Models: Dallas Preston & Matthew Cooper

Jamie shuffled nervously in front of the door. None of this made any sense. He wasn’t interested in guys. He was straight as a plumbline and had a bedpost with more than a few notches in it, every last one of whom were women. Hell, he even had a regular fuckbuddy back home.

So why was he stood outside the bedroom door of a man he didn’t even know? Why was his stomach churning like a high schooler about to ask their crush to the prom? Why was he wringing his hands anxiously at the thought of being rejected? Absolutely none of it made any sense. Yet here he was, struggling to muster the courage to knock.

With a deep breath he tossed his nerves aside and rapped on the glass before he could change his mind. There was motion behind it, a blurred figure visible through the lined glass. Then the door rolled aside and Jamie’s heart skipped a beat.

The man was just as handsome as Jamie remembered. Piercing eyes regarded Jamie from beneath a brooding brow across which hung a coil of dark hair, while the obsidian pendant of his silver necklace rested on firm pecs. His muscular torso looked as if it had been carved from marble then wrapped in velvet and his tattoos gave an edginess to his appearance, particularly the sleeve down his right arm.

Of course, Jamie had expected all that. What he hadn’t expected was the man’s slowly rising erection. Butterflies swirled in Jamie’s stomach as he eyed it, unable to tear his eyes away even though he couldn’t explain why he was so entranced.

Shamelessly exposed, the man didn’t seem to care that Jamie was staring at his junk. In fact, he broke into a smirk. ‘You took your time,’ he said. ‘I was parading around in my speedos for at least an hour before I actually caught your attention, and even then you took a while to fall for me. I’m pretty sure everyone else on deck was drooling before I was confident you’d actually started to crush on me. Tell me, how long did you stand outside my cabin before trying the handle and coming in?’

‘Twenty minutes,’ Jamie admitted, unsure why he was answering at all.

‘In that case, I think you’ve been waiting plenty long enough. And I certainly have. So how about we skip the foreplay and cut to the chase?’

Before Jamie could react the stranger was pushing him back out into the lounge of the luxurious cabin. The whole place was all rich wooden panels, cloud-soft rugs and plush furniture that made Jamie’s cabin look like a peasant’s berth in comparison. The sigh and lap of waves against the hull drifted in through the open porthole. In that moment it struck Jamie just how alone he was with this stranger.

As they went, the man began to disrobe him. And to Jamie’s surprise, he didn’t resist. The warmth of the man’s hands on his skin sent a thrill up his spine and he found himself craving more.

When the man moved in for a kiss, however, he pulled away.

‘I… I don’t understand,’ he said, staring about in confusion at his clothes littering the floor. The only thing left on his person was his boxers. ‘This isn’t me. I’m not into guys. I never have been. And I certainly don’t go around hooking up with random strangers. I… I don’t know what’s happening to me. I want this and I don’t all at the same time.’ He paused, eyeing the stranger warily. ‘It’s you. You’ve done this to me. You’re messing with my head.’

The man smirked. ‘Of course I am, silly. That’s what sirens do.’

Though Jamie was holding him at arm’s length, the man’s hands were still looped around his waist and despite his unease he couldn’t quite bring himself to remove them; the man’s very touch seemed to send waves of pleasant sensation through his body. His embrace was like a warm shower on cold day and Jamie simply didn’t want to leave it.

‘Sirens?’ Jamie frowned. ‘You mean, like, mermaids?’

‘And mermen,’ the stranger said. ‘I might not have a clam bra or a crustacean sidekick, but trust me, I’m just as seductive as any of those sea-sluts. The difference is I just prefer to hunt in luxury rather than lounging around on beaches. And where better for that than one of the finest cruise ships on the planet? I have ten different pools at my disposal for a swim, and if I really want to get my gills wet there’s all the world’s oceans just a hop over the railing. Then when I want a little fun, there’s several thousand possible lovers all in one place for me to choose from. This place is a buffet of pleasure. And tonight, Jamie, you’re my main course.’

Jamie’s insides squirmed as the man – the siren – kissed him. His mind was a conflict of lust and uncertainty and until one won out he could only stand there, powerless to either succumb to or resist the man’s charms.

‘Why do I want this?’ he breathed when the man pulled away. ‘The longer I’m here, the less I want to leave.’

The siren pulled Jamie closer, his naked cock rubbing against the confused man’s boxers. ‘Lucky for us, you don’t have to. My singing voice has never been up to much, but I have other ways to tempt people in. When I set my sights on someone sooner or later they want me more than anything and just like you they come creeping into my cabin hoping to find me alone, drawn by a desire they can’t explain. Then once they’re in my arms… well, maybe it’s best to show you. Do you have a six pack?’

