The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Exploring Desire

Bathroom opening out onto sunny tiled terrace

The sensation of being torn from the body she had occupied all her life and thrown into that of somebody she had never met was incredibly disorienting. Landing in her new figure it was immediately apparent she was no longer the woman she had been seconds before. If she had to describe it, Erika would have said it felt like she had just taken off an old, comfortable outfit that was a perfect fit in order to try on a new one that was not quite the right size.

The room span briefly and she threw out a hand to stabilise herself, clutching onto a hard surface she found beside her. After taking a few seconds to catch her breath, she looked up and took in her surroundings.

She had landed in a sizeable bathroom, all marble and tiles, and across from her a set of wooden doors opened onto a lush patio area that shone under the bright sun. The room was brightly lit with sunlight shafting through the wooden windows, and the gentle breeze that drifted in from outside was warm yet refreshing. Just in front of her a bath was set in the corner with a single step spread just beneath and it had already been drawn, the inviting water steaming softly. Glancing to her side she noticed that the surface she had taken hold of was in fact the marble top of a set of low cupboards, and an assortment of make-up products were arrayed across it. Her eye was drawn to a mirror hanging above it and she marvelled at her reflection.

She couldn’t quite believe it. It was really happening. She really was in someone else’s body. She knew everything she had seen and felt already that night should have convinced her it was not some cheap trick, but somehow actually seeing herself through new eyes in a new body was what made it seem real. As far as she could tell, her new self was roughly the same age as her original form, perhaps a year or two younger. Her bright blonde hair had been replaced by darker locks and her figure was notably fuller than before. As a result her facial features appeared softer, more rounded, perhaps even a shade more innocent. By far the most notable change, however, was her significantly heavier chest. Her breasts were plump and soft, and she admired her deep cleavage in the mirror with a smile playing on her lips. She had always imagined herself with larger tits, and now she was able to jiggle them in her black lace bra. She could not deny she loved the feeling.

Twisting and turning, she looked herself up and down from every possible angle. Her fingers dropped down and plucked at the elastic of the sexy thong that nestled between her ass cheeks, and she rubbed at her curves giddily, excitement overwhelming her. When Layla had explained what was going to happen, Erika had been more than a little worried. It sounded so wrong, so sordid.

In actuality, it felt neither. She felt so sexy, so hot, so right. Already the strange sensation of being in a body that was not her own was wearing away and waves of erotic tingles were pulsing through her. With every passing moment she grew hornier, hotter, and her hands explored more sensual areas. Biting her finger she stared into her own eyes and slipped a hand into her panties…

Before she could go further however, she heard the pace of approaching feet and a moment later a beautiful woman was framed in the doorway. Her sumptuous bathrobe was open at the front, the bright turquoise of her underwear contrasting with the black silk. She was dark-haired and full-bodied, and Erika unexpectedly felt the same desire for her she had felt for Layla. The party seemed like it had been days ago.

‘I see you’re getting acquainted to your new body,’ she said with a smile. She froze in the doorway and squinted at Erika, breathing in deeply and closing her eyes for a moment. Rolling her shoulder she opened them again. ‘Mmmh, you must be this year’s lucky woman.’

‘How can you tell?’ Erika asked.

‘Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to learn. Soon enough you’ll be in tune with the Playground, and when that happens you’ll be able to feel who is in any given body you might come across, or travel through the Playground to find a specific person. For example, right now I know my husband is in the body of a cute little blonde being spit-roasted. I guess you might call it a sixth sense.’ She paused, allowed her eyes to linger over Erika’ breasts. ‘Tell me, Erika, have you ever been with a woman?’

 ‘Well… I… no… not exactly…’

Two brunettes make out in bathroom by bath

The woman smiled. ‘Well let’s remedy that.’ In a blur of movement she was across the room, her lips on Erika’s and her tongue pushing through into the startled woman’s mouth. Erika felt the woman’s hands groping her ass and she kissed her with such force that she was forced back. Though the suddenness of it all shocked her, Erika enjoyed every moment. The woman’s lips were soft and hot, and as Erika explored her mouth with her tongue she moaned unexpectedly.

After a lengthy kiss, the woman pulled away for a brief moment. ‘I’m Brandi, by the way. I suggest you remember that, because you’re going to be moaning it later.’ Then she was kissing Erika again, her hands roving across her body. Every touch was electric, and the horniness that had temporarily subsided as the woman had arrived now swelled through her body. Almost subconsciously, Erika slipped the bathrobe from Brandi’s shoulders so that it dangled from her wrists and around her waist. Caressing her lover’s tanned arms she shivered as Brandi’s hands rose from her plump ass to the sides of her breasts.

