Lake Fantasy – Chapter Ten: A Night To Remember

Woman takes bath with glass of wine with view of cliff face

Now this was what Melissa called relaxation. Reclining in a luxurious bath, a crisp white in her hand, the verdant foothills literally outside her window, she could think of nothing to improve the experience. To one side, her phone nestled between scented candles playing soothing ocean waves. Beside the bath lay a stack of fashion magazines and her favourite romance novel, the cover of which was well worn.

For the hundredth time that day, Melissa congratulated herself on finding this place. True, it had more or less been a lucky find, but as far as she was concerned it didn’t matter how you hit the jackpot, only that you had.

Better still, everybody seemed thrilled with their accommodation. It was always nice to get reacquainted with everyone again, though sometimes spending a week in tents as they usually did wore thin. Here, however, they had a week of luxury in a genuine paradise, the likes of which Melissa hadn’t believed even existed anymore.

It was so nice to get away from the bustle of life and take some time for herself.

Still, as she sipped her wine Melissa knew it wasn’t just the ratrace she was glad to escape. There were deeper troubles she had never divulged, not even to Trevor, and here, surrounded by pristine natural beauty, they were starkly obvious.

If she was honest, the magazines and the novel weren’t there to help her relax; they were intended as a distraction. These days she clutched to anything that might take her mind off the concerns brooding deep down. Without distraction, Melissa inevitably focused on a gut-wrenching fact: she had not been happy for an awfully long time.

The main problem was Trevor. Even when she’d met him, she’d never been entirely sure she actually loved him, but she’d been young and impressionable and horny, and Trevor had been good-looking at the time. Beginning as a little harmless sex, one thing had led to another until they were married and expecting.

As a young woman, Melissa had always imagined she’d marry the man of her dreams, or at the very least a passionate lover. Trevor was neither. In the end she’d married a man whose brief window of sexual interest had closed shortly after Cade had come along, and who had settled into his middle age so comfortably he was now more interested in the gardening channel than Melissa in lingerie.

Perhaps the worst part was that she didn’t hate her husband. At least if she hated him she’d have had some way to channel her pent-up energy, yet all she felt for him was indifference. Not that Trevor had any idea how she felt, electing instead to live in his own bubble of cardigans, crosswords and early nights.

The excitement of her youth seemed so distant now. The one-night stands, the passionate lovers, the lack of responsibility. You didn’t have to worry about laundry when your clothes were stuffed in the footwell of some guy’s car as you steamed the windows up together; you didn’t have to care about cooking when your favourite meal was a cumshot.

It wasn’t even just the sex she missed: back then she had been stunning. That wasn’t to say she was unattractive now, of course; most men would consider her the hottest MILF they had ever laid eyes on. But that was the problem – she didn’t want to be a hot mother, she wanted to be a sexy young woman again.

Over the years she had tried to maintain her youth, but there was only so much you could do to ward off the hands of time. In the end she had only captured a fraction of her former beauty. In her prime she had been the hottest ass in any room, and with such beauty had come power she also missed. Nothing since had come close to the thrill of knowing she could have any guy she liked. If anything, the memory of her seductive prowess was infuriating, for she knew full well she could have done so much better than Trevor.

Before arriving at the lake, Melissa had thought her job had exacerbated her frustrations, but now she could see otherwise. True, working alongside vain, naughty girls half her age at the beauty salon constantly reminded her of the life she wished she could have again, however seeing the kids preparing to fly the nest and carve out far better lives for themselves than their parents ever had filled her with envy.

She was even jealous of Ashley. Her own daughter was almost ready to spread her wings, yet all Melissa could imagine was what it might be like to take her place. After all, Spencer was far better looking than Trevor had ever been…

No, she snapped inwardly, don’t start down that path. Ashley and Spencer are happy, don’t you dare get in their way.

Melissa moved for one of her magazines, but she froze and sank back into the bath before she reached one: it wasn’t going to help. Not really. She didn’t need a distraction, she needed a remedy.

