The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Disciplined

Woman in purple shirt leans on desk

As before, shifting from one body to another took Erika’s breath away. Having been laid in a heavily disturbed and very messy bed with Brandi a second before, finding herself alone in an office in a new skin took a moment to adjust to. Having already experienced the shift before, the strange sensation died off a little quicker and she did not need to support herself on the desk as long as she had on the marble counter.

Quickly regaining her bearings she examined the room around her. The desk she had been leaning on had an assortment of files spread over the top with a telephone sat beside them. Behind it stood a plush swivel chair, all set in front of frosted glass panels lit with blue from behind. The majority of the room was taken up by a huge rug, on the fringes of which were a low leather sofa and a matching armchair. The décor was simple yet appealing, with large pictures adorning the walls, a handful of indoor plants dotted here and there, and a tall lamp in the corner beside the wall adding a warm glow to the place.

With no mirrors to admire herself in, she had to make do with the reflection in the glass of a picture frame to see what her new body looked like, and she was far from disappointed. To her surprise, she was even more curvy than before, with a sweeping hourglass figure, bulging breasts and firm ass cheeks. Her thighs were pressed tight together in the black skirt she was wearing, and though she was immediately aware they were only for appealing effect, she liked the look of the black glasses that she wore. Smiling at herself, she was giddy with delight that she was just as beautiful as before with soft, supple features. There was something about her look that was vaguely innocent, and it did not take long for her to imagine how she might defile her pretty new body. Accompanying her skirt she wore a purple shirt and a pair of tall black heels, and beneath she could feel silk underwear shifting over her smooth skin.

As much as she had not wanted to leave Brandi behind, she was delighted with her new body and could not wait to put it to good use. The idea of being a slutty secretary for a new lover swelled her arousal, and she allowed her hand to descend to groin and slip beneath her skirt to tease her clit as she imagined it.

She was so absorbed feeling herself that the sound of the door opening behind her went unnoticed, and she did not see the tall, attractive woman enter and stand beside the door where she eyed Erika lustfully.

Woman in black blazer and shirt stands beside door

Standing beside the door biting her lip, she watched and waited. By the time she caught sight of the woman Erika had already dropped her skirt to the floor and her fingers were rolling beneath her silk pink panties. Gasping, she jumped up from her position leaning against the desk and was unable to meet the woman’s eyes.

There was an air of dominance about the woman. The calculating flicker in her eyes, the darkness of her smoky eye shadow, the almost disappointed way she crossed her arms. Just looking at her was difficult and, as if she was looking at a bright light, Erika could not face her for more than a few seconds. Her outfit was dark and ominous, consisting of a blazer and skirt of matching black, accompanied by a silk blouse that was a deep red. Her long, smooth legs were on show and Erika felt a flutter of arousal as she imagined what might be at the top of them.

‘Hello, Erika,’ the woman smirked. ‘I’m intrigued. What exactly makes you think you can simply arrive in my office and start feeling yourself without my say so?’

‘I… er… I was just…’

‘I know what you were doing. But I am afraid you’re not in that quaint little bathroom anymore. This is my office, and there are rules. I’m sure you’ll learn all of them sooner or later, but right now there is just one thing you need to know.’ Stalking across to her, every footfall felt foreboding. Coming to a stop only a few inches away, the woman stroked Erika’s new cheek with the back of her hand. ‘You belong to me,’ she whispered.

A shiver equal parts delight and apprehension tingled Erika’s spine and she found that she could not tear her gaze away from the woman’s encapsulating eyes. They were deep, dark and full of barely contained desire. All Erika could think of was how the woman would take that desire out on her.

Breaking their stare, the woman strode around behind the desk. ‘I suggest you listen carefully, my dear. I find repeating myself very annoying. It would seem that you need a lesson in respect and I shall be the deliverer. You will address me as Mistress and no other name, and you will obey every order I give you implicitly. Failure to comply will result in rather unfortunate consequences, is that clear?’

‘Yes,’ Erika said, then, hurriedly, ‘Mistress.’

‘Good.’ Leaning down, the woman pulled out a drawer, plucked something from within and closed it again. When she stood upright again she was holding a riding crop lazily in one hand and she smirked at the brief expression of shock that passed over Erika’s face. ‘Let’s begin, shall we?’

Woman in black blazer circles busty brunette holding riding crop

As the woman came around the desk, Erika felt as though she was being hunted. There was a predatory glimmer in the woman’s eyes, and she circled her prey slowly like a shark in open waters. Erika’s eyes darted down to the riding crop she was fiddling with, though whenever they did the woman would clear her throat pointedly to draw her stare back up.

‘Tell me, Erika, how long have you imagined submitting to a dominant woman? Is this something you have wanted for years, or was it during your time with Brandi that you first dared to imagine what more there might be?’

‘I, I’m not sure, Mistress.’

The woman was behind her and with a flick of her wrist she cracked the crop against Erika’s ass cheek. She yelped in surprise and took a moment to get over the burning pain in her behind.

