The Vanishing of Aiden and Erika: Consummation

Close-up of woman lying on massage table

Landing in their original bodies was a bizarre sensation. Erika supposed it was something like it might feel to return to a childhood home after years of absence. Of all the bodies they had so far occupied, there was something innately different about those they had first arrived in. A familiarity, a comfort that was difficult to quantify. Yet intertwined with them was an oddly foreign feeling not dissimilar to the sensation they had both experienced when hopping into their first new body.

Without a mirror or any visible indication that he was himself again – his pirate attire was gone, replaced by a pure white shirt and tight matching leggings – Aiden knew at once he had returned to his body. Still, it didn’t quite feel his anymore. Like finding that those who had lived in his childhood home since him had changed things in the interim: moved things, redecorated, knocked down a wall perhaps. He was acutely aware that his body had not been empty for the duration of his departure, and it undercut the pleasant warmth and satisfaction that swelled through him.

By now their apprehension and confusion regarding the body-swapping dynamics of the Playground had evaporated. As such, neither of them had any issue with the knowledge that their bodies had been occupied by individuals other than themselves, it was merely an odd cocktail of emotions that washed over them now they were at the helm once more.

Having found themselves initially alone in every body they had landed in thus far, it was a shock to them both to find their partner stood before them. Erika’s face lit up the moment she laid eyes on her fiancé and pitched forwards to hug him tightly. Aiden’s strong arms wrapped around her and he nuzzled into her blonde hair, savouring her familiar scent. He closed his eyes and smiled before kissing her softly on the neck.

‘Oh Aiden, you won’t believe what happened to me. The Playground showed me so much.’

‘Me too, babe. There were things I didn’t even know I wanted that I’ve been going crazy for.’

‘Would you believe I tried anal for the first time? I was a submissive too.’

‘You were submissive? So was I! And guess what – one of my bodies was a massive black man. I had a black cock, Erika. What bodies did you land in, babe? I want to hear everything.’

Before they could go on, a new voice met their ears. ‘You know everything sounds like it will take an awfully long time to explain. You wouldn’t want to leave me waiting all that time, would you?’

The interruption alerted the couple to their surroundings for the first time. Though they were both aware of their matching, form-fitting white attire, in their excitement they had neglected to take in the room around them, nor the sole occupant therein. It was immediately apparent upon a brief inspection that they had arrived in some form of massage parlour. White walls were illuminated by numerous candles spread throughout the room, while shelves set into alcoves in the wall were dotted with a variety of indoor plants as well as an assortment of massage paraphernalia. In the middle of the room stood a large white massage bed, and lying naked atop was a beautiful dark-haired woman.

Though she was no longer in the body they had met her in, both Aiden and Erika were well enough in tune with the Playground that they could tell instantly that they were in Layla’s presence. She lay with her eyes closed and she seemed to exude a sense of calm throughout the room.

‘I hope you don’t mind me switching bodies,’ she said in a soothing voice, ‘I just miss the sensation when I have spent much time in your world. And I’ve been setting up for that party for three days. You can imagine how much I’ve missed my Playground.’

Aiden and Erika came to stand beside the bed. Erika eyed Layla’s pussy and found herself salivating heavily, while Aiden’s head was full of images of her gagging on his cock.

‘I trust you have found your time here enriching. In your absence I did you the courtesy of watching over your bodies while they were occupied. I have to say, you are both much more flexible than I would have thought. I’m glad you’re here now though. I’ve been desperate to ask you the question.’ The couple felt their breath catch in their throat: it was time to decide. ‘Will you stay in my Playground?’

The question seemed to hang in the air. There was a gravitas to it neither of them had fully anticipated and for a few seconds they were frozen still. Erika had only ever been asked one question with as much weight as Layla’s, and she believed she would only ever hear one again: the former had been Aiden asking her to marry him, the latter would be somebody asking her if she took him to be her husband.

She almost did not dare look at Aiden. What if he didn’t feel the same way? What if he wanted to go home, to forget all this ever happened?

Aiden, meanwhile, was taking a great deal of interest in the material of the massage bed. Was it possible that Erika had had her fill of the Playground? That she had been excited solely because she had explored her sordid side yet knew she would remember none of it?

Man and woman in white clothes massage naked woman

Slowly, reluctantly, they each rose their eyes and looked at one another. In unison, their faces lit up with delight. Having spent so many years by one another’s side, neither of them could mistake the unspoken acceptance in their partner’s eyes. As so often was the case, they had come to the same decision separately, and it was fortunate indeed that they did not need to put their emotions into words, because neither of them would have been able to do so. Falling into one another’s arms they hugged tightly once more, clutching onto one another as though they were trying to fuse themselves together.

Pulling away they glanced down at Layla’s naked body. When they looked at one another again a silent understanding passed between them and their lips curled into matching mischievous smiles.

