A Lake Fantasy Story: Hedonistic Honeymoon

If she was honest, Lara hadn’t anticipated that today would exhaust her as much as it had. After all, given that only the day before she had been swamped by both the frantic nerves and the excited throng of friends and family that surrounded every new bride on her wedding day, she had assumed that spending today with her new husband and nobody else would be a calm, relaxing experience, one that allowed her to finally unwind.

On the contrary, although the sun had barely set, Lara was struggling to keep her eyes open as she nestled on the plush sofa, her book propped against her raised knees.

Like the true gentleman he was, Jamie had made sure his new bride didn’t have to raise a finger all day: the car had been packed before she even woke up, her breakfast had been served in bed, and he had even drawn her a long, warm bath once they arrived at the homely log cabin they had chosen to spend their honeymoon in. Even so, Lara felt as if the past year had all caught up with her at once; all the sleepless nights fretting over invitations and catering arrangements had finally her now the big day had passed. Now her head began to dip as lethargy slowly overcame her.

Around her, the cabin creaked softly, lulling her gently to sleep, while outside the wind howled through rustling trees.

As lifelong nature lovers, she and Jamie had always intended to spend their honeymoon somewhere that did away beaches and tourist traps in favour of woods and magnificent hiking trails. When they had found Lake Fantasy advertised online it had seemed almost too good to be true, and now they were finally here it did not disappoint. Quaint and comfortable, the cabin was exactly what they had hoped it would be, while the views of the lake and the mountains were simply stunning. They had already decided on which hike they would start with in the morning – although Lara wasn’t sure she’d be awake enough for it at this rate.

Jamie was clearly equally exhausted because he had headed to bed about an hour ago, leaving Lara to amuse herself. In truth, she had rather hoped their first proper night as a married couple would be spent tangled up in one another’s arms, kissing and maybe more, but Jamie had worked so hard today she hadn’t had the heart to ask him to stay up just to fulfil her fantasies. Besides, they had a full week here, she was sure the intimate part of the honeymoon could wait a day or two.

What couldn’t wait, however, was the warm embrace of sleep settling over Lara’s mind. Too tired to even bother dragging herself into the bedroom, she finally gave up her attempts to continue reading.

Setting aside her book she clumsily pulled a folded blanket from beneath her and drew it up to her chin. Closing her eyes, she allowed sleep to overwhelm her.

Busty redhead lies naked on retro sofa in wood cabin

Lara’s transformation hit her harder than if the roof had fallen in.

Unlike some of the other guests who had been lucky enough to feel Lake Fantasy’s magic touch, Lara was not in need of a radical makeover: pretty, full-bodied and confident in herself, she was already a deeply beautiful woman inside and out. As such, Lake Fantasy did the only thing it could to enhance her already attractive form: it aged her.

The changes were subtle, but each one gave the impression of a woman almost a decade into a wildly passionate marriage, as opposed to a new bride with her nuptials barely a day old.

Her core muscles toned rapidly, a strength born of years spent fucking in every conceivable position washing through her. Further down, her legs underwent a similar change, sleek muscle rippling beneath supple, hairless skin that seemed to beg the viewer to grope her sensual curves. The tightness of her breasts and ass loosened just a fraction as pale webs of stretch marks flourished here and there. Even so, the loss in definition only enhanced her erotic allure as ideas of all the deviant exploits which had caused them seemed to hang in the air, waiting to be deduced: how years of her tits bouncing and swinging as she fucked wildly had led to their softening, how the powerful hands of hot lovers had stretched her ass and groped her hips enough to send the stretch marks unfurling over her skin.

Lara’s pretty face took on similar signs of age. Wrinkles born of laughter and orgasmic groaning creased the corners of her eyes. Perfectly natural lips whose soft fullness was the result of years spent kissing passionately rather than the prick of a needle. Eyes that swirled with lustful experience instead of newlywed nerves. And while her hair remained the same shade of amber it had always been, it swept down from the cropped pixie cut she usually sported into long, lush tresses which splayed over her now naked chest.