‘I suggest you try again.’

‘I… I guess maybe with Brandi…’

Another blow from the crop, harder this time. She winced and her breathing grew a little deeper as she dealt with the pain. ‘Lie to me again and you will regret it.’

‘Years,’ Erika gasped, as though the very act of admitting it took her breath away. Composing herself, she went on. ‘Years, Mistress. Since before I even met Aiden. I’ve wanted this for years.’

The woman chuckled and circled around in front of her. ‘That wasn’t so hard, was it? You need to learn something about the Playground, little one. It can satisfy all of our desires. Even the ones we barely admit to ourselves. Nobody here is going to disapprove of any fantasy you have, because we all know what it is to be denied the desires we can only imagine fulfilling in the world we came from. The Playground is the place for you to live the life of endless desire you could only ever dream of. Now, hold out your hands.’

Obeying, Erika allowed the woman to coil a pair of individual leather cuffs around her wrists and buckle them up. A silver chain dangled between them and connected to a third, larger strap that her Mistress buckled around her neck. For all that she was still able to move her hands and arms with relative ease, Erika revelled in her restraint. The tug of the chain on her collar if she moved her hands too far was thrilling, and the pressure around her throat and wrists was a constant erotic reminder that she was no longer in charge.

Circling around behind her again, the woman looped her arms beneath Erika’s and clutched at her heavy tits. Groping them roughly she moaned softly into her ear, setting Erika’s whole body tingling. ‘Mmmh, I have to say you have landed in a delicious body. So full and curvy. It seems like a waste to have it all covered up like this.’

Brunette rips open shirt of second woman to reveal bra and cleavage

With a sudden violence, Mistress gripped the collar of her shirt and ripped it open. Buttons flew across the room and pattered to the ground, and the unexpected move drew a loud gasp from Erika’s lips. The air was cool on her exposed cleavage and stomach and she was taken aback by how rough the action had been.

No sooner was it open than Mistress’ warm hands were groping Erika’s tits squeezing them up around the chain that hung between them. She chuckled as she did so, smirking as Erika’s eyelids fluttered with pleasure. Naturally, given that another of her fantasies was being lived out and with the memories of her time with Brandi still fresh in her mind Erika was already wet. The heavy-handed act of dominance, however, saw her arousal soar and a wet patch began to slowly bloom over her underwear.

She felt a little as though she was sinking. With every rough grab, every chuckle from the woman behind her she was sinking further into her control, relinquishing her ability to decide and simply submitting. Little by little she allowed herself to savour the sensation of the woman’s hot breath in her ear, the warmth of her hands as they pulled up her bra and played with her nipples, the intimate sensation of being so close to her. She wanted to allow herself to be used however the woman desired.

Removing Erika’s bra fully, the woman clutched her tits hard. Without warning her hand was on the back of her neck and she was spinning Erika around to face the desk. Her grip was vice-like as she pushed her down so that she was leaning over the desk with her ass out.

‘I think it is time for something a little more intense than some groping,’ Mistress said.

Erika shivered as she felt the woman’s fingers slip beneath her panties. They were soft and warm, and having them caress her so intimately felt so right. Inch by inch, Mistress slid her underwear down until it hung around her ankles. The air on her bare pussy sent crackles of arousal through her limbs and her heartbeat quickened as she anticipated what might come next.

Woman in black blazer and shirt uses riding crop on exposed woman

The first blow was sharp and stinging. A little yelp escaped her as the crop struck her ass, swiftly followed by a devilish smile. There was an edge of pleasure to the pain she had not expected, and after only one strike she craved more. She could hear Mistress chuckling behind her, and she flinched as the woman ran the crop up over her dripping pussy and between her ass cheeks.

The second blow was harder, a little further out, stung more than the first. Only after several more, however, did Erika manage to decipher exactly why she craved it: the intensity. Most of the sexual experiences she had had in her life had been drawn out, sensual events. Even with Brandi things had progressed slowly, both parties taking their time and working themselves into a frenzy by the end before climaxing and collapsing into one another. With Mistress, however, it was different. The sudden bouts of unexpected violence, the sharpness of the punishment, the erotic dynamic, all of them combined to create an experience unlike anything she had known before.

Mistress’ hands had barely touched her, yet she was already wetter than she would have been after a full day of teasing and foreplay between her and Aiden. The sensation of submission felt like a higher form of pleasure than simple sex, and combined with Mistress’ tangible experience and the barely contained lust they each harboured for one another, the entire ordeal felt deliciously taboo. The knowledge of that painted a smile over Erika’s features as she realised just how slutty she was being and how little she cared.

Over and again Mistress cracked the crop down on Erika’s ass and with each blow she abandoned her inhibitions more. Her delighted cries and giggling moans filled the room and she revelled in the degrading names Mistress called her.

‘You’re such a horny little slut, aren’t you? When you said you had wanted this, I never thought you would be this desperate to be used. All you want is to be a mindless bitch for me to dominate, don’t you?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ she smiled as the crop came down again.

