The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: The Offer

Fake skeletons set up as decorations in yard decked out for Halloween

‘Christ, somebody knows how to go all out for Halloween.’

Erika nodded, admiring the dramatically decorated garden. ‘Well the invitation did say it was their favourite holiday of the year. Besides, it looks great.’

‘You said it,’ Aiden agreed. ‘If the party is half as good as this place looks this is going to be one hell of a night.’

The entire garden and the building it fronted was practically a shrine to everything spooky and scary. Red and white fairy lights clung to practically every surface while all across the lawn and the rooftop red spotlights had been set up to illuminate the many life-size figures that crawled over the building. The lawn had been transformed into a graveyard, complete with iron railings, false skeletons, realistic headstones and a number of animatronic hands erupting from disturbed patches of soil. One of the skeletons in particular was dangling from the branch of a tree and in one corner there were a handful of zombies that were in the process of clambering out of open graves, which the owner had gone to the trouble of digging out. Enormous spider models dominated one half of the house from garden to rooftop, while on the roof itself a trio of witches were hunched over a cauldron which flashed with lights set on the inside. A speaker had been set up to broadcast their evil cackles and there were more set into the bushes that sent out the moaning of the undead and an assortment of spooky sounds. To complete the scene false cobwebs had been draped over anything that might support them. Inside the house they could see dancing figures and though they could not hear it over the symphony of evil that met their ears they could feel the throb of the music in their feet.

Aiden and Erika had just moved to town and it had been a bracing change arriving around Halloween. Their hometown had never held the holiday in much regard. Between them they had only ever been trick-or-treating half a dozen times and the most decoration they were used to was the odd rubber bat hanging over a doorway or an occasional witch’s broom propped up against a gate.

In contrast, this place was Halloween mad. Even when they had arrived in late September decorations were already up and trick-or-treaters had started coming around as soon as October the first. Not that either of them had any issue with it. In truth, they had both found it a nice change of pace from the monotony of their hometown, and it was nice to feel like part of a community for a change. To further lift their spirits, the invitation to the Halloween party had dropped onto their doormat only a few days after they had moved in, and as far as they had been able to find out in this town 13 Carnal Lane was the place to be on Halloween night. What was more, it was invitation only.

And though the rest of the town was certainly impressive, from one look at the house it was not hard to see why.

Picking their way along the front path, veering around clawing hands and slack-jawed skeletons as they did so, the young couple made for the door. In an attempt to not seem lazy they had made their own costumes with both of them dressed in somewhat stereotypical pirate attire, though if they were both honest they were a little self-conscious: neither of them had ever been to a Halloween party before and they had no idea how their makeshift costumes would compare with any others.

As Aiden knocked hard on the door, Erika produced their invitations from an inside pocket. After a few moments the door opened halfway and a dark-haired woman filled the gap.

Woman with black hair and silk shirt answers door with cleavage on show

It was clear from a glance that she was dressed as some form of the undead. Her skin was desperately pale with dark bags beneath her eyes and purple bruising across her face and skin. Smears of blood had been applied to her exposed chest and a trickle of it fell from one corner of her mouth, with more spread over her hands. For all that she was clearly dressed for the season, something about the woman unnerved Erika. Even ignoring the fact that she appeared to be wearing piercing blue contacts, the intensity of her stare immediately found its way under Erika’s skin and succeeded in sending a shiver down her spine. Not to mention that the woman was exposing herself. The torn silk cheerleader’s outfit she wore was fully open and though her nipples were hidden behind the door her deep cleavage was clearly visible and it was obvious she was not wearing any sort of bra to conceal herself.

‘Invitations,’ she said in a rasping voice.

Trembling slightly, Erika held their invitations out for the woman to see. Immediately she broke into a wide grin that warmed her face and she swung the door open fully. To Erika’s surprise, the woman’s outfit was fully done up. Besides a decent helping of cleavage over the top of her zip, there was nothing to suggest it had ever been open. Yet she had not taken her eyes off the woman; she was certain there had been no time for her to zip it up.