While waves of pleasure crashed through her body, Lara’s mind was drowning in it. In a matter of seconds an entirely new existence weaved itself through her memories – one in which she was a successful career woman rather than a simple receptionist. A reality where she had spent the better part of a decade married to the love of her life, their bond having grown stronger and steamier with each passing year.

Experiences from her new life flashed through her thoughts: her man on all fours before her as she pegged him slow and deep; his handsome face smiling down at her as he plunged into her tight holes, the clamps on her nipples making her whimper; the groans of other lovers they had invited into the bedroom, her husband riding the cock of a hung bull while she buried her face between the thighs of a busty beauty, all four of them lost in bisexual bliss.

By the time Lauren came to her senses, she was breathless and naked. She could not recall when her clothes had vanished, but they were gone nonetheless and she had rolled over onto her stomach, her plump breasts pressed against the sofa. Beneath her, the blanket which had transformed her was folded neatly once again as though she had never moved it.

She smiled, savouring the tingle of air over her exposed skin and the ebbing pleasure of the lake’s magic.

Lauren knew exactly what the lake had done to her. Unlike those who had come before her, Lake Fantasy had neither pushed her old persona down completely nor robbed her of her memories. Instead it had merged the excited newlywed and the seasoned lover together, the truth about her new life clear to her from the moment she first regained her bearings.

Acceptance and excitement came all at once: her transformation was a gift. And the lake wanted her to put it to good use.

Rising from the sofa, Lauren smiled mischievously. ‘Well, let’s see what you have done to my husband,’ she said, peering around the cabin as she spoke to the lake.

As if in response, a stunning set of black lace lingerie materialised on her person. The bra cupped her soft breasts into deep cleavage and the panties nestled snugly between her ass cheeks as shiny stockings embraced her legs.

Giving a little giggle, Lauren slunk off to the bedroom, eager to introduce Jamie to their hedonistic new life…

Redhead in black lingerie and stockings watches muscly bald man sleeping in bed

Lauren found Jamie sleeping softly in the lower half of the bunkbed in their room. The room was designed to sleep three, and though they had initially assumed the layout was designed for a single-child family to sleep in the same room, Lauren now realised the extra mattress was there to ensure any throuples the lake attracted or created didn’t have to bother moving between rooms to get their sexy on.

Just as she had expected, Lake Fantasy had already worked its magic on her husband. Moreover, his transformation was far more radical than her own.

Aside from the black-rimmed spectacles and the occasional familiar line in his handsome features, Jamie was utterly unrecognisable. The deep black hair Lauren had run her hands through so often while they made love was gone, his head now completely bald, while his jaw and chin – usually clean-shaven – were now covered in a thin layer of dark stubble, giving the impression that his hair had migrated down from his scalp. His exposed chest and arms boasted even more muscle than he had possessed before and it looked to Lauren like he had gained a few inches in height. And, if the bulge near his crotch was anything to go by, that wasn’t the only place he’d gained another inch or two.

Lauren took a moment to admire her sleeping husband’s new body. She had the distinct impression that once she woke him, the only quiet moments they would share would involve one or the other of them wearing a gag. But before all that she wanted to savour this peaceful image. She wanted to remember how he looked right now before the night devolved into mindless debauchery.

Thoughts of her new life rose in her mind as she watched him. In truth, when it came to the circumstances of their arrival at Lake Fantasy, this new reality wasn’t entirely different to their old one: they were her to celebrate their relationship, although the event was their eighth anniversary rather than their honeymoon. Exhausted by the day’s travelling, her husband had retired early.

Fortunately, Lauren knew the lake’s magic would make short work of his weariness once he awoke.

Arousal swirling through her body, Lauren crept over to him, her stockinged feet padding softly on the floorboards like the paws of stalking panther. Crouching at the bedside, she ran a delicate finger up his cheek, lifting his glasses onto his brow as she did so.

He stirred.

‘That’s it, baby, it’s time to get up. I’ve got the best surprise for you.’

With a soft groan, her husband opened his eyes. For a few seconds he blinked sleepily. Then Lauren saw clarity rush into his expression and he was wide awake in a heartbeat. He stared at her for a long moment, confusion and lust glinting in his eyes. He looked as if he wasn’t sure whether he should be afraid or aroused by the unfamiliar woman at his bedside.

