trevor sat dazed and confused by it all, blocking out the madness and staring blankly at his new body while Andrew let out a cry and frantically tried to cover himself.

On the central sofa Brenda was consoling Elliott, who was crying tears of joy. Pinned underneath them, Josh tried to look shocked, but Jesse could sense how pleased he was with his new body. Felicity was marvelling at her youthful figure while Julia deliberately tried not to look at anyone should they recognise her, especially Vernon. On the other end of the sofa Darren and Nancy turned away from one another bashfully, all the naughty things they’d done together fresh in their head.

Nearby, Ashley was in hysterics. Beside her Spencer pulled away from Peter only to roll into Christy. Locking eyes they largely forgot the surrounding pandemonium and the only reason they didn’t move in for a kiss was that Glenn pulled his wife away urgently asking if she was alright. Peter scrambled over to Noah and they clutched one another like they were about to be torn apart forever. Beside them Cade babbled in shock, but Daniel admired his feminine body with muted awe.

Finally, at the back of the group the two couples underwent starkly different reactions; Peta and Brandon pushed one another away and clutched their bathrobes tightly save they fall open and reveal their nakedness, meanwhile Lauren and Annabelle looked at one another, shrugged and promptly shared a passionate kiss.

At the head of the room Richard didn’t bother relieving his grip on his wife’s breasts. ‘Is it bad I’m kind of enjoying this?’ he whispered.

Jesse giggled. ‘That makes two of us. The lake likes a bit of chaos.’

She waited a little longer before intervening – it was too much fun to step in straight away. When she did her voice was low, yet it had an immediate effect. ‘Quiet.’

Falling silent, the group’s eyes continued to convey their confusion. After a moment or two, Christy frowned. ‘Wait, Jessica? And Richard? Is that really you?’ The Kleins nodded. ‘But… but how is any of this possible? And how did Brenda know it was you?’  

‘The lake has it’s whims,’ Jesse shrugged. ‘It found something in Brenda it wanted to use rather than erase so it made her into something new.’

‘You mean you knew?!’ Josh exclaimed. ‘You knew what that jacket would do to me?’

Her meek streak prominent once more, Brenda panicked. ‘I… I… I…’

On Brenda’s other side Nancy flared up angrily too. ‘You screwed my son? How could you?!’

‘Please, everybody, let’s not lose our heads,’ Jesse said. ‘The lake, the cabins, all the clothes and amenities in them, they’re all here to allow my guests a more fluid experience of reality. They tap into people’s innermost desires and craft a reality in which they can explore those desires. Out of all the transformative items around my lake you were each drawn to one in particular, consciously or otherwise, and the result of your interaction with that item is a manifestation of fantasies you may not even have known you had.’

‘You’re out of your mind,’ Vernon barked, though in Veruca’s body his voice was shrill and pitchy. ‘You think I wanted to become a fucking slut? You’re delusional!’

‘And I would never have come between Peter and Noah,’ Grant piped up.

All at once everybody was loudly putting forth their own excuses, forcing Jesse to silence them again. ‘You might not have wanted to come between them, Grant, but you wanted to help them. Meanwhile Noah here wanted a more intimate, invigorating relationship and Peter was looking for an escape from the secrets and torment of his life.’ Turning to Vernon her lip curled. ‘As for you, the lake has a knack for teaching a lesson to those who need it – sometimes it doesn’t give you a choice.’

‘So… what now?’ Daniel asked.

‘Now we see where the week takes us. All of your cabins are full of new desires just waiting to be explored. There are the clothes in your wardrobes of course, but as some of you have already discovered there is far more mischief waiting around the lake.’

‘Not a chance,’ Vernon cried, ‘you turn me back right now!’

‘Me too!’ Andrew shrieked.

With a frustrated sigh Jesse snapped her fingers. Immediately Vernon and Andrew melted away, replaced by Veruca and Angela. Returning her hands shamelessly into Kyra and Alexis’ trousers, Veruca giggled as their eyelids fluttered, while Angela watched on biting her lip,

‘Well, for some of us at least,’ Jesse said.

‘But how can we?’ Paige asked. ‘Brad’s with Destiny and he screwed me. I can’t do that again.’

‘Ah yes, well I might be able to help with that. For what it’s worth all your transformations are down to the genetics, but I get that things might still feel a little awkward so… well it’s probably easier just to show you.’

