Lake Fantasy – Chapter Thirteen: Revelations

Woman reads book on sofa

Hearing Richard’s familiar step on the stairs, Jessica looked up from her book. ‘Find anyone?’ she asked.

Her husband shook his head. ‘Nope. I heard the shower going in Paige’s room but other than that we’re on our own.’

‘I take it they didn’t bother leaving a note?’

‘Nah, but you know what they’re like. They’ve probably all gone over to Nancy’s for a night on Josh’s Switch. Rather her than me.’ Sinking down beside Jessica he laid his arm about her shoulders. ‘But I for one am perfectly happy letting kids be kids. I can’t remember the last time we had the night to ourselves.’

Richard planted a soft kiss on Jessica’s cheek and moved a little closer. The day’s shadow of a beard tickled her skin and his hot breath swirled down her neck. A strong hand squeezed her thigh and she felt a welcome arousal rise inside her.

Almost immediately it crumbled. Gently, she pushed him away.

‘Not tonight, Richard.’

Her husband obliged without hesitation. Sitting back, he nodded. ‘Yeah, you’re right. It’s been a long day. I haven’t walked that far since that hike in the Rockies.’

The memory rekindled, Jessica scoffed. ‘Well you were walking for two! Daniel went running off into the nettles thinking they were just weeds and you had to piggyback him all the way back down.’

‘In his defence he was only six. But damn if I didn’t ache for the next week.’

Jessica was about to respond when the laughter died in her throat. That day seemed so long ago now. Everything had been so much simpler back then. The kids leaving home and their family holidays coming to an end had seemed such distant concerns that now she pined for those bygone years. Wrapped in her bittersweet memories she sank into quiet melancholy.

Richard watched her deflate sadly. These days his wife spent more time lamenting times gone by than living in the present. He had learned it best not to take it too personally. It wasn’t that she was discontent with him, rather it was the uncertain new world she was stepping into she was struggling with – a world where their role as parents was reduced to taking a back seat and allowing their children carve out their own lives. And with the annual group holiday coming to an end too that world felt all the more foreign.

Though he had tried many times, Richard knew there was little he could say to soothe her. The best help he could offer was patience, understanding and a perpetual stream of freshly brewed tea.

Kissing her cheek once more he stood up. ‘I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me, honey.’

For a few moments after Richard had left, Jessica stared into the fireplace vacantly. Then in a sudden burst of motion she leapt to her feet and marched from the lounge.

Storming into the cabin’s reading room, Jessica threw herself into scouring the bookshelves.

The reading room was a cosy place lined from floor to ceiling with packed shelves. A library ladder provided access to the higher volumes and to one side a cluster of old armchairs huddled around a small fireplace. The room housed a true cornucopia of reading material, ranging from recent releases to several shelves of vintage leather-bound tomes towards the back of the room.

Poring over the spines Jessica tried and failed to ignore her tumbling thoughts.

She hated the woman she was becoming. She could feel a new personality overtaking her with each passing day; an irritable, sullen, moody persona little more than a shell of the woman she had once been.

She rarely found joy in the things she used to love – even the day’s hike had felt somehow redundant, her mood souring with every member who’d peeled away. As the group had dwindled she had been unable to shake the feeling that their vacation was foreshadowing her imminent future: one by one the kids would move on and with them the reality she had grown so comfortable with.

Would any of the group even meet up again after this year? As much as everybody insisted they would she had difficulty believing it. After all, there was little motivation to do so anymore: Vernon considered the annual vacation a waste of time, attending only to humour Lauren and Julia; Andrew was far more comfortable socialising with the knuckle-draggers of his former team over the likes of Richard, Glenn or Darren, so unless Felicity pushed him to meet up he wasn’t likely to do so; Christy was so busy with work it was a miracle she had managed to find the time to come this week, let alone once her florist became even more popular, which took the Fosters out of the mix; meanwhile Melissa was hardly going to spend the week in a cabin alone with Trevor when she could be at home partying with her friends while he dozed in front of the TV.

That left only the Lynches, but if everybody else had turned their back on one another what incentive did they have to keep the tradition alive?

Jessica’s life was dismantling itself piece by piece. Worse still, she was regressing in the same way. These days she felt more like the miserable teenager she had been before meeting Richard than the woman she had flourished into over their marriage, and she loathed herself for it.