Then everything clicked into place. Understanding washed over his handsome face and he fixed her with a look of pure, unsuppressed desire.

Lauren smiled: he knew what the lake had done to them. He knew what they had become, how reality had warped and shifted around them.

More importantly, he was as horny as she was.

Busty redhead in black lingerie has breast sucked by muscly bald lover

Her husband moved so fast Lauren never even realised what hit her before she had been driven back into the main cabin, his lips sealed tight over one of her nipples. He sucked hungrily, the hairs of his beard running over her supple flesh as he tugged the cups of her bra down and groped her fat tits. His new name ripped from Lauren’s lungs in a breathless cry.

‘Oh, Johnny, that feels so good. Fuck, your tongue feels like it’s on fire. Mmmh, don’t stop, baby.’

Allowing her head to fall back, she closed her eyes and groaned. Just as eager to feel his new body as he was to feel hers, she ran her manicure over his powerful arms, shuddering at the primal strength dwelling just beneath his skin. With arms like those he could throw her around like a ragdoll without so much as breaking a sweat, or spank her so hard only a few blows would leave her gasping for breath.

Jamie had sucked her breasts in the past, but Johnny’s oral assault on her tits now was on another level entirely.

He groped her roughly with one hand, the temporary red marks he left behind bright and stark against the white of his knuckles as he squeezed. The other arm was looped around her back, holding her close even as they moved across the room, stumbling blindly towards the dining table. The heat of his arm pressing against her flank and around the small of her back set her pussy quivering as she mentally implored him to go lower, desperate to feel his fingers or tongue on the most sensitive of her erogenous zones.

She would have begged him to do so out loud, however she suddenly found she was no longer in control of herself. At least, not entirely.

Because while the voice in her head begging for more was born of Lara’s inexperience, the one that passed her lips was all Lauren, the seasoned slut who had no need to beg when she could simply tempt her lover into fulfilling her needs.

‘Oh yes, that’s it, baby, suck my fat tits. Mmmh, you’re so hot – so strong. Grope me, baby, use me. I’ll never want anyone but you,’ she added, a shred of Lara’s affection breaking through. Then a naughty smile was working over her lips. ‘Although, if you really loved me, you’d have your head between my thighs by now.’

In truth, Lauren was never quite sure what spurred Johnny into motion, because although he seemed to be responding to her goad, she could have sworn that he was moving before the words had even left her lips.

Redhead in black lingerie and stockings eaten out by muscly bald lover

Either way, she suddenly found herself dragged around in his powerful arms and the next second she was bent over the table, her bare tits pressed against the hard wood. Her hair splayed out over the tabletop, curtaining most of her view. By the time she tilted her head to one side Johnny had slipped down her panties and lifted one of her legs up onto the table.

A brief wave of shock washed through her as his hot breath swirled over her sex. Without even looking she could tell he was barely millimetres away.

She could hardly believe it. In their old lives, Jamie had rarely ever eaten her out. Not because he disliked it – in fact, whenever he had gone down on her it had been difficult to get him to stop – but because once they started making love, Lara was usually so eager to get to the main event that she didn’t give him the chance.

Lauren, on the other hand – Lauren liked to be worshipped.

And that’s exactly what Johnny did.

The first lap of his tongue was an explosion of pleasure. Warm wetness swept over her clit and between the folds of her sex, followed by an orgasmic thrill as her mind caught up with what her body was feeling.

Then Johnny was gorging himself on her pussy, the experienced skill of his new body quickly apparent.

Within seconds, Lauren was moaning and gasping, her euphoria tumbling from her lips in fits of incoherent babbling. ‘Oh my God… oh fuck, that feels… right there, fuck, right…’ She scrunched up her eyes and gave a high-pitched whine as Johnny hit a very sensitive spot, and it took a while for her to find her voice again. ‘Shit, so good, that’s so fucking… oh fuck, there, yes, there… don’t stop… need more… so hot… so… oh FUCK!’

