Lake Fantasy – Chapter Eleven: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Rucksack and contents strewn on carpet

Dumping her backpack down, Elliott staggered over to the armchair, yawning as she went. Welcomed by the warm cushions she groaned with relief: it felt like she was melting into a mountain of feathers.

Tugging off her socks and shoes her groan took on an orgasmic note. After a thirty-mile hike nothing could quite compare to setting your feet free again. Her movement was laboured, every aching muscle protesting to moving another inch, and it took her a minute or two before she collapsed back into the chair with a sigh.

‘Oh, what a day.’

The day had been more eventful than she had expected. Usually the first day of their group holiday consisted of getting over immense hangovers that often lingered well into the week, so she had been expecting most of the hiking group to be no-shows when she and her dad had left that morning. On the contrary, everyone had woken energised and they had made good time.

Nevertheless, they’d hit their share of snags; a bog slowing them down, a shallow river without a bridge to cross at, not to mention Nancy injuring her ankle shortly after Ashley, Spencer and Josh had split off. With her dad helping Nancy back to her cabin Elliott had been left alone with the Klein parents to finish the hike. She had always enjoyed spending time with the Kleins, though while they had chattered amiably underneath her bubbly exterior Elliott had been strangely uncomfortable.

He. That’s the word it came down to. Elliott was sure everybody had been referring to her as male last night, but she had been so excited at seeing them all again she hadn’t really noticed.

Today, however, she had heard it loud and clear. It was like jumping into a freezing lake – at first the shock didn’t register, only to strike twice as hard once it sank in. After almost a year as a woman in the eyes of her family it felt like stepping back in time– or worse, waking from a dream.

Even at home she had only come out to her immediate family, so it wasn’t like she wasn’t used to people referring to her as male, but this was different. A part of this group since she was born, these people were her family just as much as her parents. Hiding the truth from them cut her deeper than she had anticipated and though she knew she wasn’t ready to face the reaction of bigots like Vernon and Andrew, she also knew she couldn’t hide it forever.

Sooner or later the truth would get out: Elliott Lynch was transgender.

She knew it wasn’t anything to be ashamed of but that didn’t make it any easier to deal with. She was lying to some of her closest friends – what would they say when they found out? How would they react? What if they turned away from her?

Elliott sometimes forgot she lived in a bubble. At home she could dress and act and identify however the Hell she wanted. The world beyond those walls, on the other hand, was an altogether more intimidating place. At the time coming out to her family had felt like the hardest thing she would ever have to do, but now she knew better: coming out to the rest of the world was the real challenge.

Dragging one hand down her face, Elliott groaned defeatedly. ‘Why do things have to be such a struggle? Why couldn’t I have just been born who I am?’

At that moment Elliott spotted the dress draped over the sofa opposite. Frowning, she heaved herself up and shuffled over. She recognised her mother’s handwriting on the note laid beside it, which she read aloud with a yawn.

‘Saw this and thought of you.’

Elliott smiled – even when she wasn’t here her mum always knew how to cheer her up. 

The dress was a beautiful floral thing, soft to the touch and refreshingly cool on her sweaty skin. Sidling over to a nearby mirror she held it up to herself and admired the reflection. Though she hardly looked presentable, with her short hair plastered over her forehead and her cheeks flushed, the dress was just her size.

She could imagine how pretty she’d look in it after a shower and maybe a little make-up. In fact, she didn’t think she could wait that long. After a full day of hiking Elliott was desperately hot. The dress on the other hand was so cool she acted almost without thinking.

Just as she was going to try on the dress, Elliott heard a strangled cry echo down the stairs. It was followed by a series of sensual moans. ‘Oh yes… yes, YES! Right there. Don’t stop.’

Peering upstairs, Elliott raised an eyebrow. ‘I guess dad’s back,’ she muttered to herself.

It wasn’t the first time she’d heard her parents getting it on, though they weren’t usually so vocal about it. Still, they were human, same as her and as far as she was concerned it was best not to let them know she could hear them.

The interruption reminded her she wasn’t alone at the lake. Her parents wouldn’t be an issue, but anyone could catch her getting dressed through the window: better to change somewhere a little more discrete.

Since the bathroom was upstairs where she risked alerting her parents to her presence, and her own room was directly under theirs, thus making her painfully privy to every gasp and knock of the headboard, she opted to change in the secondary lounge at the back of the cabin where it was quiet and private.