‘How about you figure that out for yourself?’ Erika purred. In one fluid motion she was up on the massage bed her knees tucked between Layla’s open legs. Aiden lifted one leg so that he was half-sitting upon it, keeping himself upright with his free foot planted firmly on the floor.

Beside Layla was a small bottle dispenser filled to the brim with oil. One after the other they squirted a portion onto their hands and rubbed it in. Then, eyes fixed on one another, they interlocked their fingers and planted them on Layla’s exposed ass, which they began to rub sensually.

The woman’s skin was hot and soft, and the oil rendered it beautifully shiny. Soon, as their hands ran back and forth, her ass was slick with it. Unwilling to leave the rest of her body wanting, the couple parted hands after a short time, individually moving on to different body parts and smothering them in the shimmering oil too. Erika made sure to work it into every possible spot below Layla’s waist: kneading it into her thighs and calves, rubbing it into her heels and ankles, even caressing between Layla’s toes with her oil-soaked fingers. Aiden, meanwhile, left no part of her torso untouched; her shoulders, her neck, her armpits and elbows, all were soon reflecting the warm candlelight.

Yet there were spots they could not easily reach with her laid on her front. Spots they very much wanted to have access to. As such, once they were satisfied that her back was suitably massaged they gently rolled her over and set to work.

Oiled brunette woman gives oral sex to man while woman massages her crotch

Aiden couldn’t help himself. While he caressed Layla’s soft breasts, he could not help but notice Erika’s delicate and passionate touch as she worked the oil slowly into and around the folds of the woman’s pussy. If he was honest, he was proud he managed to hold out as long as he did. He imagined most men would have fallen prey to their unruly arousal within moments of setting eyes on Layla, yet he had succeeded in containing himself for some time. Nevertheless, he was surrounded by a cornucopia of erotic sensations – the hard nipples grazing against his palms, Layla’s shallow panting as Erika repeatedly brushed her clit, the heady scent of Erika, Layla and the oil combined – and his attire was far from restrictive. Slowly but surely, his leggings began to tent and a small patch of pre-cum bloomed into life over the material.

Seeing this, Erika smiled and looked at him with a spark in her eyes he had not seen before. There was a carnal desire to her gaze laced with a slutty cunning that sent shivers up his spine. Leaning over she slipped her fingers into the waist of his leggings and pulled them down sharply to his knees. His semi bucked free and he stared at her a little startled. She had never been so direct before.

Seeing his surprise she moaned sensually. ‘Mmmh, that’s better, baby. You don’t need to hide your hard-on here. After all, we’re all a little kinky inside. You know I never thought I would be in a threesome, but I rather like the idea. I’m sure Layla here won’t mind fulfilling another fantasy for us.’

In response, Layla rolled her head to the side and opened her mouth. Taking hold of his dick she guided his hips towards her and allowed him to rest his head between her wet lips. Relieving his hold, he caressed her neck as she began to suck on his head and allowed her to fill him with pleasure.

As her tongue darted in and out to swirl around his head and her slender fingers rolled up and down his length, Erika continued to massage more oil into her torso. To his surprise, all the while Erika moaned softly, watching Layla’s blowjob with raging desire in her eyes and an expression of barely contained lust. What was more, she interjected her moans with words of sultry encouragement.

Blonde woman gives oral sex to oiled woman

‘That’s it, sweetie. You suck my fiancé’s big cock. Yeah, like that, nice and slow and passionate. Taste that yummy dick, you know you want to take him deeper.’

Whether it was Erika egging her on, Aiden’s rock hard boner at her disposal, her own arousal or a combination of all three, Layla gradually grew more animated. The gentle rubbing of her fingers over his shaft increased to a rhythmic pumping, her upper half began to roll and pitch as she took him harder, and her slowly sensual sucking advanced to a more energetic slurping which filled the room with wet noises.

Her own arousal climbing as she watched Layla feast on her fiancé’s cock and Aiden’s expression of bliss while she did so, Erika decided to add something new into the mix. Grateful that her hair was already plaited and tied back out of the way, she pushed Layla’s legs a little wider and dropped her head to lap at the woman’s exposed sex.

Layla’s groan around Aiden’s meat was deeply erotic. And with Erika now between her legs putting all the sensuality she had developed with Brandi and all the enthusiasm she had exhibited with Mistress to good use, the first groan was quickly followed by many more. Erika giggled as she ran her tongue over Layla’s pussy again and again. In this world, Layla was more or less a goddess, yet despite her sheer power she was unable to resist Erika’s charms, and both women knew it.

Above Erika’s head Layla’s hips jutted up like the tallest peaks in a mountain range, and on occasion the less-experienced woman would grip hold of these to pull herself in harder.