At the same time, she saw no way to stop it.

Every time Richard tried to soothe her or coax her into intimacy she automatically shut him down. Acting reflexively, she didn’t even think about it, and the more she did it the more wretched she felt. It made her sick to her stomach seeing how caring and understanding her husband was to her, only for her to push him further away.

Despite Richard’s patience she could sense the strain she was placing on their marriage. They no longer made love, nor were they intimate in any way beyond the occasional kiss on the cheek, and on the rare occasion he managed to make her laugh the happiness itself was enough to bring her crashing down again.

In her mind there was no greater symbol of just how far she had regressed than the fact she had returned to using books as a coping mechanism. As a teenager she had spent years in the school library attempting to block out her troubles and now she was doing so once again. Unfortunately, she wasn’t doing it for the love of reading or the escapism – these days she barely made it halfway through a novel before moving onto something new. Instead she read purely to block out reality, trying desperately to occupy her mind with book after book without ever really reading any of them. The words were inconsequential when all she sought was a distraction.

Thus, with self-loathing roiling in the pit of her stomach, Jessica scoured the shelves for something to distract her troubled mind.

Lost in her thoughts she had navigated to the back of the room where the older books were shelved, murmuring each title as she went. ‘One Man. The Academy. Echoes of Lust. The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika. Jessica Klein. The Program. Out of the Shadows. Wait, what?’

Darting back down the shelf she stared bewildered at the book. She hadn’t read it wrong. Jessica Klein by L. Fantasy.

How could the book have her name?

Confused, she cautiously slid it free. No sooner had she removed it than there came a heavy thud, the clatter of turning gears and an entire chunk of the bookcase swung out with a weary creak.

Secret door opens in bookcase

‘Jess?’ Richard’s voice echoed in the corridor. ‘You in here? I thought you might like a cup of – bloody hell!’

Joining her, he shared her astonishment.

‘Did I just step into a mystery novel?’

‘I… I don’t know,’ Jessica stammered, ‘I just found this book with my name on it so I took it out and… well…’ She gestured to the hidden door.

‘A book with your name on it?’

Nodding, Jessica handed it to him. Richard frowned. ‘Babe, this doesn’t have your name on it. It has mine.’

Snatching it back, Jessica shook her head. ‘No it doesn’t. See, right here, it says my name.’

In Richard’s eyes, however, she was indicating his own name etched down the spine in an eloquent font. ‘Weird. It must be some kind of optical illusion. Or maybe like one of those fancy TVs where you see one thing at one angle and something else from another angle. Or maybe it’s just magic,’ he added with a wink.

Approaching the secret door, he ducked his head underneath. It was gloomy inside, though the light from the reading room illuminated a short flight of stairs descending to some kind of basement level. At the foot of the stairs was a large wooden door that would have looked more at home in a medieval fort than their cabin.

As he moved to enter the hidden room fully Jessica caught his arm.

‘What are you doing?’ she hissed. ‘What if there’s someone down there? It could be, I don’t know, a murderer’s lair. Haven’t you ever seen a horror film?’

Richard put on a face of mock shock. ‘Gosh, you’re right! How did I not think of it? I mean all the worst murderers use magic books to lure their victims in!’ Jessica scowled when she realised he was joking but her husband only laughed. ‘Come on, Jess. Where’s your sense of adventure? Besides, what kind of serial killer hides his lair in a library?’

‘The kind who knows where you’re least likely to look.’

Rolling his eyes, Richard ducked into the dark staircase. Following him reluctantly, Jessica muttered, ‘It’s the adventurous ones who die first, you know.’ Richard, however, was already halfway down the stairs.

Stood before the great oak door they noticed a dim light glowing around the edges like the embers of a halo.

‘Looks like somebody’s home,’ Jessica said. ‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you when you’re bleeding out.’

‘Oh, stop being such a baby. Anyway, you said you’d love and cherish me in sickness and in health, so the way I see it you can’t say I told you so until death hath us parted.’ Richard put on a snobbish tone for the last few words that made her chuckle.

‘I said I’d love you and cherish you – that doesn’t mean I won’t tell you you’re wrong,’ she laughed.

For a moment they stood in the gloom and she thought she saw a twinkle in Richard’s eye. It was difficult to tell but he looked like he was smiling. Then his hand was on the door pushing it open.