Snapping her fingers again, Jesse smiled as her guests relaxed. Their transformed personas had now risen once more, though not so much as to block out the originals entirely. Instead their horny alter-egos permeated their thoughts, leaving them in control but at the helm of bodies driven by desire. Mischievous smirks painted their faces as they succumbed to their rampant lust.

‘That will be all for tonight. I trust you all have plenty of naughty notions and I expect you to explore them all. My door is always open for anybody who would like a little fun. Now off you go.’

Hurrying off giddily, Jesse’s guests left the room in a swarm of excited chatter. Once everybody had left they noticed Elena still sat on her sofa.

The young woman looked so small and innocent sitting alone and they approached with warm smiles. ‘Is everything okay, Elena?’ they asked.

Rising to her feet she pressed herself into their arms with a wicked smile. ‘Absolutely. Better than okay, actually. You’ve given me everything I ever wanted and I was hoping I might be able to thank you personally?’

Mirroring Elena’s grin, the couple stepped aside and gestured toward the stairs. ‘Please step this way, my dear. Your wish is our command.’

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The rest of the week was a hedonistic blur. With countless naughty opportunities at their fingertips there was nothing to prevent them revelling in pure, perfect debauchery.

Even with their blended personas, one or two of Jesse’s guests still found the radical changes difficult to handle at first, but their benevolent goddess was always there to guide and support them. Her consoling words were mostly enough, but where they were not she eked out a little more of their alter-egos for good measure. With the pleasure and passion of their new lives more prominent in their mind their apprehension was soon forgotten.

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Brandi was excited to show her husband the black bull’s business suit she had already tested on Josh. Though at first he was hesitant to leave Dillion behind, the colossal power of his new body soon won him over and he relished his time as Denzel. Brandi’s oral skills blew his mind (and his impressive load, which emptied frequently down her throat), but he loved fucking her with his big black cock even more. She was so dirty for him and he couldn’t get enough of her busty new body. Then again, Brandi was partial to a taste of Dillion too, and the Lynches spent most of their time seeking out new bodies to explore together.  

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In contrast, Faye and Julian never changed bodies once all week. Finally having the chance to experience the passion and love they had pined after for so long in their former lives, they spent their time tangled in one another’s arms making up for all the affection their husband had denied them. With so much time to make up for they were rarely out of one another’s arms and would scamper about naked, ready to fuck at a moment’s notice. They became something of an elusive couple, far more occupied by one another than any temptation the others could offer, however Jesse knew everything they were getting up to and it made her wet just to think about.

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While Elliott’s parents were busy experimenting, Chanel was all too happy to take Elena under her wing. Unlike many of the others, Elena was less interested in trying out new transformations but rather in finding her perfect body, a body she found when Jesse presented her with a particularly beautiful satin dress that moulded her into a curvy, nubile bombshell no man could hope to resist. Once she had found her ideal body, Elena gladly submitted to Chanel’s tutelage. The busty MILF made the most of one of Brandi’s bull suits, and she and Elena spent most of their week speared on the thick cock of whoever they could get to wear it.

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Throughout the week Ash, Scott, Peta and Natalia became something of a quartet. With Dillion rarely out of Brandi’s clutches and Brandon eager to explore as many lovers as possible, the two women gravitated towards Ash and Scott. At last aware that they were both looking for something more experimental, the romantic couple turned jock bros delighted in bedding the hot babes any chance they could. What was more, their minds opened to the dirty romance of it all, all four were more than happy to switch out their roles at a moment’s notice to the point that it was rare for them to even remain the same sex for more than a few hours.

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Surprisingly, Piper and Naomi quickly struck up a strong bond with Destiny. Despite the passion of her night with Megan, Destiny decided she still preferred life as a woman, which the lake took full advantage of. Drawn to a mesmerising emerald evening gown she was transformed into Debra, a slightly older woman who expanded Destiny’s mind and filled her with devilishly slutty desires. Eager for naughtiness she forgot all about her former boyfriend once she laid her hands on Piper and Naomi, and the perky blondes gladly submitted to her seductive power, eager little lesbian whores for her dripping pussy and curvy figure.

