A Lake Fantasy Story: Christmas Cutie

The first thing Piper felt was a dull ache in her hips. It was a low, subtle sensation, like the throb of a speaker in the next room, and it drew a smile over her thin lips: last night had certainly been one to remember. Then again, the same could be said for every night spent with Johnny.

Opening her eyes, she found the man himself still sound asleep beside her. He lay naked atop the bedsheets (they had been so exhausted the night before neither had been able to muster the energy to slip into the covers) his perfect body towering above her like a mountain range. His handsome face was half-buried in a pillow and his chest swelled slowly, his breath coming in deep, pensive sighs.

As she watched him sleep, Piper felt like she had come across a lion dozing on the savannah; he exuded beauty and grace, yet also a raw, primal power.

Fortunately, the petite blonde had plenty of experience handling such power. Life under Grant’s employ tended to have that effect.

Johnny shifted in his sleep and exposed more of his barrel chest, stirring up thoughts of Naomi: she loved a man with a muscular chest. She said it was the perfect canvas to claw at while he fucked her, that she could ward off any other sluts by branding her lovers with nail marks.

Piper smirked: her former boyfriend hadn’t changed a bit. Back before they had visited Lake Fantasy Noah had always been the more rambunctious between them, especially when he was horny. At the time it had felt like his boyfriend was making up for Peter’s own lack of spontaneity, and Noah had often regaled him with stories of wild escapades with other men in the hope it might light a flame of arousal in his partner.

It hadn’t, of course, but Lake Fantasy had seen to Peter’s timidity, and with the nerves and concerns gone Piper had come to love Naomi even more deeply as her sordid best friend than she had ever loved Noah as her boyfriend.

Finally out from beneath her father’s judgemental shadow she had blossomed under Naomi’s naughty guidance. Indeed it was exceptionally rare to see one without the other, and a part of Piper wished her friend was here so they might wake Johnny together. However, Grant’s clients had been hungry for his girls over Christmas, so as a reward for their tireless efforts he had offered them all the choice of which client they would prefer to spend their Christmas with, and, ironically, if there was one thing the former gay lovers differed on, it was their taste in men.

While Piper preferred men like Johnny – handsome, powerful, as broad and solid as a small mountain – Naomi was partial to a slightly older gentleman. The client she had opted for reflected her tastes, with specks of grey glittering in his short beard and the experience of many sordid years twinkling in his eyes; Piper knew her friend would enjoy her Christmas far more in his arms than Johnny’s.

Besides, Grant had already arranged a very special New Year’s treat for them. The five black brothers were some of his most loyal customers, and they had been invited to enjoy the festivities privately with Grant, Chanel, Piper and Naomi. Better still, Veruca would be joining them, as well as Peta and Elena: it promised to be a wild night.

While it still felt somewhat strange sharing such salacious celebrations with the Fosters and the former Mr. Silva, Piper had grown used to it by now. Lake Fantasy had unlocked inner desires in all of them, and she knew she was exactly where she was supposed to be thanks to the power of that special place.

Just then, Johnny stirred, yawning and stretching his arms. Closing her eyes, Piper feigned sleep as he rubbed the weariness from his own. She stifled a giggle as his fingers trailed through her hair. A moment later the mattress creaked and she sensed his weight slowly ease from the bed.

He padded away softly, clearly taking care not to wake her. Once, she murmured and rolled over, mischievously forcing him to pause and hold his breath. It was a struggle to quell her laughter when she heard him breath a sigh of relief. Then he was moving again and she heard the bathroom door close with a soft click.

Piper scrambled into motion almost before the thrum of the shower reached her ears. She had spent enough time in his company to know Johnny was a punctual man, never one to waste time where it need not be wasted – unless he was teasing her, of course, when he was all too willing to spend hours on the task – meaning she had a limited time to prepare.

Snatching up her rucksack from the foot of the bed, she dumped the contents over the covers.

