Models: Brock Banks & Mateo Vice

‘I can’t. I just can’t do this to him anymore,’ said Olly, hugging himself as if it might soothe his guilt. ‘I love Jake. I can’t keep lying to him. I’m sorry, Mike, but it’s over.’ A look of anguish on his face, Olly turned his back on his lover and headed for the door.

The second he wasn’t looking, Mike pounced. He had been waiting patiently for his chance, the fetish dog mask hidden behind his back while he allowed Olly to vent. Now he moved with blinding speed, darting forward and pulling the mask over Olly’s head before the unfortunate young man knew what was happening.

The moment it was in place, the mask took control of Olly’s body. Though his hands flew up to the mask he crumpled to the ground before he could remove it, writhing in ecstasy on the faux fur rug, his moans filling Mike’s luxury apartment.

In seconds Olly’s clothes were gone, efficiently stripped away by the microscopic nanobots that were now washing over his skin. Only his boxers were left behind, although they were modified to be tighter, emphasising his ass and clinging to his junk.

And with Olly’s body exposed, Mike had an arousing view of his plaything’s transformation. His slim physique filled out into a more athletic figure, the flat stomach and pale chest replaced by chiselled abs and tanned pecs. His shoulders widened a fraction as muscle bubbled down his arms, while further down his little ass expanded into a plump, spankable rump. His scrawny legs also acquired more muscle and a handful of tattoos appeared across his bare body, giving him the kind of rugged aura the old Olly could have only dreamed of.

Behind the mask his moans fell an octave or two as his entire face rearranged, pale flesh tanning and features shifting into a firmer, more masculine appearance than the delicate lines he’d possessed before. Similarly, his effeminate quiff of blonde hair darkened into a dash of raven black shaved close on the sides.

To complete the look, a black collar trimmed with white leather materialised around his neck, a glittering silver ring on the front, followed by two matching armlets. The only recognisable facets of his old appearance were the stretcher plugs in his ears and his glittering bridge piercing.

The overall transition from skinny twink to toned beau gave Mike the impression of a werewolf transformation – albeit without the hair and claws, since aside from a thin dusting of dark hair that sprouted on his legs, Olly was still as hairless as ever.

For a few seconds after the transformation finished, Olly lay on the rug breathing heavily. Then he rose up and knelt obediently before his Master.

Mike smiled. ‘Stay,’ he said, tilting Olly’s head up so they were staring at one another. ‘Do you like your mask? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use it, but I’m afraid you didn’t leave me much choice. Then again, I think I prefer you this way. You were a hot little twink, but personally I prefer my boys with a little meat on their bones. It suits you. Which is good, because you won’t be taking it off ever again.’

Eyeing Olly’s new body hungrily, he savoured the moment. The handsome pup simply knelt there, completely at the mercy of his new owner. He was silent, docile, and ready to serve. Mike knew that he only had to say a word and Olly would respond without complaint or hesitation, his Master’s satisfaction now the only thought in his mind.

The realisation of what he had done to Olly sent a thrill up Mike’s back. But it was the pup’s eyes that turned him on the most. Because as he stared into them, Mike could see nothing of the oldy Olly left within. There was no fear or panic or betrayal; the guilt had been washed away and his tears had dried up. Only submission remained.

The new Olly was a slave in mind, body and soul. And Mike was his Master.

A bulge was growing in Mike’s trousers, the cruelty of what he had done arousing him. Massaging his crotch he smirked down at his pet.

‘Can you feel it, puppy? Your brain hanging on my every word. All your memories gone, everything you ever were locked away and forgotten. Your only purpose now is to serve me. And so long as you wear that mask, this is how you’ll stay. The nanobots cause the physical changes, but the mental conditioning comes from the pheromones infused into the material. They’re like a virus infecting your brain and rewriting your psyche. It certainly didn’t come cheap, but I had it made specially for you just in case you decided to grow a conscience.’

Olly simply stared at him, quiet and calm. He didn’t move as Mike ran a hand through his hair. He didn’t respond as his Master unzipped his trousers. He didn’t even react as Mike’s thick cock swung free and bobbed in front of him twitching with arousal.

Then Mike gave him his first order. ‘I think it’s time to give this dog a bone. Go on, boy, show me what you can do.’

Olly didn’t hesitate. Immediately bowing his head, he took Mike’s throbbing dick between his lips and slid it easily down his throat. With his whole body tailored to serve his new Master, he didn’t gag or gasp. Instead he worked his way down the shaft until he was licking Mike’s balls.