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While Chanel was busy with Elena, and since Debra had already forgotten her time as Derek, Megan and Grant soon fell into one another’s arms. With their former lovers occupied, they spent their time fucking hot and heavy in practically every room of every cabin and anywhere suitable they could find outside too. Grant liked his bitches dirty, and they didn’t come dirtier than Megan, who was always shifting into new bodies to find new ways to pleasure him. Before the week was over she had converted him into a hardcore anal addict, forever teasing him by strutting around naked save a pretty butt plug she used to keep his load from leaking out.

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Forced into her alter-ego, Angela shifted into a new body almost every hour, obediently at Trent’s service every minute of the day. Each morning he woke her with his cock easing into her tight ass before spending the remainder of the day devising new ways to break her. In return she teased him endlessly, her wild spirit never tamed but frequently leashed. Trent too enjoyed shifting bodies, always looking for a bigger cock to stretch his favourite pussy until she was screaming his name. The insatiable bitch also became a favourite of Jesse’s, who took great joy in having Angela join her in her dungeon while Trent and Richelle were otherwise occupied.

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Like Faye and Julian, Abella and Lincoln did not switch bodies all week. Though aware of their outside lives once more they chose to ignore all they had been before, instead diving deep into the personas the lake had crafted for them. In truth it would have been difficult for them to try out new bodies even if they had wanted to, for they rarely spent any time with any clothes on at all. When they weren’t locked in passionate embrace with one another the jock and the nympho could be found luring others into their den of sin or, once, both at Jesse’s mercy after foolishly thinking they could seduce her and learning the error of their ways in her dungeon.

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Despite how they had enjoyed their stint as the Foster brothers, Kyra and Alexis were just as happy playing dress-up as naughty maids ready to serve anybody they came across. It seemed the sisters had porn on the brain, for whatever persona they slipped into they always imagined themselves as naughty porn starlets eagerly sucking and fucking the hottest men in the world. They were utterly inseparable and would do nothing if their beloved sister was not at their side encouraging them to do it harder, faster and dirtier. Of course, Kirk and Alexander still made frequent appearances during the week and when they were on the prowl no slut was safe from their ruthless passion.

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Though Dani and Caleb remained all but inseparable they developed a dynamic more akin to fuck buddies than lovers. Jumping from one body to another they explored everything the lake had to offer, with Caleb particularly fond of a donning huge black body, as whom he went by the name of Cole. Equally wild and free, they gleefully worked through as many lovers as they could and, in the rare instances when nobody was available, they would hike up to the secluded grove they had first fucked in to relive their passion. Underlying their promiscuity, however, was an unbreakable bond: no matter who they fucked they would always find solace in one another.

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Once Vernon was forced back into his alter-ego he took to being Veruca most eagerly. When the Foster brothers were around she never left their side, but in their absence the horny slut was a loose cannon. She stalked from cabin to cabin hunting out her next man, often donning a new body to explore in all kinds of dirty ways. Once she sank her claws into her prey she would not release them until she had extracted every ounce of pleasure. Submitting herself as a filthy cumdump for as many horny men as she could lay her hands on, she could often be found at the mercy of a dozen or more, all of whom used her greedily until she was a screaming, trembling, cum-soaked wreck.

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Like Veruca, Brandon and Johnny became wild cards among the group. Ricocheting from one sinful assembly to the next they refused to be tied down, and could generally be found wherever the loudest screams were coming from. Often moving as a pair, they carried a black lace lingerie set with them, which twisted the wearer into a persona they culled ‘The Fuck Doll’ – an insatiable blonde bitch they relished destroying whenever anyone donned her. Drawn to moans like wolves to the cry of a wounded deer they were vultures of pleasure, swooping in to feast together before hunting down their next meal.

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At the heart of it all, Jesse reigned supreme. Relishing her power, she methodically explored the capabilities of her dungeon with Richelle as her willing accomplice and slave. Her husband took to his life as a woman remarkably well, shivering with delight every time he donned Richelle’s persona. She lost count of how many times she felt the crack of Jesse’s riding crop across her ass, or her many fearsome strap-ons delving into her quivering pussy, or the heat of her body moving above her as she lay bound and blindfolded at the mercy of the lady of the lake. All she knew was life as Richelle was a thrill unlike any other and she was addicted to the ride.