She took up the tinsel first. A glittering tangle of festive green and red, she unfurled it with a sharp flick before draping it over the back of the headboard. Next she wove a string of fairy lights through the tinsel, setting them to a gentle fade setting, above which she stuck a bold red bow. With a few pins she decorated the headboard further with a stocking, a fluffy Santa’s hat and a sprig of mistletoe. Satisfied with the bed, she then placed on each bedside table a little faux Christmas tree with branches of green tinsel and vibrant sequins for the baubles.

Standing back, Piper briefly admired her handiwork. It wasn’t much, but Johnny had already told her he had been so occupied by work he’d had no time to decorate besides the wreath on his front door. Moreover, living where he lived the weather was far from festive: the morning sun blazed in a cloudless blue sky and the sluggish breeze was balmy rather than frigid.

Piper felt nerves tickle her stomach: she hoped he liked it.

The sound of the shower cutting out dispelled her anxiety and she urgently took up the final items on the bed. A pang of amusement struck as she slipped on her candy cane-patterned tights, wondering what the old Peter might have thought to see how easily she wriggled into them. Knowing how much Johnny loved her perky little tits, she had not bothered to pack any kind of top, and instead she finished off the look with a hat of her own, the fluffy white pom-pom flopped over to the side.

She had barely jumped back onto the bed when the bathroom door opened and Johnny came striding out with a towel about his waist.

Petite blonde woman in candy cane tights and Santa hat beckons someone onto bed

‘Merry Christmas!’ Piper cried, spreading her arms wide with a grin.

Johnny stared for a moment, speechless. Then an amused smile rose on his lips and he gave her a roguish wink. ‘And I suppose this is going to cost me extra? I don’t recall interior decoration on our arrangement, my dear.’

Piper chuckled: always the businessman. ‘No silly. In fact, that’s your real present, babe: today I won’t cost you a thing. It’s the season for giving after all, and as Grant always tells us, we should play even harder than we work. And I wanted to spend Christmas playing with you.’ She beckoned him with a red-nailed finger. ‘So come on, stud. Come and unwrap your present.’

Johnny didn’t need telling twice. In a moment he was upon her, his broad hands driving her into the sheets and his hot lips crushing against her own. Her own hands were immediately on the move, snaking down his broad chest to the towel. With deft fingers she slipped it free and unleashed his heavy cock, which she quickly coiled in a tight grasp.

The handsome man groaned into her mouth as she began to jerk him off. It was a long, low sound and it rippled through her petite frame sending a shiver up her spine. Like a catalyst, the sensation swelled her own arousal, and her slutty instincts kicked in; she had spent enough long nights in Johnny’s arms to know exactly what he liked, and she wasted no time putting her expertise to good use.

Thin as tissue paper and smooth as velvet, the skin of his shaft glided effortlessly over the concrete muscle beneath. Piper savoured every undulation, knowing they would soon be stretching the walls of her insides, all the while massging his balls with her free hand knowing it to be one of his weaknesses.

As expected, his groans soon grew louder, his kisses more passionate. At the same time, however, his strength both tangibly and visibly drained; his knees weakened, his body sagged, and his arms trembled, struggling to hold him up as all his energy was leeched into his twitching cock.

Sensing her opportunity, Piper overwhelmed him with a sudden burst of speed. It took all her strength, for even exhausted Johnny was still a monolith of muscle and power, but she succeeded in driving him onto his back.

Taken by surprise, it took him a moment to regain his bearings. When he did, he glanced down to find Piper’s innocent features at his crotch, his fat cock resting against her cheek. Her girlish giggle rose a shiver of arousal on his nape.

‘You know, the more I think about it, the more I realise this isn’t really for you. You’re my gift to myself – I could have chosen any of Grant’s clients, but I chose you. And this juicy cock of yours is why. I guess that means you’re my toy today.’ She eased herself up so her lips hovered just above his cock. ‘Then again, something tells me you’re not about to complain.’

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Piper’s lips and Johnny’s cock were made for each other like lock and key. His throbbing shaft slid smoothly into her hot maw, a long groan immediately bubbling up in his throat as searing arousal split through his groin. For a moment, he managed to hold her gaze, though it was short-lived, for in a heartbeat her tongue was swirling over his head, leeching his energy once again until his eyes rolled and his body fell limp.