To her surprise Mistress placed the crop down on the desk beside her then and she heard the woman disrobing. ‘Well then, let’s see if I can break you.’

Exposed brunette wearing collar and leash receives fingering from dominant woman

Mistress’ fingers slipped into Erika’s pussy with breathtaking ease. Aiden had only ever been able to fit two inside her original body, however she was immediately aware that the woman had pushed three inside with room for more. Her eyes rolled as they sank deep into her hole, while the woman’s other hand looped around and landed on her swollen clit. Hefting Erika’s leg up onto the desk and spreading her pussy lips wide, she began to finger her hard.

As her pussy was ravaged mercilessly Erika’s mind devolved into a primal state. Breathless and riding a wave of pleasure so intense it was almost agony she groaned and huffed. She could feel her plump ass bouncing and jiggling as she was fingered, and Mistress’ moans worked their way into her mind like a virus, reducing her to a blubbering mess. She could barely think as her body flooded with deep, suffocating pleasure and all she could do was take the perfect torment.

She had not thought it possible to spend so little time with one person and yet be utterly captivated by them, yet already Mistress had broken her. Erika’s will was no longer her own and the slutty side that life had oppressed was fuelled anew. With Brandi she had felt passion, desire, but with Mistress all she knew was unbridled lust. She wanted to please her Mistress any way she could, and she craved the chance to serve her for eternity.

‘Oh Mistress, I’m going to cum, god I’m so close, I need it.’

Mistress laughed and increased her pace, simultaneously pounding her hole and attacking her clit. ‘That’s what I like to hear, little girl. Cum for me and then show me just how much you love being used. Be a filthy slut for Mistress and cum hard.’

As though she could never have climaxed without Mistress’ encouragement, the woman’s words pushed her over the precipice and her body was racked with incredible orgasmic ecstasy. Reducing her muscles to putty she collapsed onto the desk and lay there panting and trembling for a few moments.

When she looked up, Mistress was sat beside her on the desk her tits out, her skirt around her waist and her panties pulled to the side to reveal the glistening folds of her pussy. A ravenous hunger rose in Erika then and she dropped to her knees before burying her face between Mistress’ thighs.  

Exposed brunette receives oral sex from submissive woman in purple shirt

When she had gone down on Brandi, Erika’s enthusiasm had been born of affection and passion. Now, however, it was born of desperation. Her movement was frantic and tireless, battering her lover’s pussy with a barrage of pleasure. Sucking and slurping with an almost violent desire she clutched hold of the leg of the desk with one hand to pull herself in as hard as she could go.

Mistress’ cries of euphoria only continued to fuel her. Whenever she could she glanced up at the woman with a slutty glint in her eye and revelled in the sheer bliss that contorted her features. Lost in pleasure, Mistress groped her own tits hard and threw back her head to moan long, animal groans that swarmed around the room like droning bees. Her breathing quickly grew frantic, and she struggled to stay still for her pet to serve her.

Erika had never been so hungry. It was as though she had been in the wilderness starving for years and now she had found a banquet laid out all for her. Mistress’ tasty pussy was her food and her moans were the strongest drink she could find. She was intoxicated by the woman, addicted, and the only thought she could hold onto was that she needed to feast.

With great difficulty Mistress managed to pull Erika away long enough to remove her panties and skirt, though she did not bother removing her bra. As she did so, Erika shimmied out of her useless shirt before diving back in to go down on her domme still harder. Rather than exhaust her, the energy that had rolled through her during her orgasm had invigorated her, and she could think of no better way to expend her well of lust than to provide Mistress a climax of her own.

Keeping Erika’s lips clamped on her pussy with strong hands, Mistress stood up and sank down to her knees. Lying beneath her lover, the added pressure as Mistress sat on Erika’s face provided her just the additional intensity she needed to drive the woman wild.

Exposed brunette receives oral sex from lesbian lover through facesitting

Within moments Mistress was forced to throw out her arm and grab hold of the nearby armchair to prevent herself collapsing in a heap of passion. All traces of Erika’s hesitancy and decorum had vanished and she was no more than an animal, a broken woman desperate to bring her lover the bliss of orgasm. Mistress could barely breathe as her moans came thick and fast, unable to be supressed and increasingly loud.

‘Holy shit,’ she gasped. ‘You listen to me, you little bitch. I don’t care what you want, I don’t care what that bastard Aiden says, when Layla asks you if you’re staying you had better say fucking yes. That is an order, and you obey orders, don’t you?’ Erika responded by sucking especially hard, which she took to be an agreement. ‘If you say no then I’ll come back to the land of the living and drag you back here myself. You belong between my thighs, slut, and nothing anybody says should convince you otherwise.’

Then she could no longer speak. All she could do was lean forward and scream as her orgasm ripped through her and her plaything continued her vaginal assault…

Exposed brunette receives oral sex from lesbian lover through facesitting

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