Snaking slender fingers behind, Brandi giggled as she unhooked the back of Erika’s bra and pulled it away. Her naked nipples rubbing up against the woman’s chest, Erika gasped at the unexpected sensitivity of her new body. It was as though every sensation had been dialled to eleven, from her hidden desires to the touch of her skin.

Quickly, they disrobed one another. Before Erika knew what was happening their clothes were strewn across the marble floor and they were pressing their naked bodies hard against one another. She could feel Brandi’s hard nipples raking across her chest, and she jumped with a gasp every time Brandi’s leg ran between her thighs and grazed her clit. Pulling her hair into a ponytail to keep it out of the way she allowed her lover to kiss her neck hard as she did so.

Wordlessly, instinctively, they edged toward the steaming bath and too encapsulated by one another to even pause their passion they took the step into the bath together and sank down into the hot water.

Brunettes makes out in bathtub

Any hesitancy Erika might have harboured had long since evaporated. All she could think of was the woman she was kissing: Brandi was her drug. The sweet smell of her perfume, the feel of her supple skin, the sound of her erotic moans, the taste of her wet lips, the sight of her stunning figure. Brandi filled her senses in ways even Aiden never had and she wanted more.

As though the tingling heat of the bathwater had catalysed their passion, they soon chose to ignore any form of civility. They made out almost violently, an animalistic edge to their movements. Their groping was hard, their kisses wide and wet, and when they pulled away they stared at one another with an almost enraged lust.

Keen to hear her lover moan, Erika slid one hand down and nestled it between Brandi’s thighs, pressing a finger up against the woman’s swollen clit. She giggled at her gasp, and smirked at how wet Brandi was.

‘This might be my first time, but I bet I can give you a run for your money.’

Clutching onto Erika’s shoulders with a white-knuckled grip, Brandi fixed her with a glare that was equal parts lust and amusement. In a sudden motion that set the water sloshing noisily from side to side she pushed Erika back onto the marble shelf encircling the bath and into the corner so that her back was against the wall

Lowering herself to Erika’s groin she swung open her lover’s legs and grinned up at her. ‘Sweetie, it’s a good job I’m a good teacher since you have a lot to learn. Lesson one: there is nobody better to lick your pussy than a woman with experience.’

Brunette sits on side of bath and receives oral sex from lesbian lover

Aiden had gone down on Erika before, and he was very good at it, but within seconds of Brandi’s tongue touching her pussy, she could not deny the woman was right. Brandi seemed to know every inch of Erika’s sex as though she had spent years learning. With every weave of her tongue she applied the perfect amount of pressure, chose the most sensual and erotic path there was to take, even seemed to instinctively know which out of the flat, side or tip of her tongue to use in order to draw the longest moan from her inexperienced lover.

Erika knew that they were the only two in their little pocket universe and that there was no risk of anybody walking in, but even if there had been she would not have cared. Her moans rang through the room and out onto the patio and they frequently rose into wails of delight. If she was really honest, a part of her even wanted somebody to walk in so that she could pull them into the bath to join in the fun.

Something about having Brandi slurping on her cunt made Erika feel deliciously slutty. Having grown up in a deeply conservative town, intimacy of any kind always made her feel a little naughty, but this was different. It was a full-bodied feeling of lust and taboo that drew a smile across her features as she let herself succumb to the pleasure. As Brandi’s licking grew even more sensual that smile became an open mouth and she panted as waves of desire crashed through her body.

Sliding her hand up her own body, Erika groped her breast with a moan before nibbling on the end of her finger and staring down at the lover between her legs. Brandi was so perfect. How could she have lived so long without knowing her touch? She bought out Erika’s inner slut and all she could think about was fucking like animals until they both passed out.

At that moment a new need rose in her, and she was determined to satiate it. Brandi looked like she was enjoying the taste of Erika’s pussy so much it seemed entirely unfair to let her have all the enjoyment. With the same energy that Brandi had pushed her up onto the ledge, Erika now forced her lover back until she was lying at the other end of the bath.

Lifting Brandi’s hips up above the water, Erika momentarily admired the floral tattoo the woman wore above her glistening pussy before dropping her head into Brandi’s groin.

Brunette receives oral sex from lesbian lover in bath

As the first pussy Erika had ever licked, Brandi tasted sweeter than she had expected, though it was a sweetness undercut by a pleasantly sharp kick. When combined with the heady scent of her writhing body it was an erotic pairing, and Erika found herself struggling not to moan into Brandi’s lips. As hot as she knew Brandi would find that, she was determined to prove to the more experienced woman that she could hold her own. Besides, Brandi tasted too good to pull away even for a moment.

Focusing on the task at hand, Erika tried to mimic the motions she had felt from Brandi briefly before. Sweeping the tip of her tongue left and right she interjected the motion with random and sudden hard licks with the flat of her tongue that set Brandi moaning. Adding to her lover’s arousal she swirled her tongue around her clit, pressing down hard before teasing it with the tip of her dexterous tongue.