The woman was laughing as she gestured they enter. ‘Sorry if I scared you, but it’s Halloween! I can never resist myself. So you’re Aiden and Erika? I’ve so been looking forward to meeting you.’

‘Really?’ Erika asked as the woman closed the door. The entire house throbbed with music and though there were a handful of partiers in the hallway the dancing shadows of many more were thick across the walls from adjacent rooms.

‘Of course. I’m always looking to make new friends and I love meeting folks from out of town. I’m Layla, by the way. This is my party.’

Glancing over at her fiancé, Erika could see that he was somewhat unnerved as well. She knew that note of uncertainty in his eyes and the way he rubbed his thumb nervously over the side of his forefinger. Still, to the untrained eye he looked perfectly natural and he went about making polite conversation.

‘Well we’ve been told this is the party to be at so we’re glad to be invited.’ He paused, took a brief look around the hallway. Like the garden it was decorated top to bottom in all things Halloween, from spider-webs and creepy lighting to a skeleton crucified against the wall and a window made-up to look like a guillotine with a headless body leaning in and a basket of false heads underneath at the foot of the stairs. Wisps of fog swirled out from an adjacent room and down at the end of the corridor the kitchen looked like the inside of a witch’s potion room. ‘And we’ve got to say you sure know how to channel a little Halloween spirit.’

Erika caught Layla looking the two of them up and down with a calculating eye. She appeared to be thinking something over, and just as Aiden looked back at her she nodded like she had come to a decision. The smile she gave them both incited another shiver in Erika.

‘Thank you very much. I have a bit of a soft spot for all things spooky. I hope you enjoy your night. Before we get started though, would you allow me to give you a tour?’

Not wishing to be impolite, the couple acquiesced. As Layla showed them around, Erika’s uncertainty slowly dissolved. Attributing it to the nerves of the new, she realised that she in fact found their host very good company. Layla had a quicker wit than anybody she had ever met and she owned any room she came into as though she were royalty passing through ranks of peasants. For all that every room was packed with young, beautiful people, she outshone every last one and she seemed to be one of those people who could get on with anybody they came across. What was more, Erika caught a good number of partiers ogling Layla’s impressive figure and teasing outfit, and it was easy to see that the woman herself played up to her admirers. She moved gracefully and knew just how to taunt them in the right way, though there was never a sense of sluttiness about her, only power and intellect. Something about her Erika found deeply attractive on a primal level, and for the first time in a long time she wondered what it might be like to be intimate with a woman.

Blushing at the thought, Erika turned her mind to different matters as Layla continued to show them around, though she could not prevent her stare from wandering periodically back to the woman’s admirable ass. One time she caught Layla looking at her with a coy smile and she thought her cheeks were about to burn off.

By the time Layla led them up the broad wooden staircase, Erika could tell that Aiden’s concerns had faded also. After having had a few drinks in the company of their beguiling host he was just as at ease as her, and he had achieved that talkative tipsy stage she found adorable in him. She was relieved that it returned her attractions firmly to him.

Having explored the enormous house almost completely, they were at length led into a lavish bedroom done up in red and black. Whereas every other room – even the bathroom and the cellar – was thronging with people, the room they found themselves in was unoccupied. The lack of bodies made it seem oddly separate, as though they had stepped from one building into an entirely different one. Even the music and hubbub of conversation seemed softer, and it was punctuated with more screams and moans than either of them remembered hearing before.

‘I’m sorry,’ Layla said, drawing a wandering strand of hair from across her face, ‘I just needed a break from all the fuss. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little change of company, wouldn’t you say?’

‘I suppose so,’ Aiden nodded, drinking in the room. It looked like a gothic horror novel had made love to a fashion magazine. Near enough everything was red or black in colour, with every surface intricately detailed with inlays or carvings. The bedsheets were shimmering satin and yet, surprisingly, the room had escaped the seasonal décor. Then again, even with the lack of spider-webs and skeletons it had a perfectly spooky aesthetic.