No sooner had she slipped into the dress than Elliott felt the day catch up to her all at once. Her eyelids drooped and she yawned wide, dragging herself to the couch on legs of lead. Collapsing into the welcoming leather embrace, Elliott was asleep almost instantly.

Sleeping soundly, half-formed dreams danced through her head; dreams of a powerful dress and the strange changes it made to the one wearing it…

Slender brunette asleep on sofa in floral dress

It was a while before Brandi and her lover found the young woman asleep on the sofa. The sun had dipped behind the mountains, leaving the sky pale and the lake cast in long shadows that draped over the cabin like exhausted serpents.

They had spent the entire afternoon experimenting with the assorted contents of the cabin’s wardrobes. The young man who had once been Josh had taken on a dozen different faces, from Jamal the massive black bull to Joel the experienced silver fox, to even Jenny, the sweet young librarian Brandi had taken great joy in corrupting.

When she found the sleeping girl Brandi was accompanied by Johnny, a wild beast she had spent the last hour fucking senseless. With his arm cradling her waist, he was so occupied kissing the spot on her neck that made her squirm he didn’t notice the young woman at first.

‘It looks like we have company, babe,’ Brandi said.

Johnny admired the sleeping beauty. ‘So we do. Pretty little thing ain’t she? Where’d she come from?’

His words fell on deaf ears. Brandi wasn’t listening. Instead she focused on the sleeping figure with a soft smile. ‘Ah, Elliott. I see you tried on the dress mummy left for you. But not Elliott anymore. No, it’s Elena now, I think. Yes, Elena suits you very nicely.’

Johnny stared at her quizzically. ‘I think you had a bit too much, sweetheart. What you talking about?’

Brandi waved her hand dismissively. ‘Doesn’t matter. Elena here is my stepdaughter.’

‘You’re married?’

‘Is that a problem?’ Brandi pressed herself close to him.

‘Nah, kind of hot actually.’

Brandi chuckled. ‘Don’t worry, my husband won’t be bothering us. As I was saying, she’s my stepdaughter. Poor thing is still a virgin – never felt a real cock before.’

A smile plucked at Johnny’s lips. ‘I’m sure we could remedy that.’

Brandi matched his smirk. ‘You read my mind.’

Easing down beside the young woman, Brandi stroked a stray hair from her face. Elena stirred, her lips parting in a soft moan, but she did not wake. Cooing Elena’s name and shaking her gently Brandi smiled as her eyelids fluttered open.

‘Rise and shine, sweetie,’ she said.

For a moment Elena looked at Brandi as though she had never seen her before. Then, with a flicker of recognition Brandi had seen in her lover’s eyes many times that day, her memories aligned and she frowned up at her stepmother.

‘Brandi? Sorry, I must have drifted off.’

‘That’s okay, Elle. Now you’re awake though there’s someone I want you to meet. Elena, this is Johnny. He just fucked me so hard we nearly snapped the bedsprings.’

Elena shuffled and frowned uncomfortably. Making to rise from her seat she tried to excuse herself. ‘I just remembered I have to –’

Blonde MILF eyes slender brunette naughtily

Before she could stand up, however, Brandi was on her. The older woman pinned her down and took Elena’s chin in thumb and forefinger, smirking devilishly. ‘Oh come on, sweetie, don’t go just yet. You’ve not even said hello.’ She paused, leaning close to whisper in Elena’s ear. ‘Besides, I’ve seen the way you look at me. Ever since I married your daddy you’ve watched me corrupt him into a sex maniac. You’ve heard us making love late at night, fucking even when you know one or the other is out of the house. He’s got a bevy of whores to ruin and I have my sexy guys who come round so I can suck them dry. And all you can think about is how much you want that too.’

‘I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

Brandi placed her thumb on Elena’s lower lip and pulled down slowly. ‘You can’t fool me, Elena. You might be a virgin but that doesn’t mean you’re not a dirty little minx inside. You want to know how I did it, don’t you? How I made your daddy insatiable for sex. You look at me and you yearn to know how I seduced him, how I seduced all my lovers.

‘You know what I think? I think you were a kinky little girl long before your daddy met me. Back when he was with your mother you couldn’t show him who you really were. But now he’s with me and I’ve shown him a better way you can be the real you, Elena. Me and Johnny can show you what it’s like to give in to your desires. You want that, don’t you?’

Elena blinked in shock. She had tried so hard to keep her kinkiness inside it astounded her how effortlessly Brandi could read her. At length she nodded, unable to deny the truth in her words. ‘Yes. I… I want that.’

