The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Shameless

Dark-haired Asian woman comes into focus

‘Holy shit, I could get used to this,’ Aiden grinned. His jaw was slack with awe at his new body. As much as he had grown used to his previous look under the command of his mistress, he could not deny that the figure he now found himself in was a definite upgrade. He was so amazed, in fact, that his initial disorientation from his shift was almost immediately banished.

To put it bluntly, he had landed in the body of the biggest black man he had ever laid eyes on. If he was to use a term favoured by his father, he was built like a brick wall. Bald, immensely tall and impressively broad, his massive frame rippled with muscle. Never in his life had he felt so powerful, the raw strength he now possessed intoxicating. He would have been lying if he said it did not go to his head a little, and one of the first things he thought of when he saw his new appearance was what Erika might look like impaled on his dick. For all that the image was appealing, he quickly forgot it since he was suddenly catalysed to peer down his trousers. Already shirtless when he had landed in the body, he was wearing only a pair of dark jeans and boxers, which he now tugged at.

Aiden laughed aloud at the sight. He had not thought it possible for a dick to naturally grow so big, but even flaccid his new black cock was enormous. The weight of it in his boxers was deeply satisfying, and he whispered thanks to the Playground for both knowing his deepest desires, and for not gifting him with this body first.

In truth, he had no idea how long he had spent serving his mistress. It had felt like weeks, but with no sense of day or night in her windowless, dungeon-like reality it had been impossible to tell. Besides, given the fluidity of time in Layla’s world it was hardly worth trying to keep track. During his time under her heel, however, he had both fallen deeply in love with her and come to appreciate a side to sex that he had never previously understood.

He and Erika had always had a passionate sex life, however for the most part it had been overwhelmingly vanilla. A few nights of roleplay here and there – enough to count on one hand – and one night using a bondage kit that had gathered dust ever since was about the extent of their experimentation. His mistress, on the other hand, had seemingly never heard of the word. Every minute under her command had been enlightening. She had allowed him to experience a higher level of intimacy and desire, of pleasure and connection. Without it, he doubted he would have been able to appreciate the body he now inhabited in the same way.

Of course, given that she had had him in a chastity cage for most of their time together, his massive dick felt a little like a well-earned reward, and he assumed it was the Playground’s way of evening the balance.

Moreover, he had watched more than his fair share of porn over the years and he had always found himself jealous of the enormous black men in the videos he had watched. Physically intimidating, dramatically well-endowed and always fucking like animals with cock-addicted whores, he had often longed to wake up one morning and find himself in a body such as theirs. Now his chance had come.

He appeared to have landed in some form of living room. Behind him a massive flat screen television was laid into the wall, while an assortment of pristine white sofas and armchairs were spread throughout the room. It was sparsely yet tastefully decorated, and while one side was dominated by large glass doors opening onto an expansive garden, the other funnelled into a short corridor leading into the rest of the house, the passage framed by a decorative black-and-white screen.

No sooner had he taken in the room than the sunlight shafting along the corridor was blocked and he heard the padding of approaching feet on the wood floor.

The woman was absolutely beautiful. Compared to Aiden she was distinctly short, however there was a danger in her delicate Asian features that he did not fancy provoking. Her soft skin shone under the sun and she carried herself with confidence, a deliberately appealing sway to her wide hips. To Aiden’s delight she was wearing little to speak of, and the sight of her awoke the beast in his boxers. Barefoot, she wore a white piece that was open down to her midriff and only came together just above her groin before slipping between her thighs to conceal her modesty. Her soft tits nestled in the folds of the material leaving her deep cleavage on full display, and when she moved her hips in the right way he could see that the material slid between her plush ass cheeks like a thong. A pair of black stockings rose to her thighs, while around her wrists white cuffs matched her attire. Though he was far from a make-up artist it was not difficult to see that she was perfectly made-up. Her appearance was completed by a pair of large hoop earrings and a black bow choker around her neck. Her raven hair cascaded down over her shoulders to drape between her breasts.

Wasting no time she strode over and pressed herself against his muscular chest, running her fingers over his abs as she stared up at him lustfully. ‘Hey there Aiden. My name is Ruby. I was hoping you might be able to help me.’

‘Oh really?’ A smile played over Aiden’s lips and he ran a hand down her shoulder, cupping her breast briefly as he stroked her arm. Her skin felt like velvet.