‘We can give you some space if you like?’ Erika offered. The last thing she wanted to do was inconvenience their genial host.

That same devious look Erika had noticed when they had first met washed over Layla’s face again and she smiled mischievously. ‘Not at all. In fact, I didn’t bring you here just to get some peace and quiet. Actually, I would say rather the opposite. I wanted to show you both something.’

The wall opposite them was not in fact solid but rather a dark wooden concertina which Erika had immediately found confusing. Though she could not be sure, based on their tour the staircase would be on the opposite side of the wall, and there had definitely not been any sign of the concertina when they had ascended. Taking it by a handle, Layla swept the entire wall to the side.

The room was flooded with loud moaning and the occasional scream, accompanied by rhythmic slapping, grunts and gags which added to the strange symphony. On the other side of the wall was a wide, wooden balcony. They could hear soft music playing and it was immediately apparent from the size of the room beyond that it could not possibly fit in the building. Yet there it was all the same and ushered onto the balcony by their host the young couple stared down incredulously at the room below.

Overhead view of large orgy in  candle lit ballroom

Spread out beneath them was what appeared to be an expansive ballroom. With floor and walls of beautiful marble, illuminated by large wrought-iron candelabras and shimmering chandeliers. Dotted with plush velvet furniture, the room looked as though it had been plucked straight from a royal palace. And filling the room was a massive orgy. Dozens upon dozens of young, attractive men and women were in various states of disrobement, their expensive suits and dresses abandoned on the floor and they themselves sprawled across the furniture and fucking in almost every position one could think of.

Immediately below the balcony one woman wearing nothing more than stockings and gloves was enthusiastically riding the cock of her lover who was laid back on the grey sofa. Opposite them two women sat back on another sofa, one panting as her exposed pussy was licked by a female lover, the other masturbating furiously. Following the latter’s gaze, they spotted a couple who had foregone the furniture entirely, the man laid back on the marble and the woman straddling him spreading her legs wide to allow him to thrust up deep into her.

All around the fringes of the room men and women watched on with contented smiles, some masturbating, others engaging in oral sex, with even more simply drinking from champagne flutes and making out from time to time. A constant flow of people passed through the many doors that ringed the room and the air was full of moans and howls of ecstasy.

Remarkably, it was neither the impossibility of the room, nor the sordid scene it held that hit them the hardest. It was the atmosphere of the place itself. Though they knew it should have, nothing about the room seemed wrong. The warm, heady atmosphere was intoxicating and they found that they did not at all feel the guilty pang of voyeurism they expected. It felt somehow right watching the erotic event just as all those around the edges of the room were doing, and strange desires rose in both of them.

Without warning Erika felt a sudden urge to kneel down and take Aiden’s cock into her mouth until he unloaded down her throat. Blushing furiously, she glanced away knowing she would not be able to resist the need to taste him if she looked his way. Given that she was not looking she never noticed Aiden blush himself, mentally wrestling away the temptation to fuck his fiancée over the balcony for all to see. It was as though lust hung in the very air, and suddenly nothing else seemed to matter but giving in to it.

A sharp clunk from behind them cut through their confusion and restored a little clarity. Spinning around, the couple found Layla locking the shutters behind them. She was beaming wide.

‘So what do you think?’

Continuing to beat back their intrusive thoughts, they stared at her in bewilderment.

‘What… what is this?’ Aiden asked, struggling not to think of Erika’s mascara streaming as he fucked her face hard.

‘Where are we? I don’t understand,’ Erika added, shaking her head to dislodge the thought of being spit-roasted.

‘I like to call it the Playground,’ Layla said, joining them and leaning on the balcony balustrade to stare out over the room, ‘isn’t it the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? My own little world where the only rules are my own. No hate or war or petty disagreements, just endless love, unbridled lust and an awful lot of fucking. Drink it all in. Ugh, it’s just so perfect. How do you people live in that boring little world of yours? I don’t know how I would survive without my Playground.’

