The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Maid Service

Brunette in leather maid outfit shows off ass

Admiring the stunning woman before him, Aiden knew his decision was made. If he was truly honest with himself, he had been all but certain he would say yes when he was at the mercy of his goddess. His time spent in the colossal form of the black man had only strengthened his resolve, and now that he was in a fresh body presented with the very picture of a dream maid, he knew he would not be able to resist agreeing to stay here.

He hoped Erika felt the same way. He had no idea what experiences the Playground had presented her with, but he could only assume they must have been as enthralling as his own. If that was the case he could not imagine her being able to decline Layla’s offer. However, as much as it hurt him to imagine the scenario, he knew if she chose to leave he would not return to their world with her. Even after only a short time here, he knew he could not give up the Playground for anything, even the woman he loved with all of his heart.

Forcing the idea from his mind, he focused on the beautiful maid pretending not to have noticed him. She was the picture of naughty innocence, the hem of her lace and latex skirt pulled up to provide him a satisfying view of her ass and the lace thong that nestled between her smooth, perfect cheeks. The top half of her outfit was of a matching design, with the black latex body of it shining softly under the light, and decorated with delicate white lace. To complete the look she wore white lace gloves, black thigh-high stockings and a pair of towering black heels. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she ran a feather duster idly over the kitchen counter with a naughty smirk playing over her lips.

He had been mildly shocked how easily he had switched from the towering black body to this new one. Despite the drastic loss of size in almost every department, it had felt little different to changing his clothes. The disorientation he had experienced in his first two shifts was completely gone and was even beginning to feel in-tune with the Playground itself.

While he had been fucking her in their hot tub, Ruby had explained to him how he would eventually be able to jump from body to body himself rather than have the Playground throw him around. He would be able to hop from reality to reality, locate particular individuals anywhere within the many reality bubbles regardless of the body they occupied, and even innately know who was in any body he might come across regardless of if he had ever met them before. That was how they had known his name without telling them and, though he still had a great deal to learn, was how he knew the maid’s name without needing to ask.

Leaning on a counter opposite, he growled at her commandingly. ‘I suggest you stop playing coy and get over here, Miss Aria. Nobody likes a lazy maid.’

Catalysed by his words, the young woman scurried over to him giggling as she came and immediately pressed herself against his toned body.

 ‘My apologies, Sir. Please, will you allow me to make it up to you?’ Her voice was smooth as honey, yet there was a glitter of slutty desire in her eyes.

Her body was petite against his. For all that he was not so muscular nor so tall as he had been before, that was not to say he was unfit or diminutive. A good head taller than her he was broad and packed with muscle, and when compared with her he was an intimidating figure. Taking her by the chin with strong fingers he leaned down until his lips were barely an inch from her own.

‘And how do you plan to do that?’ he hissed.

In response, she sank slowly to her knees, running her gloved hands down his shirt as she went.

Brunette in leather maid outfit gives oral sex to clothed man on her knees

Where he certainly had not lost any size was in the trouser department. Unzipping his fly she pulled out his hefty dick and gasped at the unexpected length. He stared down at her with a satisfied smirk as she stroked his semi-erect dick. The lace of her gloves was soft and sumptuous running over his meat, however their gentle caress was put to shame as she planted her tongue on the base of his shaft. Running it slowly up the underside of his dick she sent bolts of pleasure lancing through him before reaching the end. Without hesitation she opened her mouth wide and sank his dick between her lips, sucking long and hard as she glanced up at him.

He may have been able to know her name, however he could read nothing beyond that. Even without his sixth sense he knew she had spent a very long time honing her skills. Her movements were so lustful and calculated – the roll of her head, the shift of her lips, the weave of her tongue – it was evident that she had experience beyond the years of her body. She moaned softly as she worked his dick, sucking and slurping consistently, never maintaining the same rhythm for an extended period but instead constantly interjecting her flow with new and unexpected actions.

Very quickly he fell deeply in lust with her. The sensuality with which she served him was intoxicating and he found it was equally yet differently as hot as Ruby’s blowjob. Ruby’s almost primal lust had driven her to slutty extremes to extract her own pleasure from him, whereas Aria seemed to have only his pleasure in mind and though there was a slut behind her eyes she contained herself expertly.

Brunette in leather maid outfit leans over sofa to give oral sex to shirtless man

All at once she pulled away with a sharp pop and looked up at him guiltily. ‘What am I thinking, Sir? You shouldn’t have to exert yourself so much while I apologise. Please, Sir, sit down.’

The room they were in was open plan, and while they had been leaning up against a kitchen counter, before them was a wide living area, including a large plush sofa that curved around to fill much of the space. Discarding his shirt as he went, Aiden rounded the sofa and reclined onto it, his dick rock hard and brushing against his stomach as he did so.

Aria, on the other hand, chose to stay behind the furniture. No sooner had he sat down than she snaked over the back and took his waiting dick between her lips once more, bobbing her head up and down as she swayed her exposed ass close to his face. He admired her briefly as she gagged on his thick cock and filled the room with wet sucking noises once more. Then his head rolled to the side and he smirked.

He had not noticed her absence of underwear until now. He supposed she must have slipped off her panties when he came to sit down, and now when he looked back he could see them abandoned on the wooden floor, her gloves with them. With her hot lips and tongue working over him and filling his groin with a pleasant heat he felt an insatiable desire spark inside. He didn’t just want her to serve him anymore, he wanted to take her for his own, control her and teach her what it truly meant to serve.

‘You know,’ he said, ‘since you were so rude as to have me stand up while you were apologising I think I deserve something more to say sorry, don’t you?’

‘Anything, Sir. What was it you wanted from me?’