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Nevertheless, Richard was far from abandoned. Returning to his former male body – albeit enhanced by the lake’s power – was like donning an old suit: familiar and comforting. When Richard came to play there was nowhere he and Jesse would not fuck. In the dungeon, on the lake shore, in their bed or somebody else’s it didn’t matter, their passion was limited only by their stamina, and that in itself was borderline inexhaustive.

Alas, as with all things, the week all too soon came to an end. On the eve of their departure Jesse summoned her friends back to her cabin where they settled into the sofas.

Brandi and Denzel where chatting with Elena, upon whose leg Chanel’s hand was resting, though Chanel herself she was deep in conversation with Brandon. Dani was nestled between Johnny and Caleb, an image mirrored by Veruca and the Foster brothers on the opposite sofa, albeit that the latter woman was once again shamelessly groping her lovers while Dani was more interested in whispering filthy words into Johnny and Caleb’s ears. Faye and Julian were too occupied by one another’s lips to notice anything going on around them, while Abella and Lincoln had embroiled themselves in Ash, Scott, Peta and Natalia’s naughty quartet, who were stood behind one of the sofas eyeing up the rest of the group. Debra was flanked by her favourite blonde sluts, and while Naomi was draped over the ravishing woman like an ill-fitting suit Piper was distracted by Grant and Megan who were toying with her pastel pink dress playfully. Rounding out the gathering, Angela was once again knelt at Trent’s feet, this time wearing only nipple tassels, a thong and, of course, her leash.

Though they chattered excitedly an unspoken question undermined their merriment – what now?

Coming to the head of the group, Jesse rose a champagne flute and tapped it to attract their attention. Behind her Richard stood in a sleek three-piece suit.

‘I trust you all have had an eye-opening week,’ she smiled.

As one the congregation grinned knowingly, all save Veruca and Angela who looked vaguely confused. Snapping her fingers, Jesse pushed their alter-egos back so their original personas could take full control once more. There were a few awkward shuffles and flushed cheeks, but for the most part they peered up at her expectantly.

‘As you are all aware, tonight is our final night at Lake Fantasy. However, before we leave we all must make an important choice. The lake’s power is not limited to this place. If you choose to accept it it will follow you out into the world. As you are already aware, reality is more fluid than the world realises and the life you have come to enjoy here can be yours if you wish to keep it. From now on you will not lose yourself to your alter-egos until your choice is made. The house rules state you may take one item with you when you leave.’

Elena, who had looked particularly miserable at the thought of returning to her former life, lit up. ‘You mean we can stay like this after we leave?’

‘You can,’ Jesse nodded. Excited whispers rippled through the group. She stayed them with a raised hand. ‘If you leave dressed as a particular persona that will become your new reality. You will still remember your former life, but the outside world will have shifted to the reality the lake has crafted for you. Of course, not every persona is tied to an item of clothing, in which case all you have to do is leave in your transformed figure and the changes will be rendered permanent.

‘Alternatively, if you wish you may pack one item and take it with you. This way you will leave as your ordinary selves, but you will be able to don the persona whenever you like in the outside world.’

‘And if we choose neither?’ Brandi asked.

‘You leave as you arrived. Take nothing with you and this place will become a distant memory. But I should warn you this has its consequences. Even though you won’t remember the lake, the craving for what you have experienced here will always remain. The piece of yourself you discovered here will not leave with you, but the longing for it will and though you won’t know how or why you will always want it. You will also be giving up your memory of the relationships you had with anyone who chooses to leave in a different persona. When reality shifts to accommodate their transformation you will be wrapped up in that shift. You will still know the person in one way or another, but every memory of the life you shared with them before will be lost and replaced with their new history.’

Aware of the gravity of their choice, Jesse dismissed her guests. They filed off in little groups of hushed conversation, however Felicity and Julia stayed behind to speak with Jesse privately.

‘Is everything alright, ladies?’

With Faye and Julian gone, the shy streak the women shared was on full display. Felicity was wringing her pale hands nervously, her large eyes filled with unease, while Julia pinched her stubbled chin awkwardly.

‘Me and Julia were just wondering something. You see, we’ve made our decision already – we want to stay like this. As a couple. As Faye and Julian, I mean. But, it’s just that… you know what Vernon and Andrew are like. They would never allow it and they’re never going to choose to stay in their new bodies. So we were hoping there might be some way of you keeping them away from us until we leave? You know, so they can’t talk us out of it.’