Had he been looking, Johnny would have seen the victory in Piper’s eyes: this was what she craved. Tiny as she was, she had not yet met a man she could not overpower without so much as breaking a sweat. As always, she offered silent thanks to Lake Fantasy for fashioning her such a demonically lascivious body, revelling in the intoxicating power she wielded over her lover.

Better still, with Johnny lost in his own desire, she had plenty of time to savour her favourite asset of his.

When it came to cocks, no man could compare to Johnny. He was far from the longest of her clients, yet in width there was simply no contest – his shaft was almost as thick as her wrist, barely even tapering at the head, and the slut in her simply could not resist the challenge of such girth. Not only had Lake Fantasy imbued her with a lecherous completionism such that she loathed it when she encountered a cock too lengthy for her to take to the base, it had also ensured her petite frame remained perpetually as tight and sensitive as the day she first transformed. As a result, Johnny was perfectly crafted to satisfy her ravenous cravings; not too long so as to leave her wanting what she could not have, yet thick enough to stretch her so wide she thought she might tear into ribbons if he used her too hard.

Her cheeks ached in protest as she continued to gorge herself. His cock bucked in her mouth, spotting precum around the inside of her dripping maw with every twitch.

From time to time, his hands rose to clutch her head and guide her up and down in long, slow strokes. After a few seconds, however, she would hit the perfect spot and his hands would flop away, unable to keep their grip, dragging the hat from her head the first time and tugging on her glossy blonde locks every time thereafter.

Before long frothy saliva was dribbling down his shaft, which she rubbed into his soft flesh, jerking him off into her mouth. Fresh precum struck her tastebuds. The salty kick and the promise of a thick load to swallow almost succeeded in driving from her own senses. Only her experience as a seasoned slut enabled her to maintain a grasp on reality.

Limp and senseless, Johnny was spread out before her like some perverted bearskin rug, though she knew it would not last. His strength was beginning to return, the muscles of his legs and torso taut with barely restrained energy, while his pulse swelled, beating a tattoo against her tight lips and foreshadowing a colossal orgasm.

At the last moment, Piper realised she would rather keep her tights in one piece to tease him with later, so she hastily peeled them off and tossed them aside. At the same time, she swallowed him in his entirety for the first time, his girth stretching her throat into a bulge. She felt the dam or his orgasm break, his hips bucking hard as he prepared to fill her stomach with his load.

Without warning, Piper pulled back with a wet slurping sound. The sudden absence of her scorching lips was enough to ruin his orgasm, and though his cock flicked about like a conductor’s baton no cum spurted out.

Piper giggled as confusion tumbled over Johnny’s face. ‘Aw baby, do you need to cum? You look so cute when I deny you. Maybe I should do it more often. That needy face is ado–’

But Johnny didn’t let her finish.

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His senses regained, this time it was his turn to overwhelm her.

Her tiny figure swallowed in his arms, Piper had the brief sensation of weightlessness before one huge hand was on her chest and he slammed her into the bedsheets. A satisfied noise – half gasp, half laughter – passed her lips: his horny rage was so predictable.

Then it was a shriek of delight that danced on her tongue, for Johnny had batted her slender legs aside, pulled himself close and driven his perfect cock balls deep in her tight, twinkling pussy.

‘Oh, baby,’ she purred, her thighs quivering. ‘That’s right, stretch my naughty little cunt. Fill me with that thick cock. Oh yes – yes!’ Her cry rang through the room as he gave a violent thrust, slamming fresh euphoria through her system; she felt like she was about to split in half. Nevertheless, a fiendish grin twisted her lips even as the ache in her hips burned hot once again. ‘Is that all you’ve got, stud? I thought you knew how to show a girl a good time.’

Thanks to Grant, in her new life Piper had many lovers, and she knew each of them better than they knew themselves. Benny could never resist the vice of her asshole; Kane preferred to truss her up until she could barely lift a finger and use her like a sentient toy; Aletta, meanwhile, was partial to putting Piper’s pussy-licking skills to good use. As for Johnny, beneath the calm, collected exterior, he was the same primal beast his powerful aura suggested, and Piper knew there was no quicker way to unleash that ferocity than to tease it out of him.