‘I thought so,’ Brandi smiled before darting in for a kiss.

Blonde MILF disrobes petite brunette

A shocked scream escaped Elena’s lips as Brandi kissed her. Brandi’s lips were hot and sticky, and as she forced her tongue into her stepdaughter’s mouth a salty tang burst over Elena’s tastebuds. As bad as it felt to admit it, Elena had imagined kissing Brandi countless times and now her fantasy was becoming reality her shock was soon forgotten and she crumpled into Brandi’s arms.

Sensing Elena’s buckling will, Brandi’s hands worked over her stepdaughter’s body. Amidst her groping she slid the straps of Elena’s dress from her shoulders to expose the white lace bra beneath.

‘Mmmh, nice dress, sweetie. But you know I think it would look even better on the floor along with your underwear. Here, let me help you with that.’

Everything was happening so quickly Elena could barely keep track. Within a matter of seconds Brandi’s experienced fingers had relieved her of her dress and bra before pushing her down into the cushions and leaning over her.

Her stepmother’s deep cleavage hung over Elena’s face and she couldn’t help but salivate.

Pinned down, Elena felt exposed and vulnerable. Brandi was eyeing her with a mischievous stare, while Johnny leaned over the edge of the sofa admiring her body. To her surprise, Elena found she had never been more aroused. Something about the vulnerability was stomach-churningly erotic as was the taboo of her predicament.

‘What did I tell you? Much better. Doesn’t she look gorgeous, Johnny?’

‘Good enough to eat,’ agreed Brandi’s companion.

‘That means he wants to fuck your brains out,’ Brandi said. ‘Johnny here is quite the gentleman – until you get him under the sheets that is. Now let’s get these panties off, shall we?’

Moving to do so, Brandi was stopped by Elena suddenly bunching her knees to her chest. ‘Wait,’ she gasped before adding hesitantly, ‘I… I’m not sure…’

Pressing a finger to Elena’s trembling lips, Brandi shushed her soothingly. ‘Don’t worry, dear, it’s alright. Here, I’ll go first.’

Busty MILF licks brunette while muscular man watches

It was obvious Brandi had experience in disrobing quickly, for she slid free of her clothes in the blink of an eye. Elena had never considered how hot her stepmother really was under her clothes but now, seeing Brandi in all her glory for the first time, her attraction skyrocketed.

Brandi had a perfect figure, supple and tanned, and her breasts were nothing short of magnificent. Rounded off with a huge ass and a tempting glimpse of her shaved cunt it was enough to set Elena drooling.

Gently, Brandi took hold of Elena’s legs and eased them from her chest back to the sofa. Even with Johnny inspecting her nubile body, now Brandi was naked too she felt a fraction less exposed.

‘You know, your daddy tells me you’ve never had a boyfriend, is that right?’

Elena nodded.

‘What about a girlfriend?’

This time a tentative shake of her head.

‘So you’ve never been intimate with anyone?’

Elena glanced down bashfully.

‘Well, lucky for you we’re here now. And I think it’s about time I showed you just how good I can make you feel.’

Elena gasped as Brandi darted in to plant a kiss on her neck before working her way down.

Inch by inch her stepmother descended, trailing kisses over her collarbones, between her breasts and down her toned stomach. The lower she went, the hotter Elena became and by the time Brandi’s lips were brushing the crest of her hips Elena’s stomach was doing somersaults. Her eyes closed and her lips parted in a persistent breathy moan as she savoured the heat and tingle of her stepmother’s kisses.  

With her eyes closed she did not notice Brandi give Johnny a wink, prompting him to quietly disrobe. Instead she was too focused on the sensation of her stepmother’s lips blooming heat through the mound of her pussy. Just a little lower and she would be kissing her clit… just a little lower…

Busty MILF shows brunette how to give a blowjob

‘Open your eyes, sweetie,’ Brandi purred.

Elena gasped as she caught sight of Johnny’s impressive cock hanging just above her face. He had come around to stand over her and his meat was already glistening with what Elena assumed was Brandi’s pussy nectar.

She didn’t know how to react, but her body was not so shy. Arousal piqued, her nipples stood to attention, her pussy dripped and her mouth watered.

‘He tastes as good as he looks,’ Brandi assured her. ‘Take a seat, big boy. From the look on her face I’d say Elena wants to get acquainted with you.’

Johnny chuckled as he sat down. ‘A horny MILF and her stepdaughter in the same afternoon – it must be my birthday.’