Jesse shared a knowing glance with Richard. Smiling warmly, she took the young couple by the shoulders. ‘You’ve got nothing to worry about, ladies. You may have noticed a distinct lack of shouting and screaming while I was explaining things to you all. Do you think your husbands would have sat quietly and listened? I never gave them back their personalities. And I’m not going to.

‘As I said on our first night together, the lake doesn’t always give you a choice. Some people don’t deserve the privilege of choosing, so the lake chooses for them. It may sound harsh, but Vernon and Andrew do not get the luxury of escaping their punishment.

‘In cases like these the lady of the lake has the final word on the matter, and my choice is that Veruca and Angela are here to stay.’

The two women squealed with delight and wrapped Jesse in a tight hug. Babbling their thanks, they did not pull away for a minute or so. When they did they fell into one another’s arms and kissed lovingly.

‘Besides,’ Jesse grinned, ‘I get the impression Trevor has no plan on giving up his new body or plaything, and I’m sure somebody will happily claim Veruca – if not any of us then there are hundreds of strip clubs and pimps baying for a woman of her talents.’

Once the couple had bounced from the room, Jesse turned to Richard. ‘I assume you’ll want to be keeping this body?’

‘I want to keep whichever body you prefer me in.’

Slinking over to him she draped her arms over his shoulders and leaned in so her lips were brushing his. ‘Now there’s a killer choice. It would be a shame to lose Richelle, but how can I pass up the perfect husband in the perfect body?’ The riding crop tingled in her hand, speaking to her soul. ‘Then again we could get up to twice the mischief if you packed Richelle with you and left like this.’

Richard raised an eyebrow. ‘Will the lake allow that?’

‘I’m the lady of the lake – I’d say that deserves a little special treatment, wouldn’t you?’ With a slow kiss she pulled away. ‘Now go pack. I have something I have to do.’

‘Yes, mistress,’ Richard winked.

Left alone, she made her way to the dungeon. Picking her way through the various devilish devices she stroked them affectionately before coming to stand before the throne. For a long moment she admired her beloved riding crop. Then she placed it on the seat with a sigh.

She felt the power leave her. She was going to miss the familiar thrill of it, but she knew the crop could not leave with her. As the source of the lake’s power it was inextricably linked with this place – without it the lake would become just another boring summer vacation spot, all murky waters and rundown cabins.

As she turned to leave a sharp click rang through the dungeon. The latch of the chest beside her had unlocked. Tentatively lifting the lid, she grinned. Inside lay the same sultry latex outfit she had worn when she was first transformed. Folding it over her arm she crossed to the door. Before she left she turned to admire it for one last time.

‘Thank you,’ she said.

Huge log cabin

The following morning everybody gathered around the Rivera cabin to say their goodbyes.

Faye and Julian were the first to leave, their cheeks flushed from what everyone presumed had been a particularly intense night. Waving as they made off down the dusty track, they vanished through the trees ready to live the life they had been robbed of before coming to the lake.

Before the dust had even settled Brandon and Debra were off too. Though they were no longer an item as they had been when they arrived, they had become ravenous fuck buddies and already had plans to start streaming their passionate and promiscuous sex life from Debra’s lavish home.

Shortly after, Grant, Piper, Naomi and Chanel bundled into their car. The strip club mogul and his feisty trophy wife had had such a frantic week they were looking forward to stealing some personal time with the two strippers. Though they were in a hurry they had just enough time to invite Jesse and Richard to one of Grant’s infamous VIP shows the following week for which the dress code was ‘Nothing too concealing’. Meanwhile, in the back seat the slutty besties could not keep their hands off each other.

Before departing Trent gave Jesse a fond kiss on the cheek and Richard a firm handshake, leaving them with the promise that whenever they required a toy to take out their frustrations upon Angela was always at their disposal. The woman herself shuffled awkwardly in the front seat – probably something to do with the fact that the largest plug Trent owned was nestled in her ass. He hadn’t told her it was also a vibrator, or that the remote was tucked safely in his pocket.

After spending most of the morning discussing a business agreement with Grant, Kirk and Alexander drove off accompanied by Veruca. The soon-to-be porn starlet was clad in her favourite wet look catsuit and while Kirk was up front guiding their flash sports car through the trees, Alexander was in the back seat using her leash to pull her down to a more intimate position. Despite the growl of the engine his moans were already audible before they hit the first bend.