Despite its size it swung open with little effort. The room it revealed was anything but expected. Excluding the option of a serial killer’s lair, Jessica had been anticipating some kind of wine cellar, perhaps a study. Instead they were faced with a sex dungeon.

Dominated by cages of all shapes and sizes – a cramped thing beneath a four-poster bed, a bright red lattice of cold metal off to one side, even a tiny hanging oval with an in-built chastity cage beside the door that swayed softly as they entered – the whole place was lit in muted red. Only the deep alcove in which the red cage was situated boasted any form of décor, with most of the room industrial in appearance, all bare concrete and metal. In the centre stood a towering octagonal frame bearing a chain spider’s web, flanked on all sides by a host of unnerving devices Jessica decided she would rather not know the purposes of. Finally, at the very back of the room between two more cages stood a magnificent throne of red velvet and inky varnished wood.

‘I hope the host doesn’t think I’ll be skipping this on my review. Lovely view, spacious rooms, but there’s a sex dungeon in the basement.’

Glancing at Richard, Jessica was surprised to find him staring at her. She had been right: he was smiling.


Richard chuckled softly. ‘Nothing. I just can’t remember the last time I heard you make a joke.’

A pang of guilt speared her gut, yet it was swiftly overwhelmed by a wave of joy. Without her realising, a childish curiosity had taken hold of her once they passed through the hidden door. Better still, it did not dissolve now it was pointed out to her. For the first time in months she was genuinely happy. She wanted to cry.

Fortunately, before her emotion could overwhelm her Richard started exploring. Picking his way between the carnal furniture, he wandered about with wide-eyed wonder. His tentative step reminded Jessica of when they were younger and would explore the countryside together, often coming across abandoned buildings.  

As though reading her mind Richard said, ‘This is just like when we found that derelict schoolhouse.’

‘Oh sure,’ she replied, following him in, ‘I’ll never forget all the cages for misbehaved kids in the basement.’

‘Alright, not exactly like it. More like Agatha Christie’s idea of an erotic novel, but still.’

Approaching the throne, Jessica spotted something laid on the seat: a riding crop. Jet black and bearing a little diamond embedded in the hilt it looked strangely lonely, like a puppy waiting for their owner to arrive home.

Oddly drawn to it, she picked it up without thinking. Turning to Richard she wielded it like a wand. ‘Looks like somebody forgot to put all their toys away.’

Richard opened his mouth to respond only for the words to die in his throat. Watching the colour drain from his face, Jessica frowned. ‘What? Babe, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.’

‘Your lips… they just…’ His voice trailed off as he struggled to figure out what he just witnessed.

Raising a hand to her lips her fingers came away smeared hot pink. What the Hell? I’m not wearing lipstick.

All at once her skull split in a blinding headache. Clutching her head she staggered away from the throne, dropping the riding crop as she went. Her vision swimming, she stumbled painfully against the heavy furniture before blundering into the chain web. Howling in pain she sagged as it threatened to drive her to her knees.

Though her body was crippled, her mind was alive. Sordid images and arcane knowledge roared through her head, swamping her thoughts and obscuring her senses such that she wasn’t quite sure if she was hallucinating or not; were her clothes really shifting and re-stitching themselves? Was that blonde she could see shooting through her brown locks? With her vision fading and her mind on fire she had no way to tell.

Busty blonde in latex outfit thrashes against chain web

Jessica gasped at the cascade of images. She saw Brenda slipping on lace lingerie and transforming before luring Josh into her clutches; Vernon being crushed into Veruca and fucking the twins exhaustively; her former daughters grinding and groping with Brad and Lincoln in the shower above her at that very moment. All the day’s events poured through her head like a high def out of body experience, compounded by their combined pleasure burning through her system.

More than that, she understood. The lake itself had done this to them. The whole place was a sanctuary of sin, a well of festering desire with the sole purpose of influencing the guests. The clothes and cabins, the drink and décor. Even the forest, in which she could see Dani and Caleb noisily fucking. Everything sought to have its way with the guests – rolling over a canoe here, leading a drunk woman to the wrong cabin there – all in the pursuit of having them act out their darkest desires.

And at the heart of it, the riding crop. The source of the lake’s power. The lake had chosen her to wield that power and as it corrupted her body her gasps melted into moans.

‘Fuck. Oh fuck. Fill me. Take my body. Take everything!’