‘I’m not sure I follow,’ Aiden said, ‘where is this place? Who are all these people? Why do I feel so… strange?’

Layla turned to them with the joy of a child who had just found their new favourite toy in her eyes. ‘I’m sorry; I sometimes let my excitement get the better of me. I understand you have lots of questions but please, before you get upset give me a few minutes to explain.

‘To cut to the chase, I’m not like you. Human, that is. I’m a succubus. People like me, we feed off of the inner desires of others to survive. Back in the day we were hunted and branded as demons, but honestly we’re not that much different to anyone else. You wouldn’t be able to pick us out of a crowd that’s for sure.

‘And this,’ she waved a hand over the room, ‘this is how we survive. Each of us has the power to create our own worlds outside of ordinary reality. Little pocket universes where we define the rules and decide what happens. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some sour apples among us. A handful of my kind lure humans like you in only to lock them away to torture and exploit whenever they desire, feeding off of their desire to escape. The rest of us though, we’re not like that. We invite people to our world and they stay of their own free will, coming and going as they please and living with their succubi as his or her devoted lovers.’

She seemed momentarily bashful. ‘Well, other than me that is. Most of my kind settle at a handful of human lovers. But me…’ she glanced out over the writhing mass of bodies, ‘I just can’t help myself. Every Halloween I invite a new couple to join my world. As you can see, being over five hundred years old I’ve built up quite the family.’

‘So… you’re saying you’re inviting us?’ Erika asked hesitantly. Oddly, she found she was hanging on Layla’s every word.

‘Yes,’ she replied, grinning with excitement. ‘I’ve known it had to be you ever since I laid eyes on you. I mean as soon as I heard there was a young couple moving to town I was hoping that I would be able to meet you. I wasn’t lying earlier, I do love meeting people from out of town. The only downside to creating a world as big as mine is that I can’t leave it for too long. To other succubi it is kind of like a parlour trick. They can enter their world anywhere they please and carry it with them wherever they go. But me? Mine is too complex to move, and if I stay away for too long then I would starve and die. So the only time I ever get to experience the world beyond this town is either on brief little trips or through other people. I do so hope you’ll accept. There’s so much I want to show you.’

‘Hang on,’ Aiden said. He found that as he spoke the thought striding over to Layla and groping her hard while Erika sucked his dick died down a little. ‘So you’re telling me that you have been here in this town for over five hundred years and every year a new couple has gone missing here and nobody has noticed? And they also haven’t noticed the fact that the same twenty-something has been living in the same house for centuries without ever ageing?’

Her smile weakened him at the knees and he fought every urge to go and strip her of her silk cheerleader attire. ‘Pretty much. Just one of the perks of being me. As a succubus I do have just a little bit of power over the real world as well. Not enough to reshape it however I like, of course, but enough.  Enough to, say, quietly give the townsfolk a stronger passion for my favourite holiday than most. Or to erase the memories of a young couple once a year from anybody who knew them, or push the people of the town to selectively forget that I don’t age. Just enough to get by unnoticed.

‘Listen, I know this is a lot to take in. Truth be told you’re taking it pretty well. Just please hear me out. I never force anybody to stay here, they choose to, so I’ll make you a deal. I’ll show you what my world is all about and if at the end of it you want to leave I will erase every memory of the place from your mind and you will be able to live your lives as though this never happened. Sound fair?’

The couple looked at each other for the first time since stepping onto the balcony and both burned with raging desire for the other. With a struggle they nodded. Clapping her hands together with delight Layla gestured they follow her and she led them down a wide wooden staircase onto the ballroom floor.