Today, the beast was close to the surface: just the one taunt was enough to carve a ravenous expression over his face and spark a sudden, ruthless pace that set Piper’s bones trembling.

Piper grinned deliriously, her head lolling from side to side, her eyes rolling, her diminutive frame writhing and arching as ecstasy seared through her veins. The almost intolerable heat in her groin swelled rapidly. In seconds it had engulfed her entirely, a sweat breaking out over her brow as she stared up at her lover.

She could see the hunger in his eyes. At that moment, nothing else mattered but her – her tight holes, her tiny figure, her supple flesh. She had long since realised why the lake had fashioned her such an innocent little body; as a man, Peter had always wished for other men to crave him the way Johnny craved her now, and the undeniable truth was that the kind of men who frequented Grant’s establishment craved no woman more than the rare creature as beautiful as she was corrupt. Still, despite serving Grant’s clients morning, noon and night for the last several months, the thrill of being used as tool for a man’s lust had not worn off, and deep down she knew it never would.

Before long Piper’s chest was heaving thanks to his blistering rhythm. Yet still it was not enough. Though she could barely keep her eyelids from fluttering and her stomach was in an endless loop of somersaults, she knew there was more pleasure to be had from him. Her thighs were blunting the strength of his thrusts, for one thing, and his own position sat on the sheets robbed her of his final few inches.

No, there was a far better position for them to enjoy. Her favourite, in fact. A position she was soon so eager to assume she did not wait for Johnny to pause for breath before wriggling free and rolling onto her front. Lifting her hips, she twerked naughtily, spread over the covers like a stretching cat.

‘I want you to pound me, baby. Fuck me doggy like I’m your little bitch. I know you want to. I’m yours, babe.’

Horny beyond comprehension, Johnny did not even bother with a verbal reply. Instead he plunged back into her quivering cunt and resumed his devastating pace.

Petite blonde woman and muscular man make love doggystyle

The burning pleasure was intensified tenfold. Kneeling behind her, his position allowed him to swing his hips back and forth so hard her teeth rattled, while his huge hands tugged her narrow hips back onto him with every thrust.

Again she giggled, a note of delirium to her laughter, as though she was teetering upon the edge of mania.

And in truth, she was. Everything about the position drove her wild; the way Johnny could impale her so deep she thought he might burst out through her belly; the way he could hammer her slutty holes unhindered; the way she was offering herself up to him, vulnerable and depraved; even the weight of his hands about her hips, for it reminded her how tiny she was in comparison to her hulking lover – one palm could hold an entire cheek with ease and both hands together could wrap all the way around her waist, making her feel like a tiny doll for him to play with how he pleased.  

When she turned to look up at him, she was only further reminded how small she was. Johnny towered over her like a god. He seemed almost too large to be real, and she wondered as she often did in his arms if she was dreaming back at the lake, soon to awake to Peter’s miserable life.

As though he wanted to prove her wrong, Johnny all at once gave a hoarse roar and the orgasm Piper had ruined earlier flooded her insides. Torrents of hot cum shot into her hungry hole, blossoming a satisfying warmth through her chest that whipped her nipples into studs. She groaned as he held himself inside, her ass crushed against his thighs as he emptied his heavy balls inside her.

No. Not dreaming, she thought. Nobody could dream up pleasure this extreme.

She felt like she was his fleshlight: tight, needy for his cock, her sole purpose to serve as a tool for his pleasure and a receptacle for his orgasm. The thought weakened her limbs and she slumped into the bedsheets, though he held her hips in place, using her to milk out every last drop.

At last, he allowed her hips to slouch too. For a moment he eyed her breathless figure, fighting down the urge to grab her hips and fuck her senseless; come nightfall he could have her a dribbling, impossibly horny mess begging for his cock. Despite the appeal, however, he realised it felt like neither the time nor the place to do so. That kind of shameless debauchery was more suited to the dark rooms of Grant’s clubs, surrounded by other horny lovemakers while Naomi kissed Piper passionately, urging him to use her deeper, harder, faster. Here, in his own bed, he would far rather watch her lips part and her face contort in pleasure as they made love, not lust. Besides, she had chosen him over all Grant’s other clients to spend her Christmas with – fucking her brains out seemed a somewhat improper means of thanking her. At least, until she asked for it, of course.