Jamie’s confusion at the sudden subject change was mellowed by his growing lust. He shook his head with a half-frown. ‘No.’

The siren pressed a hand to his exposed stomach. ‘Are you sure about that?’

Jamie’s frown deepened as unexpected warmth blossomed through his torso, emanating from the man’s hand like unfurling petals. Beneath the siren’s palm he could feel muscles shifting, skin tightening, and the slight bulge of fat around his midriff regressing slowly. When the man removed his hand Jamie looked down. His gaze fell on chiselled abs.

Dumbfounded, he tried to form words but nothing would come out.

‘That’s what makes this so fun,’ the siren said. ‘I can mess with your body as well as your mind. Say if I want a brunet all I have to do is run my hand through your hair.’ As he spoke, he acted out his words and with a gentle pass of his fingers Jamie’s midnight black hair lightened into soft brown waves. ‘If I want a lover with firm arms to hold me tight while we fuck, then I just have to caress your biceps.’ Again Jamie’s body succumbed to the man’s touch, undercurrents of muscle rising to the surface as he stroked Jamie’s skin. ‘And if I want a horny sub with a tight ass, all I have to do is this.’

The siren pushed Jamie down into the sofa. His mind foggy with desire, he did not resist as the man lifted his legs and removed his boxers. For the first time in his life Jamie found himself naked in the presence of another man – his ass exposed and vulnerable and his cock slowly engorging – yet rather than shame he only felt arousal. Pleasant heat still lingered in the areas the man had transformed and his athleticised body thrummed with lust.

Disoriented by the fall, Jamie did not notice the siren move into position. But as he slid inside Jamie’s ass a long, sensual moan frothed on the transformed man’s lips.

‘Oh my god,’ Jamie breathed. ‘Oh… my… god…’

He clutched onto the sofa’s arm hard as pleasure rolled through him. He hadn’t noticed the man lube up his cock but he could feel the slickness as the siren slid easily inside him.

Except it was more than that. The man wasn’t just invading him, it was as if he was moulding him too. Beneath the erotic sensation of a cock stretching his hole Jamie felt that same soft warmth, only this time it swelled through his insides as they shifted to accommodate the siren’s hefty manhood. As the man held himself there Jamie’s ass contracted to clutch the shaft tight, just as the siren had said.

‘It feels good, doesn’t it?’ The siren waited for Jamie to open his mouth to reply, then began to thrust and smiled as the words died on Jamie’s lips, melting into another horny groan. ‘And believe me, this is just the beginning. I can manipulate your body into any shape we want. Whether you want to be my five-foot-nothing twink or a ripped black bull, all our desires are just a touch away.’ 

In that moment, Jamie realised he wanted nothing more than to be the siren’s plaything. He didn’t much care if he was under a seductive spell, he had never wanted anyone more than he wanted the man whose cock was currently buried in his ass.

What was more, the thought of being transformed to suit the siren’s desires was almost painfully erotic. As someone who had never been very confident in his own skin, the knowledge that he was no longer shackled to a single body set his mind racing with ideas. Already he was envisioning himself in all manner of different shapes and sizes, each of them making passionate love to the horny siren.

Still, it was to his own surprise when he started to grind against the man’s crotch. His stomach flipped as the siren gave him a mischievous smile.

‘How about we take this into the bedroom?’

Until today, Jamie would have blanched at the suggestion. But all that apprehension belonged to a different man now. A man with a different body, a different mind, and a fuckbuddy he definitely wouldn’t be hooking up with anymore. The mental and physical transformation he had received made it easy for Jamie to detach from his former self. So, rather than pale, Jamie rose up and gave the siren a sensual kiss.

‘Yes please,’ he breathed.

Kissing and groaning and caressing one another as they went, they made their way across the room and through into the siren’s bedroom. There they fell onto the bed in erotic embrace, the sounds of their pleasure drifting out through the porthole.

As Jamie lay on his back, body burning with pleasure and tight ass filled with the siren’s incredible cock, a contented smile spread across his face. Before the cruise began several of his friends had warned him about cabin fever. The horny mania currently swirling through his thoughts probably wasn’t the kind of delirium they had been worried about, but nevertheless Jamie was sure he could get used to it. Besides, he suspected their passion wouldn’t be confined to the cabin for very long, especially since the ship had so many pools to go skinny dipping in…

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