Tipping his head back, Mike have a long, groaning sigh. ‘Oh fuck,’ he breathed. For several seconds he let the pleasure flood through him with his eyes closed. When he looked down again Olly was already steadily bobbing his head. ‘That’s it, puppy, take it all. I should have done this to you months ago – you were never this good before. Oh yes, right there, don’t be shy. I don’t mind you making a mess, boy, so long as you lick it up once we’re done.’

As Mike’s authorisation settled in his mind Olly took up a speedier pace. Wet slurping began to fill the room while speckles of saliva and precum spotted his mask. Even so, very little dripped to the floor, since Olly was slurping it up far too eagerly for it to get that far.

Any lingering guilt Mike might have had about forcefully transforming his lover quickly evaporated. Olly had always been a bit of a slut – it was what had led him into Mike’s bed in the first place, after all – but he was also a bit of a diva too, constantly embellishing every sinful act they shared from blowjobs full of fancy tongue work, to twerking when they fucked doggystyle. But he was tight and insatiable and freaky as fuck, so Mike hadn’t had any complaints.

But this new and improved version was completely different. There was no unnecessary performance, just obedient devotion: his throat was tight around Mike’s cock as he swallowed his Master’s manhood effortlessly over and over again, yet his tongue moved with purpose and his motions were deliberate, both of which were a sharp contrast to the more frantic cock worship Mike was used to receiving from him. Every movement was made with the sole aim of following his orders and providing Mike as much pleasure as possible. And all the while Olly stared up at his Master, tranquil submission written on his face.

Mike watched him with a smug expression. ‘I wasn’t sure I’d ever have to use the mask on you. Until today you were so obedient you were practically my pet anyway so I had no need to use it. But nobody turns me down. If you thought I was going to let you ditch me so you could go crawling back to your stupid BF then I guess I really have fucked your brains to mush.’

His smile gained a cold edge. ‘Oh, and speaking of Jake, you don’t need to worry about him. I was talking with a friend about what I’d do to you if you tried to abandon me and he asked for first dibs on Jake if that ever happened. I think I’ll invite him over later so he can see just how effective your mask is, and after that your dumb ex will be an eager puppy just like you before the end of the week. All because of you. This is your fault, and now you have to face the consequences.’

Mike knew the old Olly would have been in hysterics by now, but in his new body he didn’t so much as flinch. Jake meant nothing to him now, all memory of his boyfriend suppressed by the effects of the mask. If he ever removed it his transformation would reverse and the realisation of Jake’s sordid fate would finally sink in. But he would never even dream of doing that unless his Master ordered him too, and Mike had no intention of ever giving that command. 

This was Olly’s life now. And the only thing that mattered was satisfying his alpha.

Without warning Mike pulled out, his eyes twinkling deviously. ‘Of course, I’ll have to let my friend sample the product while he’s here,’ he said, stroking his saliva-smeared cock. ‘After all, we have to make sure he’s going to like his new slave, don’t we? But before that, I think I’ve waited long enough. Usually I’d have had you screaming like a slut by now, so get on that fucking sofa and show me your ass.’

Mike chuckled as Olly immediately obliged. In a heartbeat the masked puppy was leaning over the edge of the sofa, his boxers around his thighs and his shaved ass vulnerably exposed. The cruel stud pressed the head of his cock against the tight hole, conscious that in this body Olly was a sodomy virgin.

‘Good boy,’ Mike grinned, gripping Olly’s plump ass. ‘I know you can’t remember anything we used to do together, but don’t worry, I don’t mind training you again. Now, let’s teach this new dog some of our old tricks.’

Driving forwards hard, Mike groaned as he invaded Olly’s hot ass and the young pup’s howls of pleasure filled the room…

Thanks for reading!

Not going to lie, I love this one. I know I say that a lot, but gay stories are probably the rarest kind of piece on my blog and that rarity generally means that I have a blast writing them. For me the whole forced submission element if this one is just stupidly hot, and the gallery was really fun to use too.

Speaking of the gallery, this is a Cocky Boys scene and their galleries typically have a banner across the bottom stating the models’ names and the scene title, however I removed it from these. As a rule I don’t like removing details like that unless they’re very distracting from the image, however for this one the final image was originally flipped 180 degrees. I loved the shot, but I didn’t feel it looked right at that angle, so I rotated it to the version you see now, but that meant the banner was upside down across the top which didn’t look good at all. And since I prefer consisting across the images I use, I chose to remove the banner from all three. I’m aware exceptionally few people will be interested in those details, but as you all know I try to be transparent as much as possible in how I operate this blog, so I wanted to explain why I cut these banners off and not others.

And finally, for those of you who may not have read my comments on Friday’s story, I want to reiterate that this month has a more frequent schedule. Throughout April a new Gaypril story will be dropping every Monday and Friday alternating between gay and trans pieces. So be sure to come back on Friday for the first trans story of the month.


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