Slipping down atop her, he pressed his lips to her ear while one hand descended to tease her cum-soaked clit. ‘Did you cum, little one?’

Her eyes barely open, she tilted her head to one side, then the other, which he took to be a shake of the head. ‘No,’ she whispered, ‘but I was close. I feel so full. I don’t know if I can handle another load that big.’

‘Pity,’ he replied, ‘there were so many naughty things I wanted to do with you.’

A note of mischief entered her voice. ‘Oh? And what did you have in mind?’

He chuckled softly. ‘I was thinking we might stay here a while so I can use your in every conceivable position until we’re hot and sweaty and sticky. Then we could go to the jacuzzi to slow things down, take some time to wash off all that dirtiness. After that we could take a little drive. I know a place not too far away that overlooks the city. It has quite the view of all the Christmas lights once the sun goes down – the kind of view that makes you want to appreciate one another’s company. It’s secluded, too. Then I thought we might come back here so I could show you all the reasons you should stay here with me.’

Wriggling onto her back, Piper met his eyes. Their lips were almost touching and her rigid nipples grazed his chest. ‘You know I’m Grant’s girl, baby. He’s done so much for me. All the girls at the club, they’re my family. I could never leave them.’

He stroked a stray lock from her face with a smile. ‘And I would never ask you too. You’re far too good at your job for me to ever deny others the chance to experience your talent. I am merely suggesting that after those long days and nights satisfying your clients you come to sleep in this bad rather than Grant’s. Of course Naomi is more than welcome to join you any time she likes. Grant and Chanel too.’

‘And I suppose that would mean you’d get to play with me free of charge?’

Johnny allowed himself a roguish smirk. ‘The thought had crossed my mind.’

Piper reached up to stroke his cheek affectionately. ‘I think I might like that,’ she murmured. Then her tenderness was juxtaposed by an impish smile. ‘But I believe I will need a little more convincing. I am a highly prized woman after all, and there are plenty of other clients who would pay handsomely for me to agree to such an offer. So, baby, if you want me for a Christmas present I guess you have one job.’

‘And what might that be?’

Gently, she took his chin in thumb and forefinger, her lips so close they feathered over his as she spoke. ‘Persuade me.’

Leaning in to kiss her, Johnny did just that.

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The remainder of their day swept by in a blur of lust and hedonism. With the morning sun shafting through the windows and twinkling on the azure waters of Johnny’s pool outside, the lovers tumbled over one another in a tangle of limbs and kisses.

True to his word, Johnny spent the following hours tossing Piper around the bed exploring every position they could possibly imagine. Gymnastically flexible, she folded as easily as the shirts he packed away for his business trips, and when she wasn’t riding him, or spreading her legs as he towered above her, or groaning as he ground her face into the sheets, she was contorted in some unnatural position shrieking with delight as he filled her with a fresh load.

From time to time, when her body ached so intensely she worried she might crumble to dust if he continued pounding her holes, Piper would sink to her knees and satisfy her slutty needs with a taste of Johnny’s sticky seed. Each time she swallowed down another load she marvelled at his stamina – the lingering magic of Lake Fantasy ensured all her lovers possessed impossible stamina so as to satisfy her ravenous hunger, yet she still had not grown used to Johnny’s impressive libido; he could fuck all day without so much as taking a breath. She loved that about him.

Eventually, with the afternoon sun unable to penetrate the cool shade under the gazebo, the lovers slipped into the warm waters of the jacuzzi, soon making things even steamier once they fell into one another’s arms.

As evening fell, Johnny drove them up an isolated dirt track to a ridge overlooking the city. Piper, however, barely noticed the view, for she was far too occupied savouring Johnny’s candy cane to pay it any mind.