Floor view of candle lit ballroom orgy

Passing between all of the men and women in romantic embrace was an odd experience. The very fact that they were fully clothed made both Aiden and Erika feel oddly exposed, and there was an underlying urge to strip down that they could not fully cast aside. The sense of being out of place was only exacerbated by the contrast between their pirate attire and the classy dress the other occupants wore. Those who were fucking barely seemed to notice them, however as they had seen there were others in the room who were unoccupied, and these people occasionally came up to them. Men and women alike ran eyes of lust over Aiden’s toned physique and more than once Erika caught stray hands tugging at her outfit.

Whenever she spotted this, Layla politely indicated they move on, pausing occasionally to kiss a passer-by or warmly greet those around them.

‘Okay, so here is how the Playground works. Firstly, it’s not static in the same way your world is. It is always shifting and changing. The only room that stays the same is this one. You go through any of these doors and you never know what you are going to find on the other side. Rather than one separate universe it is more like hundreds of little bubbles of reality all linked with one another. Every fantasy you have ever had can be found in one bubble or another and the Playground always knows exactly how long to put you in each.

‘When you are here you are also far from static. When I said there were only my rules I really meant it. Your consciousness is not bound to your body in this world. What that means is that the Playground can and will shift you from body to body at random if you are happy for it to do so, often shifting you to different reality bubbles in the process. It knows your wants and desires and it will accommodate them. You won’t age, you won’t die, and after a little while your body will reach a state of peak physical fitness that will only be reversed if a particular fantasy requires it. In fact, my Playground likes to enhance you where it can. Say, a fuller ass here, a longer dick there. You won’t just be the best version of yourselves, you’ll be beyond perfect.

‘Everything here is based on a foundation of love, lust and fantasy. You can feel it in the air. There is no judgement or rejection, only eternal passion. There is no disease, no need for contraception, no pregnancy, pain or death. If you wish to eat, drink or sleep you can but you are outside of your reality now. You no longer need to sustain your body, and believe me you will be far too preoccupied to find the time.’

Coming to a stop in the middle of the room she turned to them. ‘Here’s the deal. Each of you will be shifted into three different bodies and three different realities that will show you how it feels to live in my world. I’ll refrain from swapping you into a body of the opposite sex for now, but if you choose to stay you will be able to swap into anybody you like. Once you’re done I will bring you back together and you can make your choice of if you stay or you go. If you choose to stay I will erase the memory of you from your reality and you will join my forever family. If you choose to leave I will erase your memories of your time here and, since time works a little differently here, I will return you to the party a few minutes after you left it.’ Holding up her hand she placed her thumb and forefinger together. ‘Enjoy,’ she said, then snapped her fingers…

Thanks for reading!

So this story is one I have had rattling around in my head for some time, ever since I first thought about writing erotic stories at all. It was inspired by various pieces I’ve seen over the past several years, including a very hot erotic comic strip I saw a while ago. If I can find it again I will link it on an upcoming story. I have to say though that the original idea of a succubus throwing a Halloween party and luring a young couple into their world of sex and lust was something I didn’t imagine would become such an undertaking.

While I was writing this I became aware that it could not possibly fit into one single story as I had initially planned without that story being ridiculously long, which I didn’t want. I wanted it to be a slow-burn that saw the characters gradually change and discover more about themselves and their desires as the story progressed and not have it rushed through. Fortunately, given that my plan was to put both Aiden and Erika through three individual experiences I thought it would work best as mini-series, with each scenario written out as a short story, each of which adds to the overall narrative.

Over the next week, therefore, I will be releasing one new installment of this mini-series every day. The final part of the story will be released next Thursday as a Halloween treat. I can’t say that the full story is super spooky or creepy, however I absolutely love the world that has been created through these stories and I hope you will too.

As an added bonus, during research for supporting media I found the perfect woman to base Layla on in Bryci. If you don’t know, Bryci is an awesome content creator who films her sex life with her husband. You can find her in plenty of places, however I will only link her PornHub account here as you can find all of her other links there. Be sure to head over and support them both:

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