With Brandi holding herself up by the hips and beginning to pant, Erika curled her fingers around the woman’s submerged ankles and used the leverage to pull herself in even harder. After several minutes of rolling off moves learned from her lover, she decided to add in a few techniques of her own that served to drive Brandi totally wild. Sucking the area surrounding Brandi’s clit into her mouth, Erika chewed it between her soft lips while internally tweaking it with her tongue. Wet sucking sounds filled the room, however they were drowned out by Brandi’s carnal moans that rolled up from deep within her chest and forced their way through lips pursed with ecstasy. She groaned desperately as Erika ran her lower lip up her pussy, the soft flesh undulating over her folds, then the rookie was sinking her tongue as deep as she could get it into Brandi’s pussy until it felt like the head of a teasing dick.

‘Oh fuck, fuck,’ Brandi gasped, staring up at the ceiling and pressing her head back against the marble as her back arced, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m cumming. Holy shit, that’s it, stay there, don’t stop.’

Happy to oblige, Erika continued to suck on Brandi’s clit and all at once she felt the woman shudder and tense as her orgasm struck. Brandi’s cry was long and erotic, and she held Erika down with a strong grip, grinding her pussy against the woman’s lips as she worked out as much pleasure as possible.

Brunette woman masturbates lesbian lover in bath

Slumping back down into the water, she lay there breathless for a few moments before glancing up at Erika. Her chin was slick with wetness and she was beaming triumphantly, a note of mischief in her glittering eyes. Looking at her, an expression of determination settled over Brandi’s face and she surged forwards to grab Erika by the shoulders and spin her around. Dropping back down she pulled Erika up and onto her chest, held her giggling figure firmly then snaked a hand down to the woman’s exposed pussy and began to rub.

Erika would not have thought it possible, but Brandi’s fingers felt even more incredible than her tongue. Something about strength in them, the way they worked over her sex put her oral prowess to shame, and in a matter of moments she was putty in the woman’s hands. She was breathless as Brandi rubbed and teased, circled and pinched, and her groin felt like it was on fire.

‘Fuck,’ she said in hushed tones, certain that if she was to speak any louder she would scream it. Her arms rose up and behind her to cling to Brandi’s neck. The woman was the only thing she thought might ground her in reality. She could feel Brandi’s tits pressing into her back and she shivered with delight as her nipples shifted over her skin.

‘Mmmmh,’ Brandi moaned, her face carved with concentration, ‘rub it. Just like that. You love this, don’t you? I bet if your own husband walked in right now you wouldn’t even stop.’

Erika groaned at the idea of Aiden watching her at Brandi’s mercy. ‘He’s probably fucking some random bitch right now anyway, he wouldn’t care. Holy shit, how are you so good at this?’

‘Well in your time I’ve had about sixty years of practice, so I should hope I have honed my skills.’ As though to emphasise her point, Brandi rubbed furiously, the water rippling around them and all at once Erika felt the orgasm she had been holding back rapidly mount.

Brunette masturbates lesbian lover in bath

She didn’t know what it was. Perhaps the tension in her back, or the shiver that racked her body, or the little panting gasps she began to let out, but no sooner had the orgasm begun to approach, something drew a satisfied chuckle from Brandi’s lips. She seemed to know almost instinctively that Erika was close, and in response she slowed down, drawing out each motion and applying more pressure than before.

Intermittently she would suddenly speed up, though only for a few ecstatic seconds before dropping her pace once more. On the brink of cumming, Erika was unable to predict which burst of speed would tip her over the edge, thus when her orgasm finally came she cried out with delight. As she came, Brandi continued to rub her clit slowly and expertly, whispering words of encouragement to her.

‘That’s right, cum for me sweetie. There’s no going back now, you’ve cum for a woman. Give up and be a lesbian slut. Forget the opinions of anyone else and love only me. Cum hard for me, slut. All for me.’

Shuddering and breathless Erika collapsed into Brandi’s arms and savoured the warmth of her skin. She couldn’t imagine ever leaving the woman. This place was so perfect she hoped she might never leave. The warm water of the bath lapped up against them and they lay in contented silence for a few minutes.

Looking up at Brandi, Erika sighed. ‘That was incredible. I wish was yours forever.’

Brandi smiled. ‘You can be, sweetie. You already know the deal Layla is offering. You just have to decide if you want to take it.’ She reached out and drew aside a strand of wet hair from Erika’s face. ‘If you do choose to stay, I promise you we will be seeing a lot of one another.’

Smiling happily, Erika leaned in to kiss her lover, and the two of them made out passionately in the warm water…

Brunette lesbians make out in bath

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