Staring out at the swaying trees she thought out loud. ‘Well if you can’t start over, maybe you can improve what you have.’

Pausing, Melissa wondered why she hadn’t thought of it before. She had been trying to relive her youth for so long, what if all that time she could have been trying to change what she had right now?

Finishing her wine, she smiled. ‘That’s not a bad idea, Mels. Tonight could be your lucky night.’

Several hours later, Melissa sat before the large bedroom vanity applying nude lipstick. If she’d had her way she’d have gone for a blood red shade, but since she hadn’t planned on getting any action this week she hadn’t packed her best makeup. Fortunately, she knew how to make the most of what she had.

All afternoon she had obsessed over her idea; she would seduce Trevor if it killed her. As much as her husband wasn’t exactly an athlete anymore, he was far from unfit, and the prospect of making love like they had in years gone by had kept her moist all afternoon, in which time she had drawn on years of seductive experience to carefully prepare for Trevor’s return.

First, she had sprayed the bed with her favourite perfume, filling the bedroom with floral notes he would find irresistible. Next she had set up some mood lighting by making use of the many lamps in their chambers, compounded by the odd scented candle here and there. Finally, she had organised a tray for them to share, composed of a vintage red from the cabin’s wine cellar, a tin of foil-wrapped chocolates she had found in the kitchen, and a bowl of fresh strawberries.

Yet these were mere trivialities compared to what she had spent the rest of her evening focusing on: her outfit.

Her plan had almost ground to a halt once she had started rifling through her clothes and discovered she hadn’t packed anything remotely sexy – as with her makeup, she hadn’t expected she would need what she called her ‘bombshell’ clothes.

Fortunately the cabin rode to her rescue, for her wardrobe was packed with a host of outfits perfect for the art of seduction. After great deliberation she had settled on a short leather skirt, which accentuated her figure without clinging too tight, paired with a short black top that showed off her midriff and a healthy dose of cleavage.

Next had come the accessories. Spreading the skirt and top out on the bed ready for when she finished her makeup, Melissa had picked out everything she needed to complete the ensemble. Namely a thick chain necklace, some diamond studs, a lace garter belt, a set of stockings, and a pair of killer black heels.

Now, delicately applying a smoky eyeshadow, Melissa allowed herself a satisfied smile: she hadn’t lost her touch. It seemed there were some things you never forgot.

Whenever Trevor spent the day with the guys he always arrived back late, so it was a shock when she heard a sharp knock echo up the staircase at sunset.

Wrapping her silk nightie around herself she scurried out onto the balcony and peered down at the doorstep. Though she couldn’t identify the visitor in the dusk gloom, the long, glossy hair shining in the low light assured her it wasn’t Trevor.

Upon answering, Melissa was surprised to find Destiny swaying on her doorstep.

‘Oooohhh, thank you Miss… Mrs Weaver… I think I lost my key,’ Destiny slurred, pausing every few syllables to frown as though she was about to vomit. Her eyes were huge, though it took her a moment to realise Melissa was not the woman she had been expecting, at which point she squinted and said, ‘Mrs Weaver, have you had some work done? You… you don’t look like you.’

‘Destiny? It’s Melissa. What are you doing here?’

Brad’s ditzy girlfriend was wearing nothing beside a skimpy bikini and a pair of sandals caked with dried mud. She was clearly pissed.

‘No, I’m sure your name is mum,’ she sniggered, a dumb smile on her face, ‘or else why would my Braddy call you it?’

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Melissa huffed with annoyance. This was all she needed. The dumb bitch must have been trying to get back to the Weaver cabin and been so pissed she’d assumed the first building she came across was her destination. Perfect. It was bad enough putting up with Destiny when she was draped over Brad like a badly fitting suit, but now she had to babysit her too?

‘Oh, tonight better be worth all this hassle,’ she sighed. ‘Alright, get in here young lady, I’ll let Felicity know you need picking up. And don’t even think about traipsing through my cabin in those sandals. Leave them here and brush the mud off your feet.’