To make room for him Elena mirrored Brandi, who had slid from the sofa onto her knees. Making himself comfortable, Johnny sat low in the sofa so his hips jutted out over the edge. Elena knew what was about to happen and she could barely believe it.

Am I really going to suck this guy’s cock? With my own stepmom?

There must have been hesitation in her eyes, for Brandi rested a reassuring hand on her shoulder. ‘It’s okay, Elena. I’m right here. It’s okay to be nervous, this is your first time. Let me show you how it’s done.’

With that she grasped Johnny’s cock and sucked it all in.

Elena watched mesmerised as Brandi feverishly worked his cock. Most of the time she bobbed fast and deep, but intermittently she delivered long, slow strokes, sheathing his dick in her lips for as long as a minute and driving him wild in the process. At times she pulled away to lick his shaft or suck his balls or jerk him off, following which she would swirl her tongue about his head playfully before swallowing him again without warning and ripping a guttural groan from his lungs.

As hypnotic as Brandi’s performance was, Elena often found herself watching Johnny’s reactions. Everything Brandi did seemed calculated to draw out a different reaction and Elena marvelled at how effortlessly she had reduced her lover to a groaning mess. This strong, towering man with the strength to snap Elena in half if he so desired was paralysed by her stepmother. He was her slave and she knew it.

Deep down, a craving for that kind of power sparked inside Elena. Brandi must have noticed it for the next moment she was beckoning her closer. ‘Join me, Elena.’

MILF and brunette share cock

Surprisingly, Elena didn’t hesitate. She thought she would have, but her uncertainty had already faded and now she was driven only by lust.

The first thing she noticed was the familiar sharp tang she had tasted on Brandi’s lips before. From the source, however, it was doubly intense and immediately addictive. Desperate for more she was soon running her tongue from the base to the head heedless of the noisy slurping noises she was emitting.

Meeting Brandi’s eyes, Elena giggled as they licked him together. ‘You were right – he does taste as good as he looks.’

‘I knew you’d like him. See, there was nothing to be nervous about. You were born for this.’ Pulling away, Brandi smiled as Elena moved in to fill the void she had left. Finally able to able to feast, she soon filled the air with sloppy wet gagging.

Keen to watch her stepdaughter at work, Brandi rose onto the sofa to sit beside Johnny. Though he had managed to reclaim some of his composure Elena’s young lips still had him huffing and groaning.

‘Fuck she’s good,’ he grunted, ‘I’d say she takes after her mother but, well, you know.’

A brief smile flickered over Brandi’s lips as though she knew something he didn’t. ‘Oh trust me, she takes after her mother.’

Just then Elena broke away with a gasp, having held him in balls deep for the better part of a minute. Ravenous for more only her need for oxygen had forced her to abandon her task. Now, with a thick strand of saliva strung between her lips and his head, she jerked him off as words tumbled from her mouth.

‘God I want this thing in my pussy so bad.’

Given Elena had been so cautious only minutes before her admission took Brandi and Johnny by surprise, but they were soon grinning at one another.

‘That’s my girl,’ Brandi murmured.

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It seemed Elena had not fully expected her outburst either, for she peered up bashfully at them, blushing. ‘I mean, I… well…’

Brandi laughed and slid down beside her. ‘Oh stop stuttering and get on that sofa so he can fuck you already.’

Ushered onto the sofa Elena lay back and peered up at Johnny kneeling over her. He jerked himself slowly and in his shadow Elena felt suddenly small. As before, Brandi was beside her with soothing words.

‘Just relax, little girl, you’re going to love this. Once he’s finished you’ll wonder why you were ever nervous at all.’ Looking up at Johnny, Brandi fixed him with a firm stare. ‘You be gentle with her, you hear? We might not be blood but she’s still my daughter. Don’t be rough. Well… not yet.’

She gave Elena a wink as Johnny pressed the head of his cock to her pussy lips. A look of trepidation twisted Elena’s features which Brandi remedied by leaning in to kiss her softly. At the same time Johnny pushed inside and Elena gasped into her stepmother’s mouth as her world exploded.

Elena felt like she was melting. Her limbs no longer functioned, her muscles failed her and she was even incapable of holding her head up to continue kissing Brandi. Sinking into the cushions her eyelids fluttered and her breath came in shallow sobs of pleasure.

Johnny’s cock was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She masturbated frequently but this was on an entirely new level. It didn’t matter where she was, why she was there or even who she was with. All that mattered was the perfect cock sinking deeper.