Vaguely she heard Richard shouting, but his words were distant, muffled, like he was underwater.  

Drunk on the power, Jessica writhed against the chain web as she was transformed into a suitable host for the lake’s dark energy. As her attire shifted into a glossy latex corset it revealed sleek, supple legs devoid of the stretch marks she had tried to hide since having kids. Immaculate blonde locks swept a veil over her twisting features, never quite allowing Richard to see the woman she was becoming, while further down her underwear was morphing into shiny black latex that rode high over her hips. The cotton of her socks took on the same texture, crawling up her legs to encase them in towering leather heels, complemented by a matching set of lace cuffs and choker that snapped into place.

The thrill of corruption drew laughter from her lips. Her mind transformed in tandem with her body, the knowledge and power lifting her to something new. Jessica was still there, but she was so much more than she had been: perfect, mischievous and irresistible.

Falling suddenly still, her face was hidden behind her hair. Catching her breath, she flicked it aside, stunning Richard into silence.

‘So what do you think, sweetie?’ she purred.

Busty blonde in latex outfit pushes out chest while holding riding crop


She pursed her lips. ‘No, I don’t think so. I don’t think that name suits this look.’ Leaning down, she snatched up the fallen crop and admired it for a moment. ‘No, I need a new name. Jesse… yes, that sounds much better, wouldn’t you say?’ Holding the crop behind her head she thrust out her chest suggestively.

To his credit, Richard didn’t even spare her cleavage a glance. ‘Jessica, listen to me, that riding crop, it’s done something to you. I don’t know if you’re even in there but if you can hear me I promise I will find a way to turn you back.’

‘Oh I’m still me, baby. Just an improved model, I suppose. There’s no way to turn me back, not unless I choose to, and there’s nothing I want less than to give up this form. Lake Fantasy is mine to command now – it chose me for it. You’ll understand soon enough.’

Busty blonde in latex outfit wields riding crop

Strutting around him she went to sit on her throne. Eyeing Richard she stroked the riding crop like a beloved pet.

‘I don’t understand. How could the lake choose you? You’re not talking sense. Whatever did this, I think it’s messing with your head, you’re not thinking straight.’

‘Oh you have no idea what this place can do,’ she smirked. The thought of the day’s debauchery stirred her arousal: she knew everything everyone had been doing in her realm and she couldn’t wait to join in. ‘But you will. Now I think about it, I’ve been depriving you, baby. Always so frosty and quick to turn down your affection. I think we should remedy that now. But first, let’s make some improvements.’

Richard flinched as she surged to her feet. He had no idea what to do. On the one hand he wondered if he should run, should lock her in here until he could find some way of reversing what had been done to her. But Jessica’s transformation had set alight the repressed lust that had been smouldering inside him for far too long. Now his arousal was rising and already his fear was beginning to subside. Rooted to the spot he admired her swaying ass.

Strutting over to a chest, Jesse retrieved a crisp white shirt and tossed it to him. ‘Put that on.’ There was an edge to her voice Richard didn’t dare cross.

When she caught him slipping into the shirt she cracked her crop against the chest, making him jump. ‘Perhaps I wasn’t clear. Put that on. Nothing else. Trousers, boxers, all of it off.’ When he hesitated her piercing stare narrowed. ‘Do I have to repeat myself?’

Feeling deeply vulnerable, Richard obliged. Once the rest of his attire was removed he made to button the shirt only for Jesse to pounce.

Busty blonde in latex outfit leans in close to gagged, blindfolded man against chain web

Taking her husband off guard, Jesse drove him against the chain web, which she promptly cuffed him to. Before he could respond she had hooked an eye mask over his ears and applied shiny red tape over his mouth as a gag. As he struggled against his bonds with muffled protests she placed a soothing hand on his bare chest and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

‘It’s okay, sweetie. I want you to wait to see your changes until they’ve finished. Fair warning, this might tickle a bit.’ With that she stepped back and watched the shirt work its magic.

The sight of Richard morphing into a sexy hunk set Jesse loins burning. He had never been an unfit man, but now his musculature swelled while simultaneously shedding the stubborn pockets of fat he had been unable to work off. Growing broader and taller he groaned through his gag. Jesse’s attention was distracted by his crotch, however, which engorged rapidly. Soon his thick rod had doubled in size and jutted out like it was trying desperately to reach her.