Chuckling to herself that all the Fosters had turned out to be kinky fuckers deep down, Jesse next hugged the Lynches goodbye. Though it had taken her all night to choose, Brandi had finally settled on taking Denzel with her into the outside world, a persona her husband was more than happy to don for her. His huge frame dwarfed both his wife and his daughter, though he was as soft-spoken as Darren had ever been. While Elena and Denzel packed the car, Brandi told Jesse excitedly that once Elena had gone off to university she was going to dive right in to her first erotica novel – the lake had rekindled not only her sexual passion but her passion for writing also and she could not wait to get started.

Johnny left alone shortly after, though if the conversation he’d had with the Foster brothers earlier was anything to go by he wouldn’t be alone for long. Not only had they agreed to let him star in their scenes, but he was to be the frontman for their newest series: Nurses Gone Wild. His spirits high, he drove off with the roof of his convertible down and his favourite rock album blasting from the speakers.

The hardest goodbye for Jesse was Peta. Her daughter had decided to room with a wild group calling themselves the Filthy Five. Besides Peta it consisted of Natalia, Megan, Scott and Ashley, who had packed Ash away in her suitcase, though he would surely make frequent returns if the libido of his new roommates was to be satisfied. Ashley was excited to explore her naughty relationship with Scott surrounded by her new besties, and it was clear Peta was just as excited at the freedom the arrangement would provide. Though she fought back tears, Jesse knew her girl was ready to live her life and that she had made the right choice.

With everybody else gone, that left only six.

Abella and Lincoln sat whispering and giggling in the car while Dani and Cade packed up the last of their things. Once finished they joined the naughty duo, though not before casting a glance up the foothills in the direction of the secluded glade they loved so dearly. Much like Ashley, Cade had packed Caleb away for later use and decided not to don him permanently. The lake had opened his eyes to so much, not least a well of confidence he had not known he had. Now he was alert to it, he wanted to use that confidence to transform himself, to prove he was capable of making himself just as desirable as Caleb could ever be. Better still, Dani adored him either way.

Jesse and Richard were only too happy to offer both young men a new place to call home. Admittedly it felt odd leaving the lake with one more than they arrived, but it felt right too.

As he finished packing up the car, Richard noticed his wife staring out across the lake. Joining her he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and kissed the crown of her head.

‘It’s beautiful, isn’t it?’

‘Not as beautiful as you,’ he replied.

‘You know I can’t really describe it, but I think the lake wanted us to come here. I don’t think we found it – I think it found us because we needed it too, even though we didn’t know why. And I don’t think this is the only place like this. Before, when I had the riding crop, the power, it was bigger than just this place. I don’t know why or where, but I think there are other places like this out there.’

‘Well I hope they find people who need them too,’ he said. They admired the lake’s calm, glittering waves in silence for a moment. Then Richard cuddled her affectionately. ‘You ready, sweetie?’

A content smile spread across her lips. ‘I am,’ she said. With that she took her husband’s hand, kissed him on the lips and together they strode off to a new life…

Thanks for reading!

And here we are: the end of Lake Fantasy. I have to say, though it has been a lot of work to write this series, now it is all out there for people to enjoy it has been worth every second of it. Beginning as an idea that wouldn’t leave my head a few months ago to now having thirteen hefty chapters plus prologue and epilogue is pretty mind-blowing to me, and I’ll always remember it as one of the good things lockdown allowed me to do. I can say without a doubt that if lockdown wasn’t in place I wouldn’t have been able to get this written in time for the August release I wanted, and in truth it probably wouldn’t have come to fruition at all.

The highest thanks have to go to all the models whose content I used in this story. I know none of them will ever read this, but their talent is what inspires me to write the stories I do, and without their work I simply could not have created this series in the first place. I definitely think my love for their work helped motivate me to write the best content I could, and as I’ve said before I hope I managed to do them justice in this series.

My thanks to them must of course be swiftly followed by my thanks to Mara. Without Mischief Manor to inspire it this series would have taken on a very different shape, if it had ever come about at all. I know I probably crossed the line from homage to rip off of her work in places, however I am a lover of easter eggs in my work and there are some turns of phrase in Mischief Manor I couldn’t pass up the chance of including in my work.

