The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Used and Abused

Blonde in pink lingerie caresses body while staring out of window

Stroking her fresh curves, Erika took a few seconds to notice that the disorientation she had felt in her previous shifts was no longer present; no sooner had she landed in this tight little blonde thing than she had begun to explore herself. No confusion, no breathlessness, not even a vague flicker of unease. In fact, it felt no more out of the ordinary than swapping clothes.

Erika had made her decision already. When Layla asked her the question, she would undoubtedly say yes. She could not imagine leaving this place behind, even if she would entirely forget it. She truly hoped Aiden would make the same choice, but she had come to the decision that even if he chose to leave she would not accompany him. She loved him deeply, more than anyone she had ever known, yet the Playground was too perfect to give up. Already she had experienced a level of bliss beyond anything she had ever thought possible, and the endless opportunity to explore every corner of sexual desire and herself was nothing short of her dreams made reality. Dreams she had not even known she had until now.

Brandi and Mistress had shown her a different side to herself she only now realised she had kept supressed all her life. A woman who craved sex in all its forms and had more kinks than she knew what to do with; a woman who was a shameless slut and a devoted, adoring lover rolled into one. The Playground knew everything about her, even the secret desires she had hidden from everyone, including Aiden. It was more than liberating, it felt like she had been reborn and this was her chance to recreate herself into the woman she truly was, not the woman everybody expected her to be.

Of course, she knew Aiden well, and if his experiences were anything like as intimate as hers she doubted he would be willing to give them up. If he chose to leave, however, then she was sure it would not be too much trouble for Layla to wipe his memory of her as well…

As much as she knew she would choose for him to forget her if it came to it, she still did not like the idea. To take her mind off it she chose to focus on the world beyond the window. The cityscape was dominated by towering glass skyscrapers and office buildings, with sprawling mansions dominating the land beyond. She wondered if she was to stay in this reality how much of it she could explore.

Could she go down into the street and fuck one of the family in broad daylight? Were there other people here in this reality, constructions of the Playground, who she could ride until they were both screaming? Could she walk out to one of those mansions completely naked and explore them one by one, fucking one of the family in every single room as she went?

She had wondered the same about the other realities she had visited. Mistress had fucked her against a window of the office block they had been in, looking out over a bustling city. Having grown accustomed to the Playground a little better she had innately known the people she was seeing where extensions of the Playground, and that if Mistress were to have taken her into the city they could have made love to anyone they chose, wherever and however they chose to do so. With Brandi, meanwhile, as they had laid on the bed cuddling after an energetic scissoring her lover had explained that their reality in that little house and garden was no more than that: to try and leave it would only lead you back into it through a different entrance, or send you into a different reality bubble altogether.  

Her thoughts were interrupted as she swayed her hips a little and a sudden flare of heat pulsed through them. As much as she was no longer confused landing in a new body, Erika was aware that it took a little time for all of her senses to fully kick in, something Mistress had explained would also wear off with time. Now, however, she was struck by a sudden blow of pleasure when, as she moved, she felt something large inside her.

After a few seconds she realised with a shuddering gasp of excitement that her cute new body had a butt plug in.

Blonde in pink lingerie removes buttplug from ass

Leaning over one of the two soft, white armchairs before her Erika gasped and giggled as it moved around inside. The feeling of being full was not something she was new too – Aiden as well as Mistress had frequently filled her pussy – however she had never mustered up the courage to actually try any anal play. After meeting Aiden she had been unwilling to admit to her curiosity regarding the subject just in case he found it uncomfortable, and over time she had convinced herself she could manage without it.

Now, however, those desires she had forced down for so long bubbled up to the surface and she felt her pussy moisten almost immediately.

Fortunately, the body she had landed in was not wearing much at all. Her top half was dominated by a series of pink leather straps which criss-crossed her chest without covering any of her decency, while on her lower half she wore matching pink stockings, garter belt and thong. Peeling away the thong she tossed it aside and slipped the fingers of one hand over her quivering sex. The other hand tentatively approached her stretched ass.

The faintest touch of the plug sent orgasmic shivers up her spine and she did not bother to temper her moans as she might have in other realities. Holding her breath, she slipped her fingers beneath the rim, wrapped her thumb around the edge and pulled.

Immediately her groin burst with hot tingles, and as she slowly pulled on it she could feel her ass stretching wider around the thick bulb of the plug. The pain that laced the edges of her pleasure was only a reminder of how naughty she was being, how much further she was going than she ever might have in her own world.

‘Oh my god,’ she breathed, exhaling long and deep as she did so, ‘I’m so tight. That feels so good. Oh my fucking god.’