Jesse giggled naughtily: he was enjoying this. Just like with everybody else she could feel his rampant pleasure and it had her dripping. She was so ready for this – they had been deprived of one another for too long and now the lake was ready to bring them together once more.

The transformation complete, she pressed herself against his hot chest. His breath came in laboured gasps and his cock twitched as she ran the crop along it. Removing the gag and mask she grinned up at him. ‘Say hello to the new you, gorgeous.’

Taking in his new form, Richard grinned. ‘I like the lake’s taste. Fuck, I’ve never been this horny for you.’

‘Well the lake does like to give its guests a naughty streak. But me and you, we’ve had the special treatment. We’re still us underneath, we’re just improved. Enlightened, I suppose. Practically everyone else became somebody new but we’re the best of both worlds – all the libido and looks the lake can provide but the with our minds intact. So when I do this, it’s more than just lust.’

Busty blonde in black latex outfit tease semi-naked man cuffed to chain spider's web

Her lips were hot as she kissed him hard and deep, moaning sensually into his mouth as their bodies ground together. Her agile tongue parted his lips to explore deeper. Huffing and panting they filled the room with sloppy kissing sounds.

When she pulled away she sniggered at the lipstick smeared over his face. ‘I’ve deprived you for too long, baby. I want you to take me now. Fuck me like you’ve been wanting to.’

‘Let me out of these cuffs and I will,’ Richard replied.

Immediately once he was released Richard hoisted her into his arms and savaged her neck with kisses. With her legs looped around his hips his cock slid beneath her, rubbing up against her latex panties and teasing her moist cunt. As he strode across to the alcove her hands tangled in his hair, while the flowers of heat he kissed over her flesh drew fluttering gasps from her lips.

Richard dropped her heavily onto the leather bench. Standing over her he jerked his rigid cock slowly. ‘Fuck, this body feels so good. I’ve never felt this powerful.’

‘Then how about you put that power to good use?’

‘It would be my pleasure. Though I don’t think you’ll be needing this.’ His hand darted to her corset and whipped down the zip. The front popped open to unleash her huge rack and he promptly wrestled it from her before tossing it aside. Another rough tug and her underwear had gone the same way.

Spread out before him, she delicately removed her lace cuffs and collar, though all the while she had her legs spread and chest thrust up to lure him in. ‘What are you going to do now, baby?’ she asked innocently.

Without bothering to respond, Richard dropped down behind her, pulled one of her legs high and plunged into her glistening sex.

Busty blonde screwed on leather bench

Willingly submitting to Richard’s long strokes, slutty laughter bubbled in Jesse’s throat. Uninterested in foreplay after so long deprived, he was a slave to his own desire and she was his toy. A gleeful smile graced her lips: it felt good to finally be fucked.

‘Fill me with that big cock, baby, fill me until I can’t take you any deeper. Fuck! Yes! Right there, right there…’ Babbling away, Jesse sank into a state of orgasmic bliss.

For all that they had been adventurous in their younger years, that trait had never transferred to the bedroom. Vanilla to the core, the most daring sex they had ever had was in the shower of their honeymoon suite.

As a result, now they had full reign of the dungeon and all the devilish devices therein they tingled with anticipation. An enticing new world of fetishes and fantasies was theirs to explore together.

If they could tear themselves away from one another, that was.

Jesse clawed at Richard as he ravaged her. ‘Oh god, oh my god, how did I ever turn this down? Fuck your cock feels so good! This body is so horny – I feel like I’m on fire! Fuck me harder baby, I want you to use me!’

‘You really are a horny bitch now,’ Richard laughed. ‘As you wish, my dear.’

Wrapping his arm around her neck and pulling her back Richard let off a burst of speed. Fucking her senseless he groped her perfect body, squeezing her tits roughly with his spare hand until they throbbed red.

As the crack of their thighs rang through the dungeon Jesse’s moans devolved into strangled whimpers. Her temples throbbed, her lungs screamed for air and her pussy ached, but she did not want Richard to stop for anything.

Just when she thought she would surely go mad he slowed, his energy expended, and they slumped sweaty and breathless onto the leather. Taking advantage of the quiet moment, Jesse pressed herself into his chest.

‘I’m sorry,’ she whispered. ‘I’m sorry for being so distant.’