With a great deal of concentration, Destiny took off her sandals and left them on the doorstep before allowing Melissa to lead her upstairs.

Melissa thought about leaving her in the lounge while she got ready, though she changed her mind as it became apparent the girl could barely put one foot in front of the other. How she had managed to reach the cabin from the lake was anybody’s guess, but now she had it seemed best for Melissa to keep an eye on her. Still, she had to get changed, so until Felicity arrived Destiny would have to join her in the bedroom.

Dumping Destiny down in an armchair, Melissa snatched up the first clothes she found in the wardrobe and tossed them at the girl.

‘Cover yourself up, for crying out loud. You ought to be ashamed of yourself – I’ve seen strippers with less on show than you.’

Destiny wasn’t listening. Instead she was playing with the cardigan and jeans which, as far as she was concerned, had magically appeared on her lap. Taking the cardigan by the sleeves she waved them around giggling, oblivious to Melissa’s presence.

‘Fine, just sit there and don’t move. Felicity will be here to pick you up soon.’

Leaving Destiny in the lounge area of the bedroom, Melissa didn’t bother closing the doors separating it from the main room. After all, it was better she be able to see and hear Destiny in case she tried to wander off, and even if the drunk girl saw her changing Melissa doubted she would remember anything by the morning anyway.

After texting Felicity, Melissa turned to the outfit laid on the bed with nervous butterflies in her stomach. It had been so long since she and Trevor were intimate. What if he turned her down? What if all of this had been for nothing?

‘No,’ she muttered to herself, ‘trust yourself. Tonight is your night. You’re going to look amazing.’

Trying to believe her own words, Melissa donned her carefully selected attire.

The skirt fit better than she had expected, boasting her broad hips and plump ass in glossy black leather like a naughty present for Trevor to unwrap. The top too was pleasantly comfortable. Having anticipated it being tight around the bust she was surprised to find it fit perfectly, expanding to her busty figure without complaint. Once she had slipped on her accessories, Melissa took a deep breath and stepped up to the mirror.

Her breath came out in a gasp.

Melissa couldn’t remember the last time she felt truly beautiful. Having spent so much time trying to bottle the good looks of her youth she had not considered she could highlight those of her middle-age. Now she was blown away by how good she looked. The skirt and top were alluring without appearing slutty, pronouncing her curves where necessary while leaving the rest of the job to her long legs and natural figure.

She didn’t just look attractive, she looked graceful. As a young woman she had enjoyed the air of a predator stalking her prey. In contrast, the reflection she faced now was of a woman whose attraction was born of mystery. She looked like she belonged at a party for the super-rich passing through crowds of admirers who would have given their fortune to spend mere moments in her presence.

‘Damn, Melissa,’ she breathed.

A strange groan from the other room dragged her back to reality. It sounded oddly aroused.

‘Destiny? You okay in there?’

Turning from the mirror, Melissa missed the streaks of black beginning to shoot through her mousy brown ponytail.

The moaning grew louder, taking on the distinctive tone of arousal.

For the second time that night, Melissa pinched the bridge of her nose, though she failed to notice that it was thinner and shallower than before. ‘Oh, please don’t tell me she’s masturbating. That’s all I need. Felicity better get here soon.’

Striding across the room, Melissa never found out what had happened to Destiny. By the time she made it to the door her body had shifted and a new personality had overtaken her mind.

Smaller and younger than Melissa, Megan was a word-class bombshell. Her eyes glittered with sultry intent and she carried herself with a strut many men feel for but few had been lucky enough to experience, and fewer still had succeeded in satisfying.

In the other room she found one of the very few men capable of fulfilling her needs. And he looked terrible.

‘Rough night, professor?’ she giggled.