She nodded with an equally mischievous grin. ‘Yes. You see I’ve played with the body you’re in before, but never while I’ve been in this one. My tight little pussy is getting so wet remembering what happened the last time I was in your arms and I need somebody to help satisfy me.’ Slipping her hand deftly into his boxers she coiled her slender fingers around his rising meat. ‘I don’t suppose you know somebody who could help, do you?’

Asian woman gives oral sex to hung black lover

Intoxicated by his physical power and the desperate lust in her eyes, Aiden took hold of her white outfit and tore it sharply in two. Discarding the useless strips of material he groped her tits for a moment or two before reaching down and plunging two thick fingers into her pussy.

She wasn’t lying. Her bald cunt was dripping wet and she gasped as he stretched her wide and sank his fingers deeper. With a growling chuckle he fingered her slowly, drawing out the pleasure with slow, penetrating thrusts. Her moans giving way to delighted giggles she undid his jeans and wrenched them down along with his boxers so that they fell around his ankles.

Kicking them away he left his fingers in her pussy and planted his other hand firmly on her chest to push her back towards the sofa. Throwing her down, his fingers came out with a wet sucking noise and she moaned in anticipation as he approached her. Free of his jeans his dick was at attention and ready to be serviced.

Leaning over he held his dripping fingers in front of her. Instinctively she wrapped her hot lips around them and sucked them clean. With her beautiful visage so close to his boner Aiden could not help himself, and he slapped it against her face. A wave of excitement rolled through him as he admired the size of it against her features: his new dick was longer than her face was tall.

Then, as though she could not wait any longer, she urgently pulled away from his fingers and sucked the head of his enormous dick into her eager mouth.

It came as little surprise to him that she was unable to take much of it. Not much more than the head and a little of his shaft could disappear into her mouth before he felt it press against the back of her throat, and though he was sure she would not deny him a deepthroat later, for now she had other tricks up her sleeve.

With her tits jiggling as she moved, she took his balls in one hand and his shaft in the other to expertly jerk him off as she slurped and sucked on his head. Her tongue was hot, wet and dexterous, and she wielded it with impressive expertise. Caressing his head, licking under his shaft, swirling it around in erotic circles, every move was carefully chosen to drive him wild. Massaging his balls she sent bolts of pleasure through his groin and beyond, while the bliss of her oral prowess was a swelling heat that gradually filled his entire body.

Despite all this, he thought the hottest part of it all was the sounds she made. Her moans were long and deliberately sexual, while she made sure to be as noisy as possible with her work, slurping and slobbering on his twitching cock. What was more, each time he threw his head back to moan, or closed his eyes from the pleasure she would laugh giddily before doubling her efforts. There was an expression of sheer greed in her eyes and it was not difficult to tell that she knew her way around this body well.

He had never met a more shameless slut. And he fucking loved it.

Asian woman and black man have rough sex on sofa

‘That’s enough,’ Aiden growled, tugging his dick free and pushing her back onto the sofa. ‘You’re a teasing little bitch, Ruby. I think it’s time I taught you what happens when you tease a hung black bastard like me.’

Bending down he grabbed hold of her to pull her into the position he desired. His strong arms made it as easy as posing a mannequin, and it was the work of only a second or two before she was reclined on the sofa with her glistening pussy aligned with his cock. He held one of her legs up and out to spread her wide, while the other hand gripped hold of her side and pulled her close to him.

Without waiting for her response, he pushed the head of his massive dick against her slick opening and plunged his full length inside.

Her screams were like music to his ears, especially given that they were intercut with delirious bouts of laughter she could not contain. Rocking her back and forth hard he slammed into her over and over again, fucking her rough and relentlessly.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ she wailed, ‘fuck this slutty body is so tight. It feels like you’re going to rip me in half. Shit, I forgot how fucking big your body was. Fuck me, Aiden, fuck me until I pass out.’

Fuelled by her filthy words he hammered into her until her eyes rolled back in her skull and he thought if he fucked her any harder he might give her whiplash. Perhaps even more thrilling than the power he now possessed was the fact that she was willingly surrendering to it, desperate for her body to be used as hard as was physically possible.

As he pounded her brutally, yet another benefit of his new body became apparent. Stamina. Just like the hung black men he had watched in porn, he was able to both maintain his energetic pace and not worry about nutting early. Whenever he had had sex with Erika he had always had to be careful not to take things too quickly otherwise he would finish far to early; now his body was drowning in orgasmic pleasure, yet for all the violence he was fucking his lover with there was no sign of him cumming anytime soon and he felt as though he could keep this up for hours if he so desired.