As Mara did, I did consider having some of my characters decide to forget about Lake Fantasy, but to be quite honest I couldn’t bring myself to do it. For one thing, I had grown so attached to these characters I didn’t like the idea of them going back to their ordinary lives. And for another, with the way the world is right now I just wanted everyone to get a goddamn happy ending for once. Once again the ‘write what you want to write’ wisdom was a guiding hand in this, and for any new writers – or indeed existing writers who need a reminder as I often do – I urge you to keep that wisdom in mind.

Bittersweet as it is, the epilogue itself is almost certainly my favourite part of the series. After writing thirteen chapters of sex and character development, it was refreshing to have the chance of writing a more dynamic piece. It also allowed me the chance to explore my favourite part of interwoven narratives: bringing the characters together. Yes, I probably overdid it mentioning all the characters waiting for Jesse, then again when covering their reactions, and then again in what they got up to throughout the week, but frankly I loved every second of writing it all and have no regrets over it at all. I especially loved writing up their antics during the week and I am very happy with how the final piece turned out with every character getting a mention and an image. The only downside is all the image galleries I will need to include below.

The collage for this piece was also superbly fun to make and I will be including those image galleries too, plus all the individual images can be found on my Imgbox gallery.

I’m sure some of you are already wondering, and the answer is yes, I would like to do this again. You may have spotted that I left the story open for a sequel not just at Lake Fantasy but other places like it, and I already have an idea cooking up for another location I could visit with new characters. Fortunately, there are plenty of other models whose work I would love the chance to showcase, and barring any massive roadblocks I think I will be putting out either a similar series or a second series of Lake Fantasy at some point in the future. Whatever shape it takes, I would like to put that series out at the same time next year, but I’m aware how much things can change in that time so that isn’t written in stone right now.

As I have already said though, I have grown very attached to these characters and I would love to write more about them. Having said that, though I like to think they will return to Lake Fantasy I don’t think I will follow them there. Instead what I had in mind were short stories that focused on one or two, or maybe a small group of these characters. Not only would it give me the chance to showcase the work of the models I enjoy, but I think it would also be a nice little expansion on this universe. I’m thinking of an approach kind of like my Out of the Bottle series, where I add short stories to the larger series. As with Out of the Bottle though, I’m not setting myself any particular timeframe to release them – there might be two in a week, there might be none for months, it just depends when I am in the mood for writing them. I just like having the option there, especially now it gives me an excuse to write about my favourite models.

Finally, I wanted to just say that this series has been one Hell of a challenge to write, so I’ll be taking some time to catch my breath as it were before doing anything particularly big again. I’ve got plenty of stories in my backlog that will be coming your way over the next few months, but I will probably reduce the quantity of themed stories I am putting out as the year wears on. Obviously last year I did a whole month of Halloween content in October, then another month of Christmas content in December, and though I still want to put themed stuff out there I probably won’t be doing month-long themes for a while, instead I’ll be doing just a few of each when I have the energy to do so. I also might not have a long end-of-month story out every month, especially if I do start writing another long series like this for next summer, though we’ll see how things go and I’ll keep you all updated if my release schedule is going to change particularly drastically.

I think that is just about everything I have to say on Lake Fantasy. Thanks again to all the models whose work I used, to Mara, and to the other creators who were so kind as to critique my work. And thanks to my readers too – I appreciate your patience during July while I shifted my blog and got Lake Fantasy written up, and it is flattering to see so many of you following me over from my old blog.

If you’ve read this far, thanks for humouring me. You’re awesome, and I hope to speak with you all soon.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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6 Thoughts on “Lake Fantasy: Epilogue

  1. Spectacular from start to finish, I know I shall be revisiting Lake Fantasy on many occasions. Thank you for your gift.

    1. Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy it in the future. I’m really happy with how it turned out and I enjoyed writing it so much I already have a similar project planned for next year!

        1. Wow, thank you! I really appreciate that, especially since there are so many other stellar creators out there.

  2. This has been an outstanding series – I was glad the 2 most pigheaded males were given no chance to return to their old selves and potentially ruin things for everyone.

    1. Thank you very much, I’m glad you enjoyed it. To me it made the most sense to have them stay as they were, because everyone else could logically make the leap from their old lives to their new whereas they were obviously never going to change. Not only that, but Veruca and Angela were great fun to write, plus it allowed Felicity and Julia the freedom they deserved, so wins all around really.

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