Derek hadn’t noticed her in the doorway and he jumped at her words. He was dressed in a dishevelled cardigan which he had only managed to slip one arm into, while his jeans had the fly and button undone. Based on the scruff of pubic hair poking through the gap he was not wearing any underwear. His eyes swung side to side and she guessed he was seeing at least three of her.

‘Listen, Megan, I have to tell you something,’ he said, holding up a hand at the incorrect woman and pointing at a lamp instead of her.

Already knowing what he was going to say, Megan slunk over to straddle his lap. Immediately she felt his boner begin to swell and she smiled the way she knew made him weak at the knees. ‘What is it, baby?’

To Derek’s credit he at least attempted to resist her advances, though he didn’t try to move her. ‘I’m not sure we should be doing this. My wife, she thinks I’m on a business trip. If she calls the university and finds out they have no idea where I am… I have to get back to her, I –’

Megan hushed him with a finger to his lips. ‘You don’t need to worry about her, baby. She doesn’t matter. After all, you were the one who organised this little holiday for us, so she can’t matter that much, can she?’

‘I booked this place so we weren’t fucking in my office. I wanted somewhere I knew we wouldn’t be interrupted so I could tell you this can’t go on. It was fun at first, but you’re not the one who has their life to lose. My job, my marriage, my house. I can’t keep up the lies.’

Megan’s lips curled into a knowing smile. ‘No, no, professor, if you had wanted somewhere we’d be alone you’d have booked a hotel room, not a luxury cabin hundreds of miles from home. If you wanted to finish us you wouldn’t have paid a month’s wages to hire this place for an entire week when you could have broke things off in one night. This isn’t about ending things, this is about crossing the line so far you can never hope to come back.’

She laughed at his shocked expression. ‘Oh, don’t look so surprised, baby; I know you better than you know yourself. You wanted to be alone with me to remind yourself why you fell for me in the first place. Somewhere nobody would interrupt us. And if your wife unearthed your affair while you were gone it would just mean you didn’t have to tell her yourself. You want the passion without the guilt, don’t you?’

Deflated, Derek nodded miserably.

‘Then allow me to refresh your memory of why you’d rather fuck me than her.’

Woman with ponytail pulls down man's jeans and gives oral sex

Tugging the moping professor to his feet, Megan pulled him free of the crumpled cardigan. However much he’d drank in his attempt to drown his sorrows it was enough that he hadn’t bothered donning a shirt underneath when he got dressed.

Looping her arms behind him she pulled him close, pressing herself against his broad chest before slowly descending his body. Kissing his chest on the way down, she shifted her hands to his waist where she worked his loose jeans down his thighs. In short order his boner bucked free and brushed against her cheek.

Megan giggled. ‘I’d almost forgotten how big you were professor. I don’t know how your wife resists this juicy cock. Her loss.’

‘Megan,’ he murmured, his head lolled back.

‘Yes, professor?’ She coiled slender fingers around his shaft to caress the velvety flesh. She could see the need in his eyes. ‘Say it, baby. You know you want to. Tell me what you want me to do with this yummy cock.’

‘I want you to suck it with your perfect lips.’

Without hesitation, Megan obliged.

For a man as outwardly mundane as her professor, Megan still marvelled how well-endowed he was. Sure, he was hardly unfit, but he was no athlete either, yet he was packing heavier than any other man she’d fucked and was addictively tasty to boot. She often daydreamed of kneeling under his desk during class with her mouth open for whenever he needed to let off a little steam, or of showing up unannounced during his lunch break to earn a hot meal while he wasn’t teaching.

She knew how easy it was to lose herself once they became intimate, to let the slutty hunger take hold. Tonight, however, she would not allow that to happen. At least not yet. Not until she had Derek totally under her control.

Fortunately Megan had spent most of her life honing her skills of manipulation and seduction: by the end of the night, Derek would never consider leaving her again.

Woman giving oral sex to man foams at the mouth with saliva and precum

‘Mmmh, you like it when I suck your juicy cock, don’t you baby?’ To prove her point, Megan inhaled him to the base and held there until spit and precum bubbled over her lips. Pulling away she stared up at him with foam dribbling down her chin. ‘Just like that, baby.’