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Before he could test his theory, however, something seemed to break in Ruby. An even more intense hunger rose in her eyes and she raked her claws down his muscular chest.

‘You know,’ she said, her words partially broken as he continued to hammer into her, ‘I’ve been with your body more than a few times in my years here. But there is one thing I never did. How about I give you something that little prude Erika never did?’

Allowing her to slide herself off of his dick, his stomach fluttered with almost painful excitement as she turned around and lifted her hips. Reaching around she spread her ass cheeks to reveal her tight, winking hole and flashed him an almost evil grin.

‘Do it,’ she hissed, ‘fuck my ass with that big black cock. Use me, Aiden.’

Without wishing to disappoint his slutty lover, Aiden gripped hold of her hips with his strong hands, lined his head up against her tight ass, then sank his dick into her as deep as it would go.

He had expected her to scream given that he was stretching her so wide, but to his surprise she broke into shuddering laughter, a long drawn out moan undercutting her delirium. Staring up at him with an expression of frozen desire she rocked her ass up and down his shaft, drawing groans from his lips.

Before this, when he was in her pussy, Aiden had not thought it possible for anything to be tighter around his black cock. On the contrary, her ass was so tight it bordered on painful. Teetering on the precipice between pleasure and pain, the apparent instability of the sensation only served to make it more arousing. She was deliciously hot inside, and with every thrust his dick made wet noises as the wetness of her pussy lubricated his movement.

‘Mmmh, you like having a shameless kinky bitch to fuck, don’t you?’ she hissed, rolling her hips expertly as he stood and let her fill herself with him. ‘Just imagine what it would be like to do this to me in different bodies? I could even jump into Erika’s body and act like a slut for you. Would you like that?’

Asian woman receives deep sex from hung black lover on sofa

Aiden had to admit he was surprised he had not already thought of the idea. Somehow, despite the fact that shifting from one body to another seemed almost normal to him know, the concept that somebody else was at that moment occupying both Erika’s and his own had not so much as crossed his mind. Now the idea had been presented to him, however, he could not shake it from his mind.

He wondered what the occupier of his body was doing at that very moment. Maybe he was somewhere among that orgy they had arrived in, wearing a suit and being sucked off by a busty blonde bitch. And perhaps Erika’s body was somewhere else in that ballroom on her knees and gorging herself on a ring of men jerking off over her naked body. Or maybe both of their bodies were in completely separate realities within the Playground.

The idea of Ruby acting the slut in Erika’s skin, however, was overwhelmingly erotic. With a sinister grin he tugged his dick from her ass, grabbed her and threw her down onto the sofa where she looked up at him in surprise. ‘What are you doing, baby?’

Towering over her for a moment, he savoured his power. Then he was down on the sofa with her, his enormous frame hovering above her and the head of his dick brushing up against her dripping pussy. ‘I’m showing you how much I would like that, bitch.’

All at once he slammed his cock into her slick opening and this time she did scream, her delight ringing through the sprawling house. The mischievous expression she had worn most of the time since he had laid eyes on her was gone, replaced by a look of agonised ecstasy. The conflict was clear in her features: she could not hope to take his brutal loving, but neither did she ever want it to end. She screamed and whimpered as he pummelled her, and unlike before she did not roll her body or move to grope him. All she could do was lie under him and desperately attempt to handle his perfectly violent fucking. It was as though she was concerned if she moved she might shatter.

Finally Aiden’s orgasm approached, and as he climaxed he set off Ruby’s orgasm as well. Together they howled with release, clinging tightly to one another as their bodies sang a glorious harmony. Aiden’s dick practically burned as he shot a load thrice as large and powerful than the most intense orgasm in his old body. He could feel his load coursing along his dick and spilling into her, and when he pulled out after a minute of holding himself deep inside there were still final strings of cum spurting out.

Apparently galvanised by the sight of his twitching cock, Ruby’s slutty compulsions returned and she surged onto all fours and thrust her face into the firing line. Streaking through her hair and over her face, the last of his cum decorated her beautiful features to draw a satisfied smile over her face.

‘You know I really hope you stay, baby. It’s been a while since I met a newcomer with as much skill or as filthy a mind as you. I don’t care what Erika says, I want you to stay here with me and fuck my brains out forever. You wouldn’t want to disappoint little old me, would you baby?’

Batting her eyelashes she did not wait for him to respond before, with his cum painting her face, she dipped her head and began to suck his cock once again…

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