‘Fuck you taste so good,’ Erika said when she came up for air. ‘I want to suck you dry. I can’t get enough of this sweet pussy.’ Diving back in she renewed her efforts and was rewarded with increased enthusiasm from Layla.

After a minute or so more, Erika’s almost violent dedication to her task seemed to snap something within the other woman. As though shocked, Layla suddenly surged up. Taking Erika firmly by her shoulders, Layla lay her down before straddling her face and lowering her hips, then guided Aiden’s waiting dick into her mouth.

Oiled brunette gives oral sex to hung man

Now capable of taking Aiden as deep as she pleased, Layla went down on him with a passionate vigour. Clutching his shaft tightly, she used the pleasure blossoming up from Erika’s fervent pussy-licking to fuel the energy with which she sucked him. Her lips were sealed around his head so tight it was almost painful for the both of them. However, as she rolled her head expertly that lacing of pain only served to enhance their passion, and very soon both of them were moaning.

Channelling the lessons of submission he had learned under his goddess, Aiden let himself go to Layla’s service. Though he knew he would have loved every moment of her blowjob even if he had not served under his dominatrix, he knew he would not have appreciated it to such a degree without her influence. He knew now that sometimes true bliss was found in letting go of one’s control rather than attempting to cling to it, and as he allowed Layla to put her centuries of experience to good use he rode a roaring wave of ecstasy that filled him from head to toe.

With Layla soon gagging on his dick, Aiden smiled as he realised the Playground had improved his body during his absence. As his black body had highlighted to him, he had never had much in the way of stamina. At least nothing that could be commended. Now, however, the body he had always had to carefully pace to prevent himself finishing too early was coping with an incredible blowjob and the sight of his fiancée gorging herself on another woman’s pussy without any problem at all. As Layla had said when they had first arrived in the Playground what felt like years ago, her world had enhanced him.

Given that his head was tipped back and his eyes were closed, he did not notice Erika pull away from Layla’s pussy. Nor did he see her crawl up beside the woman and kiss her cheek with her dripping wet lips. He did hear her though, hissing into Layla’s ear. ‘I think it’s time I had a turn.’

Muscular man gives oral sex to woman facesitting him while receiving oral sex from blonde woman

Looking down, Aiden watched as Erika eased Layla from his dick and the latter woman sat back on the bed. Together they took hold of his shirt and pulled him down. Removing it entirely they pushed him onto his back where he stared up at them.

Without wasting a moment, no sooner had he laid down than Layla was on the move, crawling up his body and rubbing oil from her skin to his until she was straddling his face. Her glistening pussy hovered just above him for a moment or two, then his hands were on her hips and he pulled her down to delve his tongue between her sex.

Erika was right. Layla did taste good. Her juices quickly coated the insides of his mouth, smeared his chin, smothered his lips. Full of craving and desire, she rolled her hips as he licked her, allowing him to touch new places at new angles and sending shivers through both of their bodies. Though he could not see it from his position, Layla no longer seemed capable of supporting her head and it lolled around on her shoulders as she moaned.

Since he was otherwise occupied, Aiden also did not see Erika peel off her own attire and approach his twitching boner with a hungry glint in her eye. Still, he certainly felt her wrap her perfect lips around it and he moaned deeply into Layla’s cunt. Even after a few seconds he was acutely aware that Erika was no longer the same woman who had arrived in the Playground. Her oral skills had improved dramatically, and with his dick slick from Layla’s blowjob and the oil she had worked into his flesh it was little trouble for his fiancé to take him deep.

She worked him increasingly hard and fast, and she moaned around his cock recalling the time she had spent with Anton. Her inner slut and the cock-addict she truly was rose to the surface once again and the only thing that mattered was how loud she could make Aiden moan. Fortunately she had another card up her sleeve she was sure would drive him wild, and with Layla still rocking her hips over his face she decided to play her hand.

Blonde woman rides man while brunette woman facesits him

It was little difficulty for her to straddle him without him noticing. Her cautious movements and his own pre-occupation ensured he was unaware of what she was doing, and when she took hold of his dick once more he assumed she had merely taken a breather and was preparing to feed his length back between her lips.

By now, however, her hips were over his and the hole she aligned his cock with was distinctly not her mouth. Letting out a long, low groan as she did so, she eased herself down and gasped as his firm cock entered her tight ass.

Aiden’s shudder and loud moan drew a filthy giggle from her lips and she was grinning as she tipped back her head and closed her eyes. Slowly, yet with increasing depth she dropped down onto him again and again. Her body tingled all over as she took a dick in her real ass for the very first time. The feeling of Aiden inside her was almost impossibly intense, sending bolts of pure ecstasy crackling through her system. Her breath came in short, trembling bursts as she took her man deeper, while Layla’s groans grew ever hornier as Aiden’s oral assault became more and more desperate.