Brunette in leather maid outfit and fishnet stockings receives oral sex from shirtless man

Gripping her hips with vice-like strength he swung one of her legs over his head so that her knees were planted on the back of the sofa to either side of him. With her exposed sex glistening in front of his face he wasted no time in sinking his face into it.

She cried out in shock as his thick tongue parted her pussy lips before moaning sensually as he pleasured her. She tasted sharp and delicious, and he could feel her juices dribbling down his chin as he worked his tongue over her folds. She smelled of sex and lust and the more he tasted the more he wanted. Aiden had gone down on Erika enough times to know what he was doing, however in the Playground he had completely abandoned any inhibitions he had held with his fiancée.

His licking was rough and energetic, battering her sensitive privates with a barrage of powerful sucks, deep licks and even sudden nibbles that drew shrill cries from her lungs. With each passing minute she melted more into his control and as she held herself up on his thick legs she began to roll her hips and grind against his face.

Aiden grinned as she did so. As he had hoped, the hungry slut he had seen within her was beginning to break through, peeking through the cracks in her collected, obedient exterior. He could feel her submitting to her desires, the fractures spreading and pieces beginning to fall away as the slut gradually broke free. Soon her lust would shatter her completely, and the slut would be in control. He wanted a bitchy little maid to own and use, and with every suck on her clit and squeeze of her ass the woman he wanted drew ever closer.

Brunette in fishnet stockings rides hunky lover

All at once he pulled away and span her around roughly so that she was straddling his lap. His rigid dick pressed against her dripping cunt, the head almost slipping into her hole and she let out a shuddering gasp as she reached breaking point. He could see kinky lust swirling in her eyes and her body shivered almost uncontrollably in his hands, yet somehow she managed to maintain her composure.

‘Is that what you want, Sir? I hope I have proved mys–’

‘Shut the fuck up,’ he barked and with a burst of energy he gripped her latex top and tore it clean in two. Throwing it aside he grabbed her tits hard and ignored her gasp. ‘These are what I want.’ Lifting her skirt he spanked her sharply. ‘This is what I want.’ Tearing off her skirt he flung that aside as well and slapped her slick pussy. ‘This is what I want.’ Then he was smiling coldly and his hands were on her hips, lifting her up. One hand fell to his dick to align it with her hole. ‘And this is what you want.’

He slammed her down onto his massive cock.

Now he was finally inside of her, the obedient maid persona seemed to dissolve instantly. Without him even needing to utter a word Aria rode him hard, bucking her hips up and down at impressive speed. She moaned desperately as he impaled her, her eyebrows soaring up as he struck her g-spot over and over again. The air was filled with the slap of skin on skin and the suck of his dick ravaging her sopping wet cunt, and all the while he smirked and laughed.

The pleasure she filled him with was ecstatic, yet the cruel streak he had discovered in himself found her destruction even more erotic. He had been the one to release the slut inside and now she was addicted to his control. The same desire to please continued to drive her passion, yet it was clear from her face that even when the slut was in control she was struggling to take the intensity of his massive dick pounding her relentlessly.

A malicious idea flickered into his mind, and without hesitation he decided to break her completely.

Brunette in fishnet stockings receives deep sex from hunky lover holding her aloft

With his arms hooked beneath her knees and his hands around her waist, Aiden rose up to his feet and lifted Aria up with him. She wailed with delight as he sank deeper into her than before and then the sensation of being airborne struck her in full as he began to thrust.

Slamming up into her, he chuckled as she was reduced to a horny mess. Her hands scrabbled around his neck as she tried desperately to find something to root her in reality and a slutty laughter overwhelmed her. Laughing in ecstasy she allowed him to use her, control her, to fill her up with his perfect dick and pull her down onto him over and over again.

Her laughter was shot through with excitable shrieks whenever he hit her in just the right place, and for the most part she entirely incapable of forming any rational speech. Soon, however, a handful of words did form themselves, and they drove him to take one final action.

Brunette in fishnet stockings climaxes on penis of hunky lover

‘I’m going to cum, Sir,’ she panted.

At those words, Aiden pivoted around and laid her down on the solid arm of the sofa. She lay in a state close to delirium staring into space above her, and her hand descended to her pussy which she began to rub fervently. At the same time, Aiden hammered into her cunt hard, savouring the slap of his thighs against her ass as he stretched her tight hole.

Her moans quickly rose to a fever pitch and he watched her body tremble in satisfaction. Her hand was a blur of motion over her swollen clit; she was rubbing with such ferocity he thought she might catch fire.

Suddenly she screamed and her hips swung up and off of his dick. Her legs trembled and she moaned long and low as her orgasm tore through her. Clamping her hand over her pussy she held it down tight and grated the heel of her palm against her clit, drawing out her orgasm until it gradually faded.

For a few seconds Aiden watched her as she came, stroking his wet dick slowly. Then he was walking around to her head and the pace of his stroking rose to an energetic jerk. ‘You let me down again, Miss Aria. Just because you came, doesn’t mean you are allowed to pull away and stop me fucking you. I was about to fill you up before you stopped me. Now you’re going to have to take my cum over your face instead.’ With a final hard tug he came hard, splashing his load over her beautiful, sweaty face in long streaks that tangled in her hair and marred her flustered features.

Once he had shot the last of his load onto her he leaned down and scooped up a helping of cum from her hair. ‘Don’t worry though, my dear. When Layla asks, I’m not leaving. So you’re going to have plenty of time to make it up to me.’ Feeding her the cum he smiled and rested his twitching dick on her face. ‘Now I think about it, I believe our shower could do with a good clean. How about we go and spend a little time cleaning it together?’

Brunette licks and is fed cum from her face

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