‘Well if this is how you apologise then apology accepted,’ Richard laughed.

‘No. I mean it. Just because I’m the lady of the lake now it doesn’t make it fair. I’ve been pushing you away and I should have been honest with you about how I felt from the start. I’m just scared, you know? About where my life is going – where we’re going. I didn’t know how to face it so I just shut it out and you along with it. I’m sorry.’

Stroking her hair tenderly, Richard drew her eyes to his. ‘It’s okay. I promise. Everybody has their own way of dealing with this stage of life, you were just taking a bit longer to find yours. Or maybe it found you.’ He gestured to the dungeon and her transformed body. ‘Look at it this way. You told me once that everything happens for a reason, right? Well if you had figured out a way of facing your fears before now then you wouldn’t have gone looking for something to read, meaning we’d never have found this place.’

‘The lake wanted me to find it though. It showed me the book.’

Richard smiled. ‘Exactly. The lake chose you. Out of everybody here it picked you, the woman who has put so much into giving her kids the life they deserve she feels lost now she has to live her own. You deserve this power more than anyone. So if you’ll let me, I want to use the body you’ve given me to show you just how much I love you.’

Slowly, a smile worked across Jesse’s face. ‘Well, when you put it like that I think you should worship me like the queen I am.’

Man eats out busty blonde while jerking off

Wearing a devilish grin Richard was on the move again. Manhandling her as though she weighed nothing at all he hoisted Jesse onto all fours before swinging her about so her ass hung over the edge of the bench. Faced away from him, she didn’t see him stoop down. As such, she let out a strident cry as his lips unexpectedly met her own.

With his face buried in her ass he lapped hungrily at her sex, feasting on the rivulets of nectar saturating her folds. As he worked he watched her head loll about. Meanwhile his ears were pricked to the tone of every gasp.

Jessica had rarely allowed him to eat her out for she was not fond of it, but as he had hoped Jesse was not so reserved; her body pitched and rolled as he forced groan after groan from her lips and she babbled incessant encouragement.

As his tongue feathered over her ass he stroked himself back to his full height. Then, leaving Jesse distracted by the residual pleasure, he stood upright, lined up and sank back inside.

Busty blonde has ass fingered while man takes her from behind

In their new bodies it felt like they were fucking for the very first time and Richard grunted as her tight pussy clutched onto him. She was so hot and wet inside, so perfectly intense – even in his new body, crafted for sex as it was, it was a struggle not to nut immediately.

Luckily, his stamina and self-control had also improved during his transformation. Plunging in deep he grinned as Jesse moaned.

‘Too much for you, oh lady of the lake?’ he growled.

Peering back, Jesse fixed him with a naughty stare. ‘Never. Now put that cock to good use or I might have to throw you into one of my cages.’

All at once Richard began to pound her with all the force of a rogue jackhammer. Once again the dungeon echoed with his assault on her cunt, with even Jesse’s moans difficult to hear over their slapping thighs. Almost immediately their thighs were stinging but neither of them cared; this fuck had been a long time coming and nothing was going to disrupt it now.

‘Fuck yes, use my fucking pussy hard. You bastard, you hung fucking bastard, make me your fleshlight.’

‘Holy shit,’ Richard grunted.

‘You like it when I talk dirty don’t you, stud? That’s who I am now – a dirty, naughty slut desperate for your cock. I want your cum in all my holes, baby. Fuck me… oh yes, fuck me!

Emboldened, Richard took things to the next level. Slipping his fingers briefly into her pussy to lubricate them with her nectar, he followed up by pushing them against her ass. It seemed Jessica’s new body was a fan of anal, for the muscles parted easily and he burrowed both fingers in to the knuckle. Still, as the first time his wife had felt the unique pleasure of anal penetration his move sparked a frantic gasp.

‘Oh fuuuuuuuck…’

‘You said you wanted me in all your holes,’ Richard laughed, ‘and I’m going here next.’

‘Oh god, yes, I want you to fill my ass!’

Just then, Richard’s probing fingers struck a particularly sensitive spot and Jesse let out an orgasmic shriek. ‘YES! Oh yes! Right there! I’m close, baby! I’m so fucking close! Finger my ass as I cum on your fat cock! Yes, yes, yes, YES!’