‘Yes, I do, I love it. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop, your lips are so good.’

‘My slutty lips are all yours, baby.’

Dipping back to her task, Megan slurped and slobbered noisily. The professor liked it sloppy, so she made sure to put extra effort into sucking up the saliva and precum to then spit it over his cock until it was dripping over the carpet. Soon Derek was sagging where he stood, overwhelmed by the pleasure.

‘Oh god… I… Jesus…’

Megan didn’t need him to finish. The familiar twitch along his shaft told her he was approaching the peak. Employing one of his favourite moves, she pushed him over the edge by gripping his ass and pulling his cock all the way down her throat.

Derek’s explosive orgasm blasted straight down her throat to swell a pleasant warmth through her chest. He buckled under the pleasure and collapsed onto the bed but Megan was latched on like a leech, following him down with her lips still clamped in place. Crouched over him she looked like a panther bringing down her prey.

Once the twitching had ceased she sucked up the last few drops and sat back on her haunches.

Derek was moaning softly, his eyes struggling to focus on anything in particular.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you,’ Megan said.

With a naughty twinkle in her eye she removed her top and hiked her skirt around her waist. Beneath, her perky tits and slick pussy were bare.

‘No lingerie?’ Derek asked, suddenly able to focus again.

‘That’s right. I haven’t packed any for the whole week. So you can bend me over anytime, anywhere and use my dirty holes as long as you like.’

‘Oh my god,’ Derek groaned.

A devilish smirk worked over Megan’s lips as she eased back and spread her legs. ‘Well, aren’t you going to return the favour?’

Semi-naked woman receives oral sex from tattooed man on bed

Entranced, Derek came around to the foot of the bed and knelt on the bench there. His crumpled jeans bunched forgotten around his legs as he buried his face obediently between Megan’s thighs.

A breathy gasp passed her lips as his tongue made contact. He fell into a practiced rhythm, teasing and lapping her sex with a combination of delicate flicks and powerful strokes he knew would drive her wild. He had spent so many late nights feasting on her soft body he could have pushed her to the brink blindfolded.

Derek felt a pang of guilt as he realised he knew Megan’s pussy better than his wife’s. Part of him knew this was wrong, but that part had been diminishing for a long time. Now it was reduced to a sliver, one which he drew closer to snuffing out entirely with every stroke of his tongue.

He was addicted to her. Hopelessly, inescapably addicted. But he no longer cared for the consequences: he could never give her up.

Above him, Megan smiled coldly. She almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He was giving up everything to be with her even though they both knew this would not last.

Megan was an untameable spirit and they both knew it. She wouldn’t be bound to one man for the rest of her life, nor settle down to start a family. She was a wild, adventurous creature, born for brief, intense passion no matter the sacrifices required to experience it. Once she had set her sights on Derek he had never stood a chance of resisting her. She had pulled him inexorably down the path of lust, a path she had led others down before him and would lead more down after their spark had faded.

Sooner or later – she didn’t know when – they would spend one final explosive night together before their paths diverged. Perhaps she would visit him occasionally to relive the passion they had shared, but it would be passion alone and their relationship would remain in tatters, never to be revived.

But none of that mattered now, not when his wonderful tongue was pouring pleasure into her and he was content to deceive his wife just to spend time between her thighs.

Removing her top and skirt, Megan allowed Derek to admire her figure before pulling him up onto the bed. She quickly tore off his jeans then straddled him so the tip of his cock nestled in her folds.

She looked like a goddess made corporeal, her youthful figure impossibly arousing. The lace of her garter belt veiled her hips and her stockings shone in the lamplight.

‘I bet your wife never looked this hot, did she?’

Derek’s brows knitted together, his mouth hanging open as he tried to cope with her teasing. ‘Not even on our wedding night. Fuck, that’s so intense.’