Erika was so absorbed in the naughty pleasure of her secret craving that she did not hear the man enter.  He was tall and dark-haired, with a thin layer of dense stubble painted over his lower jaw. What was more, he was completely naked. His hefty cock hung between powerful, muscular thighs, though it quickly began to rise as he watched the gorgeous blonde tease her winking ass with her fingers, moaning as she did so. The rest of his body was similarly toned, with thick arms and a broad, firm chest.

Blonde in pink lingerie is used for rough oral sex

Even while he stood for a minute or two stroking his rising boner at the sight of her she failed to notice him. In fact it was only when she felt the floor tremble slightly under his heavy footfalls that she realised she was no longer alone, and when he grabbed hold of her, span her around and forced his thick meat into her open mouth that she discovered she had landed in a reality with a male lover.

His hand was firm and heavy on the back of her head, his strong fingers winding into her silky locks. Once he had fed his length down her throat and begun to thrust, his other hand wrapped under her chin and he combined the motion of his rolling hips with a forceful tugging on her skull to sink his length as deep as it would go.

The suddenness of it all was deeply erotic. Though she had not yet laid eyes upon his body in full, already she adored him. His strong hand was dominant in a different way to that of her beloved Mistress, and she loved it. Mistress had always had a clear goal in mind whenever she had taken on a dominant nature. Whether that was training Erika in one sense or another, or on occasion punishing her for misbehaving, for the most part there had been a reserved, calculating quality to her actions. In between these bouts of training and punishment, they had made love rather than fucked, albeit aided with a strap-on most of the time to maintain Mistress’ air of power.

This man, however, clearly had no plans to train nor punish her. All he was here to do was extract his pleasure from her person, use her like a piece of meat until he decided he was finished. He was a savage predator and she was his prey.

The best part about it was that Erika knew in a heartbeat she wanted exactly the same thing.

Blonde in pink lingerie enthusiastically gives oral sex to hunky man

After no more than a few seconds of the man fucking her face, she began to bob her head in time to his thrusts and slobber over his dick noisily. His hands fell away and she continued for several seconds longer before pulling away and staring up at him with wild eyes.

‘You want me to suck your meaty cock, baby? I’ll suck it like nobody ever has.’ With that she dropped her head again and swallowed him until her eyes watered.

Curling one hand around his shaft and massaging his balls with the other she went down on him with more enthusiasm than she had ever shown going down on Aiden. The apprehensive woman Brandi had first found and the submissive slave Mistress had trained were gone now, and her inner whore rose to take control. She was no more than a sleeve for his cock, every hole ready for him to use, and she craved his hot, sticky seed inside her until every hole was leaking. She wanted to drown in it, to feel it coursing over her skin, filling her up.

‘I like to know my lovers,’ the man grunted. ‘I’m Anton.’

Pulling away she spat a mouthful of pre-cum and saliva onto his twitching dick and rubbed it hard into his shaft. ‘Oh I don’t fucking care,’ she growled before throwing herself back into her task and filling the room with sloppy gagging sounds.

It did not take long for her to bring him to climax. Her sheer energy and almost violent desire drew him to a powerful orgasm and when he came she moaned around his dick as her mouth was coated with thick shots of sticky cum. Gulping it down noisily she sucked his twitching dick clean and was delighted to see when she looked up that none of the lust in his eyes had diminished.

Blonde in pink lingerie receives deep anal sex

‘Fine then,’ he growled, ‘if you’re going to act like such a slut, I’m going to treat you like one.’

Grabbing her by the shoulders he flipped her over roughly so that her ass was rubbing up against his groin. He pressed her head down into the cushioned back of the chair and held her there as he spanked her hard. Laughing at her yelp he gripped her bubbly ass with white-knuckled ferocity. ‘You belong to me, do you hear me? You’re mine. This,’ he squeezed her ass harder, ‘is mine. You’re just a bag of meat.’

‘I know,’ she giggled, ‘now fuck me hard.’

Anton didn’t wait for a second invitation, however he did not take her up on the offer in the way she had expected. He moved so quickly that she did not notice what he had done until he was inside her, although she didn’t know how she hadn’t guessed what he would do. After all, her ass had been recently stretched by the plug, it was slick with the juices from her soaking pussy that had dripped down as she had blown him, and his dick was glistening with her saliva. They were both so well-lubricated that when he pressed his dick against her ass and parted her he slid in with ease.

Erika groaned long and loud, her pleasure enhanced by Anton’s chuckle of victory. He knew she had not expected him to enter her ass, and she loved that he had surprised her.

Lights popped in front of her eyes as he began to thrust slowly, and she was breathless with delight as he filled her more than anything ever had. He was so big, so thick, it felt like he was about to rip her in half. Every inch of his impressive meat felt so perfect stretching her, and that same lacing of pain she had felt before was intensified tenfold sending her eyes rolling back in her skull.