At last, just as he promised, Johnny spent the night showing Piper all the many reasons why she should accept his offer. By the time they collapsed asprawl the sheets of the bed they had begun the day in almost every room in the house stank of their love, as though they were animals marking their territory. Chests heaving, hearts pounding, for all their sexual appetite neither one remained capable of stringing together a sentence, not even to lure their partner into a fresh bout of hedonics. Thus it was not until the following morning when they awoke naked and horny that Johnny managed to ask the question he longed for her to answer.

‘So, am I enough to satisfy you, little one? Are you persuaded?’

A familiar smile weaved over Piper’s lips – a naughty, lascivious expression. Rising from the bed, she took his hand and led him out onto the patio, where she pushed him down onto a huge poolside sofa.

‘Tell you what. How about you see if you can guess what my answer is?’ Sinking to her knees, she slotted herself between his spread legs and clasped his rising erection. ‘I don’t think that should be too hard. You on the other hand… well, let’s just say I don’t think you’ll need to jerk off to satisfy yourself anymore baby. Not now I’m here…’

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Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas! I’d like to start out by apologising that this is a little later than I usually post. But given what day it is and the fact that I only got the first draft finished at about half past midnight this morning, I don’t think a fifteen or twenty minute delay on my ordinary release time is anything to complain about. Literally as soon as I finish writing these comments I’ll be posting this, so I’ll try not to take too long.

The most important message of the day is certainly that I hope everyone who celebrates it is having an awesome Christmas, and for those who don’t I hope the run up to the new year is safe and enjoyable for you, as I wish it is for all of my readers. It has certainly been one hell of a year, and I know I for one am looking forward to 2020 being over at last, so however you plan to celebrate these last few days I wish you all the best for 2021.

When it comes to this piece, after writing Angela’s Halloween story I knew I wanted to do a Lake Fantasy Christmas piece, and boy am I glad I did. Most of the models I wrote into Lake Fantasy had a Christmas scene of some form, but this one stood out to me the most and I’m so happy it did because Piper’s character was so much fun to write in the original Lake Fantasy and even more so now she is a settled, successful slut. Also, it is kind of nice to write themed pieces that don’t actually include a transformation. It probably sounds stupid since TG fiction is the focus of this blog, but when it gets to any kind of festival I tend to feel the need to tie the transformation to the theme, so just getting the chance to ignore that and explore a character I love further was a lot of fun. I’ll probably write a Lake Fantasy-inspired piece for most holidays, but I do also plan to return to the characters intermittently anyway, so you should have plenty of fun escapades with these characters to come.

Of course, the primary reason I love writing this character is because she is portrayed by the inimitable Piper Perri. Perri’s work is always stellar, and I adore how she can switch from innocent naivety to slutty bitchiness at the drop of a hat. If there is any pornstar closer to being a real-life doll, I don’t know of them, and it seems even Perri herself loves appealing to that idea since she is forever letting her co-stars toss her around like a rag doll. For those readers who love small women taking on big dicks, there are few other models out there who will appeal to you more than Perri and she also does a LOT of interracial porn, so if that’s your thing you should definitely check out her work too.

Her co-star in this piece is Johnny Castle. If you are a fan of any mainstream female model, you’ve likely seen Castle’s work even if you haven’t realised it since he has worked with pretty much every big name in the business. He has the stamina to keep up with even the naughtiest sluts and if you’re looking for brawny jock types in your porn, you can definitely do worse than watching Castle’s work. If you’re into more ‘amateur’ videos, he also has plenty of homemade videos on his PornHub profile too, so be sure to give his work some love – after all, this scene wouldn’t exist without him, just as it wouldn’t exist without Perri.

Finally, I just wanted to say that my next release won’t be until January 1st. Given this took longer than I planned and I don’t yet have my New Year story written up, I’ll be taking the rest of the week to get that prepped rather than rushing things out. After that, I’ll be taking a break through January just like I did this year and I will also be switching up my release schedule once I come back. More news on all that will come out with my next story though, so be sure to come back next Friday to read all that.

In the meantime, have a safe, fun festive season and I’ll see you in 2021!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my work, so please leave me a comment!

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