Woman in lingerie jerks off naked man on bed

With a giggle Megan abandoned her straddle to lie down beside him. Taking his throbbing cock she stroked it slowly.

‘You want me, don’t you? You want me more than you’ve ever wanted her. You need to sink this fat cock into my tight, wet snatch and fuck me until we’re both on the brink of passing out. Tell me, baby. Tell me what you want to do to me.’

Derek’s expression moved in slow motion. Twisting from one face of pleasure to the next he took a few moments to answer.

‘I want to fuck you into the sheets so hard we break the springs. I want to feel your hot cunt clinging onto me. I want to see your face as I use you deep.’

Guiding Derek’s eyes to hers Megan leaned in for a passionate kiss. Then, her tempting stare pulling him deeper under her control, she slid down the bed with one of the pillows in hand. She lay it down slowly, every movement laced with seductive intent, before lying back on it with her hips positioned on the edge of the bed and her legs spread wide.

Staring up at him, she smiled. ‘What are you waiting for? Use me.’

Woman in lingerie moans as tattooed man pushes inside her

Derek was a man possessed. No caution in his movement, he scrambled to stoop over her. All the guilt had faded from his mind – nothing was too much to sacrifice for a night with Megan. Her body was too perfect, her presence too sensual.

Slipping his head into her waiting slit he pushed inside with a low groan.

With such an intimate view of her body, Derek remembered why he craved her. It wasn’t just the sex. Some women were attractive, some were beautiful, but Megan was that rare breed of woman who seemed to be born of the stars themselves. A man might only meet one or two women like her in their life, while others spent their lives in search of such a radiant creature yet never managed to find one. She was as pure and hypnotic as the sky on a clear night and as dangerously seductive as the sins of Hell.

A cursed constellation: beautiful, yet corrupt.

But Derek didn’t care if she was a demon in disguise, not when she felt this good. Her pussy almost felt like it was fusing to him, sealing them into one form that rocked and writhed in endless sexual embrace. Her insides were scorching silk sodden with passion and with her nectar saturating his shaft he glided into her in a sensual rhythm which robbed them both of their words. All they could do was punctuate the slap of their thighs with raw, passionate gasps.

Derek started slow at first, the minute sliver of his conscience still protesting at the back of his mind. Soon though, the voice faded, and with it his restraint, at which point he took her by the thighs and drove in deep.

The sun had set now and outside the night was inky, the heavens strung across like glittering garlands. The lovers did not notice. All they saw was the lust in one another’s eyes as they tumbled deeper into ecstasy.

‘Oh fuck… fucking Hell I’m close,’ Derek gasped.

Surging up, Megan looped her arms around his neck and pulled herself to his chest. The movement embedded him inside while simultaneously preventing his thrusts.

‘Not yet, baby,’ she whispered, ‘I have another surprise for you.’

‘What surprise?’

‘I wanted this week to be special. More than just an escape from things. Baby…’ She paused, letting him hang on her words. ‘I want you to fuck my ass.’

Multiple images of woman with ponytail and tattooed man having anal sex on bed

Without waiting for a response, Megan reclined again, rolling her hips to slip Derek out before easing a little further back to present her ass.

For a moment Derek just stared, struck dumb by her words. Then he fixed her with a look so intense she had to turn away. ‘Are you sure?’

Taking his cock she pressed it against her tight opening. ‘I’m sure, baby. I’ve never had a man fuck me there before but now I know why: I’ve been waiting for you. I want you to be my first.’ She could see he was going to ask again, so she pulled him in a little harder until the tip of his cock began to part the ring of muscles, nodding earnestly. ‘I’m sure.’

Careful not to move too fast, Derek eased inside.

Megan’s world froze for a few moments. Despite her insatiable libido she had never allowed a lover to fill her ass before. She had been saving it for somebody special, and now Derek’s magnificent rod was stretching her wide she knew she’d been right to wait.