‘You like being in my ass baby?’ Erika panted, stroking Aiden’s chest. In response he thrust hard up into her once and she cried out sharply. ‘Mmmh, I thought you might. I feel like such a naughty slut with you filling me up like this. But you know I think we’re neglecting our host, don’t you?’

Lifting Layla’s hips from his face Aiden caught Erika’s eye. Again they grinned matching grins. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’

Brunette woman is used passionately by male lover while blonde woman rubs her clit

Manhandling Layla into the position they wanted, the couple laid her out beside Aiden, who pressed the head of his cock against her dripping pussy. She flinched as he brushed up against her sensitive sex. Leaning over them, Erika guided his cock into Layla’s hole with a firm yet sensual touch, drawing a long groan from both of her lovers.

Then, as Aiden began to thrust, she rubbed Layla’s clit hard.

For Aiden, something snapped at that moment. Being inside Layla was one thing, but having the woman he had loved for so many years acting like such a slut and dedicating herself to Layla’s pleasure was something else entirely. He felt as though Erika had taken on Ruby’s sluttish tendencies, while Layla was his plaything just as Aria had been. Different sides of himself rose and jostled for position, resulting in him drastically increasing his pace.

Hammering into Layla’s tight cunt and savouring the cascades of pleasure that roared through him, he turned to Erika to bark orders at her. ‘Don’t you dare fucking stop rubbing that pussy, bitch. I want her to cum harder than she has ever cum before, is that clear? If you stop I’m going to fuck your ass until I split you in half.’

‘Yes Sir,’ Erika beamed. Hornier than she had ever been, she rubbed even harder driving Layla’s moans to fever pitch.

Initially the woman had pitched and rolled as Aiden fucked her. Now, however, her body lay limp in their grasp. Her pleasure so strong she could no longer move, she allowed the two new arrivals to use her body as their personal toy. Until, that was, their combined efforts were rewarded.

Brunette gasps while being used by lovers

‘Holy shit,’ she gasped, throwing out her arm to grab something solid, ‘holy fucking shit I’m going to cum. Fuck I’m so close. I don’t know if I can take it, it’s so strong, I can feel it. Oh my god.’

Fuelled by her words, both Aiden and Erika doubled their efforts. Aiden did not think he had fucked anybody as hard or fast in in his life, not even Ruby or Aria, and he was thankful for the strength and energy the Playground filled him with so that he could pull her roughly onto his dick over and over again. Erika, meanwhile, thought she might cum herself seeing Layla in the throes of ecstasy. Coming into this reality she had had only one concern left – Aiden’s choice – but now she had given herself up to her lust completely. She wanted everything the Playground could give her and now she would have it with the two people she loved most. Rubbing as hard as she could, Erika fixed her stare on Layla’s face.

When she came, Layla was not even capable of screaming. Her mouth could only open and pass a hoarse moan as her body drowned in perfect pleasure. Aiden continued to fuck her through her orgasm before, just as her pleasure was about to end he himself unloaded into her cunt and crashed fresh ecstasy through her body.

By the time they had both finished, all three of them were exhausted and they collapsed into one another’s arms on the massage bed. Sweaty and breathless, they cuddled into one another and lay for a few moments in content silence.

It was Layla who broke it. Panting, she turned to the couple. ‘So, just to clarify, was that a yes?’ They laughed together before Layla went on. ‘I’m glad you chose to stay. The rest of the family are happy too. They can’t wait to meet you. I’m afraid I will have to head back to the party soon. Even with time so fluid here I can’t stay away for ever. But when I come back there is so much I have to show you. One reality is wholly dedicated to a slave market where Playground constructs are sold to the hottest bidder. And there is another one that is a whole city of black women and only one white man. Then there is another one with is a full city of black men and just the one white woman. You can imagine how intense that one is. I can’t wait to show you all of my worlds. I’m sure you’re going to love them.’

She made to rise from the bed, however Erika’s hand landed on her chest before she could move. ‘You don’t have to go just yet, do you?’

Layla paused for a moment before lying down once more. ‘Well, I’m sure a little longer won’t hurt,’ she said, nuzzling into Aiden’s strong figure. ‘Besides, I want to hear everything you’ve been up to…’

Blonde and brunette lie in arms of man, all naked

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this little Halloween mini-series. I know it wasn’t exactly a spooky story, but I really enjoyed using the supernatural elements to create a unique world and I feel I have managed to do that. Given that I have been at work a lot recently there were a few points where I did not think I was going to get all of these proofread and uploaded on time, so I am thrilled I managed to do so. In the future I certainly hope to do more mini-series, however these will be purely dependent on if I get an idea I feel warrants an extended treatment. Of course there is my serial ‘The Program’ which could be classed as a mini-series given I have a definitive start and end in mind for that one, however I will upload new installments to that over a long duration rather than pumping them all out in a week.

Anyway, once again thank you for reading and Happy Halloween!

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