Smug brunette laughs at young woman tied up on floor

‘Oh you poor little thing, there’s no use struggling. I’ve tied up enough bitches like you to make sure you can’t get out, so trust me when I say it isn’t worth wasting your energy trying.’ When the young woman continued to wriggle in her bonds, Erica rolled her eyes and shrugged. ‘Well, I suppose I wouldn’t trust me either.’

The girl looked adorable all bound up in duct tape on her daddy’s bedroom floor. A quick chloroform cloth over her mouth once she arrived home had subdued her long enough to be bound up, and her new step-mother had not been gentle. By the time she was suitably gagged and restrained her tanned tits were all but popping out of her visible bra, her skirt had been hoisted up well over her hips, and her cute panties had been ‘accidentally’ wrenched to the side to reveal her tight, glistening pussy. When she regained full consciousness she could neither talk nor move, and she had been laid at the foot of the bed Erica later intended to fuck her father in. For now though, she lay in front of the girl, elbows planted on the laminate flooring and chin resting on her interlaced fingers.

If she was really honest, she had not taken the time to memorise the girl’s name. Her father had mentioned it numerous times, but Erica had zoned out during those dull conversations. Ariel? Ariana? Aletta? Something beginning with A, she knew that much. Not that her name mattered where she was going. Erica and the girl’s father had had a quickie marriage in Vegas the previous week after meeting in a casino, and this was the first time either of them had met. Erica grinned as the girl stared at her imploringly.

‘Don’t give me that look, it won’t do any good. Just makes me want to slap you more than I already do. I hope there aren’t any hard feelings between us. This isn’t personal after all. I mean it’s not like I hate the daughters of the men I seduce, it’s just they tend to get in the way. I don’t like it when people get in my way. So I’m just removing you from the scene before you become a problem. Pretty efficient when you think about it.’

The girl screamed something through her gag, but it was impossible to distinguish. Whatever it was, she sounded angry.

Again, Erica shrugged. ‘Hey, don’t blame me, blame your father. Gullible, predictable piece of shit that he is. Do you know the one thing easier to seduce than a man? A man with blue balls. Divorcees like your dad are even worse. Aching for release and moping about what they’ve lost. Christ, they’re like kids to an ice cream stand when they meet a willing girl. That’s where I step in. I wind them up around my little finger, lead them on for a bit, get some good fucking done and then strip them for all they’re worth. Seduce and vamoose, for want of a more refined description. As far as I’m concerned if they’re gullible enough to fall for the con of a beautiful woman wanting to fuck some moping, middle-aged divorcee and skip off happily into the sunset with them, then they deserve no less than what I give them. Which is to say even bluer balls and an empty bank account.’

The girl screamed again, and Erica chuckled. ‘You don’t get it, do you? There’s nothing you can do. Here, I’ll show you.’ Leaning forward, Erica licked the girl’s face from chin to forehead before moving over and biting her ear. With a sadistic laugh she rolled the girl onto her side and pulled down the cups of her bra before planting her lips firmly over one of her nipples. She sucked expertly, occasionally nibbling the hardening extrusion. As she did she slipped a manicured finger between the girl’s legs, tearing open her pantyhose with one of her nails. Sinking two fingers into the girl’s exposed pussy she fingered the girl sensually, working her sex until she was quivering and on the brink of orgasm. She laughed around her nipple as she saw the girl’s eyes roll back and felt her body convulse as she came. Removing her lips, she continued to finger the girl with a cruel grin.

‘You’re powerless. Plain and simple. I’d love to tell you it will get better from here, but it won’t. You see, in a couple of minutes a black van is going to pull up on the driveway. Out of that van is going to climb a big Russian man who is going to take you away to be sold at some godforsaken slave market somewhere far away. He paid me quite the pretty penny for you too. Somebody is going to buy you and when they get you home they’re going to fuck you and beat you until they get bored, and then they’ll throw you out onto the street or sell you to some even more depraved bastard who will start everything with you all over from the beginning.

‘Meanwhile, I’m going to be here, fucking your dad senseless. You might think he’ll come looking for you, but fortunately I have a nice little app on my phone that will hypnotise him into completely forgetting you ever existed. So you’ll be able to live your life as a filthy cumdump undisturbed. Aren’t I considerate? And don’t worry, if anyone asks I’ll be sure to tell them you got a well-paying job on the other side of the country. Well, until I rob your dad of all his money and run off to find some other rich divorcee, that is. After that nobody will ever have a clue what happened to you, because your dad sure as Hell won’t be able to tell them. He won’t even remember his little girl at all. And I’ll be somewhere far away with a different name and a fresh rich sucker between my thighs. It’s not the most glamorous job, but I can assure you it pays well.’

At that moment there was a crunch outside and Erica’s face lit up. ‘Ah, that will be your ride. I’ll go and let him in.’ She returned shortly with a truly colossal man, all tattoos, piercings and rippling muscle. With barely a strain he hefted the girl up and carried her from the room, Erica waving giddily as she left.

She could smell the man’s natural musk and she knew that now was her last chance to mount an escape. But quite beside the fact she was expertly bound, she was too afraid to even squirm for fear of what the man might do to her. Based on the size of everything else on his person, she had no desire for him to drive her down some quiet road and have his way with her using a particular other part of his anatomy. Heart hammering as he carried her through the house, she realised that the chances were that he was going to do just that regardless of whether she struggled or not and her heart sank.

Just as she was carried out of the front door, she heard her father’s voice. He had just come in from the garden after spending the last few hours working out there. She screamed through her gag as loud as she could, but it did not seem to make a difference. She could still hear him though.

‘Hey, honey, did I hear someone pull up on the drive? Are you expecting someone?’ A brief pause. ‘Did you hear that?’

Erica’s voice floated through the closing door then. ‘Oh you’re just hearing things, silly. Here, I found something on my phone I wanted to show you while you were working. Take a look at this and listen closely to me…’

Then the door to her house closed and she was tossed into the back of the van. The doors slammed and locked behind her and she heard the crunch of the man’s shoes on gravel as he came round to the driver’s seat. The van rocked momentarily as he jumped in, then there was another slam of the door, the engine revved and the van pulled off the drive with the girl screaming unheard in the dark…

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For those who are interested, I am fairly certain the smug brunette in the gif who is Erica in this piece is the model Veruca James. I’m not 100% certain as I haven’t been able to find the video for this gif, but to be fair I haven’t extensively looked and either way you should definitely check out her work. She is an awesome creator and if you are into the kinkier side of things she will absolutely push all of your buttons and more besides. Her PornHub profile is here: Unfortunately I can’t say who the other model is as I don’t know.

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