The sensation was mind-blowing. Her hips ached with pleasure, a dull, throbbing sensation that swelled out and crept up her spine until it gnawed at her shoulders. It was like shifting lava, sluggish yet scorching, and her mouth hung open in a silent moan as it engulfed her entire body.

For Derek, meanwhile, the vice-like grip around his cock weakened him at the knees, forcing him to lean on Megan’s thighs to prevent him collapsing with the intensity. In so doing, he sank in deeper and his eyes rolled back.

‘Fu-u-uck…’ he breathed.

‘That’s it baby,’ Megan said, her words punctuated by high-pitched squeals as his cock shifted inside her, ‘fill my tight little ass. Stretch me so I’m shaped just for you. Oh fuck, you’re so deep. Do you like my ass, baby?’

Derek’s head lolled forward in what she took as a nod. ‘You’re so fucking tight. Holy shit, it’s like you’re trying to pull my cock off.’

Without warning, Derek thrust hard, slamming their thighs together with a resounding clap. Megan shrieked as a cocktail of pain and pleasure tore through her. Then she reached down and spread her ass wide, leering up at him with a crazed look.

‘Fuck yes. That’s what I want. I want you to fuck my ass rough. Use my naughty hole to jerk off, professor. Fuck your anal whore.’

Fired up, Derek fulfilled her request with violent enthusiasm. Fucking her rough, he matched his timing to the bounce of the springs to bury himself balls deep, fuelled by her symphony of slutty moans.

The ring of muscles rolled along his shaft like tightly coiled fingers jerking him off, far more intense than the gliding sensation of fucking her pussy. This was raw, filthy, and he fucking loved it. His wife had never been this naughty and now he wondered how his life might have turned out if he’d saved himself for somebody more kinky.

He didn’t know, but now was his chance to experience what might have been and he had no intention of wasting it.

As the night wore on, Derek fucked her ass in one position after another. Between orgasms he would press his fingers into her holes, toying with them until she was a whimpering mess across the sheets, at which point he gripped her hips and slid back inside.

Gradually, Megan’s moans devolved from seductive to desperate. With Derek clearly addicted to her she no longer had any need to manipulate him. Instead she could relish the pleasure he was pumping through her. Nevertheless, even when Derek struck just the right spot and her groans pitched into screams, the thick walls kept them contained, absorbing the sound into rich wooden panels.

Isolated from the world, Derek and Megan gave in to every desire that crossed their mind.

Woman with ponytail rides tattooed man on bed

In one of their more intimate moments, Megan straddled Derek’s chest with his cock buried in her ass. Rocking her hips gently, she leaned over him wearing a soft smile.

‘I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop this. You’re so much better than any guy I’ve ever fucked. I wish we could stay like this forever.’

‘We can,’ Derek grunted. ‘You know I’ll never say no to you.’

‘Not like that. When we leave this place we’ll be back to our ordinary lives with all the complications: wives and jobs and secrets. I mean I wish we could stay like this, right now, in this moment. Just us, with nothing to come between us.’

‘Me too,’ he nodded. Placing his hands on her hips he stopped her rocking. ‘I know we won’t last forever, but I wish we could. Not even like this. Just being with you is so intoxicating – sex, no sex, it doesn’t matter. We’re two sides of the same coin and I never want to be apart.’

Just for a moment Megan saw herself reflected in Derek’s eyes; a wild, adventurous spirit born to explore the limits of sexual desire. She sometimes worried she would end up married to some guy she didn’t really love with kids she didn’t really understand, but knowing there were others like her in the world soothed her nerves. It didn’t have to be that way, not if she didn’t want it to.

A wicked smile split her features then. ‘You’re right. But if we have to go back to reality after this week, then how about we make it a week we will never forget?’

‘I’m in,’ Derek said, kissing her.

‘Then let’s get to it,’ Megan replied, starting to ride him once more…

Meanwhile, in the Lynch cabin…

Rucksack and contents spread on carpet

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