Above her, Johnny’s head fell back. ‘Holy fuck.’

‘Is she tight, baby?’ Brandi purred.

‘Like a fucking vice. The tightest bitch I’ve ever had.’

Oblivious to what they were saying, Elena managed to form words. ‘Fuck me.’

Brandi laughed. ‘Well, Johnny, you heard the lady. Show her what you can do.’

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With Elena’s legs spread wide, one on his shoulder and the other in his hand, Johnny picked up a slow rhythm. He thrust in deep, using her legs as leverage. Her cunt was so tight he could feel his own heartbeat throbbing though his crotch.

Elena could barely function. Her wildest dreams had become reality and she didn’t know how to respond. Johnny’s thrusts were almost agonisingly slow but the very fact he wasn’t fucking her rough allowed her to savour every inch of his magnificent cock, every second of their passion.

All she could do was peer up at him and moan.

Leaning over the back of the sofa, Brandi stroked Elena’s hair in a motherly fashion. ‘That’s my girl. Take that big fucking cock like a good little slut. Oh she likes that, Johnny, right there, hold it there.’

Urged on by the mischievous woman it wasn’t long before the lovers were teetering on the edge of delirium. Johnny grunted as he picked up his pace so the slap of their thighs rang through the cabin, Elena’s body rolling with his thrusts.

A content smile had spread over Elena’s features. ‘Are they all like this?’ she muttered.

‘What do you mean?’ Brandi replied.

‘Men. Are they all slaves to sex? He’d do anything just to fuck me, I know it. It feels so hot knowing how much he wants me.’

Brandi chuckled. ‘Most of them. It’s finding the ones who’re actually good at it that’s the tricky bit.’

‘You can teach me, right?’

‘Of course, sweetie. You know, there’s one position that drives all men wild. Here, I’ll show you.’

Brunette rides hung stud on sofa encouraged by busty MILF

Sweeping around the front of the sofa, Brandi hopped up behind Johnny and snaked her hands around his hips. Given he had expected her to help him thrust deeper he was surprised when she eased him from her stepdaughter’s glistening snatch and pushed him down.

He stared up at her bewildered, but she was paying him no attention. Instead she beckoned Elena over. ‘Ride him. Ride him like the slut you always wanted to be and see how much he loves it.’

Bounding over, Elena straddled him eagerly and waited for Brandi to line him up. The moment she felt his bulbous head against her sex she dropped hard and cried out. It felt like he was splitting her in half and she fucking loved it.

Johnny, on the other hand, was too far gone even to moan. So overwhelmingly horny he was reduced to animalistic grunts he acted instinctively, clutching Elena by the hips and pulling her down hard.

Her lover’s sudden aggression took Elena by surprise. Still, she found immediately she liked it rough. His deep thrusts burst fireworks through her body that sent her libido into overdrive and prompted her to bounce her hips in time.

‘Oh my god, oh my god. Shit, shit, shit…’

Brandi giggled at her stepdaughter’s cries. ‘Mmmh, yes, clench that wet pussy around his fat cock. All you’ll ever want from now on is a thick dick in your holes. You’re mommy’s little cocksleeve aren’t you?’

‘Yes! Yes! Oh yes, I’m a slut! I don’t want this to ever stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!

A manipulative grin dominated Brandi’s features as she sat back and watched the lovers. They moved as one, desperate for more of one another as their bodies writhed in tandem.

It was funny to think they had been different people not long before, friends even. Josh had always seemed such a lost thing to her, trapped under the concern of his overbearing mother, while Elliott had dreamed of a different life for years. Now, though their memories of one another and themselves had faded, it was clear they were who they were supposed to be.

But watching them fuck was bringing Brandi’s own desire bubbling to the surface and it was soon unbearable. She couldn’t let Elena have all the fun now could she?

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Before Elena knew what was happening Brandi had taken her chin in her hands and was glaring sternly at her. ‘I think you need to learn how to share, little missy. You might be a born slut but there’s a pecking order when you’re with me and mummy needs a good fuck too.’

Dropping onto all fours she swayed her plump ass in Johnny’s face. ‘Don’t you want a little MILF pussy, stud?’

With a giggle Elena hopped off and flopped down into the sofa beside her stepmother. She fixed Johnny with a naughty stare as he lined himself up to enter Brandi. ‘I want to see you fuck her hard, baby. Make her moan for you.’