Lauren screamed as Johnny sealed his lips around her clit and used the tip of his tongue to torment her sensitive nub with mind-blowing sensation. Though she could remember him doing the same to her many times before in this body, this was still her first night in her new reality and it was all she could do not thrash as her husband filled her with pleasure unlike anything he had ever given her in their old lives.

Every second with Johnny’s tongue on her pussy lips was an eternity of ecstasy, and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

This time Lauren was almost certain her husband could read her mind, because without her having to say anything at all he pulled back to give her respite. Even so, that didn’t mean he was finished with her. Not by a long shot.

Busty redhead in black lingerie and stockings makes love with muscly bald lover

For Lauren, the second Johnny sank into her saturated pussy, time seemed to freeze. She was reminded of a documentary she had once watched in which synapses were shown firing in the brain at a fraction of their natural speed, everything slowed to a crawl. That was how she felt now: ribbons of orgasmic pleasure unfurling through her hips agonisingly slowly, white hot and eye-rolling, Johnny’s first thrust drawn out into an eternity of bliss.

Then he was pulling back and the sudden void shattered the illusion. Having felt his cock fill her needy hole, the abrupt absence of it felt like she had been robbed of part of herself. Lauren gasped at the loss.

But her gasp melted into a groan as he pushed in deep again, and then they were in a perfect, passionate rhythm, their sensual bodies moving as one.

With every stroke of his cock, Johnny angled his hips up while simultaneously pulling Lauren’s down, his grip around her waist rocking her in time with his own lustful pace. His muscles rippled and tensed as he manhandled her, his expression a twisted mask of pure orgasmic pleasure.

Lauren, meanwhile, shifted her raised leg further onto the tabletop, spreading her sex so he could plunge in deeper. All the while she assisted him by allowing her body to be manipulated, throwing her weight into the motion every time he pulled her back against his hips. Her tits swung beneath her as they fucked and she made a special effort to clench her innermost pussy muscles to clutch his cock when he drew out, keen to tempt him into just one more thrust.

All at once, unnatural energy rushed through them and their lust flared impossibly strong, like a lightbulb glowing blindingly bright in a power surge. Once again, the lake’s magic overwhelmed them, however this time the gift it gave was knowledge, not transformation.

The truth hit them so hard they howled as one: tonight was only the beginning. The transformations on offer to them went far beyond Lara’s sofa blanket and the sheets of their bed. There were suits and gowns in their wardrobes capable of turning them into elegant yet sinful millionaires. There were latex catsuits and leather uniforms designed to twist them into shameless kinksters and sex toys that could give them the bodies of deviant gods. There were bimbofying wines and brainwashing beers in the fridge, corruptive bath salts in the en suite and tight jockstraps in the bedside drawers perfect for indulging in some steamy gay fucking.

The depravity stashed away within the cabin was frankly endless. And it was all theirs to enjoy as they pleased.

Even so, despite the slew of naughty notions tumbling through their thoughts, the truth of the lake had no sooner been shown to them than a satisfied contentment settled over them both. Lauren and Johnny smiled as the same realisation dawned on them both: these were the bodies they would keep in the end. Their week would certainly be spent indulging all their deepest, most devilish fantasies, but once it came time to return to the outside world, these were the bodies they would leave the lake in. The raunchy redhead and her studly bull, just as in love in this new reality as they had been when sharing their first married kiss only the day before.

Possessed by a sudden desire to kiss her man, Lauren pushed herself up from the table and twisted to face him. Looping her arm around Johnny’s neck, she pulled him in close, gasping as his cock shifted inside her.

Johnny’s response was immediate. Slipping one arm beneath her raised leg and lifting it higher, he planted his powerful hand on her front, the other hooking around her back to grip her flank. He continued to thrust, grunting lustfully as he lifted one leg to plant a foot on the table, using the leverage to drive up deep into her warm insides.

‘I love you,’ Lauren smiled, her brows arcing as he struck a blow to her G-spot.

‘I love you too, gorgeous,’ Johnny breathed, love and lust swirling through his eyes in equal measure. ‘And I’m going to spend the entire week proving it in every kind of body I can. It doesn’t matter what reality we’re in, you are the only one I’ll ever want.’