Jesse’s orgasm ripped through her with such force she lost consciousness for a moment. The sensation of climax in a new body flooded her with indescribable pleasure so intense she thought she might burst with it. The peak was brief yet lifechanging. As she descended from the high already all Jesse could think of was how to feel it again.

In her blissed-out stupor she vacantly focused on Richard’s fingers. The sensation was intoxicating and suddenly she no longer wanted him in her pussy.

‘Fuck my ass,’ she blurted out. ‘I need you to fuck my ass.’

‘My thoughts exactly,’ Richard replied, ‘but I think we should make this a little more kinky. It seems a shame to waste this whole dungeon, wouldn’t you say?’

Busty blonde taken from behind in sex dungeon cuffed to chain spider's web

Groping and kissing they stormed over to the chain web in a tangle of limbs. Scooping up the discarded cuffs and collar, Richard slipped them back into place before using the metal clasps to restrain Jesse with her back to the web.

Stalking around the back he pushed her forward so her ass pressed against the cold chains. Her winking hole sat at the centre of the web like some naughty bullseye.

An hour ago he would have been lucky to get a French kiss out of his wife – now he was preparing to fuck her ass for the first time. God, this place was incredible. Silently offering his thanks to the lake’s power he wiped a fresh layer of her pussy nectar over his cock and daubed her ass for good measure. Then he was pushing inside and they were moaning together.

Without the cuffs keeping her in place Jesse was certain she would have crumpled to the floor. Immediately addicted, she gradually dropped into a state of bliss as he used her.

Though Jesse’s body was melting, catching sight of the discarded riding crop sobered her mind. Again, lewd images flickered in her head. Dillion and Nate quietly masturbating out of sight as they watched Trent pour wax over Angela’s bare tits; Chanel, Piper and Naomi gagging on the cocks of Ash, Scott and Grant; Julian spread back in a hot tub with Faye slowly riding him.

‘I think it’s time everybody got to know each other,’ she murmured, her words broken by Richard’s thrusts.

Channelling her power, Jesse sent out a wave of invisible energy. The air shimmered briefly before her call was rolling out through the cabin then out, over the moonlit waters and into every corner of Lake Fantasy.

Her guests would hear and obey the call to join her in her cabin. But they would take a little time to arrive, and with an anal orgasm already building Jesse knew just how to fill it…

Busty blonde cuffed to chain web screwed hard from behind in sex dungeon

Thanks for reading!

Picking out a model to convey raw power and intoxicating sex appeal was actually much easier than I expected, since once I came across this scene I knew there couldn’t be any better way to bring Richard and Jessica together again than through the lens of Jesse Jane’s work, which you can find on her PornHub profile here: Jane is a perfect example of how all good things must come to an end, which is fitting I think given her work supports the final chapter of Lake Fantasy. She has been out of the adult industry (at least in front of the camera) for the better part of five years now, though I believe she still has her hand in behind-the-scenes. Prior to her retirement she built up a truly incredible body of work and she was one of the earliest models I enjoyed. If you haven’t heard of her before, you should absolutely check her out, and if you have then you should refresh your memory of how hot she really is.

Fun fact: I actually planned to have the sex dungeon positioned under the lake and Jessica and Richard would have found a secret tunnel to it as they returned home from their hike. It was only when I came across the secret door in the bookcase that I decided to have it situated below the Klein cabin.

For those of you who have read Mara’s Mischief Manor series, you will probably notice a lot of similarities between her final chapter and mine, as well her epilogue and mine. As I mentioned at the start of the month, the foundation of her narrative was absolutely spot on, and I didn’t want to mess with it just for the sake of differentiating my work. Also, since this is more than just inspired by Mischief Manor but actually set in the same universe, I wanted to mirror the idea of a particular item being the source of the Lake’s power. Overall I know there are a lot of similarities, but I tried my best to do my own thing where I thought it would work while also not over-complicating things purely for the sake of it.

Although we have come to the final chapter of the series, there is still the epilogue and personally that might just be my favourite part of the whole series. So be sure to come back on Monday when that releases. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about it at the end, so gear up for a lot of rambling too.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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In conjunction with Fuskator, I also used Cloudsexy to source the images in this piece. Unfortunately they don’t really have galleries in the same way as the likes of Fuskator or PornPics, making it difficult to link all the images together. Luckily I did find this PornHub album which includes all the images I sourced from Cloudsexy, albeit a bit smaller:

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