By now Johnny was driven purely by pleasure and had no will to deny anything they asked of him. Elena’s words ringing in his ears he took Brandi by the hips and slammed in hard, immediately taking up a brutal pace. The clap of their thighs echoed through the cabin like a cracking whip and Elena giggled as Brandi’s face twisted into a mask of orgasmic ecstasy.

Brandi couldn’t deny, of all the faces her lover had taken over the afternoon, none was better than Johnny. He had a sexual hunger that almost matched her own and stamina enough to follow through on his promises of fucking her for hours, not to mention a cock that filled her in ways even she struggled to comprehend.

Flooded with desire she caught sight of Elena’s twinkling pussy. All at once she was hungry for something other than cock.

‘I wouldn’t have sat there if I were you,’ she gasped, her words broken by the shake of her body as he fucked her, ‘somebody might take advantage of you.’ Then her face was buried between Elena’s thighs and the young woman let out a giddy shriek.

Brandi’s tongue weaved over her sex with a mind of its own, a lifetime of experience dictating exactly where to focus to drive Elena wild.

It worked. Elena was quickly writhing where she sat, trembling fingers clutching her stepmother’s hair as the older woman showed her pleasure she had never imagined. The only respite came when Brandi occasionally pulled back to catch her breath, at which point she would tease Elena’s clit with a cold grin.

Meanwhile, the taboo sight of Brandi eating out her stepdaughter was hitting all of Johnny’s buttons. Burning with erotic energy he channelled it the only way he could and fucked Brandi ever harder.

Then again, Elena’s pussy was starting to make his mouth water. Inevitably, in his sex-saturated stupor Johnny’s will did not hold out for long.

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Lifting Brandi from the sofa he span her around to face him without ever pulling out. Aroused by his sudden outburst the older woman purred as he reclined under Elena’s thighs.

From his position beneath her, he fixed Elena with a hungry stare. ‘Well, are you going to keep me waiting?’

Brandi laughed. ‘Have some manners and feed the man.’

A devious smirk on her lips the young woman obliged and dropped down to smother Johnny’s face.

Compared to Brandi his oral skills lacked any semblance of finesse – he was a mallet compared to her scalpel. Yet though he could not understand the finer sensitivities of her sex like her stepmother, he ate her out with a brutal force that pitched her into different throes of pleasure. His oral attack was a barrage of sensation, sloppy and rough, and something about that was hotter: Brandi had been eating her out for the love of it, while he was doing so driven only by hunger for her body.

Meanwhile, Brandi had taken up a sexy rocking motion that bounced her fat tits and jiggled her ass. Though Elena had thought her stepmother looked hot naked before it was nothing compared to seeing her riding Johnny’s thick cock, her whole body alive and bouncing.

Leaning in she kissed her stepmother the same way she had kissed her when Johnny first entered her. Only this time Brandi was the one to moan into her mouth.

‘Thank you for showing me how hot it is being a slut.’

‘My pleasure, sweetie. Oh, me and you are going to have so much fun together from now on. You know I don’t have just Johnny here we can play with – there are so many others we can get naughty with together.’

‘I can’t wait,’ Elena grinned.

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Just then, Brandi felt the familiar twitch of Johnny’s cock.

‘Wait, don’t cum yet baby, I want Elena to get a real taste of you.’

Leaping free, she heaved him into a seated position before pulling Elena to her knees. The young woman knelt down just in time for a cumshot to volley over her pretty face.

‘Better than earlier,’ Brandi muttered, remembering Jason’s failed attempt at withholding his orgasm.

Even clutched in both their hands his cock was bucking so wildly most of the cum splattered across her cheeks and chin, but plenty landed across her tongue which she gulped down hungrily. Brandi giggled as Elena’s eyes rolled briefly back before she promptly dived in and licked his sticky shaft clean. With Brandi’s pussy nectar still lining his meat, Elena savoured the intoxicating taste of both her lovers.

‘God, it tastes a-ma-zing. It’s delicious.’ Urgently she wiped the rest of his cum from her face and lapped it up.

Above her, Johnny and Brandi were smiling at one another as she stroked his cock.

‘You’re not tired are you?’ Brandi asked.

‘Are you kidding? I’ve never felt this alive before. I want to do this forever.’

‘I was hoping you’d say something like that. Lucky for you, me and Johnny don’t much care for calling it a day at one orgasm. Come to think of it, we actually came down here try something a little different. We were going to fuck in the hot tub – care to join us?’

Meanwhile, in the Rivera cabin…

Fridge compartment full of unlabelled beer bottles

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