Still, the slut inside her was not content. She didn’t just want anal. That was boring. She wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be destroyed. She wanted to be hammered so hard that she woke up in the middle of the night screaming Anton’s name having squirted in her sleep as she dreamed of him.

A sly grin split her features. She knew just how to get what she wanted.

‘Jesus, is that all you’ve got?’ she goaded, sounding utterly bored. ‘I thought you said you owned me? You’re just a little pussy. Are you going to fuck me already? Use me properly you limp-dicked bastard.’

Blonde in pink lingerie receives deep anal sex

Growling like a wild animal, Anton hefted her up off the chair and into his arms, never removing his dick from her ass. Dropping down into the chair himself he hooked his arms beneath her knees and lifted them up before wrapping them around the back of her neck. She was practically folded in half, her arms hanging uselessly behind her, only able to grip hold of his shoulders.

The sudden brutality of his fucking surged euphoria through Erika’s system. He hammered into her vulnerable ass with all the force he could manage and finally he used her properly. Restrained as she was she did not think she had ever felt like she belonged anywhere more than she belonged in his arms being battered and ruined by his enormous cock.

Her screams rang through the room and beyond, and if she had been in her own world she would likely have drawn concerned neighbours to knock on the door. The absence of those who would interrupt them, however, was deeply liberating and she did not so much as stunt her screams, instead wailing at the top of her lungs as he continued to abuse her tiny asshole.

‘Yes, yes, yes, fuck me like you hate me. Harder, you lazy fucker, harder. You think that’s good enough. I said harder.’

If she was honest, Erika was enjoying driving Anton wild almost as much as she was enjoying his perfect body. She had always tried to hold herself to a high standard of kindness and understanding. She tried never to judge anybody, nor insult them, nor do anything that might upset those around her. She certainly wasn’t one to scream demeaning profanities at others, especially when she was as hot for them as she was for Anton.

But the old Erika was no longer in control. Slut Erika was at the wheel, and she knew that the wilder she could send him, the harder he would fuck her, the more brutally he would pound her holes. And the harder she was fucked, the harder she wanted it.

‘Seriously,’ she spat, even as fresh ecstasy burst through her body, ‘you’re such a lying sack of shit. You said you were going to use me. Do your fucking job! Fuck me until I squirt just from you in my ass. Until you break me. You’re so fucking useless. FUCK ME HARDER!

Blonde in pink lingerie receives deep anal sex

Spurred on by her derision, Anton made his final move. Surging from the chair he angled her so that she was stood on one leg while still being all but folded in half. Maintaining his grip on her neck and keeping her free leg held high with one arm, the other slid down her thigh and held her firmly in place.

With the ability to pull her hard onto his dick and thrust at the same time, all while having the deepest access to her ass, he proceeded to hammer her ruthlessly.

He pounded into her so rough and so hard that at last the slut was content. She could not so much as scream once the pleasure overwhelmed her and the longer he went on the more she was convinced that when he let go she would shatter into so many body parts and collapse into a heap on the floor. She was overtaken by a state of perfect bliss even as it felt like he was tearing a hole in her stomach and her orgasm barrelled towards its climax.

Just as she had begged for, when she finished she squirted for the first time. Spraying the floor and ruining the material of a nearby chair she laughed with slutty satisfaction. What was more as she came she clenched her ass around his dick so tight that he pumped a second load deep into the one hole she had never thought she would experience one in.

Screaming with delight, she continued to laugh. When he let her go she fell into the chair she had sprayed in a fit of giggles.

‘Erika,’ she panted. ‘My name is Erika. But you knew that anyway.’

‘I know, I just like a verbal introduction. Call me old-fashioned. Well, Erika, it has been some time since I met a slut as filthy as you. I certainly hope you plan on staying. It would be a shame to lose such a natural whore.’

At that moment she had never been more grateful not to be in her world. To have experienced all this in her reality would have left her exhausted for hours. But not in the Playground. Already her energy was returning, and fresh waves of horniness washed over her.

Leaping up onto one of the chairs near the window she presented her ass to him again, thick strands of his cum leaking from it. Scooping these up she rubbed them into her pussy before raising her fingers to her lips and licking them clean.

‘Oh I’m staying,’ she giggled in a sing-song voice, ‘don’t you worry about that, daddy. We’re going to be able to fuck forever in every body and every reality. So what are you waiting for, get over here and see how many loads it takes to fill my ass.’

A slutty grin spread across her face as he gripped her around the throat, and she stared up into his eyes moaning as he pushed into her ass once again…

Blonde in pink lingerie receives deep anal sex

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