Lauren’s smile grew wider, her eyes glittering with mischief. ‘I hope that’s a promise, baby. Because I want to try every single transformation I can before we have to head home. I mean, it’s Christmas – who knows, perhaps there is some magic mistletoe in the bedroom? Or maybe a sexy Mrs. Clause outfit somewhere in the wardrobe?’

A throb of magic washed through the cabin, and somehow Lauren could sense that both items had just materialised where she had imagined they would. A slutty groan escaped her lips as she imagined what manner of sordid sins she and Johnny would engage in once they got their hands on them.

‘One thing is for sure, baby: this is certainly going to be one hell of a honeymoon.’

Then Lauren was kissing Johnny hard, her hands running over his powerful body. And as their pleasure rose to a perfect, unified orgasm, they gladly allowed the lake’s lustful magic to consume them completely…

Busty redhead in black lingerie and stockings makes love with muscly bald lover

Thanks for reading!

Okay, I can’t lie, this was really quite fun to write. When it comes to my Fantasy Universe stories, I often feel compelled to make them really long and elaborate with a lot of characterisation. For better or worse, that’s how I’ve always written these stories – especially those involving new characters – so I was expecting this one to get away from me too. In the end though, I managed to make it less than half as long as my usual Fantasy Universe fare, and I am really happy with the results.

Better yet, I really enjoyed the chance to write a really romantic piece for Christmas, so that just made this one even more special for me. Also, I was really happy that I was able to use this piece to highlight the elements of age progression that often get glossed over: for example, stretchmarks are not unsexy. I know I probably failed to highlight certain aspects of age progression, but just the chance to glorify some things adult entertainment often tries to hide was really fun for me and you can be sure I’ll do the same again whenever I write age progression stories in the future. All bodies are beautiful, and I am grateful for any chance I get to emphasise that.

When I came across this gallery while searching for Christmas story inspiration it just looked like the perfect fit for a Lake Fantasy story and I’m so happy I decided to go down that route with it. It reminded me that while Club Fantasy is the main way I’ll be exploring this world moving forward, that doesn’t mean I can’t return to Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort from time to time too. I’m definitely hoping to write more shorter stories like this one in the future, that’s for sure.

One thing I will say is that I didn’t actually set out to write this one because I loved the models as was the case with all my other Fantasy Universe stories. Instead for this one I just really loved the gallery itself, and the chance to showcase the work of these amazing models was just an added bonus.

That said, the models in this story are Lauren Phillips and Johnny Sins.

I want to quickly preface my comments on Phillips by saying yes, I know she’s not old. I want to make clear that while this is an age progression story, the ages of these characters progress from their early twenties to their mid thirties and Phillips is around that age. It’s not like I’m trying to imply she’s in her fifties in this story.

That said, Phillips is a model who hasn’t really crossed my desk that often as it were, however I am aware of her work and can highly recommend it. She is a fiery, steamy redhead you simply do not want to miss and her work is always fantastic. As you can see from the images used in the story she is just straight up stunning and given she is within the top 100 PornHub models at the time of writing, that should probably give you some indication as to the quality of her work. I don’t think she has appeared in many – if any – of my stories before, but I hope I get the chance to showcase her work again because every gallery I’ve scene including her is straight fire.

When it comes to Sins, I’m not really going to say much on him. He has appeared in my stories before and I’ve made my opinion on his career quite clear (hint: he’s awesome) so I won’t repeat myself here.

What I will say is yes, I know he has shown up in a Fantasy Universe story before – he played Jake in Chapter 3: Second Chances. However, since the adult industry is inherently female-led, you tend to find there are far fewer well-known male models compared to the vast array of big-name female models in the industry, which means the same male faces tend to show up repeatedly in the films of big studios. As such, it is only natural that there is going to be overlap in some of Fantasy Universe stories because while I’m focused on showcasing the work of my favourite female models first and foremost, often the scenes I take inspiration from share the same male co-stars. Mick Blue, for example, showed up in both Lake Fantasy and Fantasy Resort. So while I do try and limit how often the same models show up as different characters, sometimes it is just unavoidable.

Come back tomorrow to return to another naughty universe